Zimmerman Case Aftermath Continues – Legal Fees To Defend Jacksonville State Attorney Angela Corey $150,000 So Far….

♦  How much does it cost taxpayers to prosecute the transparently innocent?  Tens of millions.

♦ How much does it cost after the predictable trial loss to defend against the unethical conduct within the case?  You are about to find out….

Angela Corey Rockstar

Two months ago State Attorney Angela Corey lost one of her strategic legal filings as she is forced to defend herself (and her office) from the consequences of her own unethical/unlawful behavior in the George Zimmerman prosecution.

Today, we discover how much this “single aspect”, amid many, continues to cost Florida taxpayers. 

legal fees 1

legal fees 2

legal fees 3


 $149,224.00 spent by Angela Corey on legal fees so far in the case of Corey VS Kruidbos (Zimmerman Aftermath)

The story of Ben Kruidbos (pronounced “Cried-Boss”) is a story of what happens when a man of integrity stands up against a legal authority built on corruption and political self-interest.

In late May a Florida Judge delivered a ruling, with extreme prejudice, against his former boss, State Attorney Angela Corey – thereby allowing a lawsuit filed by Ben to continue. We update this ongoing story with a copy of the judicial ruling.

Ben kribidbosAngela Corey 2

Those of you who followed the trial of George Zimmerman may remember Ben; those of you who are not familiar with the specifics might find a parallel to the current headlines of what is happening in Baltimore Maryland in the office of State Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Ben Kruidbos was the Information Technology Director, the technology expert, within the office of the Jacksonville State Attorney Angela Corey ~Full Backstory~. In his position he was charged with retrieving and reviewing the phone data contained in the cell phone of Trayvon Martin.

The office of Angela Corey held a vested interest in the content of Trayvon’s cell phone because, as we would later discover, the content therein showed how Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, and his father, Tracy Martin, lied to state investigators about the details surrounding Trayvon’s activities prior to his encounter with George Zimmerman.

Conversely, George Zimmerman’s defense team also held a vested interest in the cell phone content because much of the public discussion therein was fraught with intentional deception on behalf of the Martin Family attorneys Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump.

trayvon cell phone 1During the trials discovery phase, the FBI and various technological experts extracted data from the phone. In addition the State Attorney’s office also extracted data – some very alarming data, some very controversial data, and much of that data the State did not want to hand over to the defense team.

Consequently, Angela Corey, and state prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda, tried to hide much of the phone data from the Zimmerman defense team.

Enter Ben Kruidbos, who was charged with extracting and analyzing the data and documenting the content therein.

As a consequence of his analysis Ben noted he was, and had, extracted far more data than was turned over to the defense during discovery.  It became obvious to Kruidbos that Angela Corey was intentionally trying to hide explosive information from the Zimmerman defense team.

Ben was stuck in an ethical conundrum. He knew data was being hidden by his boss, and yet simultaneously he would be putting his job in jeopardy if he questioned them about it. Ben tried unsuccessfully to discuss the issue with lead prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda, who wanted nothing to do with it because De La Rionda himself knew the inherent risks within the conversation.

Ben made the decision to reach out to another person for advice and counsel; a former prosecutor in the office named Wes White.

During the pre-trial ‘discovery phase’, Wes White was called to the witness stand by the defense and asked about the total of the phone content. Eventually this led to Ben Kruidbos also taking the stand, and the Corey ruse to manipulate evidence was exposed.

None of the details ever came out in trial, or in front of the jury. Judge Debra Nelson told both the State and Defense teams she was going to address the unethical conduct and possibility for sanctions after the trial. However, on the day the jury handed the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial, Ben Kruidbos was fired by Angela Corey.


Several months later Ben filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, seeking whistleblower protection, against State Attorney Angela Corey.

In response Corey hired a legal firm to defend her office and filed a counterclaim against Ben Kruidbos, essentially trying to put him into the legal grinder and wear him down.

