Merkel Caught On Hot Mic Requesting “Refugee” Censorship On Facebook…

Back in 2009/2010 Zuckerberg and Obama were discussing the use of Facebook for the Arab Spring objectives, so this latest revelation comes as no surprise.

(CNBC) German Chancellor Angela Merkel was overheard confronting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over incendiary posts on the social network, Bloomberg reported on Sunday, amid complaints from her government about anti-immigrant posts in the midst of Europe’s refugee crisis.

merkel zuckerberg

On the sidelines of a United Nations luncheon on Saturday, Merkel was caught on a hot mic pressing Zuckerberg about social media posts about the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany, the publication reported.

The Facebook CEO was overheard responding that “we need to do some work” on curtailing anti-immigrant posts about the refugee crisis. “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked in English, to which Zuckerberg replied in the affirmative before the transmission was disrupted. (read more)


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67 Responses to Merkel Caught On Hot Mic Requesting “Refugee” Censorship On Facebook…

  1. GumboPot says:

    What is the deal here? Does Merkel what the cheap labor for her corporate donors too?


  2. TheLastDemocrat says:

    the story here?


    merkel has sold out her sisters.

    are the increased-rape stories true? or trumped up? have communities actually informed females to dress more moderately? (blame the victim) etc.

    the world will split one way or the other – just like Trump and illegal immigrants:
    if you play the “compassion” story, everyone will support open borders, broad invitation of immigrants and refugees, etc.

    but if you play the “everything has to be planned and assessed decently as we go along or else we will have chaos and mayhem” and rape story, people will not support open borders, broadly inviting immigrants and refugees.

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    • I have no doubt the rape stories are true. In the UK UNDERAGE WHITE GIRLS (in many cases pre-teen!) are being raped on an “industrial scale” by Muslim (aka “Asian”) men. We know the same is true in Sweden which is now the rape-capital of the world (thanks to Muslim immigration) Germany could soon overtake Sweden as the rape-capital of the world with the 100,000’s of single fighting-age Muslim men who have invaded that country in the past few months.

      Unfortunately for Europeans they have no second amendment so all that they can do is sit back and watch as their daughters are raped by gangs of Muslim savages 😦

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    • polk8dot says:

      ‘(…) people will not support open borders, broadly inviting immigrants and refugees.’

      People of most european countries ARE NOT INVITING REFUGEES, at all. The attitude throughout the communities of Eastern and Southern Europe, with the rest finally seeming to start to catch up to the truth of the matter, is that this is NOT a migration, not a refugee flood, but rather a clear INVASION!
      There is however, a huge dichotomy between the mood of the citizenry and the actions of the governments. The EU is doing everything in its power to force/induce the individual national governments to go along with the whole farce, absorb the invaders, and pretend that all is honky dory in efforts to keep the union from splitting apart (clearly a fool’s errand if there ever was one).
      The Peoples of Europe are sick and tired of the inaction and traitorous defeatism of their leaders. Funnily enough, it seems just like the US nowadays – the people going one way, the ‘leaders’ doing only what benefits them, in whatever manner.


  3. Communist Party membership is like a stain that never washes out.


    • smiley says:

      this about more CONTROL….
      to build a more “unified”, Federalist Europe…..with more centralized AUTHORITY.
      a crisis like this “refugee” mayhem just might push that along.

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    • SouthCentralPA says:

      She was the daughter of a pastor in East Germany. She may have had nominal involvement with the youth movements in the sogenannte “DDR”, but she has consistently been on the free-market wing of the CDU since Wiedervereinigung (re-unification).

      Is she bad on this issue? Yes, but let’s not get carried away.


      • fnn says:

        Of course the church was an arm of the state in the old GDR.

        Published this week and written by journalists Günther Lachmann and Ralf Georg Reuth, the book quotes Gunter Walther, a former colleague of hers at the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin, as saying she had been secretary for “Agitation and Propaganda” in the Freie Deutsche Jugend (FDJ) youth organization at the institute. Merkel, a trained physicist, worked at the academy from 1978 until 1989.

