Suspect In Dallas Rampage Killed By Police Sharpshooter….

DALLAS — A lone gunman who riddled Dallas police headquarters in a “helter-skelter” rampage Saturday with an assault rifle was shot and killed by a police sniper after fleeing in an armored van, police said.

James Boulware 2

“We can now confirm that the susp in the van is deceased but unable to confirm ID pending Med Ex. identification,” the Dallas police department said on Twitter.

Police waited several hours to declare the suspect dead until they could examine his getaway van, which they feared had been rigged with explosives.

When bomb squads intentionally detonated suspected ordinance inside the van, the vehicle caught fire, setting off live rounds inside, police said. In addition, police found two more pipe bombs in the van.

No one was injured in the attack, even though the gunman — angry over a child custody battle — had raked the lobby and second floor of the headquarters from several angles, shattering glass and sending officers scrambling. He also planted pipe bombs packed with shrapnel at the headquarters, rammed a police car and opened fire again before speeding off.

“We are blessed that our officers survived this ordeal,” Police Chief David Brown told reporters. “There are bullet holes in squad cars where officers were sitting, bullet holes in the lobby where staff was sitting.”  (read more)

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65 Responses to Suspect In Dallas Rampage Killed By Police Sharpshooter….

  1. doodahdaze says:

    Good shooting!!

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  2. kihn says:

    Grumpy cat good.


  3. Margaret-Ann says:

    Thank goodness no one else was killed or injured, especially with all the gunfire downtown.
    Excellent reporting and coverage from the “get go”, Sundance. 🙂

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  4. TheLastDemocrat says:

    ^ this news story says he received a class b misdemeanor in 2013, so he would not be eligible for CHL in Texas.

    However, he would be able to own firearms.

    The charge was not domestic violence (Fed law : no gun ownership if domestic violence misdemeanor), so he would have been legal to own guns. Just not be a CHL holder, per Texas law.

    He would be legal to buy and have rifles and hand guns. Searching the web, it looks like he could have guns on his property, on his person if at his own home, and in car when traveling if firearm is out of sight.

    So, a good question is: how might this guy, who had gotten on the radar at least once, be prevented from firearm ownership?

    I have not yet found info on whether he was noted as having mental illness. If he was just a narcissist, he might not end up with firmly recorded diagnosis other than that one.


    • wizzum says:

      So tell me where the but or except is in the 2nd Amendment?

      Just answer that question, nothing else.


      • partyzantski says:

        There is no exception to the 2nd Amendment. It recognizes a God-given right to own firearms, it does not grant it.
        All firearm control legislation is un-Constitutional. The “shall not” portion of the 2A means in perpetuity.

        Now, I am relieved that this obviously disturbed person did not kill or hurt anyone else but himself. His attack seemed oddly timed, unless empty streets helped him ingress/egress.

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        • joshua says:

          well, downtown Dallas at that neighborhood can be pretty dull even on a Friday nite, Sat morning…the party action is more Northwest of the PD bldg….heck…got everyone all busy and alert in case there was a pool party problem later in the day….police need to stay busy protecting citizens…


      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        OK, wizzum, I will answer that question.
        !st Amendment includes many things, including the freedom of the press. You would say that “the press” could print anything, anytime, anywhere, without limits? A newspaper runs a story on the arrest of a child pornographer, and includes example photographs in the story? And distributes this at an elementary school?

        I believe this: “my rights end where yours begin.” I am not free to do whatever I want. My free exercise of religious practice cannot include my “right” to kill non-believers.

        A shooter is apprehended and arrested. Do you allow him to keep his firearm as you book him into jail?

        To say there are no “but”s on rights is ignorant.

        Should adults generally be allowed to own and carry a gun without any sort of license? Is the CHL concept anti-American and anti-Constitutional?


        Is there any “but” to the second amendment. Certainly.

        Go argue the CHL issue elsewhere.

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    • Burnt Toast says:

      So, a good question is: how might this guy, who had gotten on the radar at least once, be prevented from firearm ownership?

      Death penalty for so much as crossing the street against the signal?
      Star chamber / prejudicial killings?

