Chris Christie Plays Psy-Ops – Blasts Chamber of Commerce Today….

Chris Christie is a benefactor of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  The U.S. CoC are aligned in interest with the Koch Brothers on the immigration issue.  The Koch’s and the CoC are Wall Street operational entities….  

This is the dimensional chess strategy that throws mid-level informed conservatives into fits.  The strategy is specifically designed to do that, and to make the informed consumer appear to be conspiracy driven. 

chris-christie gotchaChris Christie hits the U.S. CoC in the same way that Senator Chuck Schumer hits against the Iran deal.  Both only do this with permission and with ulterior motive.

I hate these Decepticon tricks.

BREITBART – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took shots at the Chamber of Commerce for contributing to the problems with illegal immigration and the failure to secure the border.

“The reason we’re not dealing with immigration as strongly as we need to be in my opinion is because of the Chamber of Commerce crowd,” he said, pointing to their support for cheaper labor and their opposition to using E-verify.

Christie made his comment at the Red State Gathering, after a person in the audience questioned the Chamber’s damaging influence in elective politics.

He pointed out that millions of illegal immigrants were coming into the country to work instead of vote and that tougher immigration verification standards for businesses would help secure the border.  (read more)

Remember, Chris Christie was Chairman of the Republican Governors Association (RGA). The RGA is attached in ideology, dependency and affiliation to the U.S. CoC.  It is incredible that Christie would make this presentation today at Red State Forum. 

However, on a positive side, it shows how desperate the CoC/GOPe is and how much they have to fear.  It also reflects an awareness, on their part, that we are on to their overall goals.

Bookmark this day, and this article, because I am going to reference it as one of the visible triggers for the U.S. CoC strategy to elect Jeb Bush.    

Christie in Israel 5

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45 Responses to Chris Christie Plays Psy-Ops – Blasts Chamber of Commerce Today….

  1. 1hear2learn says:

    All smoke and mirrors all the time. Didn’t Palin also have that job?

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  2. realitycheck says:

    He plays psy-ops while, when others change their minds and opinions, they are evolving?


  3. labrat says:

    I’m confused about one thing. If they are all pretty much in the COC pocket – why does it have to be Jeb!? For that matter – why Hillary? Why a Bush-Clinton race? Why dynasty vs dynasty? There are sooooo many negatives to both of them. They are both distasteful to most voters. It’s the why that boggles my mind. What’s the advantage? Why not more palatable “in the pocket” candidates?

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    • chiavarm says:

      Jeb can deliver Florida

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    • formercanuck says:

      The dynasty vs. dynasty keeps the status quo. 2 generations of Bush & friends have run the White House, Bill ran the White House, and Hillary has been in the White House for just as long. Keeping these cronies in power ensures a ‘win-win’. They’re all part of the same ‘inner circle’.

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    • sundance says:

      Labrat, Chiavarm hits the essential nail.

      What you have to remember, is this takes planning. Once the plan is put into place, then all decisions are made with the end goal in mind.

      The CoC selected Jeb Bush, because they need/want either Jeb or Hillary to maintain their overall ongoing program. Jeb’s selection came down to he provided the best overall strategy (most predictable) because Jeb would work with the roadmap and specifically the target electoral map for Florida.

      It didn’t have to be a Jeb per se’, but Jeb was the person they settled upon in the planning phase when determining the needed electoral roadmap. The plan determines the end-game.

      Once the plan is put into place, then all other moves are working to achieve the end-game.

      Once you know their end-game, the subsequent moves they make become entirely predictable. Unfortunately, it’s this “end-game” and predictability, that most people refuse to accept. They just can’t wrap their minds around how inconsequential they are in the face of the larger system (strategy) as it’s constructed.

      Once you’ve educated yourself, educate others, then brainstorm how to cut them off. What you’ll find is their plan is really difficult to de-rail.

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      • joshua says:

        short of a national terrorist attack, a major Middle East blow up that closes oil shipments, an attack on Israel, or a key govt assassination on the US Govt Members or family, all of which would shift the nation from an economic, jobs, business as usual model into a war and military model…which is not a Hilliary, Bill C., Obama, or Biden world no way no how. But Jeb is no military guy either…..remember, Bush 43 was planning an easy presidency before 9/11…it was all about oil and bank bailouts and pure money plays…then we went into national shock…..cannot PLAN such events, but they can be serious game changers.