        Today’s West/American Empire is hardly better. Here the Harvard cultmarx is the ideological justification for the Wall Street banksterist regime. That’s why Trump is the lone renegade billionaire who opposes mass, indiscriminate immigration. Australia has taken a strong stand against illegal immigration, but it may already have passed the point where it has become a de facto colony of China And the Australian ruling elite of the next generation is certain to be predominantly Asian.

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      • You’re right. Obama was just a good-times Hawaiian teen, his mother was a single mom from Kansas, and communists never engage in deception. Particularly the most doctrinaire Marxist state of the Soviet Empire. It’s crazy to think they didn’t simply give up and call communism a bust.


  4. three by one says:

    Merkel is staring at the end of her career.

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  5. hocuspocus13 says:

    I don’t like Zuckerburg and never did

    I’m probably one of the very few who is not on Facebook and never will be

    My life is private.

    As for Zucker…I give him no credit for Facebook afterall he stole his college buddies idea…he’s a bum

    Birds of a Feather…🐦

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    • justfactsplz says:

      My stepdaughter talked me into opening facebook to keep up with the grandchildren. After a couple of weeks I shut it down. It wasn’t for me. Some things are private. I enjoy visiting with my grandchildren every couple of weeks. I don’t need to see their pictures posted all over facebook. Zuckerberg is such a bleeding heart liberal anyway.

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    • Rick Stans says:

      I’m with you my friend. No Facebook for me and i would love to come face to face with this billionaire punk. Proud money begats arrogance and this punk is full of it.

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    • Dixie says:

      I can’t stand Zuckerberg. I can’t stand facebook. Why people want to announce every little thing they are doing to the world at large blows my mind.

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    • Sharon says:

      There are a lot of people who are not on facebook.

      I’m not, either.

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    • Chi Towndemrevenuestream says:

      never joined ,never will and most of my friends aren’t and won’t either,there seems to be a certain type that does facebook and we aren’t it

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      Can’t stand facebook. Don’t do it, never will. Scary how some people pour so much of their lives into it.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Tried facebook for a few months. What a time-wasting invasion of privacy. I canceled my account. I now have a “fake” facebook account because some blogs only let you post if you have a social media account. Did you know my name is George and I was born in 1960? LOL!

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    • William says:

      If you can friend and unfriend someone whom you have experienced through digital communication only, instead of direct real-world experience using the God-given five senses, Facebook is not for me. Facebook is an abomination.


    • Mr. Izz says:

      My wife’s family is massive. But, they are all so very close. Facebook has been great to keep everyone on the same page with events, gatherings, and milestones. So it doesn’t bother me all that much to be on there.


  6. gulfbreeze says:

    It gets worse…per Merkel’s request, Zuckerberg has fallen into lockstep compliance mode with her determination that any speech that criticizes her immigration policies is “hate speech”. From Legal Insurrection:

    “Furthermore, Facebook Inc. has agreed to fund activist groups to play vigilantes on the social media:

    “Facebook also said it would give financial support to organizations that collect complaints against online hate speech to help remove comments faster. The social network earlier in the day announced other measures, including a task force to encourage users to draft countermessages to hate speech on the Web and campaigns to generally strengthen antihate speech on the Internet.”

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  7. Ace says:

    I hate the corrupt media. CNBC defines the facebook posts as “incendiary”, but not Merkel’s culture destroying actions.

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  8. General P. Malaise says:

    read the works of Bat Ye’or

    the politicians are being told what to say. what they say doesn’t make sense and they don’t believe it anyway. they have trouble articulating what they do because they know it to be wrong and dishonest. The muslims have a plan and they have pushed it for decades. the politicians have been bought or are already true believers. when you read Bat Ye’or you will see how they did it and how deeply the muslims have penetrated europe.

    unfortunately obama has caught the americans up to the same point in a fraction of the time and all paid by the taxpayer (same as in europe).


