Six Seconds – The Threat Matrix – McKinney Pool Mob Fiasco…

From beginning to end this screen grab sequence of the Officer in McKinney Texas is less than 6 seconds.  Six seconds inside the threat matrix.  This is what police have to deal with.

Never run up behind a cop dealing with a volatile situation:

danger 1

danger 2danger 3danger 4danger 5Danger 6danger 7danger 8danger 9

Decisions needing to be made in micro-seconds.  Again, this entire sequence is less than 6 seconds in real time video.

Notice the officer never actually points his firearm at anyone.  After unholstering it and securing it in his hand he keeps the hand gun pointed down toward the ground until re-holstered.

Watch it again:

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50 Responses to Six Seconds – The Threat Matrix – McKinney Pool Mob Fiasco…

  1. bob e says:

    solution .. behave or no welfare .. real simple

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  2. Thoughts & Prayers to this suspended Police Officer..

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  3. AghastInFL says:

    Undeniable. The ‘tiny dancers’ however will pivot back to the takedown of the young lady and claim it was never about the drawn weapon… any excuse for the continued displacement of blame from the uncontrollable crowd onto the LEO.
    Todays meme continues: Law enforcement bad, Lawlessness good.

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  4. seabrznsun says:

    I really feel for any law enforcement officer having to deal with the animosity and disrespect for them and the law. This is where we are in America at this time. It’s way too dangerous for LEO’s.

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  5. Stormy says:

    Very Intense Sunlight Shining

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  6. Donald Joy says:

    NEW RULES: The Gelded White Police Officer’s Guide To Dealing With Unruly Blacks:


  7. Jeffrey says:

    My local news channels were full of this story of the cop who for no reason body slammed an innocent female and needlessly pulled his gun at a “celebration”…
    I could throw up at the propaganda intensity anymore. Of course they have already suspended the cop.

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  8. The guy with purple shirt and closed fist has a cig in his mouth and sure as hell looks older than a teenager.

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  9. CrankyinAZ says:

    Yep.. exactly. That cop was being threatened. Had to explain this to the spousal unit who was believing the crap coming out of the MSM news-report. I asked him to watch the video again – putting himself in the cop’s place. Two older teenagers trying to come up behind him w/hands behind their backs. Who knows what they have there – while he’s dealing with the teenage girl on the ground. Of course he draws his weapon… They are an imminent threat to him and his control of the situation. Husband was still not quite getting it… believes the news reports too much. I guess my working in the state prisons jaded me.

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    • jason says:

      drives me batty, the one starts to move in but when he notices officer turns head enough to see him he immediately backs off then goes to full-on retreat/run when the gun comes out.

      People are trying to portray this thug as a savior coming to defend the girl when the reality is the only reason he even considered doing anything was because he thought/hoped the officer was distracted enough to not notice him. Watch him dance behind others at the beginning, trying to figure out a way to flank the cop so he won’t be seen. He only steps forward when officer turns to look/focus on the other girls encroaching on him and he thinks he can sneak in unseen.

      Total coward and yet people all up in arms the LEO might have spooked a few by pulling his gun. Had this guys not been such a (self-censored) scaredy-cat and rushed straight in, chances are very likely this would have turned deadly pretty quick.

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    • Stamp says:

      They should have been deploying grizzly bear mace a long time ago. Why bother touching these freaks, zap them and if they dont leave taze them

      I have lots of popcorn.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      cranky, you are not jaded; just a realist.


    • Millwright says:

      CAZ, No, it made you smarter ! BTDTGTTS ! BTW, have similar “issues” with my own “spousal unit” as well ! The lady doesn’t “get it” her world has changed, radically ! She still feels comfortable in places that scare the hell out of me.


    • Keep working on him, dear. He’ll get it. It took my DDH quite a while to get politically active, despite my urging and personal example. LOL!
      However, when he did, we made a DYNAMITE team, nearly unbeatable in local issue elections.


  10. BobNoxious says:

    That guy was definitely getting ready to sucker punch that cop.

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  11. True Colors says:

    this video right here seems to be ending

    right as this one begins

    The point of that…… in the second video, the cops are running up and hearing the screams of the girl being assaulted and having her hair pulled in the first video.

    Look at the 1:16 mark of the second video. You will see that it is the same car as the 1st video and also the same white girl who had her hair pulled(black skirt, aqua top).


