Cincinnati Mob Beats White Male Victim, “simply for being white”, While Rioting In Fountain Square – Rescued By Police, Media Silent…

The details of a Cincinnati mob riot this weekend appear customarily poured through the MSM PC-filter, receiving editorial board cleanup prior to publication/broadcast.  However, social media accounts, as customary in an era where media are afraid to tell the truth, construct a more honest version of events.

The local media accounts read as follows:

cincy suspects 2

As Downtown fireworks and the Reds game came to an close around 11 p.m. Saturday night, about 3,000 people were gathered on and around Fountain Square for a concert.

Within minutes, portions of the crowd turned raucous, and the night came to an abrupt end with seven arrests, two assaulted police officers, an “innocent” man in the hospital and looming questions of safety for the impending All-Star Game.

[…]  Around 11 p.m. police officers heard their first reports of unruly parts in a crowd on Fountain Square.

Some people in the crowd began throwing objects – fireworks, glass bottles and other items, police said.

A fight broke out in the crowd during the commotion, and a police officer on Fountain Square went to make an arrest, Neville said.

As the officer attempted to make the arrest, a man in the crowd struck him in the face, busting his lip. Parts of the crowd continued to grow disorderly after this, Neville said.

The most unruly group, police estimate, was made up of around 50 to 100 individuals. (link)

And, as customary with 2015’s racially charged reality, the media skip specifically identifying the thugs who fought the police and caused the chaos – but their mug shots fill the gaps.

cincy suspects 1

Jy Quynn Britten and Gary Sheffield

However, the extent of the violence was not just limited to attacks against police officers.

From another media outlet another victim is identified:

[…]  A person was also assaulted near Government Square. A man was seen down on the sidewalk. Cincinnati Police say they’re still investigating what led up to the attack. That mas has talked to police and was released from the hospital. There are no charges being filed at this time. More information on this man will be provided when available. (read more)

Social media / New media outline just exactly who that victim is and who carried out the attack.  The website Cincinnati VS Everyone quotes the police:

[…]  We get this guy in custody, and it’s the second year in a row I have a tasing in this area on July 4th…guess it’s just not my day. So then we form into riot formation with helmets on and begin passing out the shields. Honestly this was the first time I got to partake in this.

So we see ahead a scuffle begin and think it’s just a fight. Well not so much, it was like 40 v. 1. I saw 40 v. 1, it was 40 black youths stomping the crap out of one unlucky male white. He didn’t do anything to deserve this beating except be white.

I’m going to skip all the rhetoric and just say don’t we all matter??? This just pissed us all off. Time to rescue or at least try to get these thugs off of him. So we were sent in with shields and arrest team to do a victim rescue. Feel bad for the guy since he nor anyone deserved a beat down like that for no reason. (link)

Here’s video of the guy the police were rescuing.

In the event this U-Tube video is deleted (usually happens when it’s counter to the currently preferred media narrative) we have saved a copy and uploaded it below.

The witness statement continues after the rescue:

The next hour or so was just getting these assholes out of the area and back to where they came from. I hope every one of the people who threw a bottle, fired a handgun, threw fireworks at us, and most importantly beat that poor guy within inches of his life get what they deserve…in this life or the next.

To make matters worse it was like a perfect storm with the Reds game getting let out at the same time we were for a lack of a better phrase, being attacked. I saw little kids holding their parents hands and parents looking at us like what the hell is going on? They had no clue what was going down nor should they have to expect seeing what they saw.

I felt like I had to tell the truth and get the word out there from one of the men on the front line. (link)

Strange, but this happened on Saturday night July 4th.  Not a single mention of it during the 24/7 national cable media broadcasts on Sunday July 5th.


Maybe they’ll share THE WHOLE STORY today?…

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112 Responses to Cincinnati Mob Beats White Male Victim, “simply for being white”, While Rioting In Fountain Square – Rescued By Police, Media Silent…

  1. Dawnasong says:

    Reblogged this on My Journey and commented:


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  2. Dawnasong says:

    Outrageous! And they don’t know what led up to this poor young man being beaten beyond recognition! REALLY! ? I think I could tell you. Black mob violence against whites! Period!
    And you can thank Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the Obama’nation! We’re at war on our own soil!

