Candidate Donald Trump Speech To Value Voters Summit…

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84 Responses to Candidate Donald Trump Speech To Value Voters Summit…

  1. lecombatblog says:

    It was awesome – I have a BA & MA in English & American Literature. I love words. I’m a novelist as well. Trump’s use of language is simple, visual & direct. He communicates as if he’s sitting at a table with you. People may cringe when he calls Carly “robotic” or Jeb “low-energy” or Rubio a “clown” – there is a strategy to connect them to these words. I don’t see him as thin skinned – Americans haven’t seen somebody in politics fight back so hard for decades.

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  2. Doodahdaze says:

    What is a value voter? Strange.

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  3. regedit says:

    Dont know about this crowd…

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  4. Masterdeviance says:

    Trump’s very savvy use of language is indeed a large part of his success. If anyone is interested in a more in-depth understanding of how he’s painting all of his cuck rivals with biting language, check out Scott Adams’ blog.

    Using “sweaty” to describe Rubio is particularly effective. That guy flip flops and changes his position depending on the season and wind pattern (see Gang Of Eight). Given that he’s considerably younger relative to Trump and having to wipe down his sweat every five minutes, it makes Rubio look shifty and dishonest (which he of course is!)

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    • Voltaire's Crack says:

      Funny. I had a different takeaway on the “sweaty”. I visualized someone young and nervous – almost like a kid in the minors that suddenly has to bat cleanup behind three runs with two outs and bases loaded in the 9th inning facing Randy Johnson in his prime.

      Words and images. Interesting.

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    • parteagirl says:

      Reminds me of what I heard about the Nixon/JFK debate. Those that listened on radio thought Nixon won, but those who saw it on television thought JFK won. The difference is that Nixon was sweating profusely, and only the television audience saw it. The sweating made Nixon seem like he wasn’t being sincere or honest.

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    • wizzum says:

      I have a small group of people that I have worked with in my industry that have influenced me greatly. They are all super successful and near top in their different fields but have a common trait. All of them can explain the most complex problem or procedure to a layman and the layman feels that he then has a deep understanding of the problem.
      Absolutely fantastic to watch, This is what Trump is doing in a Rodney Dangerfield sort of way.

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    • I like it better when Trump waves Rubio off as a “kid” who shouldn’t even be in the race.
      Rubio looks young and the excessive sweating (diaphoresis) is part of that package (maybe he is even peeing himself). Rubio’s erratic shaky personal financial history makes me think he has some kind of compulsive behavior disorder; maybe he’s even on medication. Lots of prescription drugs cause excessive sweating and the need to drink a lot of water.


  5. hocuspocus13 says:

    There are days you just welcome a speech from Trump ✌

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  6. Bluto says:

    Trump referred to Rubio as “a clown”.

    Clowns everywhere were offended.

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  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    Great Speech & I’m not being biased 😉

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  8. Sundance thank you for posting this video!

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  9. Ursula says:

    Watching this great man speak,conjures up feelings I had —-while watching Secretariat cross the finish line and win the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown.

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  10. Ursula says:

    Thank you SD. Your site is so informative!

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  11. clash108 says:

    The anti-establishment, anti-teleprompter candidate. I love it.

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  12. Daniel says:

    But the buzz about this particular event isn’t about anything Trump said. It’s about the BOOS Trump got when he called Rubio a clown. The people over at YongCons are responding like media worshipping robots.

    I think a few more of us should visit there to tell them what’s wrong with their thinking.

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  13. Dora says:

    He thought the reception was great. Then he went over to check the Old Post Office! 🙂

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    • smiley says:

      there has never been a candidate like Trump.
      he’s not a one-trick pony/politician on the dole.
      he DOES stuff.
      he MAKES things.
      he’s productive.
      and he really digs what he’s doing.
      it shows.

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      • Dixie says:

        Trump is my age and I don’t know how he keeps up the pace he has set for himself. Challenges must give him bundles of energy and adrenaline surges. Of course, he travels in comfort everywhere he goes and maybe that makes the difference. He’s my hero at the moment and I hope, come 2016, he’s America’s hero.

