BUSTED: Ferguson Shooter Jeffrey Williams Caught on Video In Fight Shortly Before Shooting Police….

Yesterday Ferguson police shooter Jeffrey Williams’ attorney, Jerryl Christmas, made the claim that his client was beaten by Saint Louis Police during his arrest. Attorney Christmas, and Ferguson protest leader, Bishop Derrick Robinson, have now both made that claim.

As noted in the Saint Louis media:

[…] “Jerryl Christmas, also claimed that Williams was beaten during the arrest, a claim that police deny”.

[…] “Christmas said Williams had bruises on his back, neck and face as well as a knot on the back of his head, allegedly from the butt of an officer’s gun”. (link)

However, we have uncovered media video taken by KMOV on the night of the shooting which clearly shows Jeffrey Williams in a fight directly in front of the police department.

jeffrey williams - ferguson fight

Jeffrey Williams ferguson fight 2

The video shows clearly Jeffrey Williams fighting with a large heavyset black male (grey hoodie), and getting hit numerous times during the fight.

This appears to be the direct source of any bruising – NOT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT:

Williams wearing blue jeans, blue sneakers and long sleeve denim (appearance) shirt. His opponent -much larger- wearing a grey hoodie style sweatshirt over a ball cap. The larger protestor strikes at, and hits, Williams several times. One of the more severe blows to the right side of Williams jaw/cheek. (*suggest you watch the video in full screen)

CNN has tried to also claim to see bruising on the right cheekbone of Mr. Williams as indicated by their highlighting this picture during CNN panel discussion.

It is obvious from the video the bruising highlighted by CNN, if any, is from this blow:

jeffrey williams ferguson fight 3

Actually young Mr. Williams took quite a few blows from the much larger opponent.  However, he was fortunate that most of them missed.

The raw feed video (original source) is HERE

So we now know Jeffrey Williams was at the protest.

We know he was in a fight at the protest, and we also have video of him driving specifically back to the road (Tiffin) in front of the police station – with footage showing his car arrival 27 seconds prior to the shots being fired.

jeffrey williams red car

We call that video “The 27 Seconds”.   You can see it outlined HERE.

jeffrey williams map 2 detail

Will the media avoid this evidence like they did the Canfield Greens evidence we discovered during the Mike Brown shooting aftermath?

We’ll soon see.

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142 Responses to BUSTED: Ferguson Shooter Jeffrey Williams Caught on Video In Fight Shortly Before Shooting Police….

  1. Donald Joy says:

    Sundance does it again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • idk guys. I think the lawyer is spitting some insanely bullshit excuses, and I think the evidence is already stacked against Williams as it is, but this didn’t feel like a smoking gun. More like you stopped just short of one. JUST ONE MORE piece of corroborating evidence putting him in that fight, because lets be honest, you can’t make out his face. This is STRONG evidence, its just not conclusive. I was looking over the FB photos, and while the guy in the video has a fade haircut going on like WIlliams, I don’t see any photos of his profile that make it look like his hair was flat in the front.

      The guy in the fight also looks like he might have a full goatee, and Williams doesn’t on his FB. Its night, the video is grainy, and I can’t see the blotch on his neck well enough to tell if its a tattoo, a piece of clothing, a shadow from one of the news camera flood lamps, etc. ONE MORE PUSH guys, I got mad respect for the anons at this site, but just one more push for corroborating evidence and this claim of police abuse is nuked.


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  3. Why did his bruises only show up after he was arrested.


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