      • jackphatz says:

        So we fight light little demons only to have Jeb as our “choice” on Nov. 8, 2016? No one wins here really. As a nation we will gain nothing but the eradication of the Constitution.


      • georgiafl says:

        HOW DO YOU KNOW Trump is not in on the Chamber of Commerce game?


        • sundance says:

          Because I know the interests of the CoC, who is on their board, and what their legislative priorities are.

          The CoC is Wall Street. Big Financiers and Big Banks.

          Trump is Main Street. Brick and Mortar business.

          Main Street goes to Wall Street when they need capital. Wall Street provides Main Street with money.

          Wall Street worries about invisible money. Main Street worries about actual money.


    • joshua says:

      the CofC and the wall street boys know how to manage and control both the Clintons and the Bush Families….they are bought and paid for and they have the “goods” on all of them. They mean to control the Federal Govt and regulations and not get any pushback on the programs they have bought through lobby money.


  4. My BS-o-Meter peaks whenever i see christie

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  5. bertdilbert says:

    As I recall, Christie had the least amount of talk time at the debate, so he needs to do something to bring attention to himself.

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  6. auscitizenmom says:

    Maybe the COC is switching to Christie and had to make him look good. Jeb doesn’t look so good any more.

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    • sundance says:

      No. They need Florida so they need Jeb. If they dump Jeb they’d have to rework almost 3 years of planning.

      You can’t get to the goal of Jeb and Hillary without Jeb. They’re all in on Jeb.

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      • Are Christie votes a way to park votes away from Trump, until Jeb can be spun back up, then?

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        • sundance says:

          Christie has a dual role. (Remember, he’s a loyalist first and foremost)

          Primary Role: plow the field, be the attack dog, and create the space for Jeb Bush. The planning team learned from 2012′ Romney that they needed an attack candidate to protect the primary guy. When Romney attacked Gingrich in ’12 he ended up making himself look worse leading into the general.

          [Note remember everyone asking where was the Florida attack dog Romney, when he was facing Obama in the general? ]

          Secondary Role: split up New Jersey primary – then endorse Bush.

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  7. Great call, Sundance. E-Verify is a HUGE scam. If you’ve observed how ineffective NICS is, when you don’t put all the criminals and crazies in it, then you can imagine how terrible E-Verify is, when you put millions of fske SSNs in it, put the Uniparty in charge of checking things, and then forbid employers from doing any of their own fraud-checking. E-Verify has three purposes – let companies off the hook, fool the public, and keep the illegals flowing.

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  8. Chance says:

    The terrifying thought is if Trump goes third party, Hillary wins easily. I believe the elitist want either Jeb or Hillary, but I think they would prefer Hillary because they can move their agenda much quicker. Pray that Trump doesn’t end up a spoiler and actually wins, then things REALLY get interesting!!!

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    • Trump is more of a Republican than he lets on, IMO. They want to control the mustang – not let him escape to get shot by goons from the hammer-n-sickle ranch. In the end, he’d rather be a Reagan than an Anderson or a Perot.

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      • joshua says:

        agree…Trump is not a spoiler by nature

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      • 2x4x8 says:

        as folks get older, they hopefully get wiser, Reagan was a Democrat Union Boss in his younger years, like Schwarzengger, a creation of Hollywood, so whatever views Trump held in the past, is past, he will explain what he currently thinks on things, as he gets more experienced, the important thing is Trump is not controlled by the One World crowd and the Thousand Points of Light in the New World Order, which is the enemy of Nationhood-Nationalism

        there is the American Republic, made up of independent Nation States, and there is the Federal Evil Empire that uses the Military Jurisdiction to Rule over the States beyond their limited scope of authority in the Constitution

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    • John Galt says:

      Jeb is just as terrifying as Hillary.


  9. BigMamaTEA says:

    Oh, Sd, you don’t know how correct you might actually be. I am at the Red State Gathering.
    {my spidey-senses were tingling while listening to Chris Christy.