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  3. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    Animals (I know we’re not supposed to use that word, accurate as it may be, because the leftists have forbidden it as an ultimate wrong, far more grieveous than what was done to the bleeding man) in various tints of brown skin, all trying to act as dark as they can, and succeeding at so doing, a rarity for them in any wholesome or worthwhile pursuit.

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    • kathyca says:

      I noticed that the youtube video is categorized under pets and animals …lol Wonder how they missed that

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    • sixmax11 says:

      animals is incorrect, because animals would not have done that. thugs, on the other hand, would have.


      • RJ says:

        You should hold out some hope that “thugs” don’t vote in general elections, especially the coming one to replace Dear Leader and those other dirtbags in Congress. With 17 plus months to go, we might have our “radical citizens” go one step “too far” so that those who don’t want this kind of society stand up, go to the polls and vote these bums out!

        Then again, maybe they won’t, so get ready to protect your loved ones with an operable plan B if it comes to that.

        Expect to see Caitlyn Jenner hit on Miley Cyrus–or perhaps her father, the proud Billy Ray in the coming months. Or start a pool at work guessing how many more “concerts at the Rainbow House” (used to be called the White House in older, “Gone With the Wind” days…) Dear Leader will create and try to keep secret from the “little people” who are…us!

        Watch the cannibals in the republican party, who dream of becoming president, do their best to eliminate as many rivals as they can.

        Note how the Greeks will define what an addicted society looks like and behaves when the free ride comes to an end. That show is coming to a theater near you, as the trustworthy Clintons used to say: “Sooner, rather than later!”

        God, of course, will be busy watching his marxist Pope trot about the planet sharing global warming stories and social theories masked as Christian dictates just so all He see how many gullible people will buy into “man’s superiority over everything” prior to a reckoning.

        Narcissism has gone feral…way beyond an urban mentality, way beyond!

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      • QuadGMoto says:

        I agree. Using the word “animals” is an insult to actual animals. Animals have reasons for their attacks: food, protection, hierarchy. They don’t do violence for “fun”.

        May I suggest the word “goblins”.


      • kingscairn says:

        We need to come together and fight back !


    • allhail2 says:

      Ohhhh, I have a whole lot of words I use that the leftists hate. I just call them as I see them.

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  4. Clownzilla says:

    Most of the ancillary commentary and certainly “the camera man’s” was akin to chattering monkeys at the zoo – just a lot of noise. Some of these people will cry a different tune when they moms or they pops gets brutally beaten by some miscreant(s).


  5. Nick says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The msm will has been discredited time and time again. No one takes them seriously anymore and no one needs them when we have great honest men and women who just want the truth out there. The msm are like the violinists on the sinking titanic. They will sing you tunes while the ship is sinking. I just read the msm these days for humor purposes, no serious news…


  6. smiley says:

    There is a tenor of desperation to the police officer’s witness account which is very disturbing.
    He/she knows (a) these mob attacks will continue to spread and get worse, (b) the media will fail to report it, and (c) LE is at risk.
    LE is at risk b/c it is being hamstrung by political correctness imposed on them by the BGI, as well as being physically at risk by the brutal mobs who are encouraged & protected by the BGI.
    Where does that leave innocent white people ?
    on the pavement, bleeding to death.

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    • LEO says:

      Make sure that you are armed and properly trained use use of your firearms.

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    • Jett Black says:

      One has to wonder (and I think this is the LEO’s anxiety) when and where a mob will get big, loud, and rabid enough to ignore 8 or 10 getting shot in order to tear a LEO or any white apart. All law-abiding citizens’ situational awareness needs to rise to a new level–numbers, lighted, public places and LE presence are no longer enough for even reasonable safety.

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      • smiley says:

        “LE police presence no longer enough…..”

        wow….maybe a dictator will take charge and establish a unified police gestapo to fix this crisis.


        • Jett Black says:

          Prexactly–except the fix is to use the crisis, to terrorize and marginalize opponents and for outright theft and destruction, not stop it. The crackdown will, if it comes, fall on the “old guard,” e.g., those of us who continue to think that laws should apply equally to everyone and that the Constitution, as written, is the ultimate law of the land.

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  7. LHLaredo says:

    For me. I would rather be judged by my peers, for defending my life. Than to have my family and friends mourn over my casket, because I had pity over a lowlife scum, who sees me as a politically correct and submissive victim.


