*UPDATE* – The Curious Case Of Freddie Gray’s Transport Van Companion – Baltimore Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, Manipulating The Media…

On April 29th the Washington Post ran an explosive article highlighting information from a passenger who was inside the transport vehicle at the same time Freddie Gray was driven toward central booking.  According to the Washington Post source: Freddie Gray was intentionally “trying to injure himself“.

On April 30th local Baltimore media outlet WBAL-TV introduced Donta Allen, a person they claimed was the passenger in the transport vehicle.

Baltimore Prisoner from van 2


Our research indicates the office of Baltimore State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, used or allowed one of her deputy State Attorneys, Janice Bledsoe (who was in charge of the investigation as assigned by Marilyn Mosby), to willfully and intentionally place a false story using Bledsoe’s lover, WBAL-TV reporter Jayne Miller, and thereby create a fictitious story to imply Donta Allen as the passenger outlined in the Washington Post story.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The full story:  The Washington Post does not specifically name the passenger who heard Freddie Gray attempting to injure himself.  However, they do provide details as to the identity – details we can independently confirm (emphasis mine).

A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post.

The prisoner, who is currently in jail, was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him. His statement is contained in an application for a search warrant, which is sealed by the court. The Post was given the document under the condition that the prisoner not be named because the person who provided it feared for the inmate’s safety.

The document, written by a Baltimore police investigator, offers the first glimpse of what might have happened inside the van. It is not clear whether any additional evidence backs up the prisoner’s version, which is just one piece of a much larger probe.

[…]   Capt. Eric Kowalczyk, chief spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department, declined to comment on the affidavit, citing the ongoing investigation. The person who provided the document did so on condition of anonymity.

[…]  The third stop was to put the other prisoner — a 38-year-old man accused of violating a protective order — into the van. The van was then driven six blocks to the Western District station. Gray was taken from there to a hospital, where he died April 19.

[…]  The prisoner, who is in jail, could not be reached for comment. No one answered the phone at his house, and an attorney was not listed in court records.  (link)

We can confirm a 38-year-old Black Male was picked up and transported in the same 04/12/15 timeframe as Freddie Gray for “Violate Exparte/Prot Order || Violation Of A Protective Order” – Listed in BPD arrest records.


Click image to enlarge

This aligns with the Washington Post article outline as reported last Wednesday (04/29).

The following day, April 30th, WBAL-TV reporter Jayne Miller presented an initially exclusive interview with the man she claimed was this passenger.

However, the man she presented, and named as Donta Allen: • Was not in jail. • Was 22-years-old. • Was not picked up for violating a protective order; and nothing about his description aligned with the prior report.

BALTIMOREThe other man who was loaded into the police transport van carrying Freddie Gray spoke out Thursday for the first time.

West Baltimore resident Donta Allen, 22, was the second man loaded into the police van near the end of the run on April 12.

He raised controversy with what he told police because he told them something he really he had to speculate on because he wouldn’t have known for sure.

“On the morning of April 12, I went into a store right here at Penn/North Avenue to get a cigarette,” Allen said.

Allen was picked up by city police at the corner of Pennsylvania and North avenues on a suspicion of stealing. The city’s camera system recorded the van that arrived and picked up Allen. It was the same van that was carrying Gray.  (link)

Immediately national media reports began conflating the two “passengers” and claiming the Washington Post passenger was ‘walking back his statements’.

Like many people we were initially confused; and despite the age difference we thought Donta Allen was the Washington Post passenger quoted in the police affidavit. We were wrong.

Thanks to some additional research, digging and luckily with some anonymous Baltimore police talking on camera last night, we were able to connect the dots.

Donta Allen was not the passenger in the transport van as outlined by the Washington Post.  Actually, Donta Allen was never in the van WITH Freddie Gray at all.

Despite Donta claiming on CNN with Don Lemon that he arrived in the Baltimore Booking Station “while overhearing police talking about Freddie Gray not breathing”, there’s absolutely no indication he was ever there on 4/12/15.  Nor is there an arrest record, or a booking record, for him on that date.

UPDATE 5/2/15 @2:25pm :  CNN’s Don Lemon was initially confused and needed to reach out to the Baltimore prosecutor to confirm the identity (CNN TRANSCRIPT):

DON LEMON: I spoke to him [Donta] yesterday. What people didn’t realize, I was out here talking to him yesterday [Thursday 4/30]. No one knew who he was. The records at the police station show that he’s still in jail.

