Briefcase Clock Maker Ahmed Mohamed Is Son of Muslim Activist – UPDATE: Kid admits forethought – knew it was going to be “suspicious”….

As many people thoroughly anticipated the back-story to the 14-year-old briefcase clockmaker reflects his father is actually a rather controversial Muslim activist.  This lends further credence toward a reasonable belief that his taking a briefcase clock to school was not as innocent as the media would lead everyone to believe.

update-1UPDATE:  In his own words Ahmed Mohamed, 14, an Irving MacArthur High student essentially states he knew taking the device to school was controversial.  Listen at 1:26 video:

“I closed it with a cable, so… because, I didn’t want to lock it to make it seem like a threat so I just used simple cable…. so it won’t look that much suspicious”.

That’s what you call an admission of premeditation and intent.  In his own words, with forethought, he knew the briefcase with wires and “a countdown clock” would be “suspicious”; especially around 9/11.

update-1Update#2 – We are not the only people to pick up on the admitted “intent”. Follow THIS LINK – To see exactly how it was engineered and the kids’ story gets even more sketchy.

Ahmed Hohamed Clockahmed hohamed 2

TEXAS […]  The ninth grader is the son of Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, a Sudanese immigrant who has made headlines of his own over the years. A February 2015 profile in the North Dallas Gazette details the elder Mohamed’s activities.

Born in Sudan in 1961, Mohamed, a former customs worker at Khartoum International Airport, earned a degree in philosophy from Cairo University in Khartoum before emigrating to the U.S. “Once I realized my dream was bigger than what Sudan had to offer I immigrated to America in the mid-1980’s,” he told the North Dallas Gazette. In that same interview, Mohamed shared that upon arrival in the U.S.– where he says his degree was not accepted– he initially sold hot dogs, candy, and newspapers in Manhattan. “I realized this wasn’t enough for me, and I packed my bag and moved to Dallas, Texas y’all,” he told the paper.

In Texas, he started out as a pizza delivery man before becoming a taxi driver and ultimately launching his own business ventures– he owns a computer repair shop in Irving, Texas and a computer company (perhaps where his son gets his tech acuity from), a cab company called Jet Taxi, a medical emergency transport company called Paradise Prime Investments, and the solar energy business AlSufi International in Sudan. He also served as self-elected president of the small Sufi Muslim AlSufi center in Irving.

Mohamed has also run for president of Sudan on two separate occasions. “When I went for the elections in 2010 they were rigid,” he told the North Dallas Gazette. “When I was there my country was worse than I had left it. I saw people starve, and babies, die, and women cry in Darfur. No peace. No justice. So I am back to save my Sudan, so help me God. I’m hope for my country to become great, and to reestablish good connections with America. My country is going through economic hardship because of the embargo, and I would like to lift it.”

[…]  Aside from his presidential bids, Mohamed also made headlines for his bizarre role in Rev. Terry Jones’ incendiary Quran trial. In 2012, when the Florida pastor made good on his threat to burn a Quran in his Gainesville church and put the Quran on “trial,” Mohamed, who refers to himself as a sheik, was apparently the one Muslim willing to play along as the defense in the mock trial. “[The church] put an ad on their channel: ‘Whoever feels in himself he has the power to defend Quran is welcome,’” he told the Dallas Observer.  (read more)

And here’s a five year old article explaining his relationship to the Terry Jones Koran burning episode – SEE HERE

Ahmed Hohamed Clock


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400 Responses to Briefcase Clock Maker Ahmed Mohamed Is Son of Muslim Activist – UPDATE: Kid admits forethought – knew it was going to be “suspicious”….

  1. BitterC says:

    And of course, the fund raiser to pay his tuition at a private school since the public one is so racist. $13200 ish already raised. Shooting for $100k


  2. bodicacia says:

    Did any one notice this v informative comment under the engineering linked article? The writer summizes it was all a big smoke screen.

    *smith20 minutes ago

    “Sharia law is the key to the mystery of this whole thing!

    Ahmeds father is a sharia law activist. 
    On 9/14, the day this all happened, news agencies were reporting that Yale opened a sharia law center w/ 10million from Saudi Arabi!!! Nobody really saw that thought because of the story of Ahmed!! a distraction! 
    ALSO just so happens that Irving Mayor is the most outspoken and has been working to pass laws to protect USA and such from Sharia law after rumors of sharia law being practiced in Texas. Look it up!! 
    Is it coincidence then that Ahmeds and his families twitter, donation accepter, and the person who posted his NASA shirt, when he first posted about Ahmed mentioned how he was arrested in Irving, where the most islamphicphobe mayor of America lives? And why many news reports attacking her. How the mosque Ahmen and and family go to also had comments?

