UPDATE: Suspect Pictured Jeffrey L Williams – Suspect Arrested In Ferguson Shooting Of Police Officers – Was Regular Ferguson Protestor, Handgun Recovered….


UPDATES: Suspect name is Jeffrey Williams (age 20)

jeffrey Williams 2 lg

jeffrey williams mugshot 2

* Jeffrey Williams
* Age 20
* 2 counts of assault w/ firearm (class A felony)
* 1 count firing from vehicle
* 3 total counts armed criminal action

* Public information turned him in.
* Weapon recovered w/ matching ballistics
* Suspect admitted to shooting
* $300K, cash only bond

* Handgun .40 caliber
* Suspect is a regular Ