DOJ Announces Launch of Investigation Into Baltimore Police Department….

Least surprising announcement ever…

baltimore for you 2

WASHINGTON DC – Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch has decided to launch a federal investigation into whether the Baltimore Police Department has engaged in a “pattern or practice” of excessive force.

ronald davis and loretta lynch

Lynch’s announcement about the Justice Department’s probe — the latest in a string of municipalities that are being investigated by the federal government for civil rights violations — could come as early as Friday, according to two law enforcement officials.

A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment Thursday night.

Lynch hinted Thursday that a decision could come soon, when she testified during her first hearing on Capitol Hill as attorney general. She said that she would decide “in the coming days” whether to have the department’s civil rights division open an investigation into the Baltimore police force.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on Wednesday called on the Justice Department to open a federal investigation. Rawlings-Blake made the request after Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby filed criminal charges against six Baltimore officers who were involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray, who died of injuries sustained while he was in police custody.  (read more)

Less than an hour ago:

Baltimore for you

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101 Responses to DOJ Announces Launch of Investigation Into Baltimore Police Department….

  1. bonnibrai says:

    Looks like Ferguson all over again.. did you see this? Heartening. !

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  2. No doubt the police will slow-roll.


  3. truthseekerr says:

    ridiculous. She has nothing so she calls daddy who puts lynch on. Now its time to search everyones emails for something.

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  4. “DOJ, Lynch, Find Widespread Use of Excessive Force, Civil Rights Violations Rampant in BPD” – 2nd least surprising announcement ever.

    They’ve already made the determination – the rest is just for show. Lynch walked right into Holder’s shoes nicely.

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  5. BertDilbert says:

    Had the cops used excessive force, Freddie Gray might be alive today.

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  6. aprilyn43 says:

    Yeah, the announcement (and the timing), sound about right.

    1) Evidence for guilty verdict fading fast
    2) Prosecutor? Bumbling and fumbling, when she opens her mouth.

    Yep, it’s about time the Fed’s step in !

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  7. BertDilbert says:

    This is Horrible. Lynch is launching an investigation into excessive force due to Freddie Gray but no accusations of excessive force have been brought in the charges. The low info voters will assume that the officers are guilty of excessive force on Gray by Lynch’s action. Lynch is adding kindling to the fire when the officers get off on the charges.

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  8. fred says:

    i want to take a moment to thank and send a big shout out to the GOP 10 who knowingly confirmed Loretta lynch as A continuation of Holders policies and protector of Obama’s lawlessness. Good job GOP I’m so glad you took a stand and did the right thing not caved to political expediency. NOT.

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  9. nimrodman says:

    “in the 16 days since his death … there have been 19 homicides, more than one a day”

    I’m sorry, but if a high-offender environment like that is to be policed at all, you’re going to have to expect some broken eggshells on the part of the police. It’s unrealistic to expect otherwise.

    Many will be clear and incontrovertible, some will be more nebulous and questionable due to insufficient reliable witnesses, a (likely) very few may cross the line into unjustified force.

    But look at the environment. Violent, repeat-offender criminals, some bent on mayhem toward police and some with outright intent to kill police.

    Police can’t be out there in a soft-touch, stand-down, patty-cake posture with criminals such as this. Maybe with normal law-abiding citizens, but not with intentionally murderous criminal berserkers.

    This unrealistic drumbeat for “perfect” policing is absurd.

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    • sundance says:

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      • justfactsplz says:

        If black lives matter why don’t they get upset when innocent black children’s lives are lost in the crossfire and why do they abort their babies? I guess all black lived don’t matter, only the ones caused by whites and the police. Got it. BLACK LIES MATTER!

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        • dalethorn says:

          That’s the secret agendra that makes white cop-black suspect encounters automatically racial. The mindless protestors see a black person injured or killed by police action as racial, before any investigation. People of the U.S. beware – this is the tactic used by Lenin and Hitler to establish their dictatorships. If this diminishes soon enough, we may be spared a shift away from the Constitutional Republic, but if it goes on long enough or ramps up significantly, we’ve got big trouble given who’s running the country. I sure hope this is being thought through by every aware citizen of the U.S.

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          • justfactsplz says:

            I hope Americans all wake up to this administration’s agenda. I smell martial law around the corner.


      • bonnibrai says: Plenty here Scroll down a bit

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      • moogey says:

        The farce of the manipulated outrage is astounding. ‘FTPolice,’ ‘ DisArmEm,’ They be trying to kill us and wipe us out’, and the government is coming in to deem the popos sins, but in an emergency……oh, oh 911 yeah, oh oh there’s been a shooting.. SMH
        (and my apologies if these were innocents and I have profiled incorrectly)


    • Millwright says:

      Add to your concise evaluation of the BPD street cops’ operating environment, the looming possibility of a dump of a new street drug, “Flakka”, (another “designer drug” ala “bath salts” ) creating hyperactivity and hallucinations in those under its influence.