    This was all a sham to help quell the biggest opposition to shariah law and hide the story of yale opening it.”*

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  3. Dan says:

    This was instigated by his activist father and in my opinion the father should be arrested for inciting panic in the school and using his kid for his political and religious ambitions. I believe this whole thing was concocted in order to get money plain and simple. The media ran with it instead of investigating the truth. If you watch the kid in his interview you can tell that he is lying as why would he bring a homemade clock to school in a metal box with wires hanging out since most clocks do not have all of these wires attached to them. He should have cleared this with the school office first.


    • angryduc says:

      Ask yourself why is this jack leg actually explaining the components and how it can be run off a battery? This is some pretty powerful propaganda if not something much more sinister.


    • Sandra says:

      Excellent video. Logical, factual, reasonable … therefore it will have no effect on the lib wingnuts. Their minds are made up already, Little Ahmed is the next Einstein and anyone who refutes this is a racist.

      Has little Ahmed filed his lawsuit yet?


  4. dandtoy says:

    I will go even farther, this is just like the Planned Parenthood videos and Black Lives Matter…. All being done to divide Americans just in time for elelctions.

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  5. sonjay says:

    Of course he knew it would look suspicious.

    He showed it to his first-period teacher who basically said “Ho hum, don’t show it to anyone else.”

    That wasn’t the reaction he was looking for, so in a later class he plugged it in to make start beeping. That annoyed his teacher, but he still didn’t get the reaction he was looking for. So after that class, he carried it up front to show it to his teacher, who took it away from him and contacted the principal. Finally, he got the expected reaction!

    This kid was bound and determined to stir up a fuss. What eventually happened was exactly what he was hoping would happen. He was going to keep messing with that thing and showing it to people until someone called authorities.

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  6. Fred Ward says:

    And now we will all be a little bit less likely to stop a you mid eastern looking man with a briefcase bomb. Mission accomplished.

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  7. Amy says:

    Once again I learned: always wait until all details to come out before judging.

    At first, I thought it was silly. Until of course I saw the “clock” which by the way, are there even any hands on that clock?


    • Meyer says:

      “any hands on that clock?” Kind of relates to my way of thinking. Now that police has the kid’s fingerprints, I sure hope they investigate whether it’s his fingerprints on the ‘clock’ components or . . . . . . his father’s fingerprints.


    • Looks exactly like an IED; that was the whole intention of course and right on cue President Obama and Zuckerberg praise the ingenuity (?) of the kid. Just to demonstrate how Americans “hate” innocent Moslems. The media have a lot to answer for, putting this garbage first and foremost.


  8. I think this is exactly what this was staged for. This zit was sent to school to have the results happen just what is happening. This will cause the next time some zit comes into class with another “clock” delay a teacher from reporting it, until it is too late. BOOM!!! Killing who knows how many.

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  9. kathyca says:

    What “clock”? It’s exactly what it appears to be and what it was intended to be. A briefcase bomb-albeit non-functioning. We’re our own worst enemy. smh

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  10. doodahdaze says:

    If I saw a muzz with that case I would run like hell and call the cops. Good Grief. Emergency Impeachment now! The destruction is going to get worse now.


  11. sonjay says:

    I’d like to see a bunch of kids in that school start wearing NRA and Confederate flag t-shirts to school. And at lunch, they should all bite their food into the shape of a gun.

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  12. True Colors says:

    Ahmed Mohamed and his family are laughing all the way to the lawyers office.


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    • Intheknow says:

      Yeah, but to the non-technical person or someone who has seen enough Holywood productions or TV series like “24”, it would be unfamiliar. That’s like me trying to explain to an older customer what the inside of a desktop looks like. That was lame. The fact is, they never said they thought it was in fact a bomb. He was charged with a “hoax bomb” charge BTW. I am seeing more and more weird coincidences with this whole debacle. The Pro Sharia activist father who despite being an American Citizen ran for president of Sudan twice. The fact that this is the same city which refused to allow an ISLAMIC TRIBUNAL COURT? The fact that the TRIBUNAL COURT WEBSITE states that one of their Judges, is also an Imam at the very Mosque located in Irving, the same city? Way too much, to be just a coincidence.


  13. I know I have asked this before but I’m trying to figure out how the checkered bag, in the lower right of the picture, fits into this clock? Could that be a fake explosive pack of some kind?


  14. angryduc says:

    This looks much more like an ASTROTURF campaign EXPLAINING how to make a BOMB hidden in a racist story. The video’s now literally explain how the components work off a battery. The fact Hussein endorsed it so quickly is very telling.


  15. Feebs says:

    Was this perhaps a dry run of some kind?