  8. Meyer says:

    Will this hate crime victim get a $2M pay out? (snark)

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  9. bodicacia says:

    I am completely disgusted. This man is dying on the ground and the amount of people swanning around celebrating it. All the smiles, all the “damns”, all the “you just got the f@#$ knocked out”. All said with glee while video taping for youtube.
    My prayers are with this beaten man, his family, & for the human race. Dearest Lord, we are entering the end of times.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      IMO new dark ages. The media is not afraid, they are not allowed to tell the truth. They have minders on the inside to make sure of it. The Norks have nothing on what we are becoming.

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  10. LEO says:

    The News Media as expected are not carrying this story, nor the video of the white male who was savagely beaten. We were told by Cincinnati Police Officer that the victim is in critical condition.

    This won’t be the last time that a group of Black youth attack Police Officers and savagely beat whites. Will the perpetrators be charged with a ‘Hate Crime’ ? The victim is the wrong color for that.

    The News reports that we found called the Blacks an ‘Unruly Crowd’.

    “City Council members and residents are commend police officers for the restraint they displayed during Saturday’s incident.”

    Today LEO are expected to become punching bags for violent blacks. The liberal media would rather see a Police Officer killed, then the Savage #Thugs brought properly under control.

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    • “City Council members and residents are commend police officers for the restraint they displayed during Saturday’s incident.”

      Commend them for restraint? Why? Why not commend them for arresting the thugs?

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      • jakeandcrew says:

        The police captain’s interview was all about defending the police officers’ actions – no, we didn’t use any unnecessary force, we didn’t trample on any any of these “unruly” folks rights… Good grief! The nation’s cops are like whipped puppies anymore. They’ve been bullied and harassed by the “leaders” of our nation into submission. This has got to stop!

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        • Mentalist says:

          The chief is probably looking at what has happened in other cities (Sanford, Ferguson, Baltimore, etc) since the current administration has been in charge. We’ve witnessed police chiefs (many of them good men concerned about their pensions) forced out and/or police department placed under court-ordered federal oversight. Kind of like that stock phrase from the Mafia movies – nice police department you’ve got there, shame if something happened to it.


          • Rob Crawford says:

            Unless they replaced the chief in the last couple of years, he’s an affirmative action hire intended to pay off the mobs that rooted in 2001. “Police are killing our young black men” was the cry — but in the 12 cases they whined about, 10 were in clear self-defense and the others resulted in trials and even convictions. And, as always, the number of “young black men” killed by their like outstripped those twelve by 20x or more.

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    • jakeandcrew says:

      He’s in critical condition…didn’t hear anything like that from the news report (video) at the top of this post. Only heard injuries were minor, and all had been released from hospital. Seemed like they were only talking about the police injuries – they never mentioned the guy that got attacked. UNREAL!!!

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      • JohnP says:

        Cincinnati is getting ready for the All Star game on July 14th. There is a full court press on to bury this story. I can’t even find the beaten man’s name.

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        • TeddyOn20th says:

          He himself might not want his name getting out. I know that if I were the victim of a beating like this, I wouldn’t. All the accomplishments I might be Google-able for will bw buried on page 2 of the search results once my name is in the media for being involved in this incident.


  11. Totally Domestic says:

    Why was this terribly beaten man released from the hospital?


  12. Santiago says:

    This is getting way out of hand
    WTF does the media do?
    Do they understand they are mostly white and their turn is coming for a beat down? Unbelievablen
    Wake up America !!!!

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  13. aprilyn43 says:

    Lawlessness .. Racism .. Just what the BGI, Liberals and the news media ordered! Too bad they couldn’t find a “righteous liberal” reason to use it. Don’t these thought-controlled Blacks “know” what their “liberal” news media masters need from them; it’s hard to control the masses when you’re pushing “gun control”.


  14. BobNoxious says:

    YouTube removed the video per the “shocking and disgusting” rules? What the heck…

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    • JohnP says:

      The CRS thought police are on the case. See all done, like it never happened. Nothing to worry the sheep. Go out and enjoy the holiday, there is nothing to fear.

      “10 killed, 54 wounded in gun violence over Fourth of July weekend in Chicago”


    • sundance says:

      Yet how many times did you see U-Tube videos of the Walter Scott shooting?

      U-Tube only removes a very specific kind of violent video.

