Louisville Kentucky – Video of Police Shooting As Officer Attacked By Thug With Flagpole…

Fortunately, this time there was CCTV video.  Louisville is one of the PC zones where Black Grievance propaganda thrives.   In 2014 the Louisville community was held hostage by mobs of “black teens”.  The political correctness was so extreme the FBI was dispatched to aid the city because the local authority, Mayor and Police Chief, claimed they could do nothing to protect the public from the mobs. 

The FBI even issued domestic terrorist warnings due to the violence being coordinated on social media.  People were dragged from their vehicles and beaten as the mob ruled the streets for several weekends.  Described as “the Purge in real life“.

LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) — One man is dead and a Metro Police officer is on administrative leave following a shooting Saturday afternoon. LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said the officer, who he did not identify, was responding to a report of a woman assaulted in the 300 block of West Oak St. The officer saw a man matching the suspect description and approached him, said Conrad.

Moments later the officer fired two shots at the man. He was taken to University Hospital where he died from his injuries. Conrad said the officer shot the man twice in self-defense because he tried to attack the officer with a flag pole.

“At this point our Public Integrity Unit is conducting their investigation,” said Conrad. “Our officer will be placed on administrative leave. That is normal protocol.”

[…]   The video surveillance shows the officer pull over and approach the man about the alleged assault.

The man appears to get increasingly agitated with the officer during their brief conversation. He walks out of the video frame swinging his arms. The officer starts the follow him, then suddenly reaches for his gun as he appears to radio back to dispatch.

Suddenly the man enters the frame, swinging a metal flag pole at the officer. The video shows the man striking the officer once, hitting him so hard that the flag pole broke in half. The officer is seen firing his gun, shooting the man twice. Witnesses said he was shot on his side.  (read more)

Same place in 2014

kentucky 2

kentucky 1

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88 Responses to Louisville Kentucky – Video of Police Shooting As Officer Attacked By Thug With Flagpole…

  1. vonutley says:

    Well, it IS Flag Day….

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  2. franker01 says:

    Thank God for CCTV or this would be deja vu all over again.
    Still might be, though.

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  3. labrat says:

    He got out of his car! Guilty.

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  4. Yea, being 30 miles across the river, this stuff is fairly common.. Last Christmas they staged a protest taking over the Malls, cause a huge fuss to regular folk Christmas shopping..( on behalf of ferguson ) Yes, the mayor is very left of center…

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  5. jetstream says:

    The local authorities are responsible for permitting the rampaging we all pay for. Do. Your. Jobs.

    Welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day
    Ya learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play
    If you hunger for what you see you’ll take it eventually
    You can have everything you want but you better not take it from me

    In the jungle, welcome to the jungle
    Watch it bring you to your knnn knne knees, knees
    I want to watch you bleed

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  6. Santiago says:

    Can not wait for the first affirmative action president to go!!

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    • janc1955 says:

      Unfortunately, the clean-up from his 8 years in office will take someone with a backbone (Giuliani style), and it won’t happen overnight. It concerns me that no Republican or Conservative candidate/potential candidate seems to be addressing these issues. If they’re too inflammatory for the campaign trail, I can assume they’ll be too inflammatory once he or she is in office (God willing). At a minimum, they’ll be put on a back burner.

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    • libby says:

      Community agitator


  7. The guy must have thought he was a “Louisville Slugger.”

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  8. mazziflol says:

    Waiting for this to become a defining moment to promote flag burning among the BGI and FTP/BLM crowds.


    • 2x4x8 says:

      I was kind of thinking something similar, Leftist must be drooling in glee that someone shot-up a police station and planted bombs, anyone know where Bill Ayers was at the time?


  9. partyzantski says:

    The boundaries are totally gone. Take care of yourselves and loved ones out there.

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  10. archer52 says:

    Tough call. He could have backed up and created space when he saw the guy coming, but he pulled his gun, set his feet and it was gun day after that. We are still too quick to the gun. Run off a little and see what the guy lugging the pole can do.

    It’s that damned training again. Nothing says you can’t retreat except your pride. You back up a good distance and he’s still chasing you, then shoot him.


    • franker01 says:

      I was never a cop but I did have some riot control training in the Military and that seems like a stretch.
      When presented with a direct threat we weren’t trained to back up and re-position because that may have gotten us killed?

