And So It Begins – White Police Officer Reluctant To Defend Himself Beaten Unconscious By Black Male Suspect….

You knew it was only a matter of time before stories like this began to surface.  A white male police detective pulls over a black male suspect.  The police officer tells the suspect to remain in his car, and calls for backup. 

The suspect ignores the order, exits his car, plays the race-card against the cop, then fights him for his gun.  Suspect takes custody of LEO  firearm and beats him unconscious with it, while the surrounding crowd chant joyfully, take pictures, and laugh at the sight of a cop being beaten bloody. 

alabama cop1

ALABAMA – Alabama police are outraged after photos of a detective beaten bloody by a suspect who stole his gun during a traffic stop were shared by witnesses and praised on social media.

alabama cop 3The suspect, 34-year-old Janard Cunningham, is charged with attempted murder for allegedly assaulting the six-year veteran following a traffic stop at a shopping center in Roebuck around 11am Friday.

The plainclothes detective, who has not been identified, was taken to the hospital for treatment after the assault but has since been released and is recovering at home.

Cunningham was taken into custody after the assault and is being held at Jefferson County Jail while police have released a second suspect who was apprehended without filing charges.

During the traffic stop, the detective pulled over Cunningham’s SUV and told him to stay in the car while he waited for backup to arrive.

The suspect disobeyed that order, questioned why he had been stopped and then struck the officer in the head with his own weapon, reported. 

alabama cop 2

The beating reportedly continued until the officer was no longer moving, with Cunningham then fleeing the scene.

While the detective was brought to the hospital, US Marshals and other officers tracked down the suspect and took him into custody.

After the arrest, photos of the bloodied detective began popping up on social media, with some commenters applauding what happened.  (read more)

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187 Responses to And So It Begins – White Police Officer Reluctant To Defend Himself Beaten Unconscious By Black Male Suspect….

  1. Christine says:

    If he had shot him he would have been brought up on murder charges, his life would be ruined, his career over. Of course he would have been a man. Now what? He elected not to defend himself. How will he live with that? Forget these blacks. Keep them penned in. That’s where the wall should be built, a border around blacks. Sickening story. First time I heard about it so it’s new to me.

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    • My TwoCents says:

      You’re painting with quite a broad brush there, and what you’re saying is not supported by laws, not to mention ethics. You deal with bad behavior, not skin color. Your greatest adversary at this point is yourself. Look in the mirror and see if you can control him. He’s the most likely person to screw up your life, the way you’re talking.


    • jeff says:

      Thank you for speaking the truth Christine.

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  3. hightechjunkie says:

    Well, I guess if you are going to be damned if you do and damned if you don’t, you might as well go ahead and do it and take your chances with the system. This is pitiful.


  4. Juan says:

    Fankly, ths story did not give enoujgh information to know exactly what happened. One thing is certain, it was not attempted murder or the suspect would have simply shot the officer. It is obviously a case of temporary insanity due to unconrollabe pent up rage and fear. If I was on the jury, based upon the scant data, I would give the suspect seven years.


  5. willard says:

    Well, this just gives more justification for cops to shoot first and ask questions later.
    Way to go dumbsh^t.


  6. e.g.g. says:

    Why the h3ll don’t Whites help when they see this happening!

    It is past time for police to quit stopping blacks. And if police see a black beating another black or what ever, they need to keep going.

    If police won’t quit stopping blacks then they need to start patrolling in pairs.


    • Cecil Sharps says:

      Stop moaning about white people helping cops. This was a violent assault that ended quickly. There wasn’t enough time for bystander intervention. Alabama has one of the highest rates of ccw in the nation, but the 1 in 4 adults with a permit can’t be everywhere at all times.


  7. twolaneflash says:

    Had I been there, bang, bang! blows smoke out of gun barrel.


  8. Ron says:

    Got to wear a holster with a gun lock/brake on it.
    That makes it very hard for a bad guy to take your gun.


  9. Tom says:

    Good citizenship is built on following the rules. If people follow the rules we wouldn’t need police officers. Bad and ignorant citizens create the very thing the rest of us dislike to. Be a good citizen and keep a cool head.


