McKinney Pool Party Organizers Now Face Eviction From Craig Ranch Sub-Division….

On June 5th the McKinney Texas pool party mob at the Craig Ranch sub-division was organized by 20-year-old Tatyana Rhodes, and her mother LaShana Burks.  The incident erupted in National 24/7 Headlines for several weeks.  Story HERE and HERE

pool party 6 organizerpool party - LaShana Burks

We decided to research the real story of what took place, and we discovered how the mob began.  In addition our research reflected that Tatyana Rhodes and her mother, LaShana Burks, were facing a very real possibility of civil lawsuits by the Home Owners Association within Craig Ranch.

Tatyana and LaShana brutalized an entire community with their for-profit party business, and the litany of lies trying to cover it up.

Now we discover an eviction lawsuit was filed earlier this week due to non-payment of rent from Ms. Burks.  Oh, and as you can imagine, LaShana Burks is claiming the eviction is “retaliation” – not the whole ‘not-paying-rent’ thing.  Go figure:

caseboltDALLAS –   La Shauna Burks — the mom of the young woman who organized the infamous McKinney pool party at Craig Ranch — is facing eviction from the neighborhood.

But Burks said Tuesday she hopes to pay her back rent and solve the issue by the end of the month.

Burks, her husband and children live in a $237,000 home in the Craig Ranch North subdivision. The owner of the house, Mary Huang, said in court records that Burks is delinquent on her July rent, or $1,620.

The eviction lawsuit was filed Monday. Huang asked Burks to vacate on July 8, according to court records.

Burks, a hospital worker, said she fell behind on the rent because she missed some days of work after her children were threatened. People called the house and left messages online, she said.

“I couldn’t leave the kids by themselves,” Burks said.

Rebecca Lin, Huang’s real estate agent, hasn’t returned calls seeking comment. (continue reading)


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86 Responses to McKinney Pool Party Organizers Now Face Eviction From Craig Ranch Sub-Division….

  1. Daniel says:

    Called it!

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  2. jackphatz says:

    Well, looks like a moving party is in order. Tatyana can sell tickets too!

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  3. 1hear2learn says:

    Why would she want to stay in that racist neighborhood anyways? /sarc

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    • Allen says:

      According to how that word, racist is attached to anything and everything that happens to black people, everyone is racist everywhere, so it doesn’t matter who moves to or from one place to another.

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      • JeremyR says:

        She won’t find any white racists back in the south side of Chiraq. They might just welcome her with open arms….. Or open fire if she has a dollar.

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  4. hocuspocus13 says:

    Kids are dumb today

    In my day we laid low and kept our mouths shut…and got away with murder 👼

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  5. Allen says:

    When she is finally evicted, the house will be trashed and vandalized. Black people are always innocent and always the victim. They’re never quick tempered, physically aggressive and they always tell the truth, whether it is their truth or something that just sounds better.

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  6. Millwright says:

    Before she’s out that house I’d opine Burks will play every card in the BGI deck and, ultimately, trash the house .

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    • folma says:

      She”ll sue. Justice will pick up the fees. Disparate impact–‘move yourself, you jacked up white privileged crackas!’


    • janc1955 says:

      If I was the homeowner, I’d install some security cameras and call the local PD to ask for assistance on moving day. And I’d be right there on the lawn with plenty of backup.


  7. yankeeintx says:

    She can’t leave the “kids” home alone. How old is Tatyana? I guess when they act like spoiled toddlers, they don’t ever have to be responsible adults.

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  8. CoastalKitty says:

    Oh my – NOT! Neener! Neener! You got busted – don’t think section 8 applies to a place that has a Home Association. You should be charged as a sexual predator for having parties featuring underage girls and enticing men over 18 to attend. Don’t you have Vaca you could have taken – and I don’t actually think you’re girls couldn’t have defended themselves against those who supposedly threatened them. Go whine somewhere else…

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    • E, ROBOT says:

      Condos and apartment complexes with HOA certainly do qualify for section 8 housing and this is what’s been happening all over, but not reported for obvious reasons and the perps are NOT always black. This isn’t a racial problem, it’s an attitude problem. People think they’re entitled to live the lifestyle of those who earn their keep and contribute to the common weal.


