The Trails of All Modern Social Activism Lead Back To The White House….

Prior to his election in 2008 President Obama told everyone his intent was to “fundamentally change” the United States of America.  Not enough people were paying attention to what that actually meant, because everyone was filled with their own self-interpretation of “Hope and Change”, or “Change They Can Believe In”.

However, recent events have brought a few more people to seek a greater understanding of what’s going on in 2015.  This outline is simply going to point out a couple of visible footprints, amid the dozens possible, and show how all the modern activism stems from, and traces back to, the Obama White House.


Obama For America, or OFA, was one of the primary organizational change agents that contained all of the visible sub-sets of various activists working diligently to elect their commander-in-chief organizer, Barack Obama.

From OFA a myriad of splinter groups dispersed following the successful election.  Some began working on new social justice endeavors immediately, others began organizing in preparation for things to come in the years that followed ’08.

If you were to look up “Black Lives Matter” on Wikipedia you would note the following:

“Black Lives Matter is an American movement that started after the July 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Florida shooting death of African-American teen Trayvon Martin. It received fresh impetus from the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, an African-American teen. The movement has received worldwide media attention.

It was co-founded by three black activists: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi”  (read more)

White House - Black Lives matter 2

Black Lives Matter, or BLM, stemmed from a social justice group similar to, and containing some of the same members of, “The Dream Defenders“, or TDD.

dream defenders 5TDD was also mostly visible in Tallahassee Florida occupying the capitol following the Zimmerman trial.   TDD also did several marches around their call to eliminate Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense legislation/protections.

The 2013 Dream Defenders failed in that aspect of their goals, as the FL legislature rebuked their attempts to influence legislative change.  One of the primary reasons they failed was because it was too easy to connect them to there real origination, the DOJ and the Community Relations Service within the DOJ.

They learned from that mistake, and retooled under a different name but with the same overall purpose.  Their same strategy is being deployed today, in 2015, against the various “confederate flag” issues; under the auspices of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement who activated the first new program in Ferguson the year after the failed movement in Florida.

The activists are having more success with their Confederate Flag Syndrome, because the charge of racism is easier to affix to a symbol than it was to a law.

Dylann Roof was simply the spark that activated their opportunism in South Carolina and beyond; much like Officer Darren Wilson was the spark for the Ferguson activation which spread to New York, Madison Wisconsin, Baltimore Maryland, McKinney Texas etc.

Again, referencing back to the BLM Wiki origin you find the names Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi.

The quickest way to connect them to the Obama origin is to look and see if they are listed on the White House visitors logs, and who they met with:

Opal Tometi

(click to enlarge)

patrisse cullors

There you can see the founders of “Black Lives Matter” directly tied to the White House, and Michelle Obama 2013 – 2015.  The dates of activism beginning just as they shared, in the aftermath of the Zimmerman Trial and just as they describe in their movement literature.

So lets move on to 2014 and the aftermath of the August 9th shooting of Michael Brown.  This is when the ‘Operation Ferguson’ contingent (of Black Lives Matter) activated.

The most visible three activists being: Deray McKesson and his sidekicks Johnetta Eliza (Twitter @Nettaaaaaaaa) and Ashley Yates (Twitter @BrownBlaze).   After several weeks of non-stop 24/7 protesting many ordinary people watching the events began to wonder how these “activists” could afford to continue protesting.  Didn’t they have jobs, careers, families or lives?

The fact is, their livelihood is their activism.  So again, we review the WH visitors logs the month after the Mike Brown shooting and see if there is a connection;  only this time we keep in mind they need money to keep doing the protesting work.

johnetta elzie

(click to enlarge)

Ashley yates

Yup, a little more than a month after Operation Ferguson was activated in 2014, the cohorts of Deray McKesson appear in the White House, just like the ‘Black Lives Matter’ founders did in 2013.

Activists gather to campaign on issues highlighted by events in FergusonWe already know Deray McKesson was a frequent visitor with the White House prior to Operation Ferguson as part of the original “Teach For America” (TFA) activist group back in 2011.

McKesson was meeting with  Zachary Russem, who PJMedia points out:

“Zachary Russem is currently the vice president of Goldman Sachs. In 2011, according to his LinkedIn profile, he worked in the Office of the Vice President and Office of the Secretary as a policy analyst. He was the regional field director for Obama for America from June 2007 – November 2008″.

[…] “Between 2000 and 2013,” researchers at the National Educational Policy Center reported, “TFA’s yearly operating expenditures increased 1,930 percent — from $10 million to $193.5 million. Of those expenditures, TFA annual reports show that about a third of operating costs are borne by the public.” Individual TFA chapters have raked in millions in federal AmeriCorps grants, supported by leaders in both political parties.

Deray McKesson, described by TFA as a “protestor,” is a finalist for the organization’s $10,000 Peter Jennings Award for Civic Leadership, which will be announced next month. He briefly taught sixth-grade math for the program before graduating to full-time racial rabble-rousing.

A gushing New York Times reporter credited McKesson and his social-justice-warrior partners with building “the most formidable American protest movement of the 21st century to date.” (link)

Just like Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks in 2012, the Black Lives Matter construct stemmed from social justice warriors supported by, and promoted by the Chicago community organizer and his team of ideologues who occupy the White House.

