Omaha Police Officer Killed By Thug While Serving Warrant….

OMAHA – Omaha police officer and a suspect involved in a shootout Wednesday have died.   Kerrie Orozco, 29, a gang unit officer, was serving a warrant on the Metro Area Fugitive Task Force when she was shot.

Kerrie Orozoco

Orozco is the 25th officer – and first female – in the department killed in the line of duty. Orozco had been taken to Creighton University Medical Center in extremely critical condition after being shot about 1 p.m. near Read Street and Martin Avenue.

Omaha police had responded to a “Help an officer” call at 30th Street and Martin Avenue. Officers were serving a felony arrest warrant about 12:55 p.m., said Deputy Police Chief Dave Baker. During the process of serving the warrant, shots were fired, he said.

marcus wheelerOrozco and the suspect, Marcus D. Wheeler, 26, were taken to the Creighton hospital in extremely critical condition, with CPR in progress. “In spite of our most valiant efforts and aggressive care,” Orozco and Wheeler were unable to be resuscitated, said trauma surgeon Dr. Michel Wagner.

At a press conference at the hospital, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said, “This is a somber day for the city of Omaha, Omaha police officers especially, and the entire law enforcement community.” He said Orozco was a seven-year veteran of the department and had worked in the gang unit since March 2012.

[…] Wheeler, who was wanted in a September shooting, was the suspect shot and killed Wednesday in a shootout with the Metro Area Task Force, law enforcement officials said.

Police had been unable to find Wheeler for months and told the public last year to consider Wheeler armed and dangerous.

Omaha police had been seeking Wheeler in connection with the Sept. 5 shooting of Antonio Martin near 60th Street and Curtis Avenue.

Martin told police Wheeler had threatened him on Facebook several days before he shot him, according to Douglas County Court documents.

Wheeler had also been charged in connection to two earlier shootings, but the charges were later dropped, according to court records.

In 2013, Wheeler was charged as an accessory to a June 2007 murder. Wheeler was also accused of shooting at an inhabited home in March 2013, attempting to cause serious bodily injury to Ashley Bordeaux. The Douglas County attorney dismissed charges in both cases.

In 2008, Wheeler was sentenced to five years in federal prison for possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Wheeler got out on supervised release, but that was revoked in 2013. He return to prison and was released in February 2014.

On Wednesday, police handcuffed a woman at the shooting scene and took her into custody for questioning.  (read more)

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50 Responses to Omaha Police Officer Killed By Thug While Serving Warrant….

  1. James F says:

    This is a real tragedy. So very sad.

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  2. James F says:

    And of course the death of this thug will be added to the stats used to support Obama’s “slow-rolling crisis” of cops killing young black men.

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    • dalethorn says:

      I started to write a short parody of the president speaking on this, but try as I might everything I could conjure up was purely disgusting. Where is the president assuring us, i.e. every law-abiding citizen, that his primary concern is for law and order, and that he will do everything in his power to protect law officers in the performance of their duty? Have we ever had a president that didn’t speak out for law and order, and protection of sworn officers?

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      • Kitty Smith says:

        Why would you believe him if he did say that?

        I’m glad to see he has finally dropped his pretense about being a red-blooded American. Anyone paying attention can see what he is.

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      • 1american1st says:

        dalethorn –
        “Have we ever had a president that didn’t speak out for law and order, and protection of sworn officers?”

        Only 1, the current one. He sent 3 reps to Michael Brown’s funeral, 3 to Freddie Gray’s funeral & ZERO to Officer Brian Moore’s funeral in NYC.


        • I am so absolutely disgusted by that fact. He has sent ZERO to any of the funerals of our slain officers. He shouldn’t be sending reps to any of these funerals, but ESPECIALLY not the funerals of these thugs.


    • bofh says:

      I’m afraid that you’re right, just like they like to count the hijackers as among the victims for the 9/11/01 aircraft.

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    • James F says:

      I was not kidding.

      (437) May 20, 2015
      NE M/B Marcus D. Wheeler, 26


  3. mazziflol says:

    Anything from the WH on this?