      One could be charitable to progs and characterize many of their proposed ‘solutions’ to your question as merely misguided (but well intended) excessive prior restraint at the loss of civil liberties…

      But I won’t…

      Progs are authoritarian thugs whose sole intent is to enslave and ultimately grind into dust any who chose not to live and think exactly they way they (pretend to) do.

      The only reason they do not come right out and say it is that they know their ideas are repulsive. Same reason they hide under such self-identifiers as ‘socialist’, ‘liberal’, ‘democratic’, and ‘republican’. Who’d vote for someone under party labeles ‘authoritarian’, ‘despotic’, ‘draconian’, ‘fascist’, or ‘democide’.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “Same reason they hide under such self-identifiers as …”

        And the ever-so light-and-fluffy “progressive”.


    • Kitty Smith says:

      A better question would be is there a DSM-V diagnosis for leftism?

      There is never a reason for the government to violate the Second Amendment by trying to prohibit any form of firearm ownership by anybody, including non-violent felons.

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    • Burnt Toast says:

      Good question. Would like to repy… but…POOF, gone.


    • John Denney says:

      Americans unite to defend each person’s Life, LIberty, and Property. Delegating some of that responsibility to public servants should not deprive “We the People” of the means of defense, yet such is common. In many cities it is considered unlawful to carry, not only firearm, but any arms – knives, clubs, nunchuks, spears, swords, . . .

      My defenseless neighbor, an elderly man recovering from prostate cancer surgery, was nearly killed by a pair of German Shepherd dogs that managed to escape their owner. If another neighbor hadn’t been driving by at the time, he would be dead. The neighbor was also defenseless, but opened her car door so the man could get in, shutting out the dogs, then drove him to the nearby emergency room to have his spurting arteries sewed up. Now when the man walks, he carries a sturdy hardwood “walking stick”.


  5. thesouthwasrght says:

    Love how the 2a is steadily chipped away. Now a bs domestic charge derails your constitutional rights. They are so transparent in their fear of an armed populace.

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  6. aprilyn43 says:

    Well… At least the guy is “White”!
    Which show’s the “True Racism” of the present.


  7. sundance says:

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  8. Gettingby says:

    Expect to hear his name a million times. He will be promoted by the left as a typical gun loving, bible thumping, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, white terrorist male.

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  9. Stormy says:

    Thank goodness he was white, so the entire country won’t erupt in chaos and rioting, and law enforcement won’t have to account for every jot and tittle of their actions and words from the last 12 hours.

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    • ytz4mee says:

      It doesn’t make you ask what conveniently got pushed off the Chyron package so that this could be endlessly dissected and discussed, and existing Fabian ideology about the mythological white Sovereign Citizen anti-government domestic terrorist could be perpetuated?

      Thanks anyways. I continue to survey the wavetops to find out what’s really going on underneath that they need to distract us so…. spectacularly. They do believe we really are that stupid. Blood, circuses and Hollywood Hi-Test explosions, oh My!

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    • Kitty Smith says:

      The chief needs to account for his actions a few years ago.

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    • joshua says:

      I guess he will not be available to become Pres of the NAACP now he is dead….

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  10. maggiemoowho says:

    Leave it to a CNN reporter to call the Suspect “courageous and brave”. They say she must have misspoken.

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  11. Aslan's Girl says:

    I still have some questions regarding this official story:

    In this article from USA Today:

    It states: “But in 2013, police in Paris, Texas, said they arrested James Lance Boulware after he obtained firearms, ammunition and body armor before threatening to attack his family, CHURCHES and schools.”

    Two questions — #1 CHURCHES? Who threatens churches? I really think there is more to this story than just a custody dispute. #2 Had authorities taken his kid away before 2013? If not, what was his beef back then for him to threaten terror?

    And on another note, if this official story is accurate, this man proved everything the authorities said about him — he IS a terrorist and his kid should’ve been taken away.

    VERY glad everyone is ok and no police or civilians were hurt. Praise God. God kept them safe just as He did in Garland.

