Secretary John Kerry Breaks Leg Cycling in France – Nuclear Talks Ongoing…

(NBC) Secretary of State John Kerry suffered a broken leg in a bike accident in France early Sunday, a U.S. embassy official told NBC News.

kerry on pink bicycle

The cycling accident occurred near Scionzier, France, about 25 miles from Geneva, where Kerry had been holding nuclear talks with Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif.

Kerry was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Geneva, where he is in a stable condition, State Department spokesman John Kirby said.

“Secretary Kerry is stable … He did not lose consciousness,” Kirby said.

Kirby said paramedics and a physician were in Kerry’s motorcade at the time of the accident. (read more)

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93 Responses to Secretary John Kerry Breaks Leg Cycling in France – Nuclear Talks Ongoing…

  1. A man has got to know his limitations.

    Is that bike pink?

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  2. auscitizenmom says:

    The news is that he will be just fine. My condolences to the American people.

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  3. bofh says:

    Kerry’s such a great francophile, and yet I notice that he didn’t stick around to sample any of that great european health care…

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  4. True Colors says:

    Ironically enough, back when Kerry ran for president in 2004, numerous Republicans painted him as being a closet Frenchman. They said that he looked French, spoke French, and acted French.


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  5. 2x4x8 says:

    Kerry was over there for Nuclear talks with Iran,
    as they say in Show Business

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  6. Grimble Gromble says:

    As much as I dislike Kerry and other leftists, I can empathize with him, From what I’ve heard the only pain worse than a broken femur is childbirth. It hurts, BAD. Broke mine when I was 10, spent several weeks in traction in the hospital, a couple months in a body cast and crutches after that before I could walk again. I do have a litmus test now for what a 10 on the pain scale feels like.

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  7. lorac says:

    Darn couldn’t it have been his neck. Did I say that outloud?

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  8. 1american1st says:


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  9. partyzantski says:

    Is it just me, or is there a trend going of high muckety mucks suffering physically? Dirty Harry Reid, HRC with the head issues, funny glasses and onset of dementia, now John F’n Kerry. It is almost as if head office sent its enforcers out, is what it looks like.

    What is next, ritual cutting of a finger off? Kerry will feel that for the rest of his life. I do applaud him still biking, it is a healthy thing to do. I keep telling myself I will get back into it, maybe this summer I will. It is relaxing and good for me (cardio, flexibility, balance… general kinesthetic sense).

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  10. Horsesoldier says:

    Sorry Lurch, you’ll have to do a lot better then a broken leg if you want more medals.

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  11. yadent says:

    A proclaimed American thoroughbred, fractured leg, too old to stud, um……………….just kidding.

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  12. mcfyre2012 says:

    Well, the broken leg is certainly worse than his war injuries in Vietnam.

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  13. judyw says:

    Do we think it will result in some debilitation similar to that the former SOS “experienced” in her 2012 fall that took 1 to 6 months recovery time depending if you go by her office staff comments or her husband’s comments…initial reports are always subject to revisions….who benefits if Kerry has memory loss?

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  14. Totally Domestic says:

    Hmmmmm, the price tag for destroying America is high.


  15. Long pants & sandals. What a dork.


  16. John Galt says:

    “Kirby said paramedics and a physician were in Kerry’s motorcade at the time of the accident.”

    “Kerry was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Geneva”

    Nuclear proliferation doesn’t come cheap.


  17. lorac says:

    Hmm I think he should have been forced to stay in France and be under the socialized medicine and wait to be seen and have that leg set and casted. Oh and pain meds….sorry dude you are too old for pain meds….deal with the pain!

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  18. Concerned says:

    While he’s having his leg fixed he might want to consider a revision of the plastic surgery mess he had done to his face. I still can’t figure out what the heck happened, but it’s pretty awful.

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  19. 2x4x8 says:

    Administration, I have Comments in Moderation


  20. archer52 says:

    Is it me or is there some kind of curse when you associate yourself with Obama? It is like watching a bad Omen movie! It seems the darkness in his soul just infects those around him and at some point they are punished with misfortune.

    I say that about OJ Simpson’s murder case too. Look to see where the group that defended him are now, and what losses they suffered.


  21. peppie says:

    John Kerry? Really???????? Ask the “Swift Boat” guys about that/this worthless creaton. John Kerry, what a joke, seriously?


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