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      • archer52 says:

        Riot control is different than one on one.

        If you can move, you move. Sideways at an angle. He can either chase you till he gets tired or puts the pole down. We had a guy once pace up and down a street with a 9mm Beretta. Our LT refused to let anyone fire at him. The guy was upset and the LT kept talking and talking and finally the guy put the gun down. It just took time. Had he shot the gun or pointed at one of our officers then maybe, but our guys had taken good defensive positions.

        Here, the officer could have just took off. The man with the pole can’t keep up, he’s lugging the pole. Get around the other side of the unit and just play tag until you can get help or get out a less than lethal tool.

        If you get jumped and don’t see it coming then its a gun day. He saw this and could have backed up.

        But each person reacts as to their personality, training and experience. Like the Cleveland shooting. They put a rookie, who had a personality problem in the first place, within ten feet of a kid with a gun, and no cover. He shot the kid out of fear.

        I would have jumped behind the car before I shot a 12yr old. Then after he put the gun down and we secured him, I would walk up to my FTO and kick him right in the nuts for putting me in that situation in the first place!

        In my first pursuit in my rookie year, we had only handheld radios which I and others had complained would not hold a charge for a full shift. Sure enough I get in a pursuit and halfway through this 28 minute, 26 mile run through our city at 2am, my radio quits transmitting, just as I said it would. I had lost all the other cars and they were looking for me and the suspect as we were tooling through the city streets. I could hear radio traffic, but could not transmit.

        I chased that car until it literally ran out of gas.

        The idiot driver does a complete loop of the city and drives right up into our parking lot!! He exited the vehicle and almost got out “I give up!” before I flattened him. When the LT pulled up I took my radio out of its pouch and threw it at the ground in front of him. “This POS almost got me killed!”

        Soon after that the department started issuing two batteries and then went to a better system.

        Afterward, I find out the driver was mad at his girlfriend and was just venting. He wasn’t mad at us at all. But he was in shock when as an experiment, we didn’t charge him with the single fleeing to elude statute, but for each individual traffic offense he committed within that pursuit- which was about fifty tickets (another stupid idea from my LT. The State Attorneys nearly cried when they same them).

        The look on the guy’s face was priceless when I dropped the stack in front of him and started with “do you remember when you ran that stop sign at this intersection? Sign here. Do you remember driving the wrong way down this street? Sign here!”

        Classic, but far too much paperwork.

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    • littlelaughters says:


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    • drew says:

      You don’t try to distance yourself from a lethal threat, you eliminate it unless you don’t have the means to. You retreat/reposition to handle non-lethals. In this case, the manner the flag pole was used can clearly be considered disabling and/or lethal force. If you’re willing to use that kind of force against an armed man it’s not a stretch to say you’re willing to kill him.

      How many videos have we seen where a cop with a gun drawn retreats by running backwards and eats it? That is an awful situation to be in.

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      • archer52 says:

        Drew- yes you do.

        You have in your hand probably the worst tool you can use to “stop a threat.” Pistols suck. We’ve seen multiple people get shot and not slow down! Standing your ground THINKING a pistol is going to stop someone will get you killed.

        You distance the heck out of yourself! Run, duck, move, find COVER.

        Only when you have no choice do you shoot someone. 1. It doesn’t work far more than it does. 2. Today, shooting anyone carrying anything short of a anti-tank missile is going to get your criticized. That’s just reality. If he’s black, he had better have two anti-tank missiles and a M60.

        So learn to move, back up (tactically), keep the target away from you and try to find a way not to kill them. I’m not saying turn and run, that is when you get smacked. But moving at an angle buys time. At close range, even moving, I can shoot you in the face anytime I want. So I keep the gun up, and move. Just remember, you pull the trigger- even justified- YOUR LIFE IS OVER! That is Obama’s fundamental change.

        Now if the other person is shooting, you can shoot back, but don’t stand there like it is a dusty main street in a western town circa 1880’s. MOVE! They can’t hit you if you are moving. You have fourteen rounds to keep him occupied. Find cover, reload, assess and then kill him if you have to.

        But remember, for years, people who were never there, have no idea what they are talking about and have an agenda will drag the incident out and beat you with it.

        Ask Stacey Koons.