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    • smiley says:

      there’s also something called the Kalergi Plan (circa 1920s, IIRC)…
      Richard Nikolas Coudenhove Kalergi.
      the plan :
      abolition of self-determination;
      elimination of nations via mass migration & ethnic separatist movements.
      the goal :
      Europe controlled by an ELITE authority.

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  9. dsp says:

    I posted a while back on the poor 8 year-old German girl that was brutally raped by a Muslim migrant. White women are being raped up and down Europe, with more on the way.

    Merkel is evil, and so is zuck. Facebook is working on censoring the truth. Good to know. And yes, you tube, owned by Google, has been censoring refugee rape and assault videos like mad too. Those acts collectively make up a nice example of how big business is fully on board with a radical antiwhite agenda.

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  10. Butch says:

    Pat Condell on ‘The Invasion of Europe’ . At Truth Revolt .
    ( Sorry can’t always link with iOS 9.1 . )
    This is pathetic and very sad .


  11. silverlakela says:

    The BIG story behind this “open mike” is – Zuckerberg consents to Merkel’s request to censor Facebook. It is widely know that Facebook has been conducting psychological experiments on manipulating elections. Censorship adds another level to the clandestine activities of Facebook.
    The problem is, most people don’t care if their freedom of speech is taken away on. Their urge to tell-all about your personal life is too great to stop using Facebook.

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    • Mentalist says:

      The BIG story behind this “open mike” is – Zuckerberg consents to Merkel’s request to censor Facebook.

      And’s the most important point.

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    • stringy theory says:

      You hit the nail on the head precisely. This story is not about Merkel, it’s about Facebook’s ceo and willingness to engage in political propaganda. I have no doubt Facebook, Google and all the rest are meddling with the Internet to favor left wing causes. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter but do use Goggle’s search engine and others.


  12. Sentient says:

    Merkel likes to stifle speech. Hitler was a book burner, too. And Zuckerberg is fine with assisting the Islamization of Europe. Either the murders at the Paris deli went unnoticed by Zuckerberg or he’s a modern day Kapo.

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  13. Sharon says:

    “Intensely religious” Muslims above all must learn to live with other religions, Migration Minister Dieter Lauinger said.

    Major oopsie — who’s gonna make them?? I suspect the face book posts reflect reality to a significant degree.


  14. manickernel says:

    Interesting times we live in.

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    • smiley says:

      one by one, nations are importing their own demise in the form of non-deportables…”refugees”.
      while the global economy reels, world trade declines, currencies are devalued, currency wars rage back & forth, extreme unprecedented over-indebtedness….
      how long do economies falter before they collapse ?
      how long do cultures erode before they no longer exist ?
      remember the economic problems in Europe in the 1920s-30s ?
      they intensified…

      until Hitler invaded Poland.

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  15. socabill says:

    You think Germany hasn’t gotten yet another war started? This will make three in the past 100 years.

    Lest people forget she was born and bred an East German Communist.

    I’m sure Soros is loving this. This is Hitler’s revenge on Europe in general and the the German people in particular.

    Here’s a snippet of the article below by Raymond Ibrahim:

    “[The] dichotomy [between] Muslim and Western thinking is evident everywhere. When the Islamic State declared that it will “conquer Rome” and “break its crosses,” few in the West realized that those are the verbatim words and goals of Islam’s founder and his companions as recorded in Muslim sources — words and goals that prompted over a thousand years of jihad on Europe.”

    Most recently, the Islamic State released a map of the areas it plans on expanding into over the next five years. Not only are Mideast and Asian regions included, but the map includes European lands: Portugal, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, parts of Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Crete, and Cyprus.”

    The reason for this is simple. According to Islamic law, once a country has been conquered (or “opened,” as the euphemistic Arabic words it), it becomes Islamic in perpetuity.”

