Ex-FBI Official: Eric Holder Intentionally “Eclipsed” Darren Wilson’s Exoneration…

Nothing we didn’t already know, yet confirmed by FBI insider.

potus and Holder president obama and eric holder(CNSNews.com) – Attorney General Eric Holder deliberately “eclipsed” a report exonerating former Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9, 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown by releasing another report the same day accusing the Ferguson Police Department of racism, a former FBI official told CNSNews.com.

“Eric Holder knew in the fall that there was zero evidence to continue pursuing a case against Darren Wilson. He had seven months to make an announcement,” former FBI assistant director Ronald Hosko pointed out.

“But we had nothing but a resounding silence from the attorney general. He was mute all fall and winter while two police officers were gunned down in New York.”

The former FBI official called the attorney general’s delay in clearing Wilson “an appalling lapse not reflective of the intent to pursue justice,” adding that it was no coincidence that Holder released another report on the federal civil rights investigation of the Ferguson Police Department on the same day. (read more)

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63 Responses to Ex-FBI Official: Eric Holder Intentionally “Eclipsed” Darren Wilson’s Exoneration…

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Anyone surprised??

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  2. benzy says:

    He “sat” on the Wilson information and allowed eastern Missouri (and the rest of us too) to “stew” for several months just to shove it in the face of white America. It is exactly the same thing he did with the George Zimmerman information as well. It is neither MORAL or JUST and he would feel ashamed, IF he had any conscience at all. I’m embarrassed that he represents my government,


    • jello333 says:

      I’m SO angry at what people like Obama, Holder, and their ilk are doing… and yet there’s pretty much NOTHING we can do to hold them accountable. They should all be rotting in prison, as we speak, and yet…

      Mmm… It’s times like this when I can see the positive side of revolution. Round all these slime up and make an example of them. NO, not anything violent. Just lock them up and point at them and declare “Never again will the likes of these people be allowed to destroy the lives of others through lies, hypocrisy, and racism.”

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  3. True Colors says:

    A black person was killed by a non-black. There must be hell to pay.

    For eric holder it was just that simple. No other details mattered.


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  4. nivico says:

    “…it was no coincidence that Holder released another report on the federal civil rights investigation of the Ferguson Police Department on the same day…”

    …and just in time for the Selma 50th anniversary, no less.

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  5. Gettingby says:

    Does Darren Wilson, or any others who suffered as a result of the administrations obvious bias, have any legal avenues, such as suing (class action?) the administration or involved individuals or filing criminal charges against same.. If so would crowd sourcing work to get the ball moving. Love to see the pricks responsible held to some account.

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  6. moogey says:

    Never let a crisis go to waste. Remember how the furor started. A White Police Officer shot an unarmed black. Two days later Eric Holder’s department was in Ferguson amped up to find the Officer guilty. Didn’t happen. Now the whole focus is on “racism” in the department. Didn’t contribute to the death, didn’t have anything to do with the death, but now, that is the whole focus.
    If the DOJ can dismantle a department based on a search done over a case where nothing was done wrong, we have a huge problem.

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  7. Chip Bennett says:

    The blood of how many injured and killed police officers is on the hands of Eric Holder?

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    • jello333 says:

      And not just cops…. MANY others, ordinary citizens have been attacked, and countless others terrorized, thanks largely to Holder, Obama, and others encouraging the hatred. Normal, innocent people hundreds or thousands of miles away from the epicenters have felt the fallout. We should ALL have legal standing to do something!

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      • nivico says:

        Deandre Joshua… shot to death and set on fire the night the grand jury verdict was announced

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      • Right. People need to understand that the Knockout Game is borne out of this rhetoric. The increase in black people setting white people on fire is borne out of this rhetoric. The fact that MANY businesses were burned down in Ferguson and surrounding areas, is borne out of this rhetoric being perpetuated by the DOJ. Eric Holder is a dispicable human being.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Yah think he cares? Anywho, he already read a statement off a few pages of paper telling us it wasn’t his fault.