None of this modern angst is random or happenstance.  Every single bit of it is highly organized, well funded and coordinated both politically and socially.  The astounding thing is how such a few people have convinced a larger electorate, through the media, that their activist beliefs are in the majority – They’re NOT ! 

As a consequence…



That’s the fundamental change !

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129 Responses to The Trails of All Modern Social Activism Lead Back To The White House….

  1. Daniel says:

    What part of “Community Organizer” did you miss?

    America is not a community. It’s many communities. Now what the long-term goals and intents are? Well, it’s not supporting “his people.” I’m in the Dinesh D’souza camp in that the “groups” he uses are not indicative of the interests he supports.

    Marketers and promoters for at least 100 years have noted that black people are by far the most moved by their campaigns. Easy to drive into frenzy and rage.

    How? The media control. It’s all in everyone’s faces. And the real problem is that how “good person” is defined has fundamentally changed to the point that the very idea of “right and wrong” has been woven into a twisted and bigoted narrative.

    Those who cannot find themselves capable of twisting like that are labelled as “them” in the narrative and therefore bad people. And to explain yourself by citing “universal principles” where all things apply to all people equally, you just get called racist.

    The culture has been co-opted and, yes, fundamentally changed. But the foundation somewhat predates Obama. But when that foundation was being built, most people considered those people “harmless.” By that I mean the amazingly communist/socialist leaning academic establishment.

    Why is it that these socialist, revolutionary monsters are always well-funded people who want “revenge on authority?” Aren’t they just children who hate their parents?

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    • doodahdaze says:

      These are hard core communists, so is Obama.

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      • Matt Musson says:

        More like Robinhood. Take from the white and give to the black (and a few hispanics)

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        • JeremyR says:

          That would be Robbin’ Hood, land of living free off the efforts of the brave.


        • dandtoy says:

          Hispanics are to be the slaves of the new Masters. Cannot get much work out of Whites that are starving, dead or making babies for the new army. Just Sayin. And when the Hispanics get to be too much…. Well just raise the annual renewal price of that Green Card…. They will just go home.


    • georgiafl says:

      We have to consider Soros’ history…a Nazi collaborator against the Jews. Nazis were racist anti-Semitic birds of a feather with the nastiest of Islamists. So, it is more than communism, it is brutal, barbaric hatred and vengeance.

      Look at Soros’ activities in England, intentionally, maliciously attacking the economy and the British pound. He should have been persona non grata in the USA.

      Do the Bushes have ties with Nazism as is rumored and with Islam? What about GWB’s disgusting lie that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’?

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      • georgiafl says:

        I HATE this gravatar. Why can’t I have a nice happy one like some others? How can I change it?


      • JeremyR says:

        Bush was no conservative. He could spend like a liberal and smile while tlling you how conservative he was.
        As for Nazism vs communism vs socialism, they are paths to the same evil destination, totalitarianism. Nazism used the path of nationalistic superiority whereas communism uses the path of class warfare. All are extreme leftist ideologies. Conservatism has at its roots individual success through self development. You did indeed build that.
        Soros is just one of the hands that manipulates Barry’s mouth. He is as much a puppet as Achmed the dead terrorist.

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      • TheFightingMan says:

        Soros is a Jew who sold his own people out to the NAZIs. He’s financed all color revolutions and the “Arab Sping” to date. I’ve seen some BLM/FTP propaganda with”BLACK SPRING” and the ubiquitous raised clenched fist this summer already. This is Soros playing at dice again. Know your enemy…it’s not Momjeans Obama-he’s just a “useful idiot” IMO.

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    • General P. Malaise says:

      why are they well funded. lol because as most decent people were building family and lives the commies were playing politician and using your tax money to well fund themselves. by most people not paying attention the commies slowly took over all institutions and now they own them all and are looting the treasury and it doesn’t look like anything like voting is going to stop them as everyone of the politicians is in on it. including Rand and Cruz

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      • truthseekerr says:

        yea we are paying for all of this.

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        • 2x4x8 says:

          i received a fund raising email from her on Ted’s behalf, I replied “if she divorced Ted I would vote for him”

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        • yankeeintx says:

          That smear started during his senate campaign. What is wrong with a woman wanting to have a decent job. One of the reasons she accepted the job was it would allow her to stay in Houston and be home most nights with her two daughters, oh, the horrors.


          • 2x4x8 says:

            she did not have to join the Council of Foreign Relations for employment purposes, you should do some research on them and her report on destroying America’s sovereignty and merging us closer to their utopian world gov, with union to Mexico and Canada

            so you approve of GS, and think it is a decent job? I suppose armed robbery is a good profession too


            I suggest you read more of Matt Taibbi’s work, there are crooks on Wall St, did the whole Mortgage Backed Securities fraud just go right over your head?

            Are you smearing all the Full Time moms who stay at home to raise their kids while the husband brings home the paycheck? I am willing to point out WHO sells their soul to the devil knowingly


            • yankeeintx says:

              She joined, just like Condoleezza Rice and John Bolton, to give the CFR a conservative view point. She was a term member, not a full member. She did not destroy America’s sovereignty, and in her dissenting opinion said “While governments play an invaluable
              role in both regards, we must emphasize the imperative that economic
              investment be led and perpetuated by the private sector.” To encourage international business investments, is in no way destroys our sovereignty. Unless you think deals like the Keystone Pipeline is a bad idea. When asked how he felt about the CFR, Sen. Cruz labeled them a “Pit of Vipers”. Sen Cruz also opposed a decision by his own President Bush went he argued Medellin v Texas to the Supreme Court to protect US sovereignty. To suggest that all 30,000 employees of GS are evil is just silly. Most employees have absolutely no input into how company decisions are made. That’s like claiming by the virtue of being an American, we are all supportive of the lawlessness of Obama.