In May a Florida judge ruled that Corey’s 2-count counterclaim was dismissed with prejudice (the written order here and with update embedded below).  The legal firm of Buchanan, Ingersoll and Rooney billed the State Attorney’s office for $149,224.00 and the case continues.

The substance of Ben Kruidbos’s suit is now “at issue”, which means the pleadings are closed and there will then be a trial order issued setting various dates for completion of discovery, motions for summary judgment, etc., and then a trial date. That actual trial is probably not likely to occur until the end of the year.

However, to show how convoluted, corrupt, and dangerous a rogue State Attorney can be, we would like to direct your attention to paragraphs 10 & 11 of the allegations of facts found within Corey’s failed counterclaim:

[…] 11. Even if the information Plaintiff disclosed to the defense during the Trayvon Martin case did not rise to the level of confidential work product, it was still information belonging to and considered confidential by State Attorney, and Plaintiff should not have disclosed it or authorized it to be disclosed to a third party, especially to the defense attorneys in an active prosecution being conducted by State Attorney.

Think carefully about this paragraph.

State Attorney Corey’s position is not only convoluted, but it demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of our Constitution. The DEFENDANT’S (Zimmerman’s) rights, like the right to a fair trial, in a criminal proceedings are superior to any arguable right that she has to shield negative information that might harm her case.

Corey has an obligation under the law to disclose any material facts which might support, OR IMPUGN her case. She represents the state, and the State’s goal is the lawful application of justice; regardless of who wins/loses.

Thankfully the Judge dismissed Corey’s counter-claim suit as reflected in his ruling here:

However, there is a larger issue.   Think about the ramifications in all of State Attorney Angela Corey’s responsibilities if she, or anyone, is allowed to hide evidence which exonerates the accused, and achieve a guilty verdict despite the transparency of innocence, which only she is privy to.

What does that say about the integrity of the office?

Then absorb the reality that Florida taxpayers have thus far shelled out almost $150,000 to defend prosecutor Corey against the creation of her own unlawful enterprise.  It has cost the taxpayers $150k so far, in just this single case, to protect a corrupt prosecutor from the consequences of her own prideful and unlawful conduct.

Can you see how dangerous it is to have such legal authority in positions of power?

Yeah, I think we all can find current parallels:

marilyn mosby 7

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44 Responses to Zimmerman Case Aftermath Continues – Legal Fees To Defend Jacksonville State Attorney Angela Corey $150,000 So Far….

  1. 2x4x8 says:

    thanks for posting that update

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  2. Serpentor says:

    It’s too bad that the taxpayers have to bear the cost of a corrupt government, but there’s no way around this immutable truth. I personally believe Angela Corey should be doing hard time for her unlawful abuse of power. Maybe the people of Florida can get some justice.

    Liked by 11 people

    • Sentient says:

      It should be easier to sue government officials personally. What’s the worst thing that could happen – fewer would aspire to work for the government and we’d have a smaller government?

      Liked by 5 people

      • Just Sayin says:

        I disagree. In Alaska, they made it easy to sue public officials and it forced Sarah Palin out of office because she had to personally defend herself against frivolous ethics complaint after frivolous ethics complaint. She was rendered ineffectual. She couldn’t accomplish anything outside of the time spent trying to defend herself all the time.

        Public officials who do wrong in office should be impeached and, if those wrong things amount to crimes, they should be prosecuted. But, no, we don’t need to make it any easier. What happened to Palin is not a better system than this. Corey is getting hers. The judicial process is serving its intended function.

        Liked by 9 people

        • archer52 says:

          We will see.

          Is she fired by the same governor that told her to get a conviction to make the political issue go away in that presidential election cycle? Or is she still working and collecting money? Is she suspended, is she ostracized?

          The Governor has to step in and clean this mess up, but he can’t. You know why? (Outside he’s a wussy) Because he can’t and not expose his own underbelly along with that of Pamela Bondi who wants a political career.

          This is akin to the DOJ investigating the IRS. They can’t because they were in on it.