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  12. jetstream says:

    In the 6th photo, labeled “Danger Threat Extreme”, the danger I see is not only from blue shirt guy’s right fist, it’s also from his other hand. The rapidly advancing blue shirt guy appears to be reaching with his left hand for a weapon – from the perspective of the police officer. Even if blue shirt guy weren’t reaching for a weapon, he is easily in position to grab the cop’s gun. Cop’s are trained to always protect their weapon from being taken and used against themselves or others. The officer’s decision to draw his weapon was a perfectly reasonable response in order to secure the weapon and stop the advancing threat.
    If this is the best the BGI has got, it’s pretty pathetic. I noticed other blogs are starting to look beyond the smoke and mirrors, following Sundance’s CTH efforts in exposing events to full sunlight. Eventually the pathetic media will be embarrassed into briefly reporting the whole truth. But they are increasingly trailing by light years in their “reporting.”

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    • Tarzan says:

      Excellent point about how the blue shirt guy would appear to be an imminent threat from the officer’s perspective. In addition to rapidly closing on the officer, he apparently slipped on the grass. This caused him to spread his legs and end up in a slightly squatting posture (as if facing off preparing to fire a hand gun).

      Couple the above scenario with the movement of the blue shirt guy’s left hand and the officer could have easily believed he was about to come under fire.

      The blue shirt guy is fortunate that his own stupid actions of interfering with the officer didn’t end up getting himself shot. And, although the BGI would never admit it, if the blue shirt guy had been white, it would have been more likely that the officer would have used deadly force on him. (Link to relevant research below.)

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  13. canadacan says:

    That officer did everything exactly right.
    May those that are interfering with his right to earn a living, burn in hell for all eternity. I’m really angry about this

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  14. canadacan says:

    Watch that yellow sob run when the officer turns on him

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  15. Stephen says:

    It’s like watching a bunch of rabid hyenas.

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  16. CoffeeBreak says:

    I’m so proud of the officer for showing such restraint. I’ve watched the videos repeatedly. I, also, would’ve thought Mr. KhakiPants was going for a weapon.

    I think his demeanor and choice of words fit the situation (I have friends that have stopped fights on transport buses by tone, facial expression, body language and words until the bus could be stopped for a seating re-arrangement and more chains).

    The open baiting by these precious unarmed pool-goers is troubling.


    • ctdar says:

      With past history of a bias obama media and judicial system, BLM proponents all want the guaranteed payoff from the corrupt or spineless court system.
      That’s all they know and expect.
      Pavlov’s dog.

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  17. True Colors says:

    Baltimore magazine did an interview with Mosby which ran in January 2015. If you compare her stated intentions back then against her actions since she has actually been in office, you will see some rather striking differences.

    She said that her #1 priority was to go after repeat criminals.

    She also stated that she wanted to build trust between the police and the local citizens.

    F- on both counts.



  18. frilled2b says:

    This whole thing was a police bate. I think it was planed from the very beginning.


  19. Robert says:

    What I see is a nice neighborhood and most of the kids being respectful. I also see one cop being polite when the kids give him a flashlight that was dropped. Then I see a P.O. enter the video and start acting like a belligerent, using language and demeanor that did not fit the situation. He escalated a relatively calm situation.


    • ytz4mee says:

      What you didn’t see or take into account was the events that preceded the brief video clip that has been edited to advance a narrative.

      There were multiple 9-11 calls requesting for assistance.

      If the teens wanted to be treated respectfully, they should have behaved with respect. Instead, they became more combative, belligerent and foul-mouthed, most threatening “your days as a cop are over”.

      One of the teens who has had her parents making the media circus rounds openly admitted she added to the crisis by trying to intervene, instead of following the officer’s instructions. Never get between an officer and someone he is dealing with; never put your hands on an officer. Basic safety rules, yet these teens have clearly been taught they don’t need to follow the same rules everyone else does when interacting with LEO.

      “After he gets her on the ground, I run over there and I try to help her,” Jahda said.


  20. I see old ‘Purple shit” throw down his hat, getting ready to fight.


  21. TeddyOn20th says:

    Why do these two guys (one white, one black) have seemingly matching teal-colored hat and towel?

    I assume it was something with the event name on it or otherwise something party-related.

    If not, it looks like the two guys, having already been instructed (by some shadow three levels down from Soros) to make something happen, were assuming that (in today’s society) that they would inevitably be filmed and thus making themselves very easy to spot so that they would have proof that they did their job.


  22. Francisco says:

    I don’t think this talk police officer is racist… I don’t like how these are becoming every day events on msm. Furthering the division in this place called America! !! But this cop is clearly very scary individual, I think he is reacting out of of fear, because of his cowardly soul over reacts
    on 15 or 16 teen year old girl.. he is doing a “good job” all right.. too many police officers are afraid of every situation that comes there way.. ( all the videos there shown while in police Academy)..keep supporting the government Strom troopers. . They NEED yea!!!


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