              The article you linked, claims that the EPA ordered the sewers be replaced to an impossible standard. The local contractors hired by the county and county gov’t enriched themselves greatly at the expense of their constituents. Why blame only the banks, and not the local gov’t for not fighting back against the EPA standards in the first place? Why not blame the local gov’t for their part in the corruption?
              Am I smearing full time moms? That’s just crazy.


              • 2x4x8 says:

                these groups are on board with the One World agenda, kissing up to them to get ahead does not make it all of a sudden a Patriot Tea Party group, Ted gets it, as does all the people that have been held back because they didn’t cave in like Heidi, Thad Cochran is a Republican too, International Corporations, lead by the Chamber of Commerce, seen to it that the real patriot, Chis McDaniel was defeated

                Keystone is neutral on American citizen, laws and the Republic, waiting for the Pacific Trade Deal, has any pact benefited American workers? it was great to hear Donald Trump stand up to Ford and Mexico, we can use a $3 billion auto plant over here

                would you like more links on the evil works of the Vampire Squid (GS) and the CFR?
                the banks agree to pay a $5 billion fine, and nobody goes to jail, they take care of their own, thats what you should do


                • yankeeintx says:

                  “Ted gets it, as does all the people that have been held back because they didn’t cave in like Heidi” Umm, what does that mean?
                  Do you really think Ted has a conflict of interest when it comes to GS? That’s absurd. During the govt shutdown, we neared the “fiscal cliff”. Had we gone over the “cliff”, GS stood to lose billions. If Ted was concerned about GS, he would have caved. He didn’t. Did it ever occur to you that it is smart to keep your enemies close? What better way to reform and restructure an out of control banking industry, then to use the experience and knowledge of an international investment banker that intimately understands their workings, who just happens to be your wife?
                  Yes, there are people who would like a one world government, but to look at absolutely everybody and everything as a conspiracy theory is a waste of energy. Let’s vote for nobody because they are all evil and see where that gets us.


                • 2x4x8 says:

                  Ted understands GS is the enemy!

                  Trump, Walker 2016


                • yankeeintx says:

                  Trump, LOL!


    • Jay says:

      A communist whom I worked with told me that he hated his parents when he was younger. He also hated police.

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    • ThankYou,Treepers says:

      Key and accurate insights, Daniel.

      “…the “groups” he uses are not indicative of the interests he supports.”

      Thomas Sowell has been publishing for over 30 years about leftists using the blacks as “mascots”.

      “Marketers and promoters for at least 100 years have noted that black people are by far the most moved by their campaigns. Easy to drive into frenzy and rage.”

      William Hannibal Thomas in his 1901 classic “The American Negro” wrote extensively about the extreme degree of black credulity. Nothing’s changed.

      “How? The media control.”

      The publicity corporations seek to capture attention rather than enlighten minds because the profit for them in a programmed audience, the goal of their sponsors.

      Your words here brilliantly describe how those who are not re-programable are targeted for their non-conformity, like the murder cult of islam slaughters nonmembers:

      “And the real problem is that how “good person” is defined has fundamentally changed to the point that the very idea of “right and wrong” has been woven into a twisted and bigoted narrative.

      Those who cannot find themselves capable of twisting like that are labelled as “them” in the narrative and therefore bad people. And to explain yourself by citing “universal principles” where all things apply to all people equally, you just get called racist.”

      To your point that academicians were underestimated as “harmless” but have proven to be such detrimental brain-washers, they were disregarded because they were seen as being outside the critical function of economic productivity. But, as the Whole Foods founder has said, their jealousy-based hatred of the return gained by productive capitalists has fueled their propaganda against the engine of prosperity. The authority they hate is that founded on economic productivity.


    • lorac says:

      And to explain yourself by citing “universal principles” where all things apply to all people equally, you just get called racist.

      Yes, the world has turned upside down. America has gone from being seen as the country that provides equal opportunity (not our fault if someone doesn’t take it), to equality being racist.

      Aren’t they just children who hate their parents?

      I think it’s more than that, though. Many in this younger generation have been taught that America and white are bad. A kid can’t wear an American flag tshirt because it’s the fake holiday cinco de Mayo (not celebrated in MX, just here), a politician (O, who else?) explains he didn’t use to wear an American flag lapel pin because he “didn’t want to offend anyone”, and now here we are, people trying to erase our history. Good or bad, it’s our history, and it happened. I swear, these kids do not know anything anymore – they apparently never even learned the old adage, “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”.

      So, I think they’ve actually been shaped by many forces to be where they are today. Maybe the rebelling against authority stage led to their passion, but the seeds had been continuously planted for quite some time, IMO.

      I knew bad things were going to happen when they switched from melting pot to “multicultural”….


    • The Tundra PA says:

      Daniel, I encourage you (and everyone here) to read Slouching Toward Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline by Robert H. Bork. It is a masterful answer to your questions and a prescient description of where we are now. It was written 20 years ago; I wish Judge Bork were still alive to do an update.