BROOKE BALDWIN: He was still in jail. But he’s not.

LEMON: And he’s not. And that was the issue of getting it on yesterday. Because we had it yesterday, we had it first, but we want to be — I’d rather be accurate than first. And so, today, when we spoke with the prosecutor, they said, indeed, it is him. You’ll hear his story tonight.

BALDWIN: OK, Don Lemon, great coverage. Thank you so much my friend.

LEMON: Thank you, Brooke.”  (link)

As you can see, a confused Don Lemon reaches out to “the prosecutor” (likely Marilyn Mosby or perhaps Janice Bledsoe) and the Baltimore prosecutor confirms Donta Allen as the witness passenger in the transport van.  Which leads to this confusing video:

Despite the brutal contradictions between what is factually known, and the claims by Donta in the video above, there is actually a way to reconcile them. Donta never saw Freddie Gray, Donta is projecting himself, via a belief into the story, based entirely on the flawed assumptions delivered by the pundits doing the questioning.

SO WHO IS HE?  Original reports in the Baltimore media when the Freddie Gray story first broke, mentioned that two people were in the alley when approached by officers.  Two people took off running in opposite directions.  One person, Freddie Gray, was immediately caught.  The other, was caught later in the day and released without incident.

All indications are that Donta Allen was this second person who fled, was caught/questioned, and then released.   There is no evidence of Donta Allen ever being in custody on 04/12/15.

So how did this story come to the media, and why would the originator of Donta Allen to the public, WBAL-TV reporter Jayne Miller, sell it?

It is not coincidental Donta Allen appeared the day following the explosive Washington Post story.

Indeed by all accounts if the Washington Post story was accurate it seriously undermined the case against the Baltimore officers.  Especially given the medical examiner stating that Freddie Gray’s injuries occurred INSIDE the transport vehicle during transit and not when he was stopped by police.

This is where State Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s main Deputy Attorney and lead investigator, Janice Bledsoe, comes in to play:

RE: MARILYN MOSBY […]  Among other charges involving campaign contributions and Mosby’s marriage to City Council member Nick Mosby, the FOP said in a letter, “These conflicts … include the lead prosecutor’s connections with members of the local media. Based on several nationally televised interviews, these reporters are likely to be witnesses in any potential litigation regarding this incident.”

[…]  Janice Bledsoe is the deputy state’s attorney who led the Freddie Gray investigation.

Jayne Miller, investigative reporter for WBAL-TV, confirmed to a Sun reporter Friday that she is in a relationship with Bledsoe. (link)

Jayne MillerJanice bledsoe

Deputy State’s Attorney for Criminal Justice Janice Bledsoe [right], one of the two lead investigators in the death of Freddie Gray. Her partner is WBAL’s Jayne Miller [left]. (Jefferson Jackson Steele / May 1, 2015)

It appears almost certain that Donta Allen was established then leaked to reporter Jane Miller by her girlfriend Deputy SA Janice Bledsoe in an effort to deflect attention from the concerns of the Washington Post story.

If you watch Donta’s various interviews you can see how he’s making it up as he goes along.  In addition, according to the officers now speaking out, both Donta Allen and Freddie Gray were known LEO informants (snitches) as a consequence of their past drug encounters and arrests.

That is why despite Donta saying he was arrested (04/12 during the transport to central booking) there is no record for his arrival or arrest.  He is playing a role and selling a story that benefits his community and those who would pressure him, ergo himself.

Whether reporter Jayne Miller knew she was presenting a fraud (duped), or was a willing partner to the efforts of her girlfriend Janice Bledsoe (co-conspirators) are unknown variables.  How else would Ms. Miller find Donta Allen were it not for her partner Ms. Bledsoe.

Marilyn Mosby 2However, someone needs to expose this fraud ASAP.  Donta Allen was not in the paddy wagon with Freddie Gray – and his media story is false.

The actual witness to Freddie Gray’s activity while en-route to the booking facility is the 38-year-old Black Male arrested on 4/12/15 for charges of violating a protective order – and accurately outlined in the original Washington Post article.

Meanwhile if Head Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby knew what her foot soldier Asst. Deputy Attorney Janice Bledsoe was doing, well, she should be immediately recused, reprimanded and perhaps even fired or disbarred.