        • Pistols suck? Compared to rifle fire I might agree, revolvers & pistols do stop people & animals & kill everyday, not only in America, but the world. Maybe the Officer may choose to play ring around the posey or Simon says.. (Before he is again assaulted?) Look there are completely insane, drug controlled violent people not only born in the states but from every broken country in the world.. ( they just ship them in here all of the time ) clearly a handgun is a highly portable weapon, therefore it is highly suitable for Law enforcement & Honest law abiding citizens to protect our wives, children & other citizens under deadly attack. You are right, our right to protect our life & others is under a renewed effort, I see it as a new angle, attack law enforcement for defending themselves & the people they serve. Having prosecutors against deadly force in ANY case, and degrade & destroy a fundamental right to “Live”
          I have yet to shoot or own a perfect weapon, but the pistol/revolver is very viable.


          • franker01 says:

            I agree. I had a 40 S&W that was really nice but somehow over the years my son ended up with it leaving me with a 380 (as well as a 25 and a repro 36 cal Navy which are nice conversation pieces, at least). LOL


    • texasgypsy53 says:

      I say pull the gun and let the other guy back up. This is Law Inforcement,not a dance class for the TexasTwo Step!

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      • archer52 says:

        It is not law enforcement, it is “peace officer-ing”. The guy you kill is a human being that may not be a monster. He may be distraught, or depressed or angry. He may have a family and under different circumstances would never be violent. People break. It isn’t an officer’s job to kill them for it. I know it sound like I’m bi-polar on this. I’m not.

        It comes from the position of overall humanity. Too many police are being trained that they are “law enforcement” and that gives them that extra right to be lethal. They are trained to fear the public at all levels and to “always go home at the end of shift.” That’s fine and good in a class room, but out in the world it is a lot more gray than black and white.

        Lethal force is the last choice. Force continuums are now taught as a wheel with spokes, not a line. That way you can reach a level without passing through another level, and retreat from that level without passing through another. Each incident or threat is different and unique.

        The officer in McKinney did that. He was using hands on force, was aggressed upon by two threats, pulled his gun, when the threats went away, holstered his gun. Had it been white kids or older adults, nobody would have blinked, but we know that reality too.

        In Waco, the bikers were in an active gunfight. As a policeman you are forced to react to that. It stops, you stop.

        In Dallas, that guy was making what we call a “statement day”. He snapped and was taking on the police en masse. He dies. Not because you want to, but because he’s not going to give up. There is no solving this problem without getting killed, so you kill him.

        In Cleveland, you don’t shoot 12yr old kids with guns. The same in California with the kid walking down the road with a toy rifle. You don’t rush up and confront them because you are “law enforcement”. You try to find a way to keep everybody alive. People screw up. It isn’t our job to kill them for it. Neither of those kids were a legitimate threat, and a few seconds to assess and observe would have proven that.

        Sometimes there is no choice, like with Darren Wilson. His assailant already tried to kill him. That bell had been rung and he STILL tried to get the guy to stop, shooting only when Brown moved toward him. That saved Wilson. Had he just shot Brown down he would be in jail. I’m afraid, after that beating he took and the gun going off I would have not stop shooting until he fell down.

        And I would have been in jail.


        • texasgypsy53 says:

          Didn’t say a damn thing bout pulling the trigger,just pull the gun and make him back up. But since you want to draw me on in some more with psychological “what ifs”,when yer backed up against the car and the ass is trying to knock yer head off….when ya pull the gun,and that doesn’t wake him up into reality, pull the damn trigger,cause he ain’t afraid,and he’ll kill ya if he can….jmo


    • It’s heroin, it’s everywhere in louisville, needles, everywhere.. A town in Indiana about 45 miles from me, Austin has nearly 200 confirmed HIV cases since Jan. louisville just started a needle program too. The Gov. Of indiana at first did a temporary needle exchange program for 30 days, now it’s a year. The other deal is hep c it’s waay bad, and flying under the radar a bit. I miss the days of louisvilles viper squad.. Reminded me a lot of blackwater.. They didn’t play, and, they had a chief that would back & support the team. The new chief ( 3 to 4 years new ) doesnt let them work in a good way.. You know, with street cred..


    • Stormy says:

      This come to mind:


    • BitterC says:

      Looked to me like the cop was backed up against the squad car when he got clocked by the flag pole. He had nowhere to back up at that point.