    There is your war. It’s just not a hot war yet.  It will be, except this one will be a holy war. And Germany has led the way. Once again.

    Now she is colluding with Zuckerberg to help take down any opposition.


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  17. Jack Long says:

    I’m getting the idea refugee integration is running on different levels here One for public consumption and the others less transparent.

    I noticed an article in the local paper the other day, for example, that fed officials for a tent city a few miles from here wouldn’t specify the upper limit of refugees it would accept. Local officials set the capacity at 1200 max, but rumors were circulating that about up to 3000 refugees are being planned for.

    I also heard murmurs about fed officials stating officially the tent city needed no extra police coverage, all while police were being reassigned there from local forces without announcing it publicly in the towns they were being taken from..

    All that seems to fit in with the insinuation in this post that mechanisms are in place to hush up criticism of refugee policy.

    The food riots occurred not far from here, and although my town is somewhat secluded it is on a rail line. I do expect refugees here, so we’ll see what happens.

    Germany has a very specialized work force, kind of like someone is trained to hold the screw while another one is trained to turn the screwdriver, if I may make a crude analogy. They are really good at what they do and that part of life here works very well. If there is some kind of problem or issue it will get fixed by competent people. I can’t see how upwards of 800,000 non-German speakers step into that system.


  18. ssupsky says:

    This is the witnessing of social engineering to propagate a goal against the common masses. Most ‘social media’ sites do this.

    I do have a Facebook account, yet I very rarely post anything on it, and when I do, it is nothing personal so to speak. I am and always have been very suspicious of these sites. I do like to get a perspective of how others open wide their lives to the world and then get all hurt when they are confronted with what they have said.


  19. ZurichMike says:

    Merkel has just kissed her career goodbye. She is totally out of sync with the German electorate, the vast majority of which DO NOT want “refugees” (i.e., entitlement-seeking would-be terrorists and their enablers”)

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  20. The Boss says:

    Zuckerberg is a stain on America, not a success story.

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  21. libby says:

    A few years back anyone who didnt think traygone was a gentle infant were getting kicked off farcebook.
    Zuckerjerk doesnt care one iota about freedom of speech unless its hate speech directed at whites, males & straights

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  22. Mentalist says:

    BTW, we have Germany citizens who are being evicted from their homes to accommodate these “migrants”. Please note the quotes in bold, – it explains why it is important for the German government (specifically Merkel) to censor Facebook. BTW, do think this will stop with just Facebook, the German government will go after other social media outlets, such as Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc.

    German woman threatened with eviction to make way for refugees

    A woman in Germany is being evicted from her home of 16 years to make way for asylum-seekers, amid growing concerns over how Germany will find accommodation for the hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding into the country.

    Bettina Halbey, a 51-year-old nurse, has lived alone in her flat in the small western German town of Nieheim since her children grew up.

    On September 1, she received a letter from her landlord, the local municipality, telling her the building was being turned into a refugee shelter and she had until next May to leave. “I was completely taken aback,” Ms Halbey told Welt newspaper. “I find it impossible to describe how the city has treated me.”

    When Ms Halbey vented her frustration on Facebook, asking why she was being evicted when properties were standing empty in the town, her comment was shared 200,000 times.,

    In Germany, where 52 per cent of people rent their homes, it is unheard of to be asked to leave under such circumstances.Tenants are strongly protected by law, and can normally only be evicted if they have broken the terms of their rental agreement.

    “I’ve muddled through sorrow and distress, and then I get this notice,” said Ms Halbey, who brought up her two children as a single mother in the flat. “It was like a kick in the teeth.”

    Ms Halbey insisted she was not against Germany taking refugees in. When asylum-seekers moved into the flat above hers last May, they got on well, she said. “We take care of each other. Helping people, this is my commandment,” she said.

    Although the building belongs to the local municipality, it is not social housing and Ms Halbey pays the full market rent.