  2. bob A Lou says:

    Bank of America to Pay $16.65 Billion in Historic Justice Department Settlement for Financial Fraud Leading up to and During the Financial Crisis


  3. bob A Lou says:

    DOJ To Give Money From Bank Of America Settlement To Liberal Activist Groups
    The groups benefiting from the lawsuit, according to Investor’s Business Daily, are the National Council of La Raza, Operation Hope, National Community Reinvestment Coalition and Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. The money also went to “delinquent borrowers” in Chicago, Oakland, Detroit, Philadelphia and other major “Democrat strongholds.”

    Read more:

    Read more:

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    • boutis says:

      So this is why BOA has been selling off all of their branches. They are effectively liquidating the entire shebang. They are also having trouble finding buyers. What morons. They were into Obama-Love in 2008 big time and funded him.

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    • Stamp says:

      Just wow… Obama has 1+ year to kick his damage into high gear,,, I think he is going to give America a big FU any way he can.

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      • Justice_099 says:

        You don’t think the next president will just continue the damage? I doubt this socialist plan would have been so successful if it relied on only one president/party.

        It’s not just Obama and it is not going to halt when he leaves office.

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      • CCG says:

        Not to worry, he will continue his march “forward” when he leaves office. Is there any doubt he’ll be front and center of all these movements once he has no restraints? It’s quite possible he will do greater damage once he vacates the White House.

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        • JeremyR says:

          How do you damage the aftermath of a tornado?


        • gulfbreeze says:

          I believe Obama will go global post-2016. And not as U.N. Secretary-General as is sometimes speculated (candidates for Sec-Gen from the 5 permanent members of the Security Council are discouraged to avoid further concentration of power). He’s learned from the Clintons you can make bank giving speeches, trading influence, and still transform societies small and large by using corporate power brokers. Does anyone think he is pursuing TPP because it’s good for the U.S. or our workers? It’s to establish corporate channels for the good of his post-Presidency bank accounts. At his age, he’s far from being finished…add in a private global foundation or two as slush funds to lower his tax liability with unlimited lifestyle write-offs, and he’ll be moving pawns around a global checkerboard in short order, all in the name of the lie of social justice for all nations, as long as corporations can make money of corporate just-us.


      • lorac says:

        I think now (the end of his presidency) is going to be most dangerous. First, because it’s his last chance to have power, and second, all his activists working on their own or in concert with him realize that, as well. I was actually sensing some desperation before Charleston happened, but since they were able to grab on to that flag, they’re all excited now, I think.

        And it never even occurs to a lot of people that they might be paying attention to a squirrel while they are being robbed of everything.

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  4. bob A Lou says:

    By Emily Glazer

    The Justice Department and state officials are preparing the next round of billion-dollar mortgage settlements involving up to nine U.S. and European banks, according to people familiar with the matter.

    The latest settlements, which could start by late June, are likely to include Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley.

    Other banks expected to settle in coming months include Barclays PLC, Credit Suisse Group AG, Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Holdings PLC, Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC, UBS AG and Wells Fargo & Co. The settlements involve mortgage securities that the banks sold in the run up to the financial crisis.

    Settlements are expected to range from a few hundred million dollars to $2 billion or $3 billion per bank, depending on the size of the bank and the misconduct alleged in mortgage securities before the financial crisis, some of these people said. The individual settlements are likely to stretch out over months as details are worked out, and negotiations with most banks are still in early stages, these people, these people said.

    The new parade of bank settlements would follow the nearly $37 billion in pacts relating to residential mortgage-backed securities that the nation’s three largest banks by assets– J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp.–paid in between late 2013 and summer 2014.

    In those cases, the government accused the banks of selling shoddy mortgage securities to investors without fully disclosing their quality.

    Some of the banks that are expected to settle have disclosed that they are being investigated for mortgage matters, but the timing and size of potential fines haven’t been reported before.

    The Justice Department could pursue settlements with large U.S. regional banks when these settlements are over, in part based on the amount of mortgage-related securities they underwrote and sold, some of these people said.

    While regional banks have been large players in mortgages, the trading desks of the largest banks were the ones that sliced and diced mortgages and sold them to investors around the world. The losses on those securities have driven much of the legal morass that followed the banks after the housing market fell sharply.

    Prosecutors are bringing the cases through the RMBS Working Group, which includes state attorneys general, U.S. Attorney’s Offices and other government officials. Its name is a reference to residential mortgage-backed securities.

    The attorneys general of New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and other states were involved in at least some of the previous settlements and are expected to play a role in the next round. So are the U.S. Attorney’s Offices of Brooklyn, Colorado and others.

    The government has viewed the investigations as a way to hold the banks accountable for wrongdoing that led to the financial crisis. The banks have viewed them as a punishment for activities that they have since stopped and as a distraction from their efforts to ramp up lending and help aid economic growth.

    These settlements would represent a passing of the torch to new U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, since settlements with J.P. Morgan, Citigroup and Bank of America were negotiated under her predecessor, Eric Holder.

    Morgan Stanley already reached an agreement in principle this year to pay $2.6 billion to the Justice Department and the U.S. attorney’s office of Northern California. But the bank is still negotiating a settlement with the New York attorney general.

    Goldman disclosed this year that it had been contacted by the U.S. attorney’s office in Sacramento, Calif., about a potential civil case, and that the office had “preliminarily concluded” that the bank had broken federal law. The bank said at the time that it was cooperating with regulators and other authorities. The Sacramento office was a key player in the investigation of J.P. Morgan.

