President Obama Blocks Independent Inspector General Investigations – Demands They Must Seek Cabinet Approvals For Investigative Activity….

The intended outcome here is two-fold.  ♦ #1 Any Inspector General will now have to ask a white house appointed cabinet head for approval to access investigative material; obviously this gives an automatic heads’ up to the White House.  ♦ #2 The investigative material is now subject to being hidden from the investigators; obviously this allows unlawful conduct to remain hidden.

ObamaDearLeaderWASHINGTON DC – The Obama administration formally announced that inspectors general will have to get permission from their agency heads to gain access to grand jury, wiretap and fair credit information — an action that severely limits the watchdogs’ oversight capabilities, independence and power to uncover fraud.

An opinion, issued by the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel, says the Inspector General Act of 1978 — which was written by Congress to create the government watchdogs in order to help maintain integrity within their agencies — does not have the authority to override nondisclosure provisions in other laws, most notably in regard to grand jury, wiretap or fair credit information.

“In reaching these conclusions, our Office’s role has not been to decide what access [inspectors general] should receive as a matter of policy. Rather, we have endeavored to determine as a matter of law, using established tools of statutory construction, how best to reconcile the strong privacy protections … with the interest in access reflected in … the IG Act,” states the legal counsel’s opinion, which was dated Monday and released Thursday.

“I strongly disagree with the OLC opinion,” Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department’s inspector general, said in a statement. “Congress meant what it said when it authorized Inspectors General to independently access ‘all’ documents necessary to conduct effective oversight. Without such access, our Office’s ability to conduct its work will be significantly impaired, and it will be more difficult for us to detect and deter waste, fraud, and abuse, and to protect taxpayer dollars.”  (read more)


and then ig

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82 Responses to President Obama Blocks Independent Inspector General Investigations – Demands They Must Seek Cabinet Approvals For Investigative Activity….

  1. Ron Myles says:

    I say that this arrogant, narcissistic and corrupt fool should be impeached NOW!

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  2. TwoLaine says:

    Well this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    I guess they figured the terms they set for Iran were good enough for us too.

    Jan 2017 cannot come soon enough.

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  3. mimbler says:

    Seems to me that over the last few years the US has suffered a largely unnoticed nonviolent coup,
    PS I know that literally that is a contradiction, but don’t know what else to call it.

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    • Lee Jan says:

      Every opponent has been bribed or blackmailed. We are doomed.

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    • I totally agree with you. We are in the throes of a bloodless coup that has upset the checks and balances between the various branches of the federal government and usurped power for the office of the president. And, although that is still an elected office, the election process has been undermined to the point where a very small number of people have the ability to manipulate the outcomes.

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    • Suzanne Labin referred to the attempted Marxist takeover of Chile by its own President, Salvador Allende, as an “auto-coup”. So you are on the mark.

      If you can find her book “Chile: The Crime of Resistance”, you can see what Obama used as a starting point. The Chilean military got a tip-off (probably from the CIA) that they were about to be decapitated, so they did it to the commies first. The massive dissatisfaction with Allende was reflected by the quick ouster of the Cuba-loving commies, and the general Pinochet enjoying decades of popular support. The global left went Fergtard, naturally. Labin’s book outs all the Ferguson-style propaganda, which was immense.

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    • Obomination says:

      You are exactly right.


    • Joe234 says:

      This is the result of immigration. The left has seized power through colonialism. Immigrants put Obama into power and they’ll put far worse into power in the future. So yes, it’s a major shift in the paradigm from the politics of a nation to the tribal politics of an empire where rights and law don’t matter as much as the ability of the strongman to deliver goods for his supporting tribes.

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  4. Dixie says:

    They obviously have something to hide. This reeks of criminal conduct.

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  5. 1hear2learn says:

    Should have been done long ago, but our Congress critters have no moral backbone. The whole of them bought and paid for and the average Joe either isn’t aware, doesn’t care, or feels totally powerless to do anything about it.

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  6. we have endeavored to determine as a matter of law, using established tools of statutory construction, how best to reconcile the strong privacy protections … with the interest in access reflected in … the IG Act,” states the legal counsel’s opinion

    This is the kind of thing that should be decided by a SCOTUS ruling (if we had a court that was truly non-partisan and could be trusted to act in the best interests of our country) and not by a unilateral interpretation of the law issued from the DoJ’s Office of Legal Counsel.