Megyn Kelly:

Sean Hannity:

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597 Responses to *UPDATE* – The Curious Case Of Freddie Gray’s Transport Van Companion – Baltimore Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, Manipulating The Media…

  1. BigMamaTEA says:


  2. BitterC says:

    FWIW, there is a 22 yr old that was arrested at 4700 vancouver ave CDS:Posses Not Marihuana||Posses W/I Heroin Southwest District Arrest # 15057030


  3. 1dragon says:

    Reblogged this on Socialism is not the Answer.


  4. BertDilbert says:

    This was posted mid thread yesterday and nobody responded. Looks important because it could prove out that Mosby is a serial liar in the catagory of Hillary or Brian Williams. The relevant revisionism starts at the 6 minute mark. A person that makes things up is not someone you want as a prosecutor. The comments seem to come from the deceased child’s mother complaining how she used her son and changed the facts for political gain.

    thevelvetkitten says:
    May 2, 2015 at 7:30 pm
    Here is the video of her campaign speech ;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXu4-zZeXGM

    i just noted a comment made a year ago evidently from her cousin’s mom who is obviously upset she brought this up in her campaign speech.

    DironsMom Spence 1 year ago
    I am appalled that you would use Diron’s name in your political campaign, and your story is wrong, he didn’t die over a pair of sneakers, it wasn’t broad daylight, Manny Barros did not see him get shot…He came after the fact what he did see was the gunman run into someones house..You had no right!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Archangel12580 says:

    The reason why this is being done, why This “Donta” character is being used has to do with the overall strategy of the prosecutor. She’s not trying to convince a jury, she’s trying to incite a mob (nationally and locally) to intimidate a potential jury into fear based (although wrongful) convictions. She knows these officers haven’t done anything wrong here. This is her only play. The mob doesn’t need truth. They don’t need facts, they just need red meat. And this “Donta” character was pushed out in front of the cameras to serve up the first course.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Archangel12580 says:

    And in the end, it’s the mob who elects her. On this chosen course, she’s a hero to that very mob now, even with full equittles across the board. Because, at that point, it’s “the man” or “the system” once again killing another black man and getting away with it. There is no downside for the prosecuter to play this card. None at all.


    • BertDilbert says:

      There is a downside if she gets sued (the city) and has to pay out money to the officers for her misconduct.

      Liked by 2 people

      • jackphatz says:

        Sue her the city pays, nothing for her to lose. Do you really see the State of Maryland intervening on behave of the people and removing her? Besides that will be 1 to 2 years form now. Short memories we have.


  7. BertDilbert says:

    If Gray ingested heroin, that could lead to respiratory depression and heroin was found in his urine. The officer in the Hannity interview said that most times suspects either try to dump the drugs or eat them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • oldiadguy says:

      BD – Most agencies have a protocol that if a prisoner is suspected to have ingested drugs, the officers are to call EMS and transport the prisoner to the hospital immediately. Swallowing heroin in any sizeable dose can be fatal. As far as the officer on Hannity and The Kelley File, I suspect the officer is the same person.

      Based on my experience, I believe the officer is young, excitable and tends to exaggerate. According to him, nine out of ten drug suspects chew their stash and then chase it with some bottled water. Really??? The ER would be packed with prisoners that OD’ed from swallowing their stash and their arresting officers.

      I hate to say it, I would take much of what the young officer says with a big grain of salt. He is trying to help his friends. I get it. I’ve seen this kind of behavior many times over the years. It rarely helps. In this case it is especially sad as he is being used by Fox News. SMH

      The people who should be out there presenting the officers’ side of the case are their attorneys. Who I wish they would get out there and start talking to the press. If they would take the forefront like they should, then maybe this young kid would not feel the necessity to be out there destroying his career. It is so, so sad. SMH


  8. goodoldboy66 says:

    Regarding the officers who detained and loaded Gray – one part of their defense could/should be”: “how would they possibly know the driver would NOT immediately and directly go the short distance to the WS cop shop”. Based on this reasonable assumption and long historical practice of not strapping in – they followed precedent. Now whether the ‘new’ requirement to strap transportee’s in was indeed fully communicated including required briefings etc. remains to be seen.

    Lt. Rice maybe able to refer to the Sgt.’s welfare checking as seemingly appropriate and his lack of proximity to Gray in his defense.