    But Rainer Vidal, the mayor of Nieheim, said the building was needed to house refugees because the town’s existing three shelters were full. “A new residential unit for 30 refugees in Nieheim would cost €300,000 (£222,000). This solution will cost me nothing,” he told Welt.
    Doubts have been raised over whether the municipality’s move is legal. It has invoked a law under which a private landlord can evict a tenant if he wants to move into the property himself.

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  23. Mentalist says:

    BTW, this request for Facebook to censor certain posts goes back a couple of weeks…

    Angela Merkel takes on racist Facebook posts

    BERLIN — German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Facebook to do more against racist comments and hate posts, in comments due to be published in a regional newspaper on Friday.

    Germany is expecting a record-breaking influx of refugees this year. Politicians and celebrities have voiced concern about a rise of xenophobic comments in German on Facebook and other social media platforms because of the refugee crisis.

    “When people stir up sedition on social networks using their real name, it’s not only the state that has to act, but also Facebook as a company should do something against these [people],” Merkel told regional newspaper Rheinische Post.

    She said Facebook already had the necessary code of conduct, but there was a lack of control and enforcement. “The rules need to be implemented,” Merkel said.

    The Rheinische Post newspaper is published in Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia, which is obliged to take around a fifth of all refugees coming to the country.

    Last month, Justice Minister Heiko Maas accused Facebook of doing too little to thwart racist and hate posts.

    Maas sent a letter to Facebook public policy director Richard Allan in Dublin saying he received many complaints from users that their protests on racist posts have been ignored. He suggested a meeting in Berlin on Sept. 14.

    A spokeswoman for Facebook has said the company took Maas’s concerns seriously and the company was interested in meeting the justice minister.


  24. KillDozer says:

    How can we spin the plop zuk? said the old women clown, .And let this be a lesson to you people who think women,old women, gays, nice guys, low IQ shines can lead nations (Golda being the exception) it’s hogwash we got one hundred and sixty five million women in the US and all we have to show is pos clinton who never did nut in <double negative Ebonics) a fake Indian the mayor of NYCs wife” the fake lesbian and the “face” who’s only accomplishments is she knew someone who died of cancer, at this stage in history women are an embarrassment with their abortions and pink ribbon lies ,what else is clear is no one will look this embarrassment in the puss,my mom and golda not included, but it’s true we need people like Rommel desert foxes to get us out of this PC Islamic invasion ,.so just so I’m clear, women, old women, gays, nice guys ,low IQ shines please sit the fuq down and STFU .


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Exactly – you took the word salad right out of my mouth.

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      • Les says:


        This post craps on over half the population and suggests one of our enemies would do a great job leading the free world.

        Anybody else have a smart, beautiful, talented daughter? I do. She can do math and always does the right thing in any given situation. She can hold her own with the boys.

        I want to make sure everybody knows I don’t agree with this BS. My dad was a WWII vet and I don’t want my name associated with it.

        Rommel signed his letters with “Heil Hitler” and his forces killed untold numbers of Allies and exterminated millions of Jews, gypsies, and disabled persons. I wouldn’t vote for him. Oh, and they lost the war.


    • smiley says:

      I get your point but…..Rommel ??
      come on.

      how about a Patton, MacArthur, or Eisenhower.
      if only, right?
      if only America really was great again.
      but greatness is scoffed at and ridiculed, and the likes of Merkel & Friends at the UN continue to demolish cultures through the disasters they create, in the name of “Human Rights”.


  25. Huh, so the heads of European states are conspiring with jews to force “multiculturalism” on the German people. Thought it was just conspiracy theory, who would’ve thunk it. 😉


  26. Concerned says:

    Simple solution here: BOYCOTT FACEBOOK.


  27. e.g.g. says:

    O….M….G. European women ARE getting raped by Muslim men.

    We are next. We have already had our freedom of speech curtailed.

    Zuckerberg…..ugh, yuck.


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