          We have reached and crossed the Rubicon of lack of morals and lack of ethical behavior by our public servants. It is all about the money and power now.

          Liked by 8 people

      • art tart says:

        Sentient ~ Corey can be sued personally but only when she leaves office. Derchowitz wanted her to be sued immediately but she couldn’t be, she was protected, but the personal suits will have to wait until she retires. Corey then will not have her legal fees paid by her office at that time.

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  3. So what was Trayvon doing prior to his encounter with Zimmerman that mom and pop had to lie about?

    Liked by 1 person

    • bertdilbert says:

      Anything that would impact the good kid angel image that would stand in the way of trash cans full of cash from sympathetic fools that fell for the story line.

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    • skeptiktank says:

      Text messages recovered from his phone showed that he was put on a bus by Mom in Miami, and rode the bus to Orlando where Brandi Green picked him up. Mom and Pop both told the Sanford police that Pop had driven him halfway to Orlando, where Brandi picked him up and drove him the rest of the way. For some reason they did not want the police to know he took the bus. Since they both told the same lie, it means they collaborated before telling said lie. Other texts from the phone showed that Trayvon was into street fighting, so it is generally assumed that he might have had a fight with someone on the bus. Possibly even the driver. This is just one of the lies I recall off the top of my head. They then proceeded to hire a team of lawyers, and a PR man to accuse the Sanford police dept of not doing their job. It gets worse from there.

      Liked by 4 people

      • If I recall, did not one of his buddies ask him if he took a swing at the driver?

        Liked by 2 people

        • skeptiktank says:

          Yes, but it’s not known for sure which driver it was, or if it actually happened.. The fact that they lied about him taking the bus sure does seem to connect the dots though.

          Liked by 4 people

      • Concerned says:

        For some reason they did not want the police to know he took the bus. Remember, Tracy claimed that he brought Trayvon to Sanford to have a heart-to-heart talk because Trayvon had been suspended again. Wouldn’t look so good if the doting father who wanted to help his son couldn’t be bothered to pick him up in Miami, but rather had him take a 6 (or was it 9) hour bus ride and be picked up by Tracy’s mistress who Trayvon barely knew. Really great heart-to-heart plan there, Tracy.


    • Sandra says:

      Remember Traythug was also trying to buy a gun ? And wasn’t he hoping his sperm donor would buy it for him ? Traythug was 17. Is it legal for a 17 year old to buy a gun in Florida ? Imagine if he’d had a gun when he decided to assault Zimmerman.


  4. georgiafl says:

    All this cost and grief rests upon the dastardly heads of Obama and Crump and their minions. Likewise Benghazi. Despicable people.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. booger71 says:

    If this case ever goes to trial, and she loses, part of the sentence should be to reimburse the good citizens of Florida for the cost of her defense.

    Liked by 5 people

  6. Monroe says:

    Makes me wonder how many ppl have been falsely convicted bc Corey chose to withhold evidence? The public should be screaming for her to be fired. The idiots don’t realize that if Corey did this to Zimm, then she can do it to you.

    Liked by 6 people

    • A good lawyer might be able to make a case on just this depending on the outcome. A few years back, a cop in my parents town was arrested and then convicted of using and distributing steroids. Almost every case in which he was the arresting police officer was retried. Many had their sentences reversed.

      Liked by 2 people

    • revbacon says:

      Yes. How many people have access to the kind of multi-million dollar defense that Zimmerman had? One suspects that, had Zimmerman not had such “luck”, he’d be under the jail right now.


  7. Sha says:

    I hope Ben wins this case and Angela Gets just what she deserves.

    Liked by 7 people

  8. yakmaster2 says:

    In a wrongful termination suit against the Prosecutor’s office it’s the State who will pay. Corey won’t suffer for her corrupt behavior.
    Are any Florida papers even covering this case at all? I know the Race-baiter zealots and their hateful believers were mad she lost the case, so she lost public support, but I wish the general public knew she is being sued for firing a guy who blew the whistle on her misconduct.
    As for Pam Bondi putting her in charge of the case in the first place, she’ll never be anything but a PC butt-kisser to me. Her lousy judgment and her tolerance for Corey’s unethical rogue behavior continues to cost the State of Florida $$$$!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • georgiafl says:

      The whole business cost a lot more than money – think of the grief and anguish for the Zimmerman family and the law enforcement officers who were NOT in the wrong in their evaluation of the case.