      One wonders just how the “prog/liberal establishment” is going to “splain” the rising Baltimore homicide rate ( and its recent spike), since there’s no republicans or whites in positions of influence in the city.


  10. lorac says:

    At the rate the blacks are killing each other they might just become extinct in the USA! Those Stats Sundance posted are astounding!


  11. James F says:

    Holy crap! Baltimore cops killed 80 black people so far this year!

    Oh wait, maybe they were killed by other black civilians like 95% of all black murder victims were.

    But cops are surely to blame for the skyrocketing murder rates not the thug coddling mayor and state attorney who refuse to prosecute the thugs so they can say on the streets and reek havoc.


  12. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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  13. doodahdaze says:

    Mosby is a dangerous criminal.

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  14. manickernel says:

    I am confused. The DOJ is going to investigate the police department for civil rights violations, but we all know that it is by definition impossible for blacks to be racist, even more so towards other blacks. Are they investigating whether whites have had their civil rights violated? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    • famousprince says:

      There’s no rationale. It has become so convoluted. All police departments, no matter who is running them, no matter who the cops may be, are treated as if they are a Mississippi sheriff’s department from the 1960’s, and so-called community activists with gang and criminal elements are identified as defenders of freedom and civil rights.

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      • Eskyman says:

        I suggest it’s even worse than that.

        Maybe a Mississippi sheriff’s dept from the lynching era.

        And I had a nice quip about communist activists/community activists, but it just won’t jell. 😦


    • moogey says:

      I want to see if the balance of “diversity” needs to be adjusted. Has happened in all instances. This one may get a clean bill.


    • nivico says:

      I’m starting to think these are just a series of reparations in disguise…


      ‘predatory lending’

      ‘patterns and practices’

      In each of these cases, they go out of their way to ONLY look for ‘disparate impact’ and then orchestrate settlements worth billions.

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      • dalethorn says:

        When there was the big push against Big Tobacco, I thought “fund raising”. Same for the huge legal push against the Catholic church for abusive priests. Years before that it was Nader and the suits against the automobile companies. Not arguing that nothing should have been done, but the opportunities for billions in settlements can’t be ignored. I hate to be cynical, but I’m sure that many of these protest/riot industry people are perfectly willing to sacrifice the Constitution to make a few billion dollars. We can’t reason with them, or “try to understand” – they smell blood like a bunch of sharks and they’re going for it.

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      • jason says:

        YES!!! The 21st century policing initiative, originally (and still) pushed as a means to provide bodycams for officers. Yet the 265? million executive order Obama proposed only included 75? million for body cams. The other 195 million?

        From reading the other reports I see recommendations to create (and fund) civilian oversight positions and board. I see pushes to implement/fund programs in and for the community and recommendation for the PD to find ways to fund them after the federal grant money runs out.

        I think it’s not just to gain influence/control over the local depts, but ways to fund the programs in the community that the DOJ approves (Wonder how long till Shadid gets funding for his community program in STL?) as well as providing extra bennies to city leadership who are going along with O’s nationalization effort (see Baltimore, Mayor Rawlings).

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      • Eskyman says:

        I wish there were a key for a musical note character/icon, as I keep humming along- the tune goes something like this:

        Follow… the money
        It’s government honey
        We’ll spend it lend it send it
        And get some more!


  15. bogeytct says:

    Wait… You mean the peace accord between the crips and bloods hasn’t yielded positive results?

    The libs gushing over how great the photo op never stop being surprised by reality.

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  16. beaujest says:

    Thank the 20 Republican that voted for Lynch ! Thom Tillis nc,Orrin Hatch,Burr nc,McConnell ,Graham, to name 5 of the useful idiots !

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  17. justfactsplz says:

    To add insult to injury our new black republican candidate for president said today that he believed Gray was injured before being put in the van and that it doesn’t take much pressure of a knee in the neck to cause injury. Rolling my eyes.

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    • famousprince says:

      He announced with a big splashy chorus and jubilee night at the Apollo sort of show, so it’s kind of hard to take him seriously.


    • Nation says:

      Talks about Baltimore at around 1:15. idk what good it will do Carson meeting with Baltimore’s community organizers and “religious” types. After all, they are all in the BGI.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        Thanks for the link. Carson is going to hurt his chances getting involved with the BGI types.[

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      • Sharon says:

        Based on Carson’s campaign so far, I’m more and more convinced that he does not have any expectation of being POTUS.

        He intends to use the campaign as a context for speaking to America’s condition from his perspective.