      • archer52 says:

        Bad reaction. Situational awareness is not something you are born with, you have to learn it and practice it. Like I said, he pulled his gun and cemented his feet, then got caught off guard when that didn’t work. That’s on him. NOBODY cares about that gun when they are high, drunk, angry or nuts.

        Every citizen in today’s America needs to learn it. “Where are the exits. How many people are around me, what are they doing. The guy next to me, can I see his hands? Is he angry? Why is he mumbling Arabic saying? Why does he have a backpack?”

        I asked a few people who I will be training:

        “What would you do if you were in a movie line with your family and the Arabic person next to you started mumbling “Allah Akbar”? Would you jump him. Would you signal your family to simply leave the line? Do you even have a plan or a signal? Would you tell anyone else? Would you not call the police out of fear of PC?
        If you are armed, would you send your family away and confront the guy? How would that play in today’s environment.

        You would be surprised how many people have never even considered this.

        I have.


    • bertdilbert says:

      “but he pulled his gun, set his feet and it was gun day after that.”

      He pulled his gun to see if he could deescalate the situation. When he did not stop and instead attacked the officer he proved that he was suicidal. Suicidal is also know as homicidal so the cop took a killer off the street.

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      • John Galt says:

        Call Somalia and have them send over another Obamanaut.


      • archer52 says:

        Look again. and see my post above. Guns do not impress anyone because they know the laws and the media and the situation.

        When our County SO stopped dog biting juveniles involved in felonies- a simple policy change- we had a situation that proves my point. Two weeks after the change, we had a GTA in our jurisdiction where juvies bailed out and ran. Our K9 got them. Just before the dog was about to bounce, one jumped up and yelled “Juvenile, juvenile!”, but he was a split second too late. The dog got to him. (In life, timing is everything!)

        Later he was complaining. “Hey, you can’t bite juveniles, it’s against your rules!” My buddy looked at him sideways “What?” “You can’t bite juveniles anymore!” My buddy said, “You mean the COUNTY can’t bite juvies anymore. Take a look at the side of my car Einstein is says Police”

        But the point is, TWO WEEKS from a policy change some lowlife, country bred, high school drop out KNEW about it!

        That’s the reality. Heck, I’ve had them spout law to me! And be right!

        So guns are useless IF the person doing the bad thing thinks you can’t do anything with it. In my experience, when you pulled it and yelled “Halt police” it only made them run faster.


    • oldiadguy says:

      It is a good shooting, but the officer approached the suspect in an odd manner. Watch the officer’s left hand. It remains over his center chest area up till the time he draws his pistol. Very odd. I wonder if this officer had a body cam?


      The video does show a number of poor tactical decisions made by the officer that will probably be addressed as training issues.

      Take Care

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      • bertdilbert says:

        The first thing I noticed was the approach. It may be training or it may be the officer’s style. I would call it a non menacing approach, the opposite of a combative approach. The body language is slightly exaggerated to accomplish that. The approach style is intentional on the part of the officer. He may modify his approach style depending on the situation. This just happens to be a situation that the person he was dealing with was in a unsound condition of mind.

        As we saw in the Officer Casebolt incident, drawing his weapon deescalated the situation. In this case, drawing of the officer’s weapon had no deterrent effect.

        As to the hand over the chest, I am assuming that there was some sort of microphone push button device that he could use to report/summon backup. That makes more sense than holding a body cam.


        • oldiadguy says:

          Tactically it makes no sense to place your hand over the center of your chest. As far as notifying dispatch, he should have already called out on his car radio about the stop. Even if his handheld radio mic was there, it makes little sense to hold it and tie up one of his hands.

          The fact that he keeps his hand over his chest is very odd. It would be interesting to know if he was carrying a body cam. If he was, was he pointing the camera at the suspect or . . . . . .

          In regards to the Casebolt incident, I don’t believe drawing the pistol de-escalated the incident. The two subjects were already backing away when Casebolt turned towards them. They were starting to run when Casebolt started to draw his pistol. Run the video in slow motion or play it, stopping every few seconds and watch how it plays out. If you play the video in a stop and go manner, watch the body placement on the officer to the left in regards to Casebolt.

          Take Care


      • Louisville Metro police ( in the past 2 weeks ) announced a large purchase of body cams. Some have been issued as a field test. I do not know the #s. it does appear he may have turned it on. ( if he was wearing one)


  11. just watched the un-cropped version of above video on another site and you can clearly see that guy in the video frame the entire time. he gets up off the ground after he was shot and then collapses.