    Liked by 1 person

    • BertDilbert says:

      The biggest crime should be not following procedure which would be a minor disciplinary action within the PD. This is nonsense.

      However if it is law, then the driver is responsible for moving the van and would be driver’s duty to ensure all passengers were safely strapped in before moving with an insecure load. (As with truckers)

      Liked by 1 person

  9. goodoldboy66 says:

    Seems like Freddie Gray got about half a dozen ‘Welfare Check’s’ on April 12. Can someone look into this? LOL


  10. BitterC says:

    Since this thread has gotten so long, I’d like to reiterate something. Donta claims his intake was interrupted to send him over to Homicide to be interviewed. Since Freddie lived for another week, would they have involved Homicide on day of his arrest?

    Liked by 3 people

  11. jetstream says:

    There is a website called Broadcastify(dot)com associated with RadioReference(dot)com that archives Baltimore City Police, EMS, county and other public safety radio broadcasts for 180 days. There are two feeds for Baltimore (City and County). Anyone who has the interest and time to listen (I don’t have the time myself), may discover more details about what happened that day surrounding the arrests of Freddie Gray, Donta Allen, or any other passengers in that van.

    According to the Baltimore Police timeline, Freddie Gray was first stopped 8:39:12 a.m., Sunday, April 12 at the corner of North Avenue and Mount Street in Baltimore. Timeline here http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/20/us/freddie-gray-baltimore-timeline/

    Freddie Gray’s charging documents are here in .pdf format http://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1996025/freddie-gray-charging-documents.pdf

    The archives require a premium subscription to access. I believe you register for free on RadioReference and then upgrade ($15) to Premium Service to access Broadcastify archives (live feeds are free). http://www.broadcastify.com/register/

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    • Justice_099 says:

      On it. Just purchased a membership


      • BertDilbert says:

        On the last page of the charging document the officer describes the knife as a spring assisted one hand operated knife. So the officer knew it was not a full switchblade? But felt it qualified under the wording of the law?


        • Justice_099 says:

          One thing for sure, the dispatcher doesn’t seem to understand that you don’t release the mike until you are done speaking. Quite frustrating. I have listened to about 45 minutes so far and nothing seems to be coming up around the timeline.


          • Armie says:

            I was listening for a while first night… the dialect gave me a lot of trouble. FWIW: the site for the PD feed has a note at the bottom that says it doesn’t have the narco channels. So, it’s possible the usable stuff would be later, from after the transport started down through the pick-up of #2 and return to the station.


  12. Monroe says:

    It had to come. Introducing


    Yes, it’s real.


  13. Len says:

    If not already posted.

    Don Lemon interviews Allen.



  14. lovely says:

    An observation on the heroin purported to be in Gray’s system. It seems that he preliminary finding would be from a urine analysis and it would have been from a urine collection bag in the hospital as Gray was in the hospital and catheterized for 7 days before he died. Heroin is detected as morphine in a urine test so Gray would have possibly received morphine during his surgery and as a drip for the entire 7 days. So a finding of heroin in a preliminary toxicology report would not necessarily be good or bad for the defense.


    • landsharkxray says:

      Depends on the ratio of ingestion . The usual medicinal dosage of morphine is VERY low compared to what is used for “recreation”. Or ingested to avoid prosecution.


      • lovely says:

        I agree that the usual medical dosage would be lower than a recreational high but all we know is that an officer told us that the preliminary toxicology came back positive for heroin and Marijuana. With the way the facts are being twisted in this case the defense is going to have to anticipate every twist and turn that Mosby is going to throw at them.

        Liked by 1 person

        • landsharkxray says:

          Agreed. Mosby seems to be of the Obama/Holder/ Sharpton school of appeasement. The enmities sown by all of them will bear heavily on the fairness of the trial the accused receive. I’m going to await the Grand Jury decision. Too much hoopla and supposition entangling the issue of late.

          Liked by 1 person

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Being a police matter, the blood and urine before it hit the catheter bag would be collected for the cops. Trauma would have known upon arrival that he was arrested in the paddy wagon.


      • lovely says:

        Not to appear entirely dull but how would they have collected a urine sample from an unconscious Freddy other than a catheter bag?


        • landsharkxray says:

          Why would there not have been blood drawn for toxicology. Something is rotten in Baltimore.