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  15. jakeandcrew says:

    Compare the video of the police officer subduing a resisting girl at the “pool party” in McKinney, TX, to this video of the bloodied man on the sidewalk, and the attack on the girl at the playground in Rowlett, TX.

    Oh, how outraged they were that an uncooperative girl got pushed to the ground, and maybe ate a few blades of grass…

    But a man is beaten to the point of death, a girl is savagely attacked and a young child traumatized (to name just a few)…and there’s silence.

    This is so wrong.

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    • LEO says:

      You are correct and we can expect more of this insanity from the News Media, who love to only publish stories with alleged black victims and white perps.

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  16. remmy says:

    Didn’t the brainless republicans pick Cincinnati for their convention?


  17. JohnP says:

    I think it’s time for another Sundance homage to DR. Suess.
    “A Thug is a Thug, No Matter What Color”.


  18. Stormzx says:

    Facebook & Youtube are criminal entities, every bit as guilty for aiding & abetting this violence by covering up & hiding the truth.

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  19. mcfyre2012 says:

    Hmmm…I wonder what would happen if MLB, in the interest of public safety, held all the upcoming Cincinnati All-star events and game during the daytime rather than at night? I’ ve always preferred early afternoon games anyways…it frees up the night and the feral creatures don’t like daylight.

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  20. Warmac9999 says:

    The best thing to do is organize a boycott of the all star game. Spread the word via e-mail and Facebook about the incident and the planned boycott. In addition, organize a flash mob with tar, feathers and pitchforks and take back the city from the black thugs. Personally, always be aware and always carry regardless of the law – better explaining yourself to the courts than in the grave as a result of political correctness.

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  21. Lou says:

    it’s time for a protest. it doesn’t matter the mantra, but I’d say there needs to be a theme related to black on white crime. I’d even throw a poster with GZ’s bloody face in there just to piss the SJW off.


  22. Michael Onoo says:

    Avoid all high capacity sporting events

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  23. seabrznsun says:

    Well the video has already been censored by youtube. It seems this is definitely not going to be allowed to get out to the public. At least, thanks to you, we’ve been informed.

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  24. David In TN says:

    I would like to being up the fact that blacks themselves believe black crime and violence is “played up” by the media. Blacks think the media goes out of its way to show them in a bad light.

    Blacks think crime by whites is “covered up.”


    • Rob Crawford says:

      Oh, god, yes. One Cincinnati lunatic used to claim whites do drugs at the same rate as blacks — imagined pot parties in the suburbs. Folks, this is Cincinnati. I’ll grant that this is the city where corn hole and a three-way is good family fun (that’s a bean bag toss and a plate of the local chili), but it’s as far from Gomorrah as you can find in the modern US.


  25. Mentalist says:

    Jy Quynn Britten – filed under ridiculous names that no one (including the person with that name) seems to understand or comprehend that stupid parents (it’s usually just one parent in many cases) seem fit to shackle their child with for life.


  26. Les says:

    I can’t make myself watch it. I don’t want to become desensitized, to become more like the soulless masses.

    One still pic and I knew exactly what happened.

    White people need to stop going to pro sports. Let the blacks have them. They even effed up baseball…


  27. S.O. says:

    Hey I am not white and I am angry about this. It should not have happened. I have met white people who were total a**es but you know, they still don’t deserve to have a 40 against 1 gang-up like that. I have had a few white people say racist things against me and it made me angry, but that was WORDS. When someone SAYS something hateful, the best response is to IGNORE them not to hit them or go beat up on some other random person! And I know in the past blacks were often very badly treated and they still are in some places, but that is changing. Beating up some innocent white guy for what someone did 30 or 80 or however many years ago is not OK.

    I guess what I am trying to say is – I don’t want to be stereotyped or discriminated against because of my skin color, so why would I want to see white people go through that? I think the best way for people to live in harmony is to try to be kind to each other. It is NOT OK to beat up random strangers regardless of skin color or perceived grievances.

    If I had been there, I would have tried to help that white guy, but I am not sure what I could have done except call the police since I am a small woman. If I’d had a gun I might have been able to help. But it is just not OK with me that this type of stuff is going on.

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    • Les says:


      I’m sure most of your friends also don’t agree. Make sure to post about it on your social media so other people know it’s okay to speak out against random violence.

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    • smiley says:

      very good of you to speak up.
      maybe you can influence others with your sanity. 🙂

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    • Thank you, S.O.

