The Juxtaposition of “Words Matter”…

In order to fully appreciate the insufferable political logic of the Obama administration two videos should be fully watched.

Keep in mind the White House position, to explain their anguish, about Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to say “words matter”, yet when confronted with the words of the Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khomeini it appears the emphasis is on an entirely divergent belief.

If you have time it’s worthwhile to watch both videos:

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23 Responses to The Juxtaposition of “Words Matter”…

  1. rsmith1776 says:

    Am I the only one whose blood is boiling at thermonuclear temperatures when seeing these well-chosen samples of the B.O. administration’s blatant, unprecedented duplicity and treason?

    Moreover, I don’t believe I’ve ever been so appalled by the meekness of the G.O.P. wannabe luminaries in this context. Where are they? Why are they keeping (mostly) quiet? Why aren’t their pursuing the most politically and legally painful avenues of making the Treason White House pay for its nefarious deeds?

    Why are the Jewish leaders in the U.S. quiet as well? How far can they push blindness and wishful thinking…. and voting traditions which became, in the new political context, idiotic eons ago?


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    • yakmaster2 says:

      I have also wondered about the strange silence from American Jewish groups regarding Obama and Israel. I know that many American Jews are Liberals, but to keep quiet about anti-Semitism coming from our government seems suicidally meek to me.
      Historically, the Jews have been displaced from the Biblical Promised Land, persecuted, and murdered under Hitler. How can this history not make Jews hypersensitive to bigotry worldwide? I just don’t ‘get’ it. What am I missing that is basic to the Jewish experience in America? Does the belief that the pathway to God is in the doing of good deeds influence their political Liberalism to such a degree that anything a Democrat President does is OK?
      Maybe another Treeper could shed some light on this…

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      • Daniel says:

        To believe that “all Jews are the same” would result in your questions.

        Ben Shapiro does a pretty good job of explaining why many Jews vote “leftist.” So I would recommend reviewing his video on the topic. Leftists aren’t big on a unified or consistent view on the world and their views are filled with exceptions and inconsistencies. Conservatives tend to have a more consistent understanding of the world and where inconsistencies lie, they seek to resolve them through better understanding.

        The two approaches are rather divergent. Your questions are based on your observations of inconsistent interests of people whose minds are filled with exceptions.

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    • joanfoster says:

      The GOP “luminaries” as you call them are busy trying to figure out how to win the next Presidential election with a mealy mouthed do nothing courageous, weak knee pandering chump for the Chamber of Commerce. Anything remotely treasonous being committed by this administration is on their back burner. This is why Fox contributors are already going after Cruz because he will not knuckle under for them. Do not forget that the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has tried to derail every tea party conservative who has run for national office – think how they pulled out all the stops for Thad Cochran in Mississippi.


    • joanfoster says:

      The so-called GOP “luminaries” are busy trying to find a Presidential candidate who will pander to the Chamber of Commerce, wet their pants when blacks and hispanics don’t show up for their rallies and have arms long enough to reach across the aisle and work with the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Reid, etc. This is why the Fox contributors have come out with negative reviews of Cruz.I was even surprised yesterday that Gutfeld on The Five was negative about Cruz. The Republicans want a moderate which is code for “can’t we all just get along”. Remember that the Senate Reelection Campaign Committee worked against every tea party candidate that ran in a primary against an incumbent (Mississippi was one example). They are all on the take which is why cleaning up fraud in the welfare system, social security, irs, etc., is of no interest to them.


    • MTeresa says:

      No, you’re not the only one. Those were my thoughts exactly. This administration is going to get us all killed. And I agree – where is the outrage of American Jews? Are they that terrified in this country to speak up. That in itself, is pretty telling.


    • Josh says:

      “If you have time it’s worthwhile to watch both videos:”
      I have the time however I no longer have the patience.
      With all sincerity, I say G-d bless those of you that do and I thank you.