  8. xschild says:

    “a former FBI official told CNSNews.com.” Notice former. Or you would never know. Problem is a lot bigger than you think. Seven months later umm? Thought Holder resigned. Cannot clean up what’s her name enough to take his place . Another umm.

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  9. Col.(R) Ken says:

    It was nor never will be about justice.

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  10. doodahdaze says:

    What killed me was “we can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt narrative/scam. I order to keep the agitation/rioting going. This led to the cop shooting by the bgi JV Perp.


    • michellc says:

      None of this coming out now is going to stop the agitation, rioting or cop shooting or citizens being attacked either. The die has been cast and the stupid blacks and stupid whites for that matter heard what they wanted to hear and aren’t going to change their opinion.
      Whether it’s some idiot in Missouri, New York or Oklahoma University, they all say the same thing Michael Brown.


      • jello333 says:

        In the video of the “protesters” a little before the shooting, notice what some idiot woman/girl is saying? She’s standing across the street from the cops, yelling at them “Hands up, don’t shoot!” LONG after the truth and even the “official” truth was known. But it matters not one iota to that type what the truth is.

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  11. czarowniczy says:

    This is an old Beltway trick – second probably only to releasing bad news late on a Friday and more badder news on a Friday before a big weekend event. There’s been a record of a number of Administrations releasing bad news to eclipse that more badder news – releasing the bad news by holding a press conference complete with trumpeters and hooded acolytes chanting. The more badder news is left under a towel in a bathhouse on 14th street for the press to stumble over. Ain’t sayin’ it’s wright, just sayin’ it’s done. Still deserves a good paddling by the NAPO.


  12. yakmaster2 says:

    I’m shocked that Holder, the activist, is running a racist Dept of Justice. WHO could have predicted he has an axe to grind, a chip on his shoulder, a simmering paranoia? Surely not our post-racial President.
    Surely not.

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    • ThankYou,Treepers says:

      High Yella ‘Ho’e Holder called the racist shooter of Ferguson Police Officers “a punk” last week before the identity of Jeffrey L. Williams was released or maybe even known, and in 2009 called America a “nation of cowards” afraid to discuss race matters including Affirmative Action.

      High Yella ‘Ho’e Holder’s right. Jeff Loc Williams is a punk.

      But High Yella ‘Ho’e Holder is a dimwitted little yellow ‘ho’e who has had everything handed to him by Affirmative Action infinitely beyond his merit and instead of being grateful all the little yellow ‘ho’e can do is show race hate for the white ethnicity that obviously constitutes a significant part of the little yellow ‘ho’e’s lineage.

      Please forgive the use of vulgar black slang nomenclature but Sharpton has demonstrated his belief that references to “pimps” and “‘ho’es” constitute the most effective way to speak to people of color in order to get the message across to them.


  13. Celtic5 says:

    The next person in the WH must totally reverse all the damage Obama and ValJar have done . All the previous ” hidden” info on Obama must be released. He and his minions must be ” politically” destroyed. It’s the only way we will get back on track. We need someone who is not only a good manager but knows how to build relationships and respects the people who elect him/her, but also loves and honors our constitution. Enough with this nonsence. Is there not a leader in our gov’t, anywhere?

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    • I have discussed this in my inner circle at length. Getting Barry out of the White House and turning the Congress around isn’t enough. It is already too late, so much of this has permeated into our culture, into the very fabric of our country. Its not going to stop. We might be able to slow it some, but it is not going to stop. Its been in the works for years. Its the Communists.


  14. To do this is evil. To get away with it is criminal. To allow him to this is even worse. I hhdd. Figure it out. Too bad the S. B. Media wont call him out on it, heck, not even the Gop will. We are in hell.


  15. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  16. Stormyeyes says:

    Finally, a politician that says the truth!!

    Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Claims The Justice Department Is More Racist Than Ferguson


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  17. lilbirdee'12 says:

    When you stir the chit pot, you should have to lick the spoon.


  18. Burnt Toast says:

    The only reason it took so long to release the report exonerating Wilson is that it took so many teams over that time to get one report accusing the Ferguson Police Department of racism.


  19. peppie says:

    It is my sincere hope that these are the dark days and this next election cycle will open up a new dawn. The reality is i’m afraid these clowns are getting ready to make the jump to light speed!


  20. Prof. Woland says:

    Nobody should get their hopes up thinking that Holder and his Boss have relieved their burning resentment and jealousy of whites by taking a couple of cheap shots. Somehow I have to imagine that Holder has at least one more card up his sleeve that he will play if he gets the opportunity. We get the pleasure of knowing that his humiliation is complete and that he as as much chance of beating white America as the Washington Generals had of beating the Harlem Globetrotters.


    • nivico says:

      “I have to imagine that Holder has at least one more card up his sleeve”

      He’s rumored to be returning to private practice when he leaves the DOJ and he has announced his intentions to try to lower the standard for bringing civil rights cases in federal courts before he leaves office.

      So I imagine we’ll be seeing him representing lots of high profile plaintiffs in civil rights lawsuits against police departments… for a 40+% contingency fee, of course 😉


  21. nivico says:

    “A separate Justice Department report found widespread racial bias in the city’s policing and in a municipal court system driven by profit extracted from mostly black and low-income residents.”

    Ok, can someone explain this to new “driven by profit” narrative to me…???

    Profit is defined as: “a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.”

    1) AMOUNT SPENT: Now the DOJ noticeably didn’t give us any sort of dollar figure for what it actually costs the city of Ferguson to operate the FPD and the municipal court, but let’s be extremely generous here and just for the sake of argument deliberately lowball the operating cost

    50 employees times $35,000 salary each = $1,750,000

    (I know there are more than 50 employees and that this figure doesn’t even account for the higher salaried employees or the cost of vehicles, equipment, buildings, etc, etc, etc)

    2) AMOUNT EARNED: Now the DOJ did give us a dollar amount for the second largest revenue generating ticket (around $250,000 for the year 2013), and again let’s just assume for the sake of argument that all five of the top revenue generating tickets bring in the same revenue

    5 x $250,000 = $1,250,000

    So, urhm, if the city’s ticketing practices are “driven by profit”…. WHERE’S THE PROFIT?


  22. benzy says:

    Isn’t this almost exactly the same thing that Eric Holder criticized Chief Jackson for doing? Jackson announced the name of the officer involved in the Michael Brown shooting (good news in Holder’s eyes) AND the Michael Brown strong armed robbery video (bad news to Holder) at the same press conference. He felt it was not fair for Jackson to do that, yet he uses the exact same methodology in releasing the Darren Wilson investigation results (which he did not like).. so he held the results back for months so that he could “balance them out” with what he considered “good news”.. Ferguson is racist.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Yep, yep, yep!


      • canadacan says:

        Anybody see the article at Redstate on Eric Holder’s report.

        Article is by Leon Wolfe who is an associate of Erick Erickson.
        Writes about the disproportionate number of traffic tickets and warrants for traffic tickets and fines given over the years to black people in Ferguson.Speaks to an attitude of the Ferguson Police Department and tries to explain the average attitude of the Ferguson poor black population.
        that does not excuse the timing and the lack of addressing officer Wilson’s case I find it specious.
        Would like some input from others who contribute here


        • auscitizenmom says:

          I am just going to make notes as I am reading since I have a short term memory problem.
          It appears the police were doing exactly what they were being pressured to do by City Hall or whoever came up with these policies. There are problems in the PD, but the onus is actually on the people that were elected, it appears to me.

          “African Americans account for 95% of Manner of Walking charges; 94% of all Fail to Comply charges; 92% of all Resisting Arrest charges; 92% of all Peace Disturbance charges; and 89% of all Failure to Obey charges.” Maybe because these people are actually doing it.

