Previously Unknown Video of Marilyn Mosby Appearing on Judge Judy Show (Season 5, ’00-’01) Age 20…

(HatTip Froggie) Newly discovered video shows Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby while she was in college and unmarried (going by her maiden name of Marilyn James) in 2000-2001 when she appeared on the Judge Judy show (Season #5, Episode #119).

On the show she is suing a building business owner for damages as a result of his taking custody of her apartment (above the shop) while she was home between college semesters.

Born 01/22/1980 Marilyn Mosby (James) would have been approximately 20-years-old when this show was taped.

Also Froggie points out something interesting.  Check out the type of Twitter Messages that Marilyn Mosby favors on her social media.   Biased much?

mosby tweet 1

↑ ~ Click To Enlarge ~ ↓

mosby tweet 2

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70 Responses to Previously Unknown Video of Marilyn Mosby Appearing on Judge Judy Show (Season 5, ’00-’01) Age 20…

  1. kinthenorthwest says:

    That was such a great find….I am still laughing about it…and still in shock… 😮

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  2. They call her Miss “James” – not “Jones”. Was that intentional?


  3. froggielegs says:

    Thanks! Yes her last name was James according to many sources.

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  4. Dixie says:

    Judge Judy almost always sides with the female and she is a drama queen. Marilyn Jones/James had not yet developed that hate filled arrogant expression she wears so well. And “basically” is her go-to word.

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    • froggielegs says:

      Well one thing is for sure, she didn’t pay attention in school cause she didn’t even ask for punitive damages which the Judge said she would of given her. LOL

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    • seeingeye2 says:

      “Basically” is a signal to me that something is fabricated. It always makes me suspicious of anything said.

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    • Armie says:

      She definitely had that chip on her shoulder regarding law enforcement that we’ve come to know. That was apparent in the closing interview where she complained that the police wouldn’t give her “justice”, so she had to go on a nationally syndicated TV show with her property damage claim. I suspect the cops told her it was a civil matter which, in point of fact, it was. I further suspect her concept of justice is getting things her own way.

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  5. Amy says:

    Don’t know if this helps for research.. but she followed the “Tamir Rice Was 12” Account

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  6. James F says:

    So she wants justice when a Dindu Nuffin victimizes her and damages her property but she refuses to prosecute the rioting thugs and get justice for the good citizens and property owners in Baltimore?

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  7. Daniel says:

    In her pursuit for justice, she sought the help of police (run by black people) and couldn’t get it. She goes to a white person and was able to resolve her case to her satisfaction. Why does she hate white people when it’s black people that did her the most wrong?

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  8. d4j says:

    Judge Judy’s conduct is not neutral, but assuming that
    the TV episode is an accurate representation of facts,
    and not just an entertainment contrivance, Ms. Mosby was clearly wronged.

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  9. froggielegs says:

    This article that might shed some light on her way of thinking..

    “Like Mosby, her grandfather entered law enforcement after experiencing an injustice.

    He told the Globe in 1994 that when he was 12 or 13, four white officers in Roxbury slammed him against a wall and accused him of stealing a purse. He said he decided then that he never wanted that to happen to another black child, and went on to become a member of the so-called Soul Patrol, a unit of African-American officers that worked the streets of Roxbury in the 1970s.

    “Is it something that is a part of who I am? Absolutely,” Mosby said in the interview Friday. “That law-enforcement has been instilled in me. I witnessed firsthand the commitment it takes to sacrifice in life for the betterment of your community.”

    Mosby, 35, was known as Marilyn James before she married a Baltimore city councilor, Nick Mosby, in 2005.

    She was raised in Dorchester by her grandparents, she said. Her mother, Linda Thompson, was 17 when Mosby was born and the two “grew up like sisters,” Mosby said.

    On Friday, Thompson, now a retired Boston police officer, was celebrating her daughter’s decision to bring charges in Gray’s death and to hold a passionate press conference to address public anger over police brutality.

    “I can’t stop crying with pride!” she wrote on Facebook. “She is a hero not only to me but, right now, to the world.”

    A cousin, Boston police Officer Poncho Kincade, said he was shaving Friday morning when he heard Mosby’s name on the news. “I was like, ‘Oh my goodness,’ ” he said. “Everyone that knows her is so proud.”


    • seeingeye2 says:

      I don’t get it. All those police officers in Mosby’s family are so anti-police. That doesn’t seem right. There must be something missing.