      I only take issue with your repeated use of the phrase “not OK.”

      The first time should read “is Evil”, as should the one in the second paragraph.

      The last time you should say what you really think… and I’m guessing that it’s a bit more anger than “it’s just not OK with me”.

      “Not OK” is trending by lefty SJWs nowadays, who don’t believe in the existence of evil, and cannot get themselves to say the words “bad” “evil” “wrong”, “demonic” or even “insane”. It’s infectious, I know, the use of this phrase. I mean, nobody wants to be seen as a right-wing Fundie just by saying the “E” word.


      • taqiyyologist says:

        e.g. “Concentration camps and gas chambers are NOT OK. Harumph!”

        The courageous statement doesn’t really speak courage, but the opposite. The strongly-worded statement doesn’t quite convey “strength” in it’s words.

        “Raping children is not OK.” Yeah, it’s a bit more than that.


  28. Nicole77 says:

    Youtube removed video due to content. How did Rhianna’s new song not get rated or removed due to content? Things are getting crazier by the second.


  29. jetstream says:

    Drudge is linking to a post at another blog that is covering this sickening story.
    The blog links to a YouTube video, possibly another version. You have to sign in at YouTube to declare your age before watching the video though. Here is the direct video link:


  30. Ray Stone says:

    Ok, I will step into the crap here. I this was a group of white people that beat a black guy like this it would be a hate crime. So why is it that a bunch of blacks can do this,And they do it a lot. Not be charged with a hate crime? Am an American,I am getting tired of the double standard of laws. I see this as just another move to let America fall into another race war like we have never seen or thought could happen. Race relations have gone backwards in the last 7 years. People seem to not want to admit this. I will.I remember the 60s.I remember how bad it was back then. America was doing good,not great, but good until we got “The Great Lord O” Things have changed. It looks like the boys in da hood have the backing of Washington. If you are White you are not guilty period . Things need to change people. America will not survive this time around. If the Government takes over we are all done. So tell me again.How is this NOT a hate crime.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      Again…get this straight. A black can never be guilty of a hate crime. This is Social Justice. Write it down 100 times maybe you will understand. Hate crimes are for whites only.


  31. Nancy says:

    I am so glad I have fount this group, enlightening and honest. I wanted to share this link to the only news story I found that mentions a hate crime. Unfortunately it is of a white male putting a choke hold. Outrageous! The news media is trying to shape the story into what they want to see.


  32. TexasRanger says:

    Fourth of July in Cincinnati – Black Mob Violence. AGAIN.

    Video Cincinnati July 4th Fountain Square Black Mob Attacks

    Video Black Mob Beats White Male Victim

    Video White Guy Beaten Unconscious By Black Thugs

    Black on White Crime and Violence


  33. This certainly looks like another instance of an unruly mob of black miscreants, probably fueled by alcohol and/or drugs, that decided (at the urging of some “FTP” types) to resist/assault police who responded to the original disturbance call. These are the same type of folks who will loudly proclaim their “Dindu Nuffin” club memberships while they file lawsuits for police brutality, civil rights violations, etc.To hear them tell it, it’s never their fault, because they’re victims. LOL Yeah, right.

    Also, the initial target of their mob attack was a white man who was almost certainly singled out because of his race. I have tried to access the “Cincinnati VS Everyone” website (a sports blog) to read the original comment that made reference to mob attack, but a “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” error prevented me from doing so.

    I have to wonder about something, though. Am I the only one who finds it odd that the comment, attributed to someone who claimed to be a Police Officer, was made on a sports blog, of all places? Has anyone else come forward as a witness,or has the victim commented publicly about the attack? Has anyone been able to verify that the “eyewitness account” was actually posted by a legitimate Police Officer? Is there any kind of official “Incident Report” in regards to the “40-on-1” mab beating?

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  34. ZurichMike says:

    Theae ghetto thugs need to be put down like the rabid rodents they are. Soulless, demonic agents of evil. Subhuman filth.

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  35. Burnt Toast says:

    Forty to One

    How did they ever keep track of who was on what side?

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  36. doodahdaze says:

    War on white people.

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  37. jackphatz says:

    I live just north of Cincinnati, one county up. I have “liked” all of the local TV stations on my FB page and I read my local ” Leftist” Journal News daily for the what’s happening info and I did not know about this until I read American Thinker this morning. Nothing in the local and nothing in my FB feeds. Nothing, nada. I don’t know what to think regarding this blackout of real news. It’s not helping.