          “Despite being searched at higher rates, African Americans are 26% less likely to have contraband found on them than whites” This I cannot explain or even understand since it appears that this “contraband” is so accepted in the black community.

          “regression analysis is used to control for non-race-based variables, including driver age; gender; the assignment of the officer making the stop; disparities in officer behavior; and the stated reason the stop was initiated” Okay, my mind went “boing” when I read this. I guess I reached the end of my statistical analysis understanding, or something. (I was very bad at statistics in college.)

          Whatever the problems in the community are with the PD and City Hall, I think we can be certain that a takeover by the Feds will only make it worse, only maybe in different ways. I’m still questioning these statistics.


        • nivico says:

          I think the author makes numerous mistakes in his reasoning:

          1) He bought into the DOJ’s assertion that poor people should be excused from having to pay their fines because they are poor. While I understand that the fines can be more of a hardship to some than others, reducing or removing that hardship would effectively remove any deterrent effect it was meant to have and it would allow poor people to violate the law with impunity.

          And it’s unfortunate that the author admittedly didn’t read or take into account the ‘testimonials’ of those claiming they couldn’t pay. One guy had an outstanding unpaid fine from the year 2000… in 14 years he couldn’t come up with the money to pay it? Another guy claiming he can’t pay his fine has a charge for possession of a controlled substance on his record… he can afford to buy drugs but he can’t afford to pay his traffic ticket? And there’s the lady with 9 children… 9 children, nuff said. There is a difference between a true inability to pay and a simple unwillingness to pay.

          2) He also bought into the DOJ’s comparisons of the numbers of minorities being stopped and ticketed to their % of the Ferguson population. Even the DOJ admits in one of the footnotes in the report that this is improper methodology despite their drawing conclusions based on this apples to oranges comparison in the body of the report. Less than half the tickets were given on city streets, the majority involved ticketing drivers on U.S., state, and county highways and roads. The representative population for comparison purposes would be those driving in and through Ferguson, not simply those living in Ferguson (and even that data is questionable since the DOJ mentions that ‘occupancy’ violations are occurring in Section 8 housing in Ferguson). An actual representative population is an unknown variable… so the DOJ lazily took a short cut and just used the Ferguson population data knowing that it was improper to do so.

          3) He’s buying into the DOJ’s “driven by profit” false narrative. He mentions that the total amount collected in fines had tripled from around $1,000,000 annually to around $3,000,000 annually. I’m fairly certain that this amount is likely dwarfed by the cost to the city to maintain and operate its police department and municipal court. In other words, there is no profit being made…

          There’s more, but I’ll stop now 🙂


          • Chip Bennett says:

            Also, I’ve been a member of RedState since at least 2005, and I was apparently just “shown the door” because I dared to disagree with a front-page contributor. If that is what RedState has become, I want no part of it.


            • nivico says:

              I saw that they are wanting to get rid of the comments section altogether…

              Joining the ranks of CNN, (to a degree) Huffington Post, and numerous other sites. Even MoM disabled comments on his blawg.

              Sad to see so many sites closing or severely limiting the opportunity for their readers to join in the discussion…


          • auscitizenmom says:

            Very good points.


        • nivico says:

          “Other, more subtle indicators likewise show meaningful disparities in FPD’s search practices: of the 31 Terry stop searches FPD conducted during this period between October 2012 to October 2014, 30 were of black individuals”

          31 Terry stops in two years… this is supposed to be proof of rampant constitutional violations?!

          That’s barely one Terry stop a month. If anything, it proves that the FPD is very mindful of citizens’ rights and only uses even a perfectly legal SCOTUS approved search method sparingly.

          This seems to be a recurring fly in the ointment of the DOJ report… when they do provide actual numbers rather than %’s, the numbers are laughably low and tend to disprove the DOJ’s conclusions.

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