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      • froggielegs says:

        They became officers for exactly the reason her Grandfather says..

        “He told the Globe in 1994 that when he was 12 or 13, four white officers in Roxbury slammed him against a wall and accused him of stealing a purse. He said he decided then that he never wanted that to happen to another black child, and went on to become a member of the so-called Soul Patrol, a unit of African-American officers that worked the streets of Roxbury in the 1970s.”

        They are not anti police they are anti white police.

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    • bitterlyclinging says:

      “Her mother, Linda Thompson, was 17 when Mosby was born and the two “grew up like sisters”
      Obviously no adults in the room until it was time for her to become one. The void was filled with race hatred instead


  10. nivico says:

    A few curious things…

    1) She starts to tell Judge Judy that she had moved out and put her things in storage, but then backtracked and said she locked her furniture up in one of the bedrooms. It’s not like moving the stuff into a bedroom is going to add any additional protection against thieves, but it would be a sensible thing to do if you were subletting the apartment and letting someone else use the space over the summer but didn’t want them to damage your furniture.

    2) She mentioned that she kept the utilities on over the summer (water and electric). The bills alone should have told her that someone was living there. She also curiously phrased it that she kept the utilities on “in my name”… again, suggesting that she had agreed to allow someone else to use the space and left the utilities on for them to pay.

    3) I’m not detecting one iota of contempt between these two.

    4) They both kept emphasizing that the landlord was senile and didn’t know what was going on in the building.

    5) The ‘cigar shop’ – wink wink nudge nudge – owner wanted to expand his business to the adjoining apartment upstairs (i.e. Mosby’s apartment). He kept saying he wanted to convert the upstairs into a sports bar and restaurant, but zoning wouldn’t have allowed him to run a bar and restaurant out of a residential apartment.

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    • mpmp2015 says:

      Yes, that was something that didn’t make sense in the beginning of her case. If she had every intention of moving back to the apt after a few months, why put some of your items in storage, why not just leave it in the apt? The need to keep the utilities on while she was away was also an inconsistency in her story. Though it doesn’t necessarily change the fact that the defendant was pretty much guilty as charged. However, some parts of Marilyn’s story seemed either, fabricated, incomplete or doesn’t make practical sense.


  11. kathyca says:

    Laughing so hard I’m crying….basically. bahahaha

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  12. cclarke116 says:

    Wow… who knew her 15 minutes of fame was 15 years in the making!

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  13. robertnotsowise says:

    she just wanted to be on TV then… and she just wants to be on TV now…

    there’s no reason to go on judge judy unless you want to be on camera. she’s textbook

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  14. Amy says:

    Mosby is an idiot along with that husband of hers. This is a perfect example–a must read. This was before Freddie Grey..


  15. Amy says:

    Another good one (Mosby)
    Why is Nick Mosby…
    Former prosecutors accuse Mosby of immature intimidation in questionable firings

    “I just think this is sour grapes, a group of disgruntled attorneys venting because they lost their jobs after they backed the wrong candidate,” says independent political analyst Shaun Louis, who was a critic of Mosby’s throughout the campaign, but has since become one of her biggest admirers. “Attorneys are trained in the act of law, not really understanding the politics of elections; so maybe they are just surprised by their sudden departure?”

    Or maybe not? According to one of those “disgruntled attorneys”, it has nothing to do with losing the position but more to do about how the Mosbys’ carried out the firings. According to them, Mrs. Mosby gathered the office on Day One to announce her authority by stating, “I told yal when I left that I would be back…well I’m back,” in what they describe was said with a stingy sense of sarcasm and entitlement as she wore “hooker boots”. [Mosby use to be an assistant prosecutor under the leadership of former State’s Attorney Patricia Jessamy, who lost her seat in 2010 to Bernstein, who Mosby beat in the Primaries last year.]

    They have questioned why her husband was present during many of these firings last Friday, which they are dubbing ‘Black Friday’, as he is not an attorney and looks to be a clear conflict of interest as a sitting city council member. They questioned her so-called push to begin prosecuting violent crimes at what they describe as the ‘coronation of the queen’ during her “over-the-top investiture” at the War Memorial Plaza last week, which they state was already a focus under Bernstein. And they point to frequent inmature actions of a gesture that she apparently frequently displayed during the election in which she ran her thumb across her neck in a slitting of the throat motion, signaling to prosecutors working the polls for Bernstein that they were done when she assumes office.