        • BigMamaTEA says:

          well, a catheter has a series of clamps that stops/starts the flow of urine (in stages if you will) as the tubing continues down the tubing and into the bag. (This may be too much, but, when you first insert the catheter, there is just a length of tubing with a clamp on it. When you are sure of proper placement, the immediate tubing with it’s clamp immediately fills with urine. Then you add additional tubing with the bag) So, urine can be removed from the bladder almost immediately from just the tube. (before it ever gets to the bag)

          Liked by 2 people

      • lorac says:

        Now I can’t remember if an ambulance met the police van, or if he was taken directly to the station. If an ambulance, they will need to confirm that he wasn’t given a painkiller en route. If they did, it would come up as an opiate. Although I doubt it, because if he was unresponsive, a further depressant would be contraindicated.

        Liked by 1 person

        • BigMamaTEA says:

          AND for all those concerned about morphine. An unconscious patient does not automatically get pain meds. In fact there is never a “morphine drip” (this is the 21st century) There is no administration of morphine unless the patient is awake and requesting it. Morphine has the ability to kill you from slowing respiration, so unless the patient is responsive enough to ask for it (or in the case of frequent doses, a push-button pump device dispenses it “in room”, but only in small doses, that the patient must be alert enough to hit the button.)

          Liked by 2 people

          • lovely says:

            Thanks BigMamaTEA 🙂

            Two years ago I had the push button morphine but I was also given morphine before I was awake (at least that is my memory) so from what you are saying I wasn’t given morphine during surgery or after surgery until I was awake enough to administer it myself? I was hallucinating from whatever it was so I could have it wrong.

            Are you saying that because Freddie’s injury happened while in police custody his urine and blood would have immediately been taken as evidence by the doctors?


    • DT says:

      The hospital would need to know what drugs were on-board their patient before treating him, especially if he was unable to communicate with them. The police would subpoena those results. I expect that those results spoken of were from the first few moments he hit the ER.

      Liked by 3 people

  15. lovely says:

    I mentioned this yesterday and I don’t know if it has been commented on or not, (I don’t even remember what thread I mentioned it). Anyhow I have found part of the video I was looking for where Donta says that he saw Freddie Gray the day before Freddie was arrested. This would lead one to draw the conclusion that Donta and Freddie knew each other.

    Donta says at about the 2:18 mark I still haven’t seen Freddie Gray to this moment last time that I seen Freddie was the day before they lock him up and do that stuff to him


    There is a still longer version which seems to have disappeared where Donta refers to Freddie as “Shorty”. Maybe a someone could save this as it does show Donta knew Freddie before the fateful paddy wagon ride.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Armie says:

      Hmmm… so the guy who claims he saw the police calling Freddie’s name at the station, is claiming he didn’t see him?

      Liked by 1 person

      • BertDilbert says:

        Ah that would explain the “Mr. Gray” he says he heard. If Gray is in one side with that door closed he would not be able to tell who it was unless an officer called him by name to ID the person on the other side..

        Liked by 1 person

    • lovely says:

      I think what is the most important insight from the Donta interview is an admission from Donta that he knew Freddie before Freddie was arrested and that friendship (who calls someone by a nickname other than a friend?) is further evidence to cast doubt on Donta’s interview claims.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. SteveC says:

    No one by the name of Dnta Allen was ever arrested on 04/12/2015. Here is the proof through the Maryland Judiciary Case Search.

    Someone is lying!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sandra says:

      He said in his interview with MSNBC that they picked him up for stealing but then let him off with a citation. So I think he was never actually arrested.

      Liked by 2 people

  17. castlep777 says:

    How do you spell C-O-V-E-R-U-P?

    See “Baltimore ‘Purged’” at http://wp.me/p4scHf-8S.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Sandra says:

    I’m behind because I was on vacation Friday-Sunday. Can someone help me out ?

    In the arrest log, why isn’t Gray one of the entries ? Is it because the official arrest doesn’t occur until the apprehended person is brought to the station, and Gray was never officially arrested ?

    The 38 year old guy has an arrest time of 13:40, but the district is Southwestern, not Western. How could be be Gray’s van mate ?

    The only 22 year old guy whose arrest entry seems to match Allen is #15056947. Arrested at 12:21 for a theft. But Allen claims in his MSNBC interview that he stole “a cigarette” from a store at the corner of Pennsylvania and North and that the police were right there questioning him about it. No arrest entries match Allen’s claim.