    Other banks have made similar disclosures. For example, HSBC has disclosed that it received a subpoena from the U.S. attorney’s office of Colorado. HSBC has said it is fully cooperating. Deutsche Bank has said it has received subpoenas and requests for information from regulators and government entities, including the RMBS Working Group, on these matters, and fully cooperating.


    • ThankYou,Treepers says:

      Earlier this year a federal judge was shot on his front porch by black home invaders when he refused to cooperate. Where his blood fell is within 500 feet of the location that launched the subprime mortgage market, a socialist variant from free market principles which has wrought national devastation to all (including the supposed beneficiaries) but the leftist types who precipitated it. 

      Leftist advocacy in the late 1980s exploiting the Community Reinvestment Act, a Carter era federal statute which had been ignored for a decade, forced national banks to create the “sub-prime” (meaning substandard, meaning toss out whitey’s underwriting standards and give loans to minority borrowers with insufficient creditworthiness, debt they couldn’t afford to service which would thus eventually break them, thereby making them “victims” of “predatory lending”) mortgage market. It’s been a leftist utopia which continues to fund their destruction of our economy and society.

      bob A Lou, your earlier comment above says this:

      “DOJ To Give Money From Bank Of America Settlement To Liberal Activist Groups
The groups benefiting from the lawsuit, according to Investor’s Business Daily, are the National Council of La Raza, Operation Hope, National Community Reinvestment Coalition and Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America. The money also went to “delinquent borrowers” in Chicago, Oakland, Detroit, Philadelphia and other major “Democrat strongholds.””

      Now your current comment informs that DOJ will be raking in billions more in settlements. We can expect the proceeds to be distributed similarly. The CRA has proven to be an even greater windfall for leftist advocates than Pigford I & II which funded Julison and Crump.

      ACORN learned from Judge Berg’s neighborhood how to exploit the CRA, took the scheme to Chicago where a newly minted lawyer from Hawaii trying to establish himself as black was eager to be the front man for the ACORN CRA initiative locally. A precursor in the role we now see Crump, and not much brighter, it floated him to the top. And they’ve all been living large since with the wave still building and the destruction multiplying.


  5. David says:

    Obviously you don’t want to fundamentally change something you like. By saying this Obama omitted he hated America, that he will betray our values, that he is the enemy. Still he got elected twice when he should have been tried for treason. What does this tell you about the American voter?

    Guilt is one of the three great diseases that destroy the Spirit. Greed and Envy are the other two. Together they make the Devils EGG ( Envy, Greed, Guilt) and result in misunderstanding ruling the “World”. Infecting American Society with guilt has been the plan from the beginning and it was instituted by our so called “educators”. The courts are infected as well and the results are now coming home to roost. What we are seeing take place right before our eyes is ” the fundamental “Chaining” of Americas”.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Does the First Lady hate America, as well?


    • JeremyR says:

      Are we sure he got elected even once? How much voter fraud was there? Is it possible? how can we be sure that the electronic voting machines reported accurately? That may also explain how idiots like Bonehead get reelected.

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      • lorac says:

        He didn’t “win” the 2008 primary, so he didn’t “win” the general on the basis of that, alone. Aside from the major, well documented caucus fraud, and the machines, they stole Hillary’s delegates and gave them to him to make him the winner. She was ahead in delegates and in votes. Votes don’t count, delegates do, but neither had enough to pass the required number.

        So, instead of going to the convention, which is what conventions were supposed to be for, they stole her delegates for him (May 31, 3008, I watched it live on cspan), and had a very expensive, Greek Column party-time “convention”. He didn’t “win” anything, he stole it, just as he stole (with the help of Emil Jones) the 26 bills credited to him when he was a senator. Obama has always been a fraud.

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  6. georgiafl says:

    Sundance, this is some of your best investigative reporting. I’m in awe.

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    • Lamemax says:

      Ibn Khaldûn…

      [S]edentary life becomes the last stage of civilization and the point where it begins to decay. It also constitutes the last stage of evil and of remoteness from goodness…. [S]edentary people have become used to laziness and ease. They are sunk in well-being and luxury. They have entrusted the defense of their property and lives to the governor who rules them, and to the militia which has the task of guarding them…. They are carefree and trusting, and have ceased to carry weapons. Successive generations have grown up in this way of life. They have become like women and children, who depend upon the master of the house.”
      — Ibn Khaldûn, Muqaddimah, 1377


  7. labrat says:

    Have you seen this? Hillary pilloried for “all lives matter” – that’s rich!

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    • Stamp says:

      “All lives Matter” is code for “Take your black racism and shove it” so yeah they are offended big time!

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    • Dixie says:

      She meant to say “black lives matter”.

      Here is something I found on that same website. Now this may NOW look a little more interesting to everybody in view of what is going on in this country today!

      Let’s take our country back. IMHO, Convention of States is the answer.


  8. pyromancer76 says:

    Sundance, this is one of your most important posts. I am citing it in my comments in other blogs. My prayer is that investigative journalist bloggers (the only fourth estate we have today) will get together and form a united opposition. IMHO, I suggest one addition to the post in reference to the quote: “The astounding thing is how such a few people have convinced a larger electorate, through the media, that their activist beliefs are in the majority – They’re NOT !”