    • mcfyre2012 says:

      The home owner is responsible for the HoA fees and making sure the tenant is following HoA rules. Section 8 has nothing to with it other than paying the rent to the home owner.


      • CoastalKitty says:

        Ok, both you ERobot said what I wanted to say – just didn’t express it correctly. The fact that she has a job – that pays pretty well and can’t make her monthly payment with assistance – it’s totally wrong on so many levels. But I look at it from the stance that I don’t make that much, pay my mortgage and don’t enjoy the benefits of throwing parties, living a lavish lifestyle or make my neighbors miserable by my antics. I just think she’s a shame to her race, her gender and life in general.

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        • mcfyre2012 says:

          No worries, CK.

          She has a job…as a “hospital worker,” so I’d imagine it probably doesn’t pay all that well. If it did, they say what the job was.


  9. Monroe says:

    How does she afford such expensive rent? Her income would have to be what to afford that rent?

    This has nothing to do with skin color. Just curious because my cop sister would be hard pressed to afford that rent.

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    • imo that rent is low…..according to the linked article “Burks, her husband and [5] children live in a $237,000 home”…..and the rent is only $1620 a month?? i wonder if its subsidized….and does her husband work?


    • mcfyre2012 says:

      She probably illegally sublets the bedrooms for additional pocket money. And it really wouldn’t surprise me if she and/or her husband are getting additional money from some kind of “disability” payments as well…maybe even some money from the Pigford scam.


    • Concerned says:

      Apparently she can’t afford it, otherwise she wouldn’t be living paycheck-to-paycheck like she is.


  10. Burnt Toast says:

    Burks is delinquent on her July rent, or $1,620

    She could a house in Detroit for that.


  11. yakmaster2 says:

    The homeowner must be paying the HOA fees for Burks, her renter, since Burks is having a hard time coming up with the rent. As past President of an HOA I can tell you the Board of Directors has been in touch with the homeowner over the pool incident since it’s the homeowner who has the right of usage of community property, which she/he is subrogating to his/her renters.
    The Board has the authority to limit access to the HOA pool for violation of the rules and/or nonpayment of HOA dues. There are clauses in the Declaration of Covenants and Bylaws for homeowner due process (a Hearing) before the Board. Suffice to say that Burks has received an education by now about the limitations of her rights as a renter. Those rights are less than the homeowners since she does not have a vote in Board elections or any voting matter pertaining to Board business.
    Something tells me that she and her daughter are not making the money they used to make party pimping underage girls and that’s the real reason it’s now hard to make rent. Boo hoo.

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    • greatgranny says:

      My thought too that the income from their ‘events’ has dried up. Also it was ok for her 19 yo daughter to use young teen girls to promote her parties but her kids can’t be left ‘alone’. Add to this she doesn’t have any remorse for ruining the policeman’s life and getting one of the lady’s in the video fired. As someone above said “Black people are always innocent and always the victim.” We’ve opened the door an inch for them now the expect to get the whole mile. It’s getting totally out of control.

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  12. Mr. Winter says:

    Both the average and median price-to-rent ratio in the US is about 12. That is, the value of the home would be 12 times one year’s rent. Or, the monthly rent would be one-twe!fth of one-twelfth of the home’s value: 237,000 ÷ 12 = 19,750 + 12 months = $1646/mo. Bam, right on average.


    • JeremyR says:

      My bank calculate a 120 RONI, so a ten year average, or $1975. You also need to factor in the HOA dues, taxes, insurance and so forth before applying the factors. Banks these days want to lend on rental properties for as short a span as possible. twelve years is an average note. So, you take the price of the house, divide by 144, then add interest, taxes, HOA dues, insurance, and that is your base figure. After that, add upkeep, and profit if you are a capitalist.


  13. True Colors says:

    The media presented Lashauna Burks as being a resident of Craig Ranch in equal standing to everyone else there. Now we know that is not true. Most people in Craig Ranch spent the money to own their own homes. Lashauna has made no such investment. She rents. In fact, she might have even been there by virtue of a section 8 voucher, which makes her even less of a regular resident.