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    • MaryfromMarin says:

      Just a comment: people do threaten and actually attack churches far more often than the general public realizes. Here are some stats:

      Churches are considered–and in general are–very vulnerable to many forms of violence, internal and external:


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      why threaten churches?

      this guy may have been a narcissist.

      a narcissist is someone who has a profoundly negative view of himself or herself AND copes with that by psychologically formulating a view of himself or herself as a great, admirable person.

      As they fail at things in life, or receive criticism, or see others succeed where they are failing, the psychological defense mechanism kicks in – it defends against the fundamental bad self-view that gets stirred up by these things by one way or another – usually finding steady ways to aggrandize himself or herself.

      Accepting Jesus requires humility. This is the opposite of having to sustain a psychological view of yourself as wonderful.

      It truly is the human condition that each of us is fallen. Well, this is true in my theology – Christianity. I accept that I am depraved, immoral, weak, broken, fallen.

      Most of us can.

      The narcissist has to defend against this recognition. So, narcissists do not get along with Christianity very well.

      God can be discounted by discounting His church – the people, organized as the church.


      • John Denney says:

        As it is written, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5) and as Jesus said, ““Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.” – Matthew 23:12


  12. Virginia tech, Sandy Hook, Movie theater “joker” dude, columbine, in every one of these cases, there has been a pronounced mental illness paper trail a mile long… Yes, the moonbats, aka Clinton’s under Bill did indeed change much about laws in healthcare.
    Apparently people have the right to be mentally deranged, and murder others which always has proven to be innocent regular moms, dads, & children.. But, lets keep these serious mental illness under wraps & blame the guns, “hardware” I would say, how’s that been working out Hillary Clinton? Ronald Reagan was shot, he did not go after guns, the nut bag ( who shot Reagan ) has been in a hospital & under the close ( maybe drunken) secret service. Got to undo the mental illness protections on behalf of past & future victims…

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    • smiley says:

      mental illness is exploitable.
      a convenient and handy thing to blame.
      “mental illness paper trail a mile long.”


  13. Millwright says:

    Just a technical note, but did anyone note the shooter’s primary weapon was reportedly labeled an “assault rifle” ? If correct it likely means .223, or possibly 5.56 mm caliber. All that shooting with what the media universally describes as ” a high-powered rifle”, and no downrange casualties. Even cops in nearby vehicles were reported unwounded. A graphic demonstration of what our troops have been reporting about this caliber for years. The few pictures shown seem horrible, but I suspect a few feet past the holes in the plate glass even cardboard would be an effective shield from the (mostly glass) fragments .

    FWIW, I’d bet the police sniper was using .308 for the same reason(s).


    • John Denney says:

      In Vietnam, an American walking point for his unit rounded a corner and encountered an enemy about 30 yards away walking point for his unit. They both opened fire on full auto, the American with his M16, and the enemy with his AK47. After each had expended a full magazine, neither was hit even once.

      At another battle in Vietnam, an American had his rifle on single shot, rather than auto. There was a large tree with a very low fork on the enemy side, and he kept seeing an enemy head looking out from the fork. He’d fire a shot at it, and it would disappear, but then appear again a minute later, and he would fire again, but it kept reappearing. The enemy eventually fled. When the American went to scout the tree, he found he had never missed. There was a pile of dead enemy, all shot through the head.


    • Stamp says:

      Or perhaps a 50 cal FMJ. I read this round took out the engine block, would be good for ripping through his van too.


  14. Millwright says:

    The major ‘unanswered question’ to my thinking is’; ‘Where did the money for all of this come from ? ‘ Boulware was unemployed and his family claim he hadn’t the money to pay for medical/psychological intervention. I’m slightly less doubtful about his bomb making ability as the net is full of ‘how-to’ (often published by the USDOD) bomb making from commonly available materials and even “tremblor” switch booby trapped IEDs.

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    • That’s a excellent question, it crossed my mind earlier today as I watched the armor vehicle ram a police car.. ( at really low speed ) it seems odd that his struggling ( financially) so much and yet aquired this vehicle & weapons etc.. Good point


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