    The problem is that the media are all part of the paid activitism to make a destructive minority appear like a valiant majority. Crony corporatism will get you lots of support. I wish that you wonderful bloggers would not refer to the term “media” for these fraudsters (including AGwW) that gives the propagandists respect and cheapens the English language. Instead, Arthur Sulzberger and Mark Thompson should be named as the purveyers of this nonsense — over and over and over again. Alinsky them. They are not “the media”; they are a small minority of two exerting extremist power under the cover of “the media”

    Liked by 3 people

  9. tappin52 says:

    I guess this is his civilian army that is as well funded as the military.

    Liked by 6 people

    • JeremyR says:

      Hitler used his brownshirts to gain power, but once he was on the throne, he stamped then out. Soros learned a very important lesson from that. He built Barry’s brownshirts after assuming power, and they are keeping hidden the control mechanisms that give them their marching orders and money.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Director says:

        One of the problems with American conservatives is that you rabbit on about the NSDAP as if the NSDAP was aimed at dispossessing and replacing the German majority in Germany. Whatever you think of any policies the base of their vote was the following:

        1 small holder farmers
        2 skilled workers and artisans. Especially defence industry high skill workers
        3 the lower middle class. Managers, customs officials, police etc.
        4 nationalistic aristocrats.

        You gotta stop kidding yourselves on this.

        Sure Obama is a totalitarian, but he’s a black guy who really detests white middle age cisgendered fathers.

        The NSDAP whatever it’s flaw was based on the white hereonormative middle class husbandman.


        • JeremyR says:

          In Minnesota, my birth place, the Dems are the DFL. That is Democrats, Farmers, and Laborers. Funny how that fits the EXACT profile you list for the NSDAP.
          Small Farmers often democrat? Check.
          Skilled Workers and artisians? Well, most of their unions are DEMOCRAT!
          Lower middle class, the working poor? again, a democrat strong hold
          Nationalistic Aristocrats? Like Soros, Buffet, and all the other limosine liberals? Just dang!


          • Director says:

            Oh dear dear dear.

            The lower middle class in the context of Germany.

            That generally excludes manual laborers. Highly skilled workers are NOT the same thing as a burger flipper.

            How is Soros of the blood either?


  10. Stamp says:

    Most excellent post.. I was aware of the DOJ starting the first protests in Sanford under the “Community Relations Service” – placed there under Obama’s personal request no doubt… but that he was personally involved with Crump and BLM // just WOW!

    And while he keeps striking out with these attempts, even going overboard in Baltimorgue backing up Mosby whose case is going to fall apart, he is left with frustrated protesters who are ambling about aimlessly with raised fist threatening to “bomb whites” and “kill slave masters”.

    He is the father of the “Ghetto Awakening” which is basically not doing them any good besides making them feel more and more sorry for themselves daily…

    All useful idiots of Soros and Charlie Manson, I am sure the latter is thrilled with Obama.

    Helter Skelter indeed.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Lou says:

    awesome research SD. what if a white man creates a #whitelivesmatteralso ? will they get invited to the White House? probably not, because white lives do not matter to Obama. he’s basking in his glory and eating this crap up.


  12. Pingback: The Trails of All Modern Social Activism Lead Back To The White House…. | The Last Refuge | S.E.Thomson's Blog

  13. Justice_099 says:

    In previous posts I have mentioned how both sides of any issue seem to prominently display the most absurd and stupid extremists. People that cannot articulately argue the point. Today I am thinking this is purely intentional.

    In the race to normalize so many things (gay lifestyle, transgenderism, racism, anti-religion, etc…) I am beginning to wonder if the dissenters are in on this. By providing such stereotypical extremism as to turn people off, they are helping those that are working to destroy America. They provide the perfect person to hate. It is just too convenient how perfectly they manage to fit into the absurd stereotypes by the left. Their role is to provide a punching bag. A straw man that makes it easy for a rational person to reject thereby accepting the opposite viewpoint.

    Extremism is ugly. And what is happening in this socialist slide is extreme and ugly. What better way to make it look better and more normal than by providing something even more ugly to focus on? It’s the political equivalent of hanging out with uglier friends to make yourself more attractive.

    What I notice has been sincerely lacking is a person able to speak moderately and with reason and rationality. We have this debate on gay marriage and the only arguments given against it are religious objections. Religious objections are not valid for making laws unless we live in a theocracy, which we do not in America. Not all people here are Christians so how futile and useless is it to try to argue this issue on those merits? There are voices speaking to more rational and legal objections. Those pointing out economical harm, etc… but their voices are always quieted and instead the extremists are the loudest.

    I’ve pointed out how I truly believe that the Republicans in congress carefully decide who is going to be the whipping boys on controversial legislation. A carefully crafted set of dissenters and promoters. Seems to depend on who is being favorited for election at the time. The end result is to provide just enough votes to pass the controversial bill, give conservative cred to the certain favorited (who always betray us in a different setting.) Just enough of them are selected to take the fall in order to make things pass. Just enough to allow the party to maintain credibility.

    Liked by 4 people

    • pattyloo says:

      yes, i agree that only 2 viewpoints are publicized: the cleansed positive one for the radical left idea (pro-choice, for example) vs. the right’s religious objections.

      But, there are many people stating other objections (like look how many black babies are aborted). It is just that the media will not show these viewpoints, as they muddy the water.