    The actual owner of the house, Mary Huang, may be feeling the heat from other residents for renting out her property to a bunch of trouble making savages like Lashauna Burks and her family.

    I saw a news article which says that Lashauna works at a hospital as a licensed nurse(LVN). The pay rate for that in the Dallas area is around 20 bucks per hour. Lashauna claims that she had to miss a few work days, and that caused her to default on her rent. That does not sound right to me. There are work shifts available for nurses around the clock 24/7/365. Lashauna could have simply adjusted her schedule so that she was working during hours when her husband could be at home with their kids. I guess she decided that it must have been easier to sit at home and claim victim status than to inconvenience herself.

    Having said all of that…… it does make you wonder just how bad the finances of Lashauna Burks must be if a minor disruption to her schedule caused her to default on her rent. If that is the case then she never should have lived in Craig Ranch to begin with. There are plenty of other places around Dallas which are more affordable.


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  14. Mr. Winter says:

    I had an apartment to rent once. Worst reasons for not paying on time:

    Divorcee: “You can’t squeeze water from a stone.”

    Young bartender: “The ATM dispensed my money and the wind blew it all away.”

    Cross my heart he said that with a straight face and stuck to it.


    • dan says:

      In college, my land lord said we were his best renters. Even in light of the visits from the blight officer for vehicles in the front yard, butchering deer outside, typical hick town stuff that doesn’t transfer well to the city. He liked us because we paid our rent on time at the latest. Usually we paid the whole semester ahead of time. He NEVER had to chase us down, not once in the 7 years I rented from him.


  15. Mike says:

    I thought Tatyana’s plus size ta-tas and modeling career were going to save them from needing the underage ho-downs.

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  16. nivico says:

    Ok, let me get this straight…

    This woman spent a ton of money throwing a party in the park complete with inflatable bouncy house, free food, free drinks, and a dj….

    …then complains that she can’t afford to pay her rent?!

    Really? Really? Seriously?

    Granted, the free food and drinks were likely provided courtesy of the taxpayers and EBT.


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  17. I’m sure the neighbors will be so sad to see them leave.

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  18. GrimmTale says:

    With the racial disparaging databases Obama has put together, all to pinpoint racism (by zipcode) – it won’t be long before neighborhoods are forced to build low-income housing to accommodate those disparaged – schools, loans, jobs, etc are all targets as well.
    I’ll let you decide which online news source to read:

    P>S> I found it all-telling how Google’s search result’s first hit is of, (a known liberal sympathizer, giving extra “hugs” to Obama than I’ve ever seen given to any politician on this nefarious website), downplaying this data-mining and its racial implications. And of course, all media outlets are downplaying this data collection, as something that’s been in place long before Obama moved into the WH.


    • jim says:

      Now that whites are the majority-minority in California, will predominatly black and hispanic neighborhoods be considered for relocation by whites?

      How much will HUD pay white people to live in Gary, Detroit, Harlem, Washington, D.C. (gasp!)

      Here’s a starter list of segregated communities for HUD to investigate –


      • nimrodman says:

        no and nothing

        This initiative is not designed for any kind of reciprocity or fair and equal application.

        It’s designed simply and entirely for the destruction of white neighborhoods, the looting of their wealth, and the imposition of minority underclass social and criminal dysfunction on whites.


        • nimrodman says:

          that should read: “… the imposition of minority underclass social and criminal dysfunction AND VIOLENCE on whites.”


        • Dave leary says:

          Their wealth will be erased by destruction of the neighborhoods, but I do not see it being looted, except by property theft.
          Obozo has not thought this through properly. There are not enough blacks in the US to both spread them out in the white & asian neighborhoods and maintain the minority majority voting districts that produce the Congressional Black Caucus. He can only have one or the other. I suspect he will only get a few black families to move into strange neighborhoods.


