Valdosta Flag Stomper, Armed Fugitive, ISIS Advocate, Violent Racist, Denied Bond…

Sheppard was arrested one week after he sent a racially charged manifesto to The Valdosta Daily Times, in which he noted he would “annihilate” anyone who tried to take him into custody, issued what seemed to be threats related to the Lowndes High School graduation ceremony and condemned all white people and police.

Sheppard was arrested one week after he sent a racially charged manifesto to The Valdosta Daily Times, in which he noted he would “annihilate” anyone who tried to take him into custody, issued what seemed to be threats related to the Lowndes High School graduation ceremony and condemned all white people and police.

VALDOSTA — The former Valdosta State University student who eluded law enforcement for a month after allegedly bringing a gun on campus was denied bond today following his extradition to Lowndes County from Florida.

[…]  These same people who you all know as “legal officials/police officers/sheriff/detectives” or any other falsified label of ‘authority’ only know wickedness and devilish behavior. It SHOULD be clear by now that this is a White Supremacist Nation Owned, Operated, and Controlled by White People.

Yes it is ALL white people who help to maintain this wicked nation to a greater or lesser degree given the default status aided to them by virtue or vice of White Privilege. Thus all functionalities, codes, rules, policies, curriculums, cultures and social criteria created or concocted therein are Meant to Benefit Whites. ~ Eric Sheppard Jr

[…]  Sheppard’s lawyer, Mawuli Davis of the Davis Bozeman law firm in Atlanta, has characterized his client as “merely a college kid trying to figure out life under some extraordinary stressful circumstances” and has said he is not a threat to the community. (read more)

More on the “mere college kidHERE and HERE.

Pay no attention to the Eric Sheppard’s in our midst.  There’s more concerning folks for the media to focus attention on:

CNN propaganda right-wing


The stories we are supposed to focus on are NOT the stories of Eric Sheppard Jr. and those of like-minded sensibilities.   So sayeth the MSM and DOJ.

[…]  I did NOTHING of that Magnitude and My Head has Been Marked for Death. This will Cost You all YOUR Lives……What You say I am “guilty” of is Bringing a Weapon on the Valdosta State University campus, Threatening White People and All who Aid their White Supremacist Structure and Stepping on Your dirty rag that you call “Old Glory” ~ Eric Sheppard Jr

Valdosta State University

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University

BLM Memorial Day



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26 Responses to Valdosta Flag Stomper, Armed Fugitive, ISIS Advocate, Violent Racist, Denied Bond…

  1. canadacan says:

    Who let the dogs ou’t Bow Wow.
    Go Georgia

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  2. Yee Haw! Hats off to the Judge!

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  3. Les says:

    The green star on red background is a Moorish flag.

    “Collectively these ancient ones are those who received permission from the pharaohs’ of Egypt to form kingdoms in northwest and southwest Africa. Their earlier kingdoms are called to this day Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Ghana, Congo, etc. Yet, it was also the Moorish that first civilized the ‘garden of Eden’ and the holy lands of Canaan e.g. Asia, India, Japan and China and became known as “The Torch Bearers of Civilization.” In later years, after 375 years of being enslaved in the American homelands and an additional 145 years of Mental Slavery, the Free National Name of their modern descendants became “Moorish American.”

    Still cracks me up they still claim to be Egyptian. lol Dumbasses.

    If you can stand it:


  4. ThankYou,Treepers says:

    Still doing the bidding of the Arab muslim cult of slavers that instituted the intercontinental trade in the flesh of their ancestors, this guy Abdur-Tom Sheppard and the two Abdur-Tom black American converts in Boston, one shot by police the other arrested for their attempt to behead police and Pamela Geller, prove the wisdom of what Hugh Fitzgerald has been blogging for years, that islam makes converts from among the intellectual lowerarchy.

    Thomas Aquinas made the same observation eight centuries ago:

    “He (Mohammed) seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh urges us. His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure. In all this, as is not unexpected; he was obeyed by carnal men. As for proofs of the truth of his doctrine, he brought forward only such as could be grasped by the natural ability of anyone with a very modest wisdom. Indeed, the truths that he taught he mingled with many fables and with doctrines of the greatest falsity.