        That being the case, the hits he will take for ‘poor campaign decisions’ will matter little to either the process or the outcome. His goals will be met regardless of the bottom line.

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        • auscitizenmom says:

          I think that is probably true.


        • Eskyman says:

          It’s not hard to remember that he’s a neurosurgeon; he always speaks deliberately and with forethought, and uses reason and logic to make his points.

          What’s missing is any kind of passion, forcefulness, of fire-in-the-belly. Which isn’t surprising, considering the man himself, and is refreshing.

          It won’t get him elected though.


  18. jason says:

    again, this ‘probe’ has been ongoing since Oct of last year. All they need to do at this point is dig up a handful of questionable emails and have a few perps tells them they wuz wronged without any follow-up investigation and they’ll probably be able to announce the results of the report in time to kick off the weekend with quite the bonfire
    October 20, 2014
    BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Today the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) announced the beginning of a review of the Baltimore Police Department’s use of force policies and practices

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    • BertDilbert says:

      So basically since the DOJ has stepped in 2014 and become involved, the murder rate has increased by a significant margin. So now we double down on the murder rate again with today’s action.

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    • Wow, so COPS has been there for 6 months already, guess the “Collaborative Reform” hasn’t accomplished much ay?

      But I don’t think that should be confused with what’s happening now which would be a civil rights investigation, a facade is what it really is, if the black democrats didn’t do this like they do against majority white run cities/police stations they would appear hypocritical and racist, can’t have that now can we.


    • Wait, I read that wrong, you’re correct. It’s the same investigation “force policies and practices”/“pattern or practice” of excessive force”. This just makes even more clear that this recent announcement of something they’ve already been doing for over 6 months is all just a show, and the media and people just buy it.

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      • jason says:

        yep… Mayor’s emphasis on inviting the investigation all for show. They already know the data, now they just need to Fergusonize it.

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      • jason says:

        uh, so apparently there is a difference: From baltimoresun story impending DOJ announcement (sorry, won’t let me get direct link :()

        The city is already undertaking a voluntary collaborative project with the Justice Department and until Wednesday, Rawlings-Blake had resisted calls for a higher-level “pattern or practice” review.

        so… lynch’s investigation will be an voluntary, involuntary review.


  19. amwick says:

    Someone brought this to my attention I guess the forum was not really effective.


  20. Sandra says:

    If I were a cop in that city, especially a white cop, I’d be outta there.

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  21. czarowniczy says:

    Ah yes, I can see the Inquisitors dusting off old recipes for witch cakes, thumbing through their ”Witch Marks fro Federal Dummies’ guide books, greasing up that dunking chair – time for a DoJ unbiased fact-finding team to impartially Lynch the Usual Blue-Suited Devils.

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  22. Ziiggii says:

    I checked every MSM site, every one, earlier this evening, none have Baltimore as a prominent story on their home page. I’m not surprised…. what I am some what surprised at is not one even mentions the discovery of Freddie’s mysterious minutes inside a building and then running back towards BPD afterwards. Not ONE!


  23. coeurdaleneman says:

    A suburb of Africa … ho, hum …


  24. Kin Mapper says:

    The foremost crime in need of investigation, presentment for indictment and prosecution and conviction (as we saw the failure to allow and to oppress the assertion of fundamental constitutional rights as citizens so we must predict convictions as neutral observers outside the jurisdiction involved), is the unlawful, violative of fundamental constitutional rights, of the police commissioner to fail to keep Baltimore from descending into open riots and to thereafter allow “space to destroy” and to loot and to burn, all of this being done by orders from the top of the cops to watch and not enforce the law.

    This brings to mind “U.S. vs. Koons” resulting in the conviction of the sergeant who did not hit Rodney King for doing NOTHING, and here it is reversed the Police Commissioner ordered his officers to do nothing and let the deprivations occur.

    Whence violation of federal criminal code by the Police Commissioner and whomever conspired with him, subordinates and superiors, to violate this federal criminal law.

    “18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights

    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

    If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—

    They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.”


    • Kin Mapper says:

      The appellate case “Koon vs. U.S.” is quite interesting as Sgt. Koon was acquitted for the beating as not one strike by Sgt. Koon occurred. But that was state court and in federal court the same non-action got Sgt. Koon logically convicted!

      This is discussed in the full opinion found here, the ending of the Rodney King criminal cases against the police:

      Doing nothing is sometimes at least as harmful (such as watching stores be looted and burned by dozens of police within a hop, skip and a jump removed) as failure to do one’s job properly.