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  4. CrankyinAZ says:

    Bless this Officer and her family. So sad. Prayers for all of them.

    I am just glad this thug can’t hurt anyone else any more.

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  5. sooverit says:

    She had just had a baby. The baby was in the nicu and going to be released tomorrow.

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    • jason says:

      sigh… terrible. RIP and prayers for her family/friends. Heartbreaking

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    • MTeresa says:

      Heartbreaking……….Dear Lord – please bring watch over this family. So terribly sad.

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    • 1american1st says:

      OMG, that makes it even more tragic, as if it weren’t tragic enough. The baby will never get to know its mother.


      • WestCoastThot says:

        1american1st…..while I understand your sentiment, I will give a little encouragement. I lost my best friend in the live of duty in 2002. His wife at the time was 6 months pregnant. I assure you…as in my friend’s case, this little girl will grow to know her mother. From family, from other officers, from complete strangers,,,,,she will know her mother. Maybe not in the traditional ways (which I know you were referring)…but none-the-less…she will know her mother.



  6. labrat says:

    They’ll bury this one. Can’t even put lipstick on this thug.

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  7. justfactsplz says:

    There is a racial war on cops. Everyday we hear about an officer injured or killed it seems. The thugs are getting more embolden everyday. This administration’s disdain for law enforcement is only fueling the fire and fanning the flames. ENOUGH!

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  8. benzy says:

    It is inconceivable how many prior times this career criminal was charged with either murder or shooting someone and yet he kept being released from prison or had the charges dropped completely. The “justice” system taught him that there was little or no penalty for acting the way he acted for the past eight years (or more). He SHOULD have been in prison and his original victim and this officer would have both been safe,

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  9. Jersey Beach says:

    Thoughts and prayers to Officer Orozco’s family and friends, may she rest in peace.

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  10. ctdar says:

    Keep dropping charges or releasing the monsters before they serve their full time. Officer Orozco’s murder is on county attorney hands.

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    • Wouldn’t it be more likely to be a judge of parole board that is responsible for this?

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      • 1american1st says:

        Parole Boards suck & should be eliminated. It’s a bunch of people who didn’t attend the trial, have no clue how horrific the crime was, never see or hear the victim’s side of the story, most just skim over the charges and decide since the criminal was a “good prisoner” that he should be released. It is more disgusting than anyone really knows about.

        Once released, they just go back to their criminal life. Rapists, especially child rapists, realize that they went to prison because there was a witness, so next time they “eliminate” their rape victim so they don’t get caught again.
        Case In Point: Jessica Lunsford, the 9 year old little girl in Florida who was kidnapped, raped & buried alive:
        “Couey had an extensive criminal record that included 24 arrests for burglary, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, and indecent exposure. During a house burglary in 1978, Couey was accused of grabbing a girl in her bedroom, placing his hand over her mouth, and kissing her. Couey was sentenced to 10 years in prison but was paroled in 1980 (served 2 years or less, then paroled). In 1991, he was arrested in Kissimmee on a charge of fondling a five-year-old child. Because of more lenient laws at that time, Couey was released early.”

        All those crimes & he was still roaming the streets thanks to Parole Boards, Liberal judges & lax or no “habitual criminal” laws.

        Jessica’s father should have sued the Parole Board & anyone else associated with releasing that POS early. If he had been in prison where he belonged, Jessie would probably be alive today.


  11. chick20112011 says:

    The next blackbrunch harassment of “white people” will now include this cop killer’s name.

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    • Just Sayin says:

      He was just an unarmed black kid. Practically a teenager. Young enough to be on his parents’ Obamacare plan. That gun-looking thing he was using to fire bullets was just a sammich. If the cop would have just stayed in the car, Marcus would still be alive. Justice for Marcus Wheeler. #blacklivesmurder #Ferguson #phonyprotests #wheresalsharpton?

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      • casparweinburger says:

        Why do cops even have guns, and why are those guns black? Do I need to say more?

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      • 1american1st says:

        If only Obama had given him a job….. oops, BHO is too busy scouting for jobs for the ISIS Terrorists in the Middle East. No wonder Wheeler turned to crime (sarcasm).