    As past history has shown, Cincinnati is not bad. Blacks and Whites get along. We don’t have racial tension here as you see elsewhere. Employment is decent. The FB post that followed the video is filled with massive post condemning what took place. My gut instincts here is outside influences to destabilize a nice community.

    Keep us in your thoughts, we may be in serious troubles soon.


    • Watch the videos of the incident. From what I saw in them, not everyone in the crowd was attacking the victim. In fact, some seemed to be trying (albeit half-heartedly) to intervene. More than one of the blacks seemed to be trying to pull an attacker off the victim (unless he was trying to help the attacker break free from the victim’s grasp-some holding of clothes going on there).

      Also note that in the video of the aftermath, while the victim was laying unconscious, there seemed to be one or more people trying to see if they could help him. So, I think it’s right to say that not all of the blacks present were violent, or even indifferent to the violence of the others. But, still, a large number of people assaulted this man and the general demeanor of many of the bystanders was one of glee at the prospect of him getting his butt kicked. And THAT is a very sad thing.


  38. Pingback: Black youths mock bloodied white victim

  39. mazziflol says:

    And now today…

    “The assault on a man near Fountain Square on Saturday night was incorrectly described as an “anti-white” crime in the official police incident report, Cincinnati Police Capt. Mike Neville said Monday.

    “Neville said the investigation is ongoing and does not believe the assault was a hate crime at a Monday news conference.


  40. dsp says:

    I have nothing but respect for this site. Nothing but respect. But as I said the other day, there comes a point when one must acknowledge the painfully obvious: intellectual and political conservatism is not working as a meaningful counter to leftist hegemony.

    I think it’s time for conservatives to try something different. We can’t do any worse. My vote is that non-liberal whites must move en masse to white racial nationalism. White conservatives are facing the double barrel — all front class war and ethnic civil war, white liberal v white conservative, combined with black-on-white ethnic war. There is simply no way to defeat this without fighting fire with fire.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I understand your frustration, but have to ask whether or not you were driven to that very conclusion by the leftists who would like nothing more than to have Conservatives marginalize themselves by advocating that very thing?.


      • dsp says:

        IMO, after years of careful reflection, I see no option. Whites are being attacked left and right by blacks while white liberals blow up the Zimmerman’s and Wilson’s into international incidents and preach about white privilege. I know I’m preaching to the choir here. I think conservatives need to look to new frames and intellectual paradigms to preserve the things conservatism has traditionally sought to preserve and for self-defense in a changing world. I understand how reasonable people might disagree.

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  42. jeff B. says:

    Can someone tell me why FOX doesn’t air these countless Black on white stories???? Why aren’t they bringing attention to these issues that the other LIberal PC MSM are constantly trying to hide.?


  43. john says:

    if this had been a black man that got beat Obama and his race baiting buddies and major news agencys would be all over it


  44. Charlene Scott says:

    Whites should DEMAND justice for the victim of this brutal crime. The animals that committed this crime should be charged with aggravated assault or attempted murder. The animals who laughed at the victim’s suffering should be charged with failure to render aid. The supervisors who changed the original police report should lose their jobs. Perhaps, the supervisors should be charged with filing a FALSE police report, too.

    I am tired of the Planet of the Atmosphere in this country. Daily reports of shootings, beatings, armed robberies, and rapes in every major city is unacceptable. When will we decide enough is enough?


  45. pitbull1779 says:

    Typical way of how jackals fight.. Only in packs. As you could see from video the white dude was a lion..alone.. Fighting and didn’t look scared.. I seen him taking on and getting the better of at least 3 and 4 thugs.. Very impressed with his skills and strength..but like typical jackals do ,,, they can’t take a lion down by themselves.. Soo they all jump in.. Lol what’s new? Not many of their kind can actually fight..this type of behavior was seen all the time in my high school days.. Sad thing is that it was this type of pussy ass jumping crap that the blacks are ALL known for that made me what I am today.. 100% hate.. Aryan warrior! 88! 14 words!


  46. Dawnasong says:

    There’s a storm a brewing and they/blacks have a rude awakening coming!


  47. John says:

    Blacks need to come to Norwood, we have a Tank!!


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