  10. hightechjunkie says:

    I have come to the conclusion that freedom of speech does not improve the quality of speech, nor does it make the speech in and of itself any more palatable. Giving a stupid person a microphone does not make that person any smarter, nor does it make what they have to say any more educational.

    PC speech has given everyone a voice and as a result we are made to listen to people who have nothing to say, give them a medal even if they don’t win and give them a trophy even if for just showing up. It is official, the insane are officially running the asylum.

    The funny thing about that is, as is with real life, crazy people don’t know they are crazy and they perpetuate their own insanity by agreeing with each other. I blame the news agencies for airing the crazies talking because other crazies are buying into what they are saying and I blame the Federal Government for not coming up with better mental health care because now the crazies think they are a functional part of society.

    The voice of reason is not dead, it is just drowned in a sea of mindless blather that seems interesting at first but turns out to be some demented notion that was accepted by some spineless nincompoop who somehow bought into the idea that Political Correctness was an improvement over the brand of insanity they practiced before it came along.

    I am official done with being politically correct. If I offend someone with dialog, I simply remind them that they are reacting to their own feelings (not mine) and expecting me to do the same is wrong when I obviously didn’t feel that way; otherwise I wouldn’t have said it to start with. I then remind them that projecting their feelings without a point on me is politically incorrect and they shouldn’t do it, thus invoking a paradox from which they cannot recover. Then, I walk away but not without adding this first…

    …Listen folks, I have some news for all of you who are so vehemently convicted to their black lives matter, hands up don’t shoot speech. First of all, if they really did matter you would have taught them right from wrong when they were young, as to keep them out of trouble. And secondly, you and they need to fully understand that the person who commits the crime first loses their right to argue the matter and/or level of consequence that follows. If you can’t do the time, then don’t commit the crime. It is just that simple. How much more does a parent need to say to the child they vowed to protect? The reality is that the LEO’s are being punished for the gross lack of parenting, not the parents. (the new and improved definition of insanity) I can’t blame the LEO’s one bit for bad parenting of other people’s children. I can only hope they can one day soon return to doing their job, which is enforcing the law. News flash all of you clueless parents convinced you are victims… Once the crime is committed, they (LEO’s) are just there to clean up the mess, the mess you created. If you want or need to blame someone, blame yourself.

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    • Jamal says:

      There’s more to it than that, hightech. Before the white Democrat Liberals’ “War on Poverty” in the mid-’60s, black children were raised in stable 2 parent homes. Democrat welfare programs insisted no man be residing in the home. I don’t blame black women for taking the deal. In a moment of weakness, most of us would grab for a lifeline. Once black women had the power in a family, as the head of the household, they couldn’t give it up. Democrats f’d over blacks good and hard. I’m sure they had the best of intentions.


      • hightechjunkie says:


        It looks like you left quite a bit to the imagination. Help me out here. If there were stable families there would be no reason for the father to leave. I think you have it a bit backwards. Welfare was designed to help poor families and unwed mothers who couldn’t work (mostly in inner cities) that did not have stable father figures and while I agree it was a good deal that was difficult to turn down, it had long term ramifications that would mold the future of welfare for all.

        The sad truth about welfare is it creates dependency. There should be no argument about that. The opposite, however, would be a program geared toward getting the most out of the recipients in the form of service, education or a combination of both in return for the assistance. A good job beats servitude any day.

        Power, as the head of a family comes with great responsibility and while it should be said that being the head of a household is a very demanding job, it should be painfully obvious to the recipient that there is more to life than what welfare brings and the only thing separating most people from the life beyond welfare is effort and the desire to better oneself.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people that need and deserve assistance but the assistance should be a leg up and a way out, not an eternal career. It is no wonder that the poverty level folks want more. They don’t have much but welfare is not meant to be a middle class societal equivalent. It is meant to sustain life, provide basic needs and make available services and programs geared toward getting folks into the mix of tax-payers and contributors that fund programs like Social Security and the programs mentioned earlier to succeed and thrive.