  12. Millwright says:

    My sympathy to Officer Orozco’s family and friends. Nothing can replace her loss but they can take heart she has took with her a dog to lay at her feet in the afterlife.


  13. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    How long till the city gets a plaque to honor the thug?

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  14. Brett says:

    I read a quote somewhere, and I forget where or to whom it was attributed to. It went like this;

    “When black people riot, cities burn. When white people riot, continents burn.”

    I am tired of hearing about poor black ‘victims’.

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  15. peppie says:

    God Bless Kerrie Orozco and her loved ones.

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  16. shirley49 says:

    Hey Barry, Holder and Sharpton, where are you? Could it be that you are sexist since the VICTIM was a WHITE woman?

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  17. archer52 says:

    When you all see how I get angry about events and opinions and complaints, this is why. I’ll probably do more at my site.

    Compare these two people, not as bad guy vs good guy, but as humans. What worth did they provide us as a society, as a community, as a family?

    One chose to be a thug, a criminal, a person only concerned about their own immediate self gratification. He murdered, tried to murder, stole, dealt drugs and probably much more. Whatever made him feel good, or get what he wanted in that moment. He is a taker.

    The other chose to be more. Not because she was superhuman or rich or smarter or maybe even more talented, just because she BELIEVED doing what she did made a difference. She saw beyond herself. She made a positive impact on those around her- intentionally and with sacrifice. She is a maker- a creator.

    That thug only took from others, and in the end took this woman from us.

    Most of the police I knew and worked with fell into the maker category. They are just normal people like you who wanted to make some kind of difference. They aren’t great thinkers, but think with clarity- good guys vs bad guys. They aren’t fearless, but still strap on vests and guns and face unknown threats every day, EVERY DAY, wearing what has now become literally targets on their back because they pin badges on their chests. More than ever they know things have gone sideways- with their own national leadership targeting them for violence- and they still get in their cars and answer calls, even if they sense this one will be their last call.

    I know of a young officer who I would never think brave run into a burning building to save an elderly woman without hesitation. Another performed CPR on a drowned infant, who have fallen into a pool. He knew the child was dead but did it to give the hysterical parents a few more minutes of hope until the medics arrived. He didn’t believe in miracles but he was praying for one anyways. You know what he did after they took the child from him? He went back on duty and answered another call, just like it was another day. Because that is what he does, every day, every hour, every minute. No “trauma counselors”, no time off, no sign of weakness except that moment alone in the car when he stares through the windshield at nothing and wonders if he could have done better. In the end, he just shakes his head at the futility of it all and sticks that ache somewhere down deep inside..forever. In the end, he will divorce more often, die younger than some and may end his life by his own hand because he can’t deal with it anymore. He knows it, he knows the risks, but tomorrow he’ll strap on the belt, pin on the badge and try- that day- to make a difference he can hang onto. Those are the tales he’ll tell when he’s retired. The victories. But never the loss.

    All the while the rest of society complains about the tickets or the attitude or the inconvenience of having to wait for him to show up- because their lives and needs are so much more important. Or worse, the fact when they see a cop they get a little nervous because they represent the last line of accountability. Everybody else seems to look for a way to excuse the bad behavior. Not the police, they are given the responsibility and the duty to hold people accountable, and by and large do a damn good job of it.

    And are hated for it by people like our own President. Some even chant when a cop is killed that he deserved it because he was a cop. Like it was a punishment for a crime.

    In this case, I ask the simple question, if that thug had been removed earlier, would the world be a better place, the same or worse. Ask the same of the officer. I believe the world is better that the thug is dead, and far, FAR worse because we lost her in the process.

    Find eternal peace young lady. Put down all the frustrations and pain and rest now. We’ll take care of your children and your memory.

    Rest now. It is time.

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  18. Mrs. Carifidy says:

    It’s sadly ironic the Unicam repealed the death penalty yesterday. Hopefully the Gov will veto it and this tragic incident may change some minds in the Legislature on the override. There are too many on the Death Row who should already have met their maker for the big come to Jesus talk.

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