The Politics Of Social Disorder….

In a general sense the political left, and more specifically Democrats, have done an exceptional job of brainwashing two generations of U.S. citizens into thinking the far right (Conservative-Republican) is the origin of deadly governmental conflict.

Perhaps it’s prudent to remind everyone that Democrats are the only political ideology in modern history who have openly used force to mass murder large numbers of citizens into compliance. There are essentially three modern examples (in the past 30 years) where the US government has intentionally killed U.S. citizens.

Two of those examples, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and Waco (Texas), resulted in mass casualty events with the authorized full scale use of fire bombs, snipers, tanks and various mechanized weaponry against civilians.

Move 1 First – The 1985 dropping of a gel based hydrogen bomb against “MOVE” in Philadelphia by Democrat Wilson Goode. In that example the Mayor ordered a National Guard and Police helicopter to air drop an explosive bomb onto the squatters inside a Philadelphia housing complex.

SecondThe Assassination at Ruby Ridge ordered by GHW Bush and William Barr in 1992. In that example they ordered Federal Snipers to shoot and kill Randy Weaver and his family (2 killed, 2 wounded) under the auspices of the Weaver family illegally owning firearms.

ThirdWACO Texas massacre at the Branch Davidian compound. Where Democrat Bill Clinton and Janet Reno carried out the largest full scale slaughter of citizens. Federal agents killed 76 men, women and children in 1993.  And an uncomfortable truth is the majority of the people killed in Waco, by Bill Clinton, were black.

So as you watch the events unfold “right now” in Baltimore it’s prudent to consider that yet again another Democrat administration is in power, and yet again there is a tinderbox created by failed Democrat leadership in the majority.

Baltimore leadership

It is a sad yet typical reality you won’t find any of those supposed “civil rights” leftist types putting forth any effort to stop a Democrat in office from creating a social system based entirely on dependency.

While it might be hip and cool to think that Democrats are the “free love” party of social liberation – the actual and empirical evidence is 180° divergent.

The ‘liberal social policies’, which Democrats proclaim to support, are mere masks used to hide the real nature of Big Government Totalitarianism enforcers who will literally and actually kill people if they fail to conform to their federal demands.

The mainstream media are to the cause of Democrats – what CAIR is to the cause of radical Muslim extremists; propagandist tools, deflectors and apologists who hide the actual goals of the Big Government Power elite.

Baltimore bloods crips and noi

The academic indoctrination machines of higher education journalism schools churn out the reporters/journalists who exit with a diploma and an embedded ideological script. If, after years of saturation, one of them dare begin to question the construct of the ruse they end up like Sharyl Attkisson.

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25 Responses to The Politics Of Social Disorder….

  1. This post touches on a theme that I have mentioned time and again. The left has successfully used the media to brainwash a large segment of the population into believing that citizens who believe in the Constitution and individual liberty (The Conservative Right) are somehow dangerous dissenters who preach anarchy. The truth is far different, and it is the left that has the ultimate goal of eliminating liberty and is hell-bent on seeing to it that American citizens fall into line with socialist groupthink.

    Their success lies mainly in the reticence of the Right to accurately define themselves, allowing the socialists to perpetuate their charade. Sometimes it almost seems as though every Right-Leaning politician is somehow afraid to proudly proclaim their ideals and actually stand by them. This brings to mind one of Bill Whittle’s speeches in which he said that successful businessmen who run for office should emphasize their financial accomplishments simply to point out exactly how they can add to the “Rising Tide That Lifts All Ships”. But, no, it almost seems as though they are ashamed of success, and want to keep that out of a campaign.

    Personally, I would rather vote for a candidate who has proved that he/she can actually accomplish something, rather than one who made a career of destroying the works of others. But I guess that’s just me.

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    • nyetneetot says:

      “Personally, I would rather vote for a candidate who has proved that he/she can actually accomplish something, rather than one who made a career of destroying the works of others. But I guess that’s just me.”