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  15. Um…huh?


    • Rubio doesn’t know the first thing about foreign policy. i noticed he is completely ignorant about Russia, Crimea, and Ukraine. so’s carly, and an expert on this busted her and you can include rubio in this article because he says the same establishment lies and talking points. this guy is not a Trump supporter, but he is spot on about Ukraine and carly’s cue cards that were simply establishment talking points. everyone in Europe knows this but Usa media has kept it censored. it was common knowledge everywhere else in the world. except the guy is wrong on rant paul. ron paul knew but not rant.


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      • That is a great link that everyone should read. Most people are woefully ignorant when it comes to history. They have no idea that the Crimea has been Russian for centuries. They think Putin just invaded Crimea and took it over. Likewise they have no idea Russia has had a naval base in Syria since the 1950’s. Russia has not been the “aggressor” in these countries unfortunately most people cant come to terms with the fact that Obama funded a coup in the Ukraine which saw a democratically elected President ousted (with the help of neo-Nazi’s) and the start of a civil war which has cost the lives of 1,000’s of innocents.

        David Stockman is brilliant and I wish he was advising Trump on foreign policy. Not long ago Trump was asked who he admired on foreign policy and he mentioned Ambassador Bolton – one of the biggest and worst neocon’s out there.


  16. UpsideDownFlag says:

    This is very a interesting comment coming from Frank Luntz. I agree 100%.


  17. winky1 says:

    Found it interesting that Luntz usually has arrows going up and down when he wants to show how the audience reacted to something that someone says but he did not do…It did not sound likeTrump was getting booed at all. Luntz said he changed his mind and that he thought Trump was getting booed when he called Rubio a clown…… But the worst of the night was the biatch megyn Kelly when she had different songs on at the end of the show and she made the snidest comment about Trump as it pertained to a song that was playing….”she said he can’t run a campaign on a prayer” Did anyone catch that? What can we do about her? She just insults people who support Trump and that is a lot of people
    I just cannot stand her…..Now I will NEVER listen to her


  18. your tour guide says:

    I’m wondering how much Trump has sat down and talked with Rudy over the years.
    This one is an out there statement, but bear me out. Google “City for Sale” a book that was written about when Koch was mayor of New York. The amount of politicians that were on the take in New York when Koch was in charge was startling.
    Koch basically looked the other way while everything that wasn’t nailed down was stolen
    under everyone’s noses.
    Guiliani was the federal prosecutor in New York at the the time. He was spectacularly
    successful at indicting and prosecuting many of the bad guys. One even committed suicide before he was exposed. Guiliani took out the trash.
    A few years after Rudy took the trash out, he was mayor of New York. The quality of life
    in New York City was amazingly better during his reign. Much of it was “broken windows” theory
    of policing. A good bit of it was the simple fact that he wouldn’t have been able to do his job as
    effectively if he hadn’t in advance saw the human obstacles that prevented him from doing the job
    as well as possible. If Rudy hadn’t been a pit bull prosecutor prior to to being mayor, he would have found the job much harder . Rudy was a great mayor because he had the foresight to take out the trash before he was swore in.
    Maybe ( this one I’m literally praying over) Trump is enough on the ball to recognize what
    would prevent him from being the best President possible. Maybe he sees the trash that gains
    from ruining things for everyone else. Maybe “thin skinnedness” is shining lights on where the cockroaches are, to make them scurry and get out of the way so that he can do the job right.
    I can only name three politicians off the top of my head that actually have benefitted their
    constituency over the last 40 years. Rudy’s one, Palin’s another, and Paul Coverdale (RIP)
    from congress by way of Georgia is the other. The first two had the foresight to see WHO
    benefitted from screwing things up, and dealt with them accordingly. The last one actually
    cared for and listened to his voters. .


  19. treeper1956 says:

    I love our man Trump. He is not only intelligent and lovable, but really really FUNNY too!


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