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      • dalethorn says:

        The fundamental problem with the L.A. Four is the racial motive and obvious jury selection tampering. How do you get a 12-0 for the police followed by 12-0 against the police, on the same evidence? By using a Simi Valley jury on the first case and the ‘urban’ jury on the federal trial. The rioters (and their mysterious backers) held a gun to the head of Los Angeles (metaphorically speaking) and robbed it of justice, with careful management by the feds. Now this time, the feds aren’t even white, so any guesses about what kind of justice we’ll see? What happens in the future when ordinary non-police citizens defend themselves against a black criminal? Are these going to be deemed racial incidents automatically, because after all they “know” we’re prejudiced?

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        • Kin Mapper says:

          I would prefer the issue of the lawlessness of the police stand down to be more of interest.

          But, it was not as suggested. The evidence was different and you should know that.

          Why would it be different”

          The charges were almost night vs. day. One was on some state charges having to do with excessiveness in arrest and I will not bother to seek out what they might be.

          Then we have federal court and federal charges.

          You presented the Sgt. Stacey Koon defense that Sgt. Koon did not touch and thus is clear and clean. Wrong.

          That was near irrelevant.

          The charge was deprivation of rights and that can be done by FAILING TO DO YOUR JOB just as all the cops did while watching the liquor store robbed and looted and looted and torched. They all were guilty but the low ranking ones can claim they were right to follow orders, but not the ones at the top as they knew that their orders were illegal and damnable. Sgt. Koon was the ranking officer at the little bit too long 90 second beating.


  25. Rurik says:

    Excessive farce. from DOJ.

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  27. jason says:

    this was posted in other thread, but worth a read if you hadn’t seen it. From Jack Cashill

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  28. froggielegs says:

    It’s interesting that the mayor is calling in the DOJ to investigate the Baltimore Police when just in March of this year during her participation of the President’s Taskforce on 21st Century Policing, (which BTW Deray was also part of!) she had this to say about Baltimore Police…

    “Baltimore has made tremendous progress in reducing violent crime, but we still struggle to repair
    the breach between community and police. Four years ago, Baltimore City reached a pivotal
    moment in our city’s crime fight when for the first time in many years our year end homicide
    number was less than 200.

    As I toured many communities, I expected residents to feel good about the progress being made
    and acknowledge that Baltimore was turning a corner in the decade’s long history of violence
    that had plagued our city for generations.

    Instead, I heard that while residents acknowledged the significance of the homicide reductions,
    they were equally concerned about the tactics used by police officers in order to achieve the
    crime reductions we were experiencing.

    Four years later, Baltimore is in a much better place with finding the right balance between being
    tough on crime and building bridges of trust with the community.

    In 2014, Baltimore experienced a 10 percent decline in homicides, as well as a drop in every
    major crime category – shootings, robberies and burglaries. We have seen significant decreases
    in the number of excessive force complaints and lawsuits filed against police, while at the same
    time more residents are reaching out to law enforcement with helpful tips to take violent
    criminals off the streets. We have demonstrated that Baltimore can learn from its past.

    Previously, Baltimore had experienced decreases in crime, yet many neighborhoods felt under
    siege due to high numbers of arrests. Recent statistics show us striking a better balance, and
    police-community relations improving as a result. This past year, we achieved both reductions in
    violent crime as well as reductions in the number of arrests made.”

    So which is it? Is Baltimore PD better as she claimed 2 months ago or does it need to be investigated?

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  29. jason says:

    Is this not odd to anyone else? Screencap taken from cctv video 728 at the ‘Donta Allen’ stop, shows 5 officers checking in on Freddie Gray’s compartment in the van with 1 bike officer at the front of the van. Since 2 of the 6 officers charged were the bike officers from the initial arrest, that would mean at least 1 additional officer was involved in checking Gray but for whatever reason, has not been charged. The number of ‘new’ officers could be even higher as it’s not clear if say the bike officer at the Donta stop is one of the 2 from original arrest, or if the others looking in aren’t other un-named players wrt Freddie Gray.

    Does this point to even more sloppy work on Mosby’s part?

    4 of the 6 charged, note the 2 bike officers

    6 officers pictured here, only 1 bike cop

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    • famousprince says:

      Who knows? It all seems rather arbitrary. Also, I’m still confused by a stop being referred to as the ‘Donta Allen’ stop. Was this stop really someone else still unnamed, and was Donta Allen actually taken in later, in a different van. Would that explain why he heard nothing on the other side of the van?


    • John Galt says:

      Goodson is holding the door open in an aggressive manner. A clear indication of “depraved heart” state of mind.


  30. bofh says:

    The feds investigating a town’s inability to police itself?


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  31. Nettles18 says:

    I apologize if this has been posted here already. The response from the Fraternal Order of Police welcoming the probe and asking for it to widen to the Mayor and her office.


  32. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Baltimore should have an “O Happy Day”

    moment in the form of White Appreciation Day.


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