      • Director says:

        What you point out is a feature not a bug.

        The problem is that well educated attractive bright white women have far too many abortions. That’s something that pro-Life activists never ever point out.


  14. bogeytct says:

    What we’re witnessing is the looting of the republic. The people in power and ripping apart the country and diverting as much of the Treasury towards their folks.

    America can not survive the foolish voters who allow it.

    Liked by 9 people

    • ThankYou,Treepers says:

      “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the people discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy–to be followed by a dictatorship.”

      Origin unknown, as Loren Collins has persuasively written.

      Then as to voters, there’s this which is harsh, politically incorrect, but hard to refute by subsequent history from “The American Negro” (1901) by William Hannibal Thomas, a Unites States Colored Troops Civil War amputee veteran who risked his life and gave his limb to make blacks citizens but opposed enfranchisement for them for the reasons we’re seeing:

      “The ostensible ground of Southern opposition to negro suffrage will be found in the fact that the negro’s ignorance and venality are dangerous in politics; and the feeling generally obtains that while his vote may, when necessary, be employed to defeat candidates of the opposition, nevertheless, the well-being of society will be profoundly endangered by any unrestricted exercise of negro suffrage.”


  15. zigmister says:

    Wish the next president that gets in will see some of this crap going on and pit a stop to it. I guess I am just dreaming.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. General P. Malaise says:


    here is a link you may want to post or at least read. it covers the topics of the community organiser and followers and how we might undo them

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dixie says:

      That was an excellent article and actually gives me hope that we may have a future yet if we can get others to help and maybe we can make a difference one step at the time. From the comments at that link, just one example of how we can make a difference.

      I am a public high-school teacher. One teacher booked our little theater and invited CAIR to come speak. I was appalled. I wrote our principal an email basically citing CAIR’s ties to Hamas, how members of the House of Representatives and the Senate named CAIR as unindicted co-conspirators in a terror finance trial, that the United Arab Emirates listed CAIR as a terrorist organization (and, I added, you can’t say that the UAE is islamaphobic), etc.

      I even outlined how some of CAIR’s employees had been arrested, and I even went on the Twitter page of the CAIR speaker and wrote some damning quotes from the speaker that showed support for the Hebdo shooting.

      To make a long story short, it took some effort and meetings but, finally, CAIR was not allowed to speak. As a matter of fact, the principal only decided to take action the very morning that they were to come to speak. My classroom faces our quad such that I can see the administrative office, the little theater and the parking lot. That morning, I saw two CAIR speakers walk to the principal’s office (not the theater). I also saw them walk out. They looked despondent and angry. (“How is it possible that we are not allowed to speak here?”, I imagined them saying.) They went back to the parking lot and left.

      The teacher who organized this came to me to “have a discussion”. At the end of our “discussion”, he said, “You can’t change the world.” (Funny, coming from him who organizes these speakers and organizes students to protest “Black Lives Matter” style on our campus, etc.) I replied, “No, I can’t change the world, BUT..I CAN change my little piece of it.” I smiled. He walked away.

      It feels good to win one every once in a while. So, yes, to paraphrase the lefty greenies: “Think globally, but act locally.”

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Tkim says:

    Friday I watched him turn a eulogy into a war whoop, speak of the black church’s history but not its stance on gay marriage, see him intone about the problem of Johnny being called back for a job interview but not Jamal, without mentioning (as he did about lives lost to gun violence) how many Jamal’s AND Johnny’s are ripped limb by limb inside their mothers’ wombs.

    It was a mockery of the cross. It was a dismissal of God’s holy word. Singing Amazing Grace negated none of that. And I’m glad his wife reminded him to go speak to the dead man’s widow and daughters. You have to remind Barack Obama that there are several billions other people on the planet besides him.

    Makes you wonder what job he is campaigning for now.


    • Dixie says:


      Let’s decide to be advocates for conservative, lawful country instead of hopeless victims. The One-Step-At-A-Time Method or Convention of States….or perhaps even both.


    • Greyhound Fancier says:

      Dems can’t help themselves – they make every funeral at which they speak into a political rally. What poor taste under the circumstances.


    • ThankYou,Treepers says:

      “Jamal” (instead of “Javaris”, Jaquarius”, “Jamarcus”, etc.) to further the subliminal message that (1) Arab islam is black and thus due all the kid glove deferential treatment and privileged premium status our society accords blacks, and (2) blacks should join the Arab islam cult.

      The cult of islam is of the devil, intended to ” break the cross”, i.e., destroy the work of the Jew Jesus who is both God and The Son of God.


    • lorac says:

      Makes you wonder what job he is campaigning for now.

      Personally, I think it’s as simple as his liking to be the center of attention.


    • Director says:

      Jamal is an Islamic name.

      His many Mohammad’s and Aisha’s are in that AME “church”?


  18. Jill says:

    Let’s not forget Obama’s new foundation “My Brother’s Keepers Alliance”
    Whites not apply:
    This foundation will pay for his home. private jet travel, 5 star hotels, similar to the Clinton foundation. 10 percent to charities, 90 percent to himself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TwoLaine says:

      Yup! Men’s Club Only Too. The girls were against it before they were for it.

      Hollywood did a piece on it and aired it last weekend. It was on numerous Channels, OWN, Discovery, and plenty more. fb even did an online by invitation preview. Ridiculous.