      • Indiemex says:

        I’m with you, Josh. I”m sorry I wasted my time. I cannot abide another serving of the shit soup that is the only offering on the administration’s policy menu.
        Viva Cruz!
        Long live Bibi!


  2. Moishe Pipik says:

    This whole “ask my Israeli Counterpart” statement is disgusting. It’s as if the press secretary is questioning the reporter’s loyalty to the United States of America.

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  3. doodahdaze says:

    The Iran scam is starting to smell like the Cuba Scam, and the Berghdal Scam.

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    • RJ says:

      It has always been a scam, right from the get go! Reality is what one sees, feels and hears…most of the time. And time and time again B. Hussein O. reaches out to those who wish harm to the United States offering more than just olive branches, he offers them keys to our internal workings.

      Obama is our enemy, only most voting citizens still won’t see such a reality. Denial, repression…there are plenty of words to suggest a reality problem here.

      Just wait, the old adage “give him an inch, he’ll take a yard” might come into play with B. Hussein. He’ll cross a “red line” for America his Harvard education never prepared for him to see nor sense.

      He is that stupid! And evil! Callous, cold, indifferent…maybe beyond evil if there is such a place, beyond my imagination.

      “Nightmares with/from Obama” when will this tome arrive or is it here now?

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    • czarowniczy says:

      The Iran situation goes well into that favorite social area of progressives = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. You can’t look at the gas and oil reserves Iran is sitting on, or has the potential to snatch, and say that money has no part in it. There are many, dare I say possibly some American (cough, cough) foundations and possibly some highly-placed politicians whom, when they retire or sufficient time has passed for the public’s attention to move elsewhere, will profit mightily.
      Let’s say that were I a fictional and highly-placed US politician leaving a very VERY influential position (just a fictional narrative here, don’t read anything in) and I were feeling the need post-service, to fund a foundation that would punish conservatives for their lack of support for an endless buffet for entitled victims of European-based socioeconomic oppression and advance the cause of international moderate Moslemism wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to develop potential funding sources. Just sayin’ here, no accusations.


  4. bob e says:

    well .. i also had to change the oil in my blood so it would not boil needlessly .. this is double talk
    to the nth .. .. i can barely make it thru these videos..


  5. Robin Gibbs annoyed me to no end. Then we got Jay Carney, who was even worse. Words cannot describe my disdain for Josh Earnest. He is the king of duplicity and arrogance. A perfect match for this POTUS.

    This hypocrisy is not at all surprising coming from this administration.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      YES. I feel this way about all of their mouthpieces.
      But, I was just thinking the exact same thing about J Earnest (NOT), AGAIN.

      I bet Kansas is real proud to have another KS Liar in the house. After Princess Kathleen Sebellius who is out there earning a crazy pension somewhere, I had “hoped” JE might restore a little faith in Kansans, when appointed. NOPE. He’s a Weasel too.


  6. TwoLaine says:

    Red Line.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    Come on, their bosses are politician rat-kings and these micettes are the little minions who carry out their dissembling, double standards, all of those things you’d wash your kids’ mouths out for doing were your kids rather than highly overpaid and polished liars doing it.
    In the second video you have State trying to explain State’s duplicitous carrying on – the same folks who excused our enemies retention of thousands of US POWs in there wars – which while close to the same thing the WH is doing is part of a historical business model versus the POtuS’s 8-year franchise. When it comes to throwing American interests under the Communist/Nazi/any other enemy of America bus State has a history that goes back to buggy whip days.
    The WH has found an ally in State though I’m rather sure that State just considers him a fellow traveler in the Death to America program. They may work with him, as does the CIA, but the State and the POtuS won’t be taking any long, warm showers together. OK, maybe not the best phrasing to use here but you get the idea.
    Y’all come back to me when you find a DC-level politician or State employee (janitors not included) whom you’d feel comfortable leaving in charge of your minor children and a full trash can – that would be news you can believe in.


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