    Bobby Jindal actually said today that the Chamber is not what it used to be, and that it had been taken over, not by Ds, ; but by worse, and now they were only in it for themselves.

    Carly was asked that question, she said, “What is it that the Chamber does?” {which I originally thought was a snark response; but later that was corrected via note to the stage that she had not answered the question, misinterpreting it to be in regard to the Commerce Dept}

    Marco spoken eloquently, seemed to have grasp of issues, and looked great, Looks like the “all-American boy”. (his hair is thinning in the front though} What a waste of potential.

    As a side note, The left-leaning Atlanta Journal, referred to the early debate as the “children’s table”. I thought that was interesting.

    Tomorrow a.m. Huckabee, late morning, Ted Cruz. Afternoon Jebbie. Late afternoon Scott Walker, then finishing up off-site with Trump speaking and mingling with our dinner. Should be fun.

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    • PreNanny says:

      Please let us know what the response is when everyone finds out TRUMP has been disinvited by Eric in the bag for GOPe Erickson ( according to drudge article this morning ).
      I hope you can get a refund for dinner if not start a rubber chicken food fight.
      Shame on redstate/townhall for their bait and switch.
      Remove your money from the enemy.

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  10. frangelica1 says:

    Governor Christie trying to appear Conservative by slyly blaming another organization for the illegal immigration problem! He certainly didn’t take any stand against illegal immigration when he awarded illegal immigrants in NJ with the right to benefit from lower in-state college tuition – something that should be reserved for US citizens and legal immigrants residing in NJ only! Plus there are so many sanctuary cities and counties in NJ!


    • Mentalist says:


      Note the following quote…

      The bill’s passage was assured after Mr. Christie, a Republican, struck a deal with Democratic lawmakers, who agreed to a demand of his that they change the bill to remove a provision allowing undocumented immigrants access to state financial aid programs.

      “This is what compromise looks like,” the governor said at a news conference in Trenton after the accord was revealed.

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    • You are so right about NJ. There are billboards in Middlesex Co. that are in Spanish advertising government health insurance. NJ welcomes illegals and has several cities that are majority illegals and anchor babies. The rest of the state has to pay for them. Christie is a phony and can’t be trusted. Look how many people he threw under the bus during the George Washington Bridge scandal. Those people had no reason to do that themselves. They did it for Christie and he betrayed all of them.

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  11. kinthenorthwest says:

    Sundance for years I’ve been talking about some of the same stuff–Called it my out to lunch stuff. I’m just shocked that so many Americans have not awoken to any the crap going on around them. Too many don’t see the discrimination against Americans within their own country, or the way jobs are being given to more Non-Americans then Americans, the reduction of our military or the rise in welfare stats by Non-Americans and the list goes one…
    The drums are beating guys, it might be not be too late but we need to take a stand NOW or it will be too late.

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    • michellc says:

      I believe many have seen it and many have seen it long ago, however they didn’t know how to fight it so they just removed themselves from the process.

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  12. bob e says:

    he looks like he is using pysops when he gets in his softball uniform


  13. BigMamaTEA says:

    HELP, I’m in spam hellz!

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  14. Daniel says:

    Another reminder of why Trump is the nothing to lose candidate.


  15. Arkindole says:

    CoC got nutin on the heavies. Outing them only shifts the agenda to another node.


  16. archer52 says:

    He’s an idiot. At what point does anyone think we’ll vote for a guy from New Jersey? New Jersey for the love of God! What is this, the turn of the century?

    You know what New Yorkers say about New Jersey, its where all their sewage goes.

    Worse, if he ran again, he’d lose is own state. Go home. Take Huckabee with you and that other guy “Webb”? too. Oh and Pataki needs a ride back too.

    Bored with them.

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  17. BigMamaTEA says:

    Up for tomorrow..9:00 a.m. Huckabee, Cruz, just before lunch, Jebbie 1:30, 4:30 pm Scott Walker,
    dinner with Trump. Should be an interesting day.

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  18. BigMamaTEA says:

    They are taking a few questions from the audience after each POTUS candidate at Red State. Serious, substance questions are most favored. Suggestions anyone?


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