  16. Sandra says:

    I came across this picture. It made me laugh out loud. It reminds of of the photo of Walter Scott’s pal doing construction work. lol Oh, check out little Einstein’s t-shirt. I’m hoping the last line, covered up by his arm, says “fake inventions”.


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  18. J.D. Gragg says:

    According to the tech I read and pictures I’ve seen of the little Muslim boys clock – it was a “COUNT-DOWN CLOCK”!!!!!!! …..It also had an alarm (beeper / alert) that beeped and THAT is what freaked the teacher out. Then once I looked at the picture of the poor little Muslim boys clock ‘that he made’, it did NOT have a bread-board as one would use to truly CREATE their own project! …It had a PRE–made circuit board and ribbon with many many articles within the box that served absolutely NO PURPOSE as a ‘clock’ OR count-down clock for that matter! ……….SO since the poor little Muslim boys Muslim father hates Mayor Van Duyne after refusing Sharia Law in her city – you think there was a HEAVY dose of premeditation, intent, forethought, bringing a briefcase with wires and a “countdown clock” with alert beeper to a school – especially around the 9/11 anniversary?????? ….You bet your arse there is! …..These Muslims and Obama may be experts at playing the victim role, but I can tell a bull-chit artist from a mile away – and this folks is nothing but pure BS.


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  20. mauiking says:

    I have the Irving ISD student ‘Code of Conduct’, which specifically states” “A person commits a felony if he or she knowingly possesses components of an explosive weapon with the intent to combine the components into an explosive weapon for use in a criminal act. It is an offense to knowingly manufacture, sell, purchase, transport or possess a hoax bomb with the intention of making another person believe that the fake bomb is real. A hoax bomb offense is also committed if an official of a public safety agency or a police officer has to be called in to attend to what is thought to be an emergency situation”,
    One teacher, who saw the ‘clock’, told the boy not to show it to anyone else. The kid carried the device to other classes, instead of leaving it in his locker, or giving it to the teacher to keep, and against the advice of said teacher. This was not an ‘accident’. When another teacher heard the ‘beeping’ and saw the red lights, she became concerned, and rightly so. When questioned, the boy avoided answering, and had NO logical reason for why he brought the device to school.This ‘clock’ was not attached to any class assignment, or school project.
    When ‘rights’ are discussed, the Code of Conduct also states (I’m paraphrasing) that any school official is immune from retailiation by virtue of the fact that they are acting on behalf of the student body, when such a situation presents itself.
    I have not seen any blog or post, anywhere on the internet concerning ‘when a white boy brings a homemade clock to school’, where it was NOT a part of a bona fide school assignment or project, where the teachers didn’t already know about the project, and where the students openly discussed the use and materials.
    The boy also said ”
    “In middle school I was called a terrorist, called a bomb maker, just because of my race.”
    When was race ever discussed or mentioned in any of the reports by either the police, the school, or any of the teachers?
    This story is very questionable, and given the circumstances surrounding the political environment in Irving, it’s actually a stretch of the imagination to think of it as anything other than a falsehood, however it may be.


  21. Funny how fast Obama stuck his nose into this before it was on the news.


  22. Here is the latest:
    Ahmed Mohamed, Boy Arrested Over Homemade Clock, Withdraws From Texas School
    I find this interesting.
    his family is planning trips to the United Nations and Mecca before visiting the White House.


  23. I just read on another site where someone made note of how this checkered bag looks a like the pattern and cloth that Arafat and the Palestine people wear.


  24. James Matheson says:

    Hi I made a clock charge batteries.
    My clock turns on lights , charges cellphone , powers cameras in places with no plug. My clock is a renewable battery
    It can be seen here

    I made it work indefinitely but I couldn’t find a product manufacturer. It made me so depressed after years of trying I became homeless. It is only a hand crank dynamo (geared motor) on a clock. I thought we were all suppose to have a dream we pursued to better society, at least that’s what they told me. I hope, like you mentioned Ahmed’s clock , you will mention my clock and hopefully a manufacturer will put it on the shelf, my friend has a hearing aid and needs this to keep his batteries charged, another friend has a soccer club and needs cameras at night to protect his things where there is no plug, another friend wants to wear a camera on his shirt to improve security at his workplace, another friend wants his google glasses to work when he wants. I just want a light I can read with and a way to charge my cellphone when I sleep outside. Please be so kind , I am a Christian and would like to believe I am suffering to teach others humanity, I could be wrong still I want everyone to be allowed to dream as long as their dream is realistic. You saw the clock Ahmed built please mention the clock a homeless Christian built
    Thank you
    I pray someone will manufacture this to allow all the people who need this its service


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