      We are constantly bombarded by Hollywood’s version of everything, on channels that should promote truth. PBS, Smithsonian… And the words we use don’t mean the words we use anymore.


  19. TwoLaine says:


    Liked by 3 people

  20. Nessie 509 says:

    Republicans must win the White House in 2016. Fundamental change can go either way. Look at Wisconsin. A Blue state that has voter ID, right to work, and public employee Unions with less control over government.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. waltherppk says:

    The White House should be kept white, not painted ecology green, isis black, commie red, pimp purple, or rainbow gay.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. ray76 says:

    I’d like to see the city of Ferguson sue Obama personally for organizing riots, looting, and arson.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. doodahdaze says:

    We are in the Demoralization (anybody have that tired run down feeling about our country?) stage of the Obama Communist Revolution of fundamental change. Next up will be the Destabilization. He is just beginning the Destabilization. Then comes the Crisis followed by Normalization (the new normal) this is just how they roll.


  24. Les says:

    Wow. Great work!

    How to make this go viral? Twitter?

    How do we let the extremists know that WE know?

    Sure wish we had a real press in the US. That would solve this problem. In fact, the lack of a real press created this, allowed it to breed.


  25. Jill says:

    My Brother’s Keeper Alliance files as the Barack Obama Foundation
    Obama’s half sister, Maya Soetoro, already on the payroll.

    Click to access ead513296b1f2380c7_9em6iz0fc.pdf


  26. Jill says:

    This is the 990 for My Brother’s Keeper. This is not for the foundation. My Brother’s Keeper Alliance…

    Click to access 990-financial-disclosure.pdf


  27. peachteachr says:

    Michelle’s first jobs were as a community organizer, just like Barack’s were. Then Valerie Jarrett gave her the high paying job at the hospital which was really more of the same just with a better salary.
    I read an article back in 2009, as the time came for Obama to make a decision on how to handle the financial crisis. All of the big banks, 12 or 13 I think, were called to the meeting at the WH. The only bank to disagree was Wells Fargo. The article went on to say that no one was allowed to leave until they signed onto Obama’s plan. I’m guessing that Wells Fargo has either gotten on board or been sufficiently punished.
    It’s been a long, disheartening week for me and many other Americans.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. realitycheck says:

    Interesting research for the race baiters …. guess where the USA falls on the list of racist countries?

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Keebler AC says:

    Obama and “trusted advisors” have improved their techniques since Professor Henry Gates, Harvard, friend of Ogletree, broke down his own door and yelled racism at police when they asked for ID. Straight out the gates, the divisionary tactics and hoaxes by the WH began. The links between one event move from one to the other: Ferguson to Baltimore. Baltimore to Charleston. The woman climbing the flag pole with Shawn King as the pretend instigator, was already an actor involved in “Camera, Ready, Action”. Obama seeks to capture himself and other hoaxes in “Harriet Tubman” photos for posterity. These courses are now taught as “Community Organizing and Media Communications”. Sad that he can’t have a Revolution without Lies and Hoaxes.


  30. Keebler AC says:

    By the way, and not the least:


    SUPERB WORK and irrefutable links, lol!


  31. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Darth Soros is it exactly and he is on evil dude and he is old enough that maybe we was actually the idea for Darth Vader think abbot that!


  32. archer52 says:

    Here is a thought I had. Something that has bothered me for awhile.

    Why didn’t gays try to make black churches or black Christian businesses serve them. Only whites. ….

    They needed allies. Blacks were silent, or silenced. I didn’t hear of any black/gay conflicts did you?

    The gays has successfully piggybacked on black civil rights. Which should have angered the blacks. Many blacks are conservative religiously and sensitive to their civil rights heritage.

    Yet they have remained silent while the gays got their “civil rights” on the backs of civil rights workers of the last generations. There were no “MLKs” in the gay civil rights movement.

    I’m wondering how long it will be before a gay couple demands a black church marry them.

    Thus fulfilling the “useful idiot” role of today’s black activists. And I wonder how Al and his people, even those like the late Senator Pinckney of the AME church, would react. Proud leaders of the religious black community faced with choosing gays over God.

    With the intolerant totalitarian mindset of the activist gays, they will target their former allies as well. They will not be able to help it or themselves.

    It is just history. All strident movement eventually turn on allies.

    It’s just a matter of time. And how the courts handled it will be entertaining.


    • Director says:

      I’d assume homosexual contact in prison is among the most unwelcome things about black rates of incarceration.

      Btw if there is a r-pe culture in the US it’s in the prisons. Also blacks do have terrible rates of HIV and it’s because of high rates of bisexual intercourse in their young male population. The women in the black population are infected by this intersection.


    • ImpeachEmAll says:

      Rev Al’s own words.


  33. Rick M. says:

    Communism = JEWS, you lying morons.

    Soros is a JEW. Adelson is a JEW. Civil Rights, Black Power, NAACP, SPLC all started and funded by JEWS. Our government is occupied by Satanic Zionists.

    American soldiers are dying for the sake of Israel. Blood sacrifices for the dark lord. It’s all spelled out in the Talmud.

    I think you Shabbos Goyim Zionist scum are actually going to get the worst of it.


  34. TwoLaine says:

    Obama’s Half-Brother Sells Letter From President that Reveals Why He Got Into Politics


  35. Pingback: Sheriff David Clarke, Black Lives Matter group include a lot of anarchist and marxist

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