    It’s mostly like them saying “We can do what we want, when we want, and there is no one with the authority to investigate us. Why? Because WE SAY SO.”

    This CANNOT be allowed to stand.

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  7. Obama is trying to protect Hillary & himself. No matter how hard he tries, he will never be able to shine his excrement!

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  8. hocuspocus13 says:

    LAST LAUGH 😄😄😄


  9. Gee, the OIG’s office got a tougher deal than the one Obama handed to the Mullahs in Tehran.

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  10. AnyaArisohn says:

    Reblogged this on AnyaArisohn and commented:



  11. barbi says:

    I know the media are lapdogs, mostly because they are 1) supporters of the goals, AS THEY UNDERSTAND THEM, of Obama; 2) are anti-GOP (or any party not seen as liberal) and 3) are generally untrained as real journalists…and most are not that bright, either.

    However, there must remain at the WAPost and a few other papers across the nation, higher ups who see the very real and present danger in a POTUS that behaves this way. These people in senior positions, by virtue of their age alone, it would seem would be talking in private about such dangers.



  12. Daniel says:

    Points to remember:

    The email story started from a white house staffer leak
    This investigation has been D-R-A-G-G-I-N-G on for a very long time
    They already have her as admittedly guilty (with excuses offered) of felonies related to federal records laws.
    We have known for weeks that certain emails, upon examination, have been made classified meaning she did, indeed have classified information which makes it worse but does not change that #3 should have been acted on long ago.

    The timing on this is suspiciously “controlled.”

    They should not have to “ask permission.” The legislators should be appointing special investigators with powers to get to the bottom of this without executive obstruction. They aren’t. It reminds me of the Iran “agreement” which gives Iran all sorts of time to comply with investigations… “any time, any where” right?

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  13. Art Deco says:

    There is a simple response to this which Congress should have the stones to enact in January 2017.

    Scarify his pension. He only gets an income stream which would be actuarially sound given his contributions while in office.
    No appropriation for a post-presidential office staff.
    No ownership of any papers bar diaries written in his own hand.
    No appropriation for construction or maintenance of any ‘presidential library’.
    No security detail.
    Regulation governing honoraria offered across state lines and offered across the international frontier.

    Make it difficult for him, because he’s earned it.

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  14. texasranchqueen says:

    An IG investigation of Hillary’s e-mails would have been Obama’s opportunity to rid himself of her, so the question is, how much money did Hillary promise to pay BHO to block this?

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    • Better question:

      Which one of the skeletons in Obama’s closet did Hillary threaten to expose in order to get him to shield her?

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      • texasranchqueen says:

        Michelle, my belle!

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      • Clintons were the earliest to decry Obama as not eligible by birth status. I’m willing to bet they had uncovered some conclusive evidence he did’t want to reveal. I’m willing to be they are keeping that chit under lock and key – for the time being, anyway.

        Hillary could never activate the blacks to vote Democratic or resonate with many people of color the way Obama could. In order for all the plays to fall right, those were the things that, by necessity, had to fall in a controlled kind of way to contribute to their long term plans.

        Being Secretary of State offered huge “business opportunities” and “negotiating” opportunities for the Clintons, and she could still run at the end of Obama’s second term.

        They rake in millions and Obama isn’t thrown out of the presidency on his pointed little head.
        A win all aroud.


        • Art Deco says:

          “Clintons were the earliest to decry Obama as not eligible by birth status. I’m willing to bet they had uncovered some conclusive evidence he did’t want to reveal.”

          If there’s anything that’s an idiot waste of time, it’s the birther discourse. He was born in Honolulu. The documentation of that is as adequate as it would be for any other individual born in Honolulu in 1961. The proof I was born where and when I was born is not any better.

          The one thing that might be embarrassing would be evidence that his mother took out Indonesian citizenship on his behalf. Given that his sister has spent her adult life in Honolulu, I tend to doubt there is any documentation lying about which would compromise their right of domicile. In any case, that’s a point that would need to be demonstrated, not assumed. I’m wagering there is something embarrassing in his collegiate dossiers, which is why the racial neurotics at Occidental and Columbia have kept them under lock and key, something they did not do for George Bush, Albert Gore, or John Kerry.


