TRIGGER WARNING ! BGI Beacon Activated – Occupy Leftists Target Florida Sheriff With Racist Accusations…

A left-wing group in Pensacola Florida, “Occupy Pensacola“, has identified Sheriff David Morgan as a threat to their delicate sensibilities for using the term “Thug Culture”.

As you are reading this, hundreds of professional BGI activists have rushed to their “safe spaces” to email, text, and calling their leadership.   Following the “trigger warning” comes the activation of the media clarion call for additional support.

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan had the audacity to speak on camera about the breakdown in culture and civility amid the black community.  In an attempt to get to the root cause of violence he and his officers are encountering Sheriff Morgan spoke of the breakdown of the family and a disconnect of virtue and morality.

He is now in the crosshairs of the professionally aggrieved.  Here is the video that activated the Trigger Warning.


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56 Responses to TRIGGER WARNING ! BGI Beacon Activated – Occupy Leftists Target Florida Sheriff With Racist Accusations…

  1. No truth goes unpunished in Obamamerica.

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  2. akathesob says:

    It is what it is. I mean what the hell else should we call it?

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  3. Lou says:

    let’s have an honest discussion about race. well, not that honest. that’s a little TOO honest.

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    • Blonde in Red says:

      Calling any/all whites ‘Nazis/skinheads/rednecks’ is a-okay…even if it doesn’t even make a lick of sense.

      Calling thugs actual thugs = RACIIIIIIIIST!

      I guess this means that all Lefties believe that all blacks are inherently thugs which is therefore racially ‘profiling’ them?

      Can these tools ever squat out a thought which doesn’t end up flung like stank p00p out of their hind-brains?

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      • Col.(R) Ken says:

        Blonde, oh how right you are!

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        • Col.(R) Ken says:

          The first and only rule in dealing with these thugs, do not give in, or make any concessions. These thugs, BGI, MSM, have to control the vocabulary, the words, don’t let them do this. Call them out. Remember the Sheriff is the highest elected Law Enforcement office in the County, tell these people to pound sand! Love him or hate him, Sheriff Joe in Az is a burr under the Feds saddle.

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    • jason says:



  4. rmnewt says:

    Some hate clear statements of fact. This Sheriff gets it and his message is what is needed from all leaders in America, regardless of color or race or gender or pick your sect.

    Aside, I’ve got friends from Egypt and N Africa who you’d think are African American; however, when asked if they could claim that on the various Gov forms and census, they said no, since their skin color wasnt black/dark enough. So color is what is key, not origin and not the literal meaning of African American. PC at its best.


  5. SeekerofTruth says:

    Nice to see someone stand up and speak the truth.

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  6. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  7. Justice_099 says:

    The gross overuse of the term racist has nearly lost all of its effect on people anymore. It no longer has that chilling effect that it once did. We WILL see more of this happening.

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  8. Col.(R) Ken says:

    This should be very interesting, the “thugs” going to protest on the Redneck Riviera! In a Navy town!

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    • Monroe says:

      It is also a gay capitol and Gay Spring Break occurs about this time. Also many universities within 2-3 hours including a couple of all Black colleges.


  9. bob e says:

    great video .. 3 cheers for the sheriff ..

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  10. BertDilbert says:

    Maybe the sheriff is right, where is the white outrage?

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  11. justfactsplz says:

    What he said should be proclaimed all across America relentlessly. If we don’t stand up and call it what it is and say we aren’t taking their bull anymore, then it will continue to get worse and more frequent. They are taking over our country just like the Islamists who many of them are.

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    • lorac says:

      I’m reading Heretic, the latest book by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somalian born woman who is now American and speaks out about Islam’s anti-woman basis and the western world’s hypocrisy in tolerating Islam’s intolerance. She is also very clear that you can’t separate the religion from the terrorism. She says you can’t stop the terrorism until you reform the religion, and that reform can’t happen while people are saying “but they’re not real Muslims”.

      IThe same principle applies here, as you’ve noted. If you don’t call it out, you can’t help these people have better lives. You have to be clear that you have to pull your pants up, don”t commit crimes, study, work hard – just like everyone else to make it. You have to shout it’s not racism it’s reality. I love this video.

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  12. SouthCentralPA says:

    The phrase “speaking truth to power” keeps occurring to me…

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  13. tappin52 says:

    This is exactly the kind of speech we should be hearing from every judge, law enforcement officer, politician, clergyman, school administrator and teacher, and parent in every town across this nation.