  19. ctmom says:

    When I first got married I rented my townhouse to a black co-worker and her teen daughter I was very good friends with. It was like pulling teeth to get each months rent and when I finally showed up to collect it in person I discovered she had a dog there which was strictly forbidden in our lease. The stovetop was covered with burned grease and there was even a smashed fly on the wall, someone had killed it but never removed it. The attitude she gave me! I was appalled that someone I knew could treat my property with such disrespect. I can’t imagine what a stranger would do!


    • I had a similar experience. When she moved the place was so bad the cleaning company I always used refused to do the job. I had to get one that handled ‘unusual’ cleaning jobs.


  20. Burks’ rent for July is delinquent, and the month isn’t even up yet. That’s pretty quick, and it’s kind of unusual for a landlord to file for eviction this quickly, so I’m guessing that this isn’t the first time that Burks has been behind on her rent, or that the landlord has had “problems” with her.

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  21. Pocho Basura says:

    black poo parties matter


  22. guilty73 says:

    I’m just shocked…SHOCKED!…that they are behind on rent. Surely they’re rolling in cash already thanks to that exciting new modeling career? No?


  23. Tom says:

    I am missing something here. How can she be asked to move out July 8th when she is late for July’s payment? I mean, most people give you 7-10 days before you are late, and it would take much longer to get the eviction process going.

    I am quite happy for the eviction, but the time line is odd…do I immediately lose my car for being 8 days late on a payment?!


    • Les says:

      I read somewhere that the grace period in Texas (rent due on the first, delinquent on the 5th) is pretty standard and filing papers immediately after that is standard practice. This isn’t out of the ordinary, just the claims of discrimination and airing of dirty laundry. Anybody else would quietly take care of their own business.

      Not sure about your car, but I wouldn’t chance it.


    • I dunno. I’ve heard it said not to give someone an inch when you are allowing them to rent from you, otherwise they can claim your lenience against you if the situation winds up in court. Whether or not this is true I can’t say, as I have not rented to someone before. But I have been told that if the renter is even a day late to go post the eviction notice on the door.

      And I’m sorry to say that in this day and age, with the way some people behave when it comes to renting, I believe that advice to be good.

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      • nivico says:

        iirc it’s called ‘tacit approval’

        If a renter is habitually late with the rent and you’ve never expressed a problem with it before, the courts may view that as an unspoken agreement.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      I rent. The payment is due on the 1st. PERIOD. No 7 to 10 days.


    • VegasGuy says:

      Depends on the Local laws regarding Tenent/Landlord leases. Rent is a contractual payment based on the lease wording. It is due the first of the month as a prepayment for that month. You don’t pay in “arrears” you pay in advance.

      Depending on the Tenent/Landlord Statutes of where you live, late fees can be imposed after 3 days. Eviction can be in as little as 5 days following non=payment ( counted from the 1st of the month).

      That is how the July 8th date came into play.3 days “late’ on payment, 5 day eviction process.

      Regarding your question concerning your car. That is a secured debt. The car is the surity. You are not technically “late” ( and reportable to the credit bureau) until the payment exceeds 30 days fro the due date.

      It can then become a repossession but the time frame could run as long as 90 days.

      So different types of debt fall under different rulse of collection.


  24. Phooey says:

    Yet another example of the fact that people don’t magically become more responsible or learn some class via osmosis just by being dumped in the middle of a group that values those qualities. It’s too late to learn it. That needed to come from the example set by a mommy and a daddy from the ages of 0-15.

    She’s another card-carrying member of the Victim Class. Of course “racism” is the answer when it comes time to be a grown-up and suck it up. The government has told her that’s the way it is and has been incentivizing this behavior for her entire existence on this earth.

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  25. Les says:

    A “sister” is going to pay the rent for her:

    Another article said if the rent were paid by early August the lawsuit would be dismissed.


  26. Les says:

    A commenter asked how there is suddenly a father and five kids living there:

    Why was she pretending it was her and two daughters (and her elderly mother she never mentioned)? How many people live in that house? Three adults and five kids? I wonder what her lease stipulates?


  27. S.O. says:

    Wait, the name of the landlord isn’t white, so how can this be racism??? I thought it was only you mean old whites who don’t like squatters… LOL

    One problem blacks may face when they rent from Asians – the Asians want to get their rent paid on time and they don’t suffer from white guilt the blacks can use against them.

    I don’t get why the lady in the article above would not be able to pay her rent – when you rent a property, don’t you write up a budget? And don’t you keep an emergency fund so that if there is an emergency, you can still pay your bills that month? I did this even as a new college grad.

    BTW, I am currently renting an area in a store from a white lady. (My parents are from India). She was surprised when I paid her my rent early. I figure the pennies I sacrifice in lost interest from my checking account is worth the good will of the land lord. One thing I’ve learned over the years, if you have a good reputation, when you have a genuine emergency, people are much more understanding and helpful. But never play games. Once you lose your reputation – it’s gone.

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  28. goodoldboy66 says:

    While the HOA needs to review regulations and expectations regarding sub-leasing properties. I’ll bet they are already being pressured by Kenya Diggit’s Fair Housing Gestapo to increase the # of bituminous dregs in the complex.


  29. goodoldboy66 says:

    And another thing, the landlord presumably has a damage deposit of 1-1/2 months rent which could possibly be used as collateral to ‘float’ a late payment for 30 days versus immediate eviction. I think this isn’t the first missed payment event given Huang went to lawyer so quickly (7/8). Who knows. Huang will inevitably pay for dancing with the devil.


    • Why would a damage deposit be used to float a payment? I was under the impression a damage deposit was just that, not a collateral on giving the renter a break. That’s why part of the deposit can be returned to the renter when they move out if the property was in good condition when they left.

      If i were going to rent out a property I would NEVER let the renter think their damage deposit was going to float them for the months of rent they were delinquent on.


  30. Butch says:

    MIssion accomplished by another BGI insurgent it would seem. These people don’t care about evictions or judicial decisions, they care about forcing an agenda.

    Glad they got rid of her but it wasn’t for any of the pool nonsense it was due to non-payment of rent. So regardless of advertising for parties where young girls would be on display for predatory adults, regardless of the reckless endangerment put upon the neighborhood, regardless of the threat to Law-Enforcement, the HOA would have been okay with her staying there as long as she had paid her rent.

    Greed is what’s killing us.

    Stop being cuckservatives. The country will not go back to the behavior and morality of the 1950’s without the demographics to support it………………………


  31. Concerned says:

    Was just looking at Texas eviction advice, this one web site says it’s imperative for landlords to file immediately after non-payment. Excerpts:

    Every step in the eviction process must be preceded by another step. Dragging your feet or delaying any step sets you that much further behind in the following steps. Be diligent and don’t let the tenant slow you down with promises or stories. Send the late notice immediately upon non-payment of rent. We mail late notices on the 4th of each month because the grace period ends on the 3rd. There is no reason to wait longer.

    If rent is not received immediately (within 5 days) after the late notice is mailed, send the Notice to Vacate for Non-Payment of Rent promptly, no later than the 10th of the month. Sticking to this time line is imperative. Don’t waiver, don’t listen to stories from the tenant about having the rent on the 15th, etc. This is how goodhearted landlords get led around by the nose by deadbeat tenants who tell good stories. If the tenant contacts you wanting to work things out, let the tenant know that you hope an eviction can be avoided, but that the only thing that will stop the eviction process is full payment of the rent and late fees.

    File at JP Court immediately after the passage of the date given in the Notice to Vacate. Don’t delay or have further conversation with the tenant about it, just go do it.

    Don’t mess with Texas landlords.

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  32. Bamalaker says:

    So she’s not the homeowner. Just renting. Wonder if the homeowner knew she was running a business out of the home? this is why HOA doesn’t really like the homeowners renting out their homes. I know mine complains all the time that any problems the neighborhood has usually stems from the renters because they don’t take pride in someplace they just rent. They don’t think they have to follow the rules.


  33. joshua says:

    clearly her landlady is a raysist asian, a hater, an a faux new watchin republican


  34. That dimepiece is overpriced.


  35. Sophie Maele says:

    Revrunt Al will swoop in for a fund-raiser… for his National Action Network which will raise enough money to pay for his ticket home. Bye, y’all.


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