          • I guess you must have missed the part about the name of the hospital in which he was born was the current name rather than the name it was run under then?

            I happen to think there are plenty of other things it could be beside the citizenship issue as well.

            I also think a lot of self absorbed idiots think they know everything, and couch their beliefs in what they snickeringly consider more intelligent and superior prose.


          • QuadGMoto says:

            The image of a birth certificate posted on the White House web site cannot possibly have been produced by a simple scan of a document. The most obvious evidence that it was assembled from multiple scans is that parts of it are obviously color scans, and other parts have pixels that are all exactly the same color. You have to use two separate scanner settings to get each of those results. (Multiple colors—where even solid colors scan with minor variations of color—and bit mode—either black or white, nothing else.) While there are other evidences of assembly, this one is so blatant that it is sufficient all by itself.

            While it is possible that two separate scans of the same document were done then assembled into a single image, that it was obviously assembled means it could just as easily be faked. Therefore it cannot be proof that such a document actually exists.

            If you consider that “adequate documentation”, then you have a very different standard of evidence than I do.


          • gulfbreeze says:

            Couldn’t agree more.

            Far too many scholars agree that one’s citizenship granted by a birth parent is adequate to pass the Constitutional test for qualifications for President.

            And thank goodness. Any birthers objecting to Ted Cruz’s qualifications for President? Cruz? Born outside the US. His citizenship granted by only one factor, his birth mother was born in the US. Sound familiar?


          • rjnvpn says:

            Yes, there is something embarrassing, but it’s not related to his collegiate dossiers. Remember Joan Rivers being interviewed shortly before she died on the operating table. She is on YouTube emphatically stating “Everyone knows Michele is a tranny”………


    • QuadGMoto says:

      I don’t think he’s actually protecting Hillary, but himself. Given her communications with the White House, exposure of her crimes would expose his. That she benefits from that cover is just a byproduct.

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  15. Thank Abraham Lincoln.. He was hungry for power ( Federal ) commander zero embraced Lincoln, and you know the rest… Kenya, no birth cert., no battle flag , BGI, Muslim brotherhood, Isis onlooker, in other words, the worst nightmare ever bestowed on United States of America.
    Yep, King Shaka Zulu…

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  16. Obomination says:

    Of course this wretched bastard made that statement knowing full well they would hide as much as they could and do whatever they could to shred the Constitution. But ask just about any prominent R and they’ll tell you he’s simply incompetent.

    “There are some people in the grassroots who ascribe bad motives to him, and I will often dispute that.” — Ted Cruz

    And that is one of the best Rs.


  17. Nation says:

    Obama and Hildabeast are going to have to move to a non-extradition treaty country after Trump gets elected.

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    • peppie says:

      Man I so hope you are right… Boehner and McConnell are going to have to move there with them also! What a tangled web we live in.


  18. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    I know it’s a cliché, but this Presidency “is not going to end well.” 👿

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  19. Obomination says:

    Murray Energy Corp. Chief Executive Officer Robert Murray has accused the Obama administration of being “intent on destroying coal and our country for their bizarre personal and political ends.”

    “[Obama’s] legacy will be that of the nation’s greatest destroyer, and he certainly is the greatest enemy that I, personally, and my family and employees, have ever had,” Murray said at the Ohio County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner on Wednesday.

    Good for him!

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    • Mike says:

      Cheap energy makes high paid and overpaid American jobs possible. Coal burning needs to be done cleanly in terms of SOx, NOx mercury, particulates, better than many places today, but a ban is stupid if not criminal.

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  20. TexasRanger says:

    Obama Speaks

    Does Barack Hussein Obama Have Something to Hide.? – $5 MILLION

    Donald Trump – Oct-2012

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  21. yakmaster2 says:

    Megalomania is a mental illness. I seriously think Obama has it.

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  22. freepetta says:

    Disgusting POS. King 0bama needs to be thrown in prison with his loyal bunch of social misfit cabinet members and the entire administration. What a bunch of outright corrupt dipchits.

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  23. Jerry Cross says:

    Does anyone know if these crooks can be charged after they get out of office. When and if we get a Conservative president and another AG?


  24. Burnt Toast says:

    The Obama Administration seems to have the habit of putting out some minor edicts that are declared to be revolutionary – Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing – but many government drones are afraid of loud noise.