    Here is an excert of one of the emails: “I am saddened and angry at the actions she is taking against her own team. She is instilling a deep fear that she will fire anyone including people she’s never met, without notice and without reason. And it’s working. I know many of you are scared to speak out and feel like your hands are tied. Mine are not. So let me say what so many of you are feeling: in just over a week, she has already proven she is too early in her career to know how to lead, which must be through inspiration, not intimidation. I hope the people around her appreciate the damage she is doing to what has been a wonderful office.”

    According to these prosecutors, Mosby fired Cristie Cole, an operations research analyst, because of her role was to hold the office accountable beyond the politics by identifying and providing actual data that highlights strong performance and areas for improvement. According to emails, the Bernstein administration had been working with the Mayor, Police Commissioner Batts and the U.S. Attorney for years targeting the worst of the worst, violent repeat offenders, so Mosby’s promises to focus on this area aren’t anything new. Cole also believed that her support of Bernstein at the polls while the Mosbys’ were present, led to her ultimate departure.

    Other incidents in question were the firing of a veteran prosecutor with nearly 20-years of service, in the middle of an armed robbery trial against one of those very violent, repeat offenders. Reportedly, another prosecutor with no knowledge of the case was asked to step in at the last minute to finish up that trial that ultimately led to the acquittal of that offender. “Why she couldn’t wait another week so this trial could have been completed and this violent offender convicted is a mystery,” but it doesn’t look good for someone acting as if they are some ‘tough on violent crime’ vigiliante.

    Another incident which has many of those in and out of the office upset was the “vindictive” move by Mosby against one of the office’s most beloved prosecutors, who had accepted a position with a respected nonprofit and had already given their two weeks’ notice. According to our sources, that same day the prosecutor was sent to trial in an attempted murder case against yet another violent repeat offender. In the middle of the trial, the prosecutor was told by their supervisor that all their remaining cases would be reassigned, including a priority case against another violent repeat offender set for later in the week which the prosecutor had prepped for and was ready to prosecute.

    Asked to reconsider this decision by the supervising prosecutor, who reportedly sat down with Mrs. Mosby and her husband to explain the reasoning, and the duo refused to allow for the prosecutor to continue with their case load. Following that meeting on the very same day, the prosecutor went home following the completion of the attempted murder trial she had been previously assigned. However, had she have returned to her office instead, she would have been greeted by Mrs. Mosby’s executive protection detail, armed officers ready to escort the prosecutor out of the office days before the two weeks were up.

    “This is not how you treat people Mr. and Mrs. Mosby. This is not how you lead or inspire, and it is certainly not how you show your claimed commitment to focusing on violent repeat offenders,” says one fired prosecutor in an email. “I am saddened and angry at the actions she is taking against her own team, instilling a deep fear that she will fire anyone, including people she has never met, without notice or reason.”

    “She has already proven she is too early in her career to know how to lead, which must be through inspiration, not intimidation.” Another disgruntled former employee was a little more harsh in their criticism, many words I am unable to write on this family-friendly site. Here is an excerpt of that conversation.

    “This little high-yellow pompous kid comes in this office talking to grown men and women any kind of way only shows a high-sadity upbringing in Boston that must have been short on manners and filled with arrogance. My 10-year old elementary school daughter has more years on this earth than Mrs. Mosby has been practicing law [she received her degree in 2006] and now she wants to tell those of us who have been holding things down twice the amount of time she’s even been a resident of this city? She needs to stop, and I’m happy for the departure some of my colleagues, because at least they get to work with and for someone with some sense and don’t have to endure the bullcrap this kid is going to dish out over the next four years.”

    The timing of these emails and firings couldn’t have come at a worst time for State’s Attorney Mosby, who was riding high with a wave of excitement and energy following her recent swearing-in, and her impressive move to swiftly charge Bishop Heather Cook in the manslughter case that has caused tensions to run high within many of Baltimore’s more affluent communities. “She has been hailed by whites and blacks alike for swift prosecutorial actions in this case, as well as her press conference to announce her decision,” says Louis.