    Do the police have any video of Allen coming out of the van at the Western police station ? Or entering the police station ?

    I had posted last night that I thought it was odd that Gray was loaded into the right compartment of the van … and so was the person picked up at 1611 W North Ave (allegedly Allen).


    • Sandra says:

      Never mind about my last point, they put the second passenger in the left compartment. They were just checking on Gray before loading the second passenger.


  19. Kaynine says:

    I found “another” Donta Allen who fits in with the Washington Post’s 38 year old inmate


    Here is the Washington Post article that’s been linked here before:

    Plus this link, of course:

    And this link (I found it here before also) shows a Maryland inmate with the name of Donta M. Allen, birthdate of 02/14/1978…which could be the Donta Maurice Allen in the picture from 2005:

    This is my first post, so please let me know if I should be posting differently, okay? I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of this other guy. This article has great information!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Kaynine says:

    Regarding the “other” Donta Allen I posted earlier, I found an article which shows a picture of his face. It’s small and so I enlarged it and merged the 2 together:


    This article gives a more indepth history about Donta:

    This article says he was given a life sentence…but he could get out in 11-1/2 years.

    Question: Since he was eligible to get out of prison in 11-1/2 years, perhaps he also happened to get released earlier. It would be interesting to discover if he had indeed been out of prison for awhile and then got re-arrested on April 12…can anyone find that out?


      • Kaynine says:

        Hi. Yes, he’s in prison, but here is my question. The Washington Post April 29 article said “The third stop was to put the other prisoner — a 38-year-old man accused of violating a protective order — into the van. The prisoner, who is in jail, could not be reached for comment.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/prisoner-in-van-said-freddie-gray-was-banging-against-the-walls-during-ride/2015/04/29/56d7da10-eec6-11e4-8666-a1d756d0218e_story.html?tid=sm_tw1

        This link shows a 38 year old person was arrested April 12.

        The very next day after the Washington Post article of April 29, on April 30, a 22 year old man appeared, said his name was Donta Allen and that he was the one the Washington Post was talking about…even though the Washington Post had clearly said the person was “38,” and then he told us he did not say what the Washington Post printed.

        However, there is “another” Donta (Maurice) Allen who is the same age as the man listed in the Washington Post article, and he is still in prison. So is this 38 year old Donta Allen (in prison) the “same person” the Washington Post said had to remain nameless? It could be…if…he had been released from prison on his murder charge early, and then re-arrested on April 12. This is why I wish we could find out if he had been released at some point before April 12…we’d know for sure that he is the true “Donta Allen” that was picked up and rode in the van with Freddie Gray…the guy who said he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself.”


        • kathyca says:

          Actually, the other Donta is 37. Plus, based on the facility he’s in – a maximum security prison- I doubt he was out any time recently. He’d probably still be in jail. BIg coincidence, though. It is very curious.


  21. Kaynine says:

    The 22 year old Donta Allen said it took “20” minutes to get to the police station…instead of “4 or 5” minutes…

    In the video interview with Jayne Miller/WBAL-TV, there was a huge discrepancy in the amount of time getting to the police station after Donta was placed in the van. I didn’t pick up on that until I read the transcript of the video here:
    Show: ALL IN with CHRIS HAYES
    Date: April 30, 2015
    Guest: Jayne Miller, Jason Downs, Bobby Scott

    Start with Jayne “cutting Donta off in mid-sentence”:
    (ALLEN is talking) I knew Freddie Gray was in the van when I got to the police station and then they going to try —
    MILLER: No. OK. Let me — I just want to keep this focused on the
    four minutes. You were in the van four or five minutes with Mr. Gray.
    ALLEN: I was in the van approximately up to 20 minutes — 15, 20
    minutes at the most.

    Does anyone else find that interesting, or am I missing something here?


    • I Tweeted Sundance’s analysis to Dylan Byers, who wrote the Politico piece, and I’m dropping links to it in the Disqus comments below the Politico piece….I sent it to Drudge twice over the last 3 days, but they’re asleep over there or something — that, or we’re all barking up the wrong tree….


  22. jfktruth2014 says:

    There’s a problem. The 38 year old man was arrested at 1:40 pm and Gray’s predicament took place in the morning around 9AM.


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