      It’s not just you. However, the “profession” of politician predates even socialism. I’m beginning to think it’s us, — you or I, or anyone awake (not awake enough, but fully awake) that can change the direction of things.

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  2. FiestyBuddha says:

    im a longtime reader but i never comment. i use the information found here to fight against the lies presented in the media. im commenting because you mentioned the move fire. my aunt rhonda africa was killed in that fire and my first cousin birdie africa (michael ward) was one of the two survivors. he was burned over 60 percent of his body and at the time of the incident he couldnt read or write even though he was 13 years old. michael was a quiet child and he worked his ass off and was able to graduate from north penn high school at age 18 just one year behind schedule. thats how quickly he adapted to a new environment and learned how to become a solid student. michael never blamed the state for what happened to him. he blamed move and their ideology. when he became of age he joined the us army. imagine that a socalled victim of racism becoming a soldier of the state. michael passed away recently but he was a gentle man and if you didnt know him you would never know what he experienced. i appreciate cth for what you do. best site ive ever seen. america is in trouble but trust me there are african americans that get it but they are silent. the pressure to conform is enormous. as one that does not it comes at a price. but so what eff em.

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    • Monroe says:

      What is sad is that the media/BGI encourage and support the criminal behavior of a small percentage of the AA community. These images are repeatedly presented and after awhile the public generalizes the behavior of the small percentage to the entire AA community.

      Instead the focus should be on events like the 1985 Philadelphia killings (a true example of extreme police brutality or the Chicago black on black crime. I guess there is no profit to be made by Crump.

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    • Les says:

      That was heart-breaking and inspirational at the same time. Bittersweet.

      I work in an environment where I wouldn’t dare wear a Cruz T-shirt.

      ThoughtCrime sucks.

      I hope you get your voice back.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      FiestyB, thank you for your comment.


    • anon1234 says:

      thanks for the comment……from wikipedia…….”Birdie Africa, also known as Michael Moses Ward, the only child survivor of the 1985 MOVE bombing, accidentally drowned in 2013 in a hot tub on board the Carnival Dream while cruising in the Caribbean” RIP

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  3. TRONGOD2000 says:

    Has anyone else heard (read) that the assistant attorney general who “investigated” the crimes against Gray is actually the lesbian lover of the Baltimore newspaper writer who introduced us to the man who was allegedly in the van with Gray when he died? That man she introduced is only in his early 20’s. The man the Washington Post interviewed was in his late 30’s. Something smells here. On top of that, there is no record of this Dante fellow being picked up by the police. Then on top of that it turns out he was in the same business as Gray and very likely with him just before the police chased and caught Gray. Please reply if you have heard the same story.

    If you have read our recent posts, you will see that information. Didn’t you read any of what was posted here in the past two days?

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  4. Sam says:

    Just wait until the inner city EBT cards don’t work. I think that day is coming and we haven’t seen rioting like what will occur in the inner cities since perhaps the 1960s. It will spill over into the suburban areas surrounding inner cities especially if cops are held back by politicians and told to stand down. The breakdown will be along racial lines since that’s what the agitators are working on. Crime will spiral out of control, including murder and rape. It will be very ugly. Suburban and rural citizens will defend themselves when necessary because cops won’t be able to mobilize quickly enough to quell the roving mobs. The government will, of course, aim its power at the suburban defenders, not the roving bands of probably black/hispanic/white sympathizers who loot and kill. And then we will have civil war fought by fourth generation warfare rules. That’s the endgame to remove the US from sole superpower position. Invasion by an enemy force – as peacekeepers of course – might be the next step.

    Sounds bleak, but I think that’s where we are headed given the current state of affairs. All it needs is a tipping point and EBT cards not working is a better tipping point than most. Common sense could prevail and head off this catastrophe but that’s not the way to bet with the Democrats in charge.


  5. Jill says:

    For all intents and purposes, the Branch Davidian compound was a Christian church. The media will never define it such a way.

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