    He did not bring forth any signs produced in a supernatural way, which alone fittingly gives witness to divine inspiration; for a visible action that can be only divine reveals an invisibly inspired teacher of truth. On the Contrary, Mohammed said that he was sent in the power of his arms – which are signs not lacking even to robbers and tyrants. What is more, no wise men, men trained in things divine and human, believed in him from the beginning (1). Those who believed in him were brutal men and desert wanderers, utterly ignorant of all divine teaching, through whose numbers Mohammed forced others to become his follower’s by the violence of his arms. Nor do divine pronouncements on part of preceding prophets offer him any witness. On the contrary, he perverts almost all the testimony of the Old and the New Testaments by making them into a fabrication of his own, as can be seen by anyone who examines his law. It was, therefore, a shrewd decision on his part to forbid his followers to read the Old and New Testaments, lest these books convict him of falsity. It is thus clear that those who place faith in his words believe foolishly.” – Summa Contra Gentiles, Book 1, Chapter 16, Art. 4. Footnote: 1. Sura 21:5, Sura 44:14; Sura 16:103, Sura 37:36


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  5. doodahdaze says:

    Heh, heh, heh, Lowndes County.


  6. joshua says:

    Attorney Mawuli Mel Davis conducts workshops and is available for speaking engagements. Workshops include:

    “The Consequences of Thug Life”:
    A workshop facilitated by Attorney Mawuli Davis to educate young people about avoiding the mistakes that can result in their involvement in the legal system.


  7. doodahdaze says:

    I doubt the BGI will dare to show up. They would be dealt with.


  8. anniemae says:

    Cool beans


  9. lorac says:

    Remember 2-3 decades ago, how we’d often hear about cults, and sometimes you’d hear of family hiring someone to kidnap their loved one out of the cult and bring them to a re-programming site to make them normal again?

    I’m starting to think the black supremacists need to be recognized as a cult. If the law refuses to do anything, then someone (family probably agrees with the black supremacy, so here’s the flaw in my plan!) has to get them kidnapped and sent to a re-programming place.


    • lorac says:

      Part of the re-training should be a genetics test to inform them how much white they have in them, since I’ve read that most blacks here are not full black.

      Of course, Obama and Holder and that irritating woman, I think she wears that snarly hair – oh, yes, her name is Melissa Harris Parry) all know they’re half white, but they don’t care. That woman even said she considers herself all black, no white, and I always feel bad for her mom, being erased like that.


  10. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,
    who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

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  11. Sandra says:

    Send the idiot to Guyana. He can enjoy living under total black control then. Dirt floors in homes, open sewage, I’m sure it’s really great.

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  12. DeWalt says:

    Wonder what about his life that is so stressful outside of that of his own making?


    • Judgy says:

      IKR? I wonder how many years he’s been into, & emboldened by this “hate whitey” crap……umm, since 2009, or 2012, maybe?


  13. peachteachr says:

    Isn’t his crime, having a firearm on a campus, a federal offense? Recently, in the last 2 months, there has been an increase of black on black crime with several murders. Down here that qualifies as a crime wave. Even if the MSM doesn’t write it, he’s in serious trouble.
    I would not be surprised if this was a concerted effort by the BGI and BLM’s to sow chaos and discord in this new arena. BtW, Tallahassee is experiencing a similar outbreak of crime. FSU and VSU are fairly close geographically.


    • The Fighting Man says:

      Tallahassee is reporting it out as “gang violence.” They have some Rev. leading a group to try and stop the violence. It’s really sad–and upsetting to see a peaceful, sleepy Southern town turned into “Fort Apache: The Bronx.” Keep frosty and always carry, folks.


  14. archer52 says:

    Welcome to the full weight of the government my little radical friend. It’s all fun to play terrorists until it gets ahold of you. It’s like play slapping a pit bull. All good until the pit bull doesn’t find it cute anymore!


  15. watcher says:

    The BGI are on this case, only a different branch. Checkout the Davis/Bozeman law firm.

    Note the large number of bowties.


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