      This was a big ugly Obama/Holder BGI agenda travesty/circus/hoax.

      Liked by 3 people

  9. art tart says:

    yakmaster ~ Remember the female that worked in Corey’s Office that had complained about co-workers only to be fired? It was fantastic. Corey’s own Attorney discovered emails that were exculpatory that Corey had with held from the Plantiff. The Attorney turned them over to the female’s Attorney, the emails were presented to the Judge & Corey was bitch slapped for her corruption publicly by the Judge. Shortly afterwards, Corey settled that case.

    Ben K. was a hero from the GZ case, I pray he wins his suit, he certainly deserves it, BK shouldn’t be punished for exposing corruption.

    Liked by 5 people

  10. Burnt Toast says:

    “State Attorney was working with its EXPERT to understand why Plaintiff (who was NOT AN EXPERT) was able to generate data from Mr. Martin’s cell phone that the EXPERT could not, with the goal of generating a complete report by the EXPERT and producing same to Mr. Zimmerman’s lawyer.”

    An interesting statement by Corey.
    BS Detectors pegged out…

    It suggests that Kruidbos had fabricated the data because her EXPERT was not able to extract it from the bin.

    As in all technical fields, if Corey and her EXPERT really wanted to know to extract the data they could have simply asked Kruibos how to do it. The EXPERT would have learned a new trick/technique from NOT AN EXPERT and the data would have been provided by Corey to Zimmerman as she claims.

    I suspect Corey’s expert had already extracted the data files from the bin and was in full freakout mode trying to figure out anyone but her EXPERT could extract the data, especially somebody she thought of as NOT AN EXPERT.

    Liked by 2 people

    • doodahdaze says:

      She is a expert. Persecutor.


    • Another aspect of the extraction of data from the BIN file that has been largely overlooked:

      Corey and Bernie used the fact that they had given the contents of the entire BIN file (albeit at the last minute, and in the form of raw, un-decoded binary data) as a sort of “Get out of Jail Free Card” that would exonerate them from any accusation that they had withheld evidence, exculpatory or otherwise.

      Problem is, the version of the Cellebrite software which Kruidbos used to examine and interpret the contents of that BIN file is only available to law enforcement agencies, meaning that the defense team would not have been able to extract the evidence which Corey was trying to hide. She was counting on this deception to not only stymie the efforts of the defense team, but to also give her an “out” in the event that the file (somehow) got decoded.

      It was no accident that the BIN file was given to the defense, and the last-minute delivery was intentionally timed.

      Liked by 2 people

  11. John Galt says:

    I move for an order banning Corey from wearing pink.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. doodahdaze says:

    Discovery will be wonderful.


  13. Stamp says:

    Crack is Whack and Obama is giving lots of it away.


  14. Stamp says:

    Also IIRC the Obama had the DOJ send down the first “community protests” in some program they had, effectively getting the FED involved in this BGI nonsense. Having Crump visit too, I am sure along those lines Corey had a lot of wind blown up her skirt to get this going no matter the cost.


    Also, the DOJ AFTER the acquittal still spent a year trying to get a GJ to indict ZMAN AGAIN.


    They tried SOOOO hard and failed, the only GOOD that came of it, if you can call it that, is the hordes of lo info blacks who now follow these FED inspired BGI lies.

    I think the Karma Klub is gonna whack a batch of em.


  15. Will says:

    Has anyone seen the fairly recent videos GZ has done? They are very short, and filmed (I’m guessing) in an attorney’s office? I say this because I wonder if perhaps there is something coming form his camp on all of this, possibly after 2017?


  16. freepetta says:

    Excellent article. Bravo!


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