    Here the DoJ Office of Legal Council issues and ‘opinion’ that the Inspector General cannot obtain certain documents without its agency head’s permission. Within the DoJ, the IG is under the Attorney General (AG) “general supervision” and does not answer to or take direction from the Office of Legal Council (or any other office for that matter). Unless the AG takes ownership of this ‘opinion’, it means nothing (much). Even if… the DoJ IG has the legal authority to subpena anything it wants (within the DoJ), and if the IG meets resistance then they can go to a Federal Judge who can put some butt in the clink for contempt if they do not pony up.
    And each department has its own IG… they could all blow it off, or be very afraid…

    What I am seeing is the DoJ suggesting to other agency IGs that it will not prosecute crimes (primarily regarding fiscal law, fraud, waste, and abuse) uncovered unless it (meaning the Administration) approves of the investigation before the crime is uncovered.

    THAT which the DoJ/Administration is suggesting is just what the IGs were instituted for.

    (Current through Pub. L. 113-126, enacted July 7, 2014)

    §3. Appointment of Inspector General; supervision; removal; political activities; appointment of Assistant Inspector General for Auditing and Assistant Inspector General for Investigations

    (a) There shall be at the head of each Office an Inspector General who shall be appointed by the
    President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, without regard to political affiliation
    and solely on the basis of integrity and demonstrated ability in accounting, auditing, financial
    analysis, law, management analysis, public administration, or investigations. Each Inspector
    General shall report to and be under the general supervision of the head of the establishment
    involved or, to the extent such authority is delegated, the officer next in rank below such head,
    but shall not report to, or be subject to supervision by, any other officer of such establishment.
    Neither the head of the establishment nor the officer next in rank below such head shall prevent
    or prohibit the Inspector General from initiating, carrying out, or completing any audit or
    investigation, or from issuing any subpena during the course of any audit or investigation.

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  25. Millwright says:

    Well we’ve gotta admit his ‘new era of government transparency’ is one campaign promise our leader has kept ! Seems the weasels are decreeing the farmer can’t inspect the hen house !


  26. PatOne says:

    People wake the F up!!!!!!This is NO longer a gummit it’s a F’in dictatorship with a DICKtator in charge.

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  27. TexasRanger says:

    Obama Admin Stonewalling 47 Inspectors General

    Video From Feb-2015

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  28. TexasRanger says:

    Mark Levin….

    Very Interesting Interview…

    Inspector General Report – Senior Obama Officials at the DOJ

    March-2013 IG Report DOJ Civil Rights Department

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  29. TwoLaine says:

    Sharyl Attkisson Talks “Stonewalled”


  30. TexasRanger says:

    Jason Chaffetz – FOIA Backlog Has Doubled Under Obama….

    Freedom Of Information Act Request

    Chairman Chaffetz – Heart of the FOIA Backlog…..

    Obama’s The Problem…

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    • TwoLaine says:

      I watched both of these FOIA Hearings. Learned that The Oh? had rec’d, in a private ceremony, an award for being the most transparent something or other.

      They’ve also enlisted Illegal Aliens and their attorneys, activists, etc. in adding to the backlog. They were all told to write in and ask for whatever records the U.S. Gubt. had on them. Ya’ know, so they can come clean and come out of the shadows. Like they couldn’t have done that on Day 1. Illegals.


  31. Pingback: Obama Renders Inspector Generals Teethless |

  32. peppie says:

    Does anyone have the ratings on the percentage of people that listened to W’s nationally televised speeches compared to Obama’s? Would be nice to know.


  33. TwoLaine says:

    SECRETS & LIES. SECRETS & LIES. While all the CITIZENS of America are deciding on their next President, here is just one of many examples of who you SHOULD NOT listen to.

    Caution: Bush/Rove Alert! NSA Spying Alert! Gun Walking Alert! Fast & Furious Alert! Perjury & More!

    Embattled Attorney General Resigns (Alberto Gonzales)

    Gonzales Hospital Episode Detailed


  34. archer52 says:

    Best part about this is the insistence of the media and others that Obama’s administration is one of the best because it avoid scandals and criminal investigations. That could be said for Stalin and Edi Amin dada too!


  35. daughnworks247 says:

    Thanks to FreeStateYank for digging this article out once more.


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