        Of course, we know that good intentions are just that and the reality is much different than the benevolence the liberals want so desperately to be recognized for. Unfortunately, the opposite is true and liberals are the modern day slave owners and the price for sustenance is votes and blind support for the agenda they drive. Now, with that being said, one must ask oneself if the welfare service provided is supposed to really help or if it meant to support a political agenda and if the answer is the latter, then help is a disguise for something else and that thing is not in the best interest of the recipients.
        Let’s take that a step further by looking at the current political climate. The Liberals want as many immigrants as possible to come into the country and they provide absolutely no filters to decide the worthiness of the people flooding across the border so we must assume that they are looking for quantity, not quality.

        See, the way to build a nation is to import the immigrants that will provide something that benefits the country while at the same time crating wealth for everyone. (Please do not confuse wealth with being rich. Wealth means adding new money to the economy) Now, in order for that to be true, there must be one of two things… Either an abundance of money (to develop the immigrants) or an abundance of jobs (which benefits the country right away). Again, the opposite is true. There is a shortage of both and when there is a shortage of money, then deficits are insured.

        I guess one could simply say that the balance should come from the wealthy but I think that logic is flawed. The wealthy are already by far the major contributors to the Federal Tax Base which provide good and services to the government and they deserve to keep what they make, less their fair share. The balance should come from a developmental process of the immigrants and welfare recipients which allows the ones capable of contributing to do so until such a time in which there is an abundance of money to create more expansion and training for more immigrants and less welfare recipients.
        Unfortunately, we are self imploding. We are gaining unproductive immigrants that take from the system rather than give back and the result is out of control deficits and inflation that affects the poor more so than the wealthy.

        Think about this for a minute. If there is only $100 to give to the needy and there are only 2 needy people, the needy get $50 each. On the other hand, if there are 1000 needy people then the needy only get 10 cents each and for every needy person we let in or allow to receive welfare, everybody else gets less and less. The system is clearly broken and the way to fix it is to stop the flow of immigration, figure out who can contribute and get them contributing as soon as humanly possible and find a way to reduce the overall number of people needing assistance by reforming welfare to benefit the poor and not enslave them.

        People need to wake up and clearly see what the Liberals are doing. They are trying to turn the US into a welfare state that no one can escape from thereby guaranteeing them power forever and they mean to do this by destroying the rich and their wealth. What they fail to understand, though, is that their deficit spending cannot last forever and the US cannot sustain unlimited immigration very much longer. The rich will find a way to stop contributing or they will move away completely and remove themselves from the equation. Once the balance of power is tipped toward the point where the economy cannot sustain the deficits, the world as we know it will end and there will be tens of millions of people in the streets with their hands out and no money to support them. It will be over and it cannot be fixed without great suffering.

        Lastly, Jamal, you should ask yourself a question. Who deserves government assistance more? Someone from another country who already had a government that they could have received welfare from or someone who is a citizen of this nation who, by Constitutional law, is able to ask for and receive benefits from the government. Pretty soon, welfare will have to be rationed and if it is, the law had better be on the side of the citizens because if it is not, then you, or anyone you know may get kicked out of the program because you aren’t enough of a minority to matter. That is not meant to make you feel bad or insult you. It is meant to help you understand that the government that you think loves you doesn’t care about you at all. They care about power and they will do anything to get it and keep it, including sacrifice your well being.


  11. Ken May 139 says:

    Of course he was “reluctant” to defend himself; according to the article the guy grab the cop’s gun. If the cop had tried to get his gun back the guy would have probably shot him. Once someone has taken your gun and is beating you in the head with it you’ve probably have lost the battle unless you’re Chuck Norris or some other super badass. At that point all you can do is pray. Thank God the cop survived to learn something from this incident. Even veteran cops can improve their job skills. Being a cop has got to be one of the most difficult jobs there is.


  12. zogjews says:

    When blacks going to act like adults?


  13. dprato says:

    Seems to me the cops are better off doing their job correctly and when one of these punks pulls this type of stunt let the chips fall where they will and defend themselves regardless of the outcome. We have our Muslim President and Eric Holder to thank for inciting this type of behavior as well as Sharpton and other black agitators. A punk is a punk regardless of color and if they break the law follow procedure and escalation of force policies set out by the department. Never let these people try to brutalize you whether you are a cop or a civilian.


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