    “This new story muddies the waters a bit, but I personally don’t believe it should have any legs past 24-48 hours, the usual cycle for news that is worthy of coverage but not something that would stick in the craw of the average citizen. These former employees have their right to a freedom of speech and a right to be disgruntled and angry, but their avenues afforded to them if they feel they were wrongfully terminated; and honestly, I don’t believe that those who can’t even find a job, and hasn’t had one in months or even years, is going to worry about someone who can probably find a job by tomorrow. ”

    Read full article at link above

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  16. TwoLaine says:

    So he “disrespected” HER PROPERTY and she went after him with a lawsuit?
    Baltimore home, property, and business owners, pay attention!

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  17. TKim says:

    Yep. Mr and Mrs Mosby see themselves as a future Obama and Michelle.


    • talkaftercarefulthought says:

      IDK about the Mr., but she has the angry “don’t dare question me” look down to an exact match.. I can almost picture her with a elementary school age child in a head lock and shoving brussel sprouts into their mouth.


  18. VegasGuy says:

    She “wins” her first case at age 20…….”Justuce” was served……All she had to do is present her prima faca case….Didn’t appear she did very much “investigation” other than to view the premise after her 3 months away from there & present some pics of the “crime scene”.

    From her perspective, “a crime” had certainly been committed. Easy peasy…. A cake walk….

    She was “young” & it was “her time”….

    Judge Judy “heard” her call for Justice…….

    Poor defendent was cut short when he alluded to “her attitude”……

    LOL. An easy win against a defendent that simply had an even lower IQ than than her.

    All positive re-inforcements to her mentaility.

    Does anyone else “see” a pattern in her “superficially constructed” thought process?


    • John Galt says:

      Judge Judy: Do you want punitive damages, cuz I really really really want to give you punitive damages?

      Mosby: No.

      Yes, clearly a legal genius in the making.

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      • VegasGuy says:

        She did not want punitive damages ’cause she did not think she had any “punitive” in the apartment…..

        If she said “yes” she assumed JJ might ask her to elaborate on the “punitive damage” that occurred and she had no pics of any “punitive” being present or damaged…..

        Better to say nothing & appear a fool than to say something & remove all doubt…..


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  19. cohibadad says:

    Maybe Judge Judy was just Marilyn James audition for her future superstar role and just as real as Lady Gaga’s appearance on MTV’s Boiling Point:


  20. dsb steve says:

    Excellent video. She speaks very well, was prepared to make her case. A terrible shame she has gone over to the dark side and is now pandering to the mob. Her own people are the ones killing each other in increased numbers due to her actions.


  21. cali says:

    Her body language during Judge Judy clearly showed that she is a vindictive person full of ‘schadenfreude’ always believing she is right.
    She did not have that angry scowl she carries now; she is similar to Michelle Obama – a black woman with a big chip on her shoulder thinking always of ‘payback’ against anyone white as well as black americans who may question her decisions or actions.
    Surely – her education – courtesy of affirmative actions paid for by American taxpayers has afforded her current position.
    Both of the Mosby’s – husband and attorney – will stay in their office as long as the district will not change as in re-organizing; their position is somewhat protected and in safe district ala many of these politicians and members of the black caucus.
    Don’t be surprised if she won’t finish her term; someone with such bitterness, anger and chip on her shoulder can’t see the any tree in the forest. Overreach will be her downfall.

    Picture Michelle Obama – her actions, her spiteful words and behavior, her big chip on her shoulder – yet, her whole life including her education was that of the American taxpayers. Read her thesis – that gives anyone the full picture. Mosby is pretty much the same – her scowl on her face – missing during her short appearance on Judge Judy – is not the expression of a happy and content individual.


    • TwoLaine says:

      She had her seductive/charming face on for the Judge, the neighbor, the audience, and the camera’s. Believe me, she is an actor and a chameleon, and can switch from one face and tone to the next in a nanosecond, I am sure. It is a must, and it comes in handy in the courtroom.


  22. Lynnielu says:

    I really wanted to watch the video, but I can’t stand looking at her. Same feeling with Michelle Obama.

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  23. mpmp2015 says:

    Wow!! What a gem!!! She used the word “justice” few times! Ironically, she could have used a few pointers from Judge Judy about being fair and impartial. It was probably this event in her life that triggered her interest in the law or politics, but somewhere along the way, she went astray. You could see at a young age, wanted the attention and to be in the limelight. She could have done the same thing in small claims court without being on national TV.


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  26. stang289 says:

    heard this site mentioned on Rush s show today . even though he couldnt get the name right I knew this was it


  27. TwoLaine says:

    This video has disappeared.


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