  12. lisaginnz says:

    What about “do not EVER attack an ARMED police officer. PERIOD” do these people NOT understand? Crikey….

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  13. Sorta like Spider-Man with out the web.
    Personally, if police could just carry & use hand grenades, I’d support a another small tax to offset the cost. Just sayin..


    • Spider-Man ref to parkour.. Post didnt align proper ( my fault ) in ref to the 2nd photo of gang mentality.. I would say, 2 people were arrested & held for 6 months.. ( couldn’t make bail ) a attorney proved those 2 were in another location & not gang banging, here’s the interesting part, the city settled out of court for I believe ( I could be wrong ) a million dollars & settled in less than a year! Blazing speed here on payoffs.


  14. Millwright says:

    ‘What we’re seeing here is a failure to learn and observe the legal and social rules of your new country.’ The latest wave of immigrants from Africa, the ME and elsewhere can’t seem to grasp the very simple concept they only get to observe the customs and mores of their home culture so long as they don’t conflict with ours. Mix in some dope, alcohol and a generally polite police force and these goofs don’t know how to act to police intervention , mistaking,, I suspect, officer politeness for weakness.

    But this video does make my case for bringing back the “nightstick” into officers’ toolbox. A nightstick would have been a “less than lethal” alternative providing both the means to counter the attack and render this perp immobile.

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  15. Will says:

    Deng!, that’s crazy!

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  16. John Galt says:

    Kentucky = SYG: apparently all options are open: run from flag pole waving crack head, beat sparks out of crack head or shoot crack head.

    “In Kentucky, individuals are not obligated to retreat from an attacker in any place in which they are lawfully present.”

    “The state’s self-defense law was amended in 2006, and provides a person can use deadly force if they believe it is “necessary to protect himself against the use or imminent use of unlawful physical force by the other person.”



  17. archer52 says:

    For those of us who comment on sites saying if they were in this position they would light the bad guy up, I offer some caution. As I tell all my CCW friends (and I’m one of them, plus the fed 218 carry) if you shoot someone get ready for a serious probing. Nothing is sacred, and nothing is private anymore.

    What could be a good shoot, clearly a self defense situation, can go bad in a heartbeat IF the prosecutors feel they want to, and if the media gets ahold of it.

    When you shoot someone be prepared for the following:

    your cell phone and computer will be seized and searched. Which means they will find your emails. Which means they will warrant your emails and then find the comments from this website (for example). Which means they will warrant the website owners- Hello Sundance! Which means he will comply. Which means every comment you ever made on this site or any other will be theirs.
    They will have your contacts, your texts, your pics. (Remember how the FBI talked to HUNDREDS of Zimmermans contacts looking for a flaw? How would you do?) And everyone one of them will show up in your trial to paint you as a maniac killer. If the shooting is so good they can’t take you to trial- (which I might point out is didn’t stop Corey in Florida) – but the dead person is of a protected race, gender, orientation (and God help you if it is a disabled, lesbian, transgendered black democrat with NAACP membership!) the media will somehow obtain your data- leaked to them by a frustrated DA- so you can be smeared and damaged in your job, your family, your life.
    The media, the idiots in the media, will seize on it, and if one channel has it, they all will. You’ll see your face, your home, your friends, your place of employment in 1080p all day, every day, for a long time.

    That is why I argue to shoot in self defense ONLY when you have no choice at all. I mean at the last minute. It’s crazy, and I don’t like it, but is the reality of the world created in the last six years. Then lawyer up, call a lawyer, tell the cops you won’t talk UNTIL you have a lawyer, but cooperate. Like this:

    “He tried to kill me, I was in fear for my life, yes, I shot him with this gun, here it is. In all due respect officer. I’ll wait until my lawyer is present, just as you would when you shoot someone. Oh and by the way, all my family will do the same.”

    Now if you can take the hit, or don’t care what happens to you, then light the bad guy up like it is Christmas! Me, I’m hoping to avoid it and will use my abilities to skirt or talk my way out of all confrontations. Only when life is threatened or my life is threatened will I take action.

    They want to riot, let them. They try to burn YOUR house down, well shame on them for bringing a can of gas and a Bic to a semi-auto gunfight.

    Just remember, you do it, say it, think it, you may very well see it again- in court.

    Take care, be safe.


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