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  14. mdwarren67 says:

    White Americans are now the racist minority. Some, a small intelligent group of Blacks, have learned to coexist with humanity or the Whites. It has been very expensive and enduring but not worth the expense or trouble. Maybe, maybe not. Just as educating ignorant Whites – it can not be done. So what is the true basis of co-existence. Eliminate co-existence. Man lives within the boundaries of existence or he/she will be exterminated. White, brown, black, yellow – it doesn’t matter. What matters is the intelligence paradigm. If you are stupid or ignorant, then you die. Very simple – contribute or go away. That is Society. No Free Lunches. The time of Free no longer exists

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    • Justice_099 says:

      Racism is when one believes that their own race is superior, or that all members of another race are inferior. While we are not a bunch of Nancy’s here that need to constantly clarify when we don’t mean ‘all’, sometimes some people come here and make it obvious that they mean all.

      Some will come here and mistake our truth with their racist beliefs. But, I assure you that you will have no comfort here.

      I have yet to see anyone here request to know what color, religion, or sexual orientation anybody is. Many of us have volunteered that information or mentioned our families. I can assure you that the majority here are not racists and among us is a rather diverse mixture of patriots. These treepers are all my brothers, regardless of their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. Those calling for their death are my enemies.

      Eschewing the PC and speaking the truth should not be confused for racism, bigotry, misogyny, misandrism, etc… The truth has no agenda. If you are coming here because you believe that you are among fellow racists, etc… you will not find comfort here.

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    • lovely says:

      I see that you have given yourself a vote of confidence by liking your own post, here at the CTH posters are judged on the context of their posts, period.

      Your words are a bit convoluted so your meaning at least in the above post is both offensive and conflated but it seems that you are not faring so well in the whispers of your character department.

      What does posting in a convoluted style say about intelligence and what is the IQ # you would pick for extermination?

      Never mind you are on my don’t spit into the wind list, have a good day.


  15. Oh my stars and garters! People got their feelings hurt because a man spoke the truth!

    I’ve got the perfect safe space for everyone who’s upset over this Sheriff’s statement, courtesy of iowahawk:

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    • mdwarren67 says:

      Comment removed by popular request (and good taste).


      • Angel Martin says:

        i think it’s time for the moderators to step in

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      • I’m not sure why you liked my first comment when you followed up by attacking me. But breaking out the f-bomb like that followed by your rant about my education has told me a lot about you.

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      • Monroe says:

        The N-word is inappropriate. I apologize to any guests and assure you that his is not acceptable behavior.

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        • Be Ge says:

          Yet and still, you can’t, in the long run, treat anyone / any group better vs what he|she/they treat him|her/themselves.

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          • tessa50 says:

            What does that even mean? You are ok with the N word because some blacks are criminals?


            • Les says:

              I think they are saying that if that if one doesn’t want to hear a certain word, they should start by not saying it themselves.

              I don’t use that word for my own conscience, but I think it’s disgusting for black people to use it often and publicly then complain when someone else uses it. It’s a black supremicist term now.

              I don’t correct whites for using it, chances are they learned it from a black person. Because there is no way you are an N if a black person says it but you are offended if a white person says it. The N word starkly illustrates the main problem with the black community, a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do mentality that allows them to behave atrociously but expect to a sort of miraculous respect from others. It just doesn’t fly with me. I’m not going to stoop to that level, but they shouldn’t either.


              • Justice_099 says:

                I would argue that at least the original reason that blacks began using it towards each other was to take the power away from the word. At least that is how it has always been explained to me.

                But, you know what they say about good intentions.


                • Les says:

                  I see them posting monkey pics all the time, too.

                  You can’t segregate speech. You can try like heck, but you can’t do it. Newspeak.


                • Justice_099 says:

                  Correct. But emulating someone that is wrong, just makes you wrong as well.

                  The double-standard is stupid, I agree. But in my opinion, there is just no purpose to do these things black or white.

                  In every war, we come up with labels for the enemy (charlie, gook, krautz, etc..) The reason for that is to dehumanize them. To make it easier to kill them. It is necessary because killing another human being is hard for most people. But if you can label them as something other than a fellow human, then it is easier to squeeze that trigger or burn their villages.

                  And of course, after the war is over, it is hard to turn that off. Because to do that, you would have to accept and deal with the fact that you killed another human. Unless someone is a psychopath, that is never easy for them, justified or not.

                  In my opinion, these words were originally used for the same meaning. To justify enslaving them or treating them less than human. The Indians were given similar labels to aid in slaughtering them and taking the land.

                  But both of these wars are over now. It’s past time to turn it off.

                  Just my opinion. I won’t become like my enemy.


        • The n word is inappropriate but I have to hear it all the time when/if I go to the mall or listen to some music. I even hear some professional athletes use it in press conferences.


  16. mdwarren67 says:

    For God’s sake, support this Sheriff


  17. Monroe says:

    I grew up in Pensacola, FL and my father still lives there. It is an interesting mixture and could erupt into a huge storm.

    On the one side are the conservatives.

    .1. Pensacola Christian College, which is a HUGE college with its own printing press, water supply, power plant, and a huge network of pre-K through HS facilities. Students do not have phones in their dorm rooms, must attend chapel, must be chaperoned, and do the traditional bible thumping on the street corner to feel comfortable in their faith.

    .2. Home of the abortion clinic bombers. Every Friday a throng of ppl protest the clinics and block major streets.

    .3. Jewish Temple is active in protests and side with peace and will usually join forces with the Christian College.

    .4. Baptist and Catholic Hospitals are active community members.

    .5. Swing a cat and you will hit some type of military.

    .6. At least one mega church.

    .7. Bubba is a nickname used for almost every male and yes it is called the Redneck Riviera. Mullet tossing is a big annual event.

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    • Monroe says:


      .1. University of West Florida- great school. But local paper runs stories that make it sound like the klan still rides. Never seen the klan in the area but I have in Mobile, AL about 1 hr away.

      .2. Pensacola is one of the gay capitols in the US and this is about the time for Gay Spring Break. The Christian College comes out in full force to protest.

      .3. Police and Sheriff constantly get attacked about being racist and have done so much diversity training that they could teach Sharpton. Claims turn out to be baseless once investigated but they still get pummeled.

      .4. Numerous Universities within an hour to 3 hour drive including Bishop State (black college) and to the east is FAMU (black college).


      • Col.(R) Ken says:

        Monroe, I was a guest at P-cola Naval Air Station back in mid 90s. Did a lot of scuba diving fresh/ocean in the area. Many years before that, spent time at Field 7 at Eglin AFB. Thanks for the update. I do support this Sheriff, and will contact him to offer my support.


  18. czarowniczy says:

    How dare he call the kettle…..uhhh…can I use that comparison here? I mean, look at how they’ve comported during spring break….OK, lemme go out and dig up a viable excuse…


  19. dalethorn says:

    What kind of people sell hardcore porn to underage kids? Bad people, yes? How much worse than that are the people in the “entertainment” industry who have been selling abuse and murder to underage kids for the past 27 years since Straight Outa Compton was released with the key track F Tha Police? These are not good people – these are evil people, who simply deny the murderous intent they plant in the minds of underage kids with every CD and download of thug-music they sell. Free Speech is understood from the Founders as what was in the independent muck-raking newspapers of their day – political speech. Are we to believe that there is real Free Speech in those thug-music recordings? Are they comparable to the indie papers circa 1775, i.e. did those papers create a thug-culture in that era, or is there a fundamental difference?

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    • BobNoxious says:

      Applying late 1700s speech standards to curb modern free speech issues sounds a lot like those that wish to apply late 1700s firearms standards to restrict and/or ban access to modern firearms.


  20. lovely says:

    The rise of the super predator, a culture of asocial thugs, sounds spot on to me. Kudos to Sheriff David Morgan.

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  21. bleep21k says:

    Two very smart and well thought out positions put forth by these two.

    “…Untethered…”, and …”untethered…not tethered to faith, family, religion or community – it’s about me. It’s about me…”

    THIS, imho, is a side effect of “social media” accelerating the decline of our entire American society. The “Individual sports hero” celebrated, rather than the team victory, the celebrity with the biggest butt and the most internet “followers”, idiotic tweets from twits and Presidential candidates, Fundme pages as the new court of public opinion with all the “victims” seen getting paid by virtue of simply being a freak show that this nation now acclaims. And yes “thug culture” displayed and posted daily by BOTH black and white youth is most defiantly an “It’s about me…” thang.

    “It’s about me…” – a new medical condition being referred to as “social media depression” – because one can’t post enough cool images of oneself to keep up with the other posters, and thereby losing one’s self esteem because one can’t keep up with the big butt celebrities. The next epidemic…

    Social media will continue to be a leading cause of the “untethering” of ALL of us.

    I myself am not without guilt! Thanks to this TCTH blog, and other media, MY opinion can at least be seen and read by others. I do feel compelled to either agree with posts I read on these media, or even “correct” some postings (lol) because – I want to be heard, I want to be understood, show my brilliance, and unfortunately in that moment “It’s about me…”, and instances of incivility can get the best of me.

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  22. aprilyn43 says:

    Thug is a term for a person who engages in violent criminal activity – is the BGI automaticly identifying “Blacks” as a race who engages in violent criminal activity? Cause, as “whitey” I don’t see “All” Blacks that way. “I” actually know Blacks that are honest, moral, hard working, educated and people of integrity. Also, as a white person would never be so racist as to categorize “All” Blacks that way. BUT… I’m white and therefore racist to begin with (sarc .. sarc ..) so what do I know ……….

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  24. hues10 says:

    The normalization of violence as a means of expression of one’s moods and whims is not only prevalent in black families and communities, it is also finding it’s way into the other American cultures as well. It is a culture of drugs, sex, misogyny, materialism and violence. It is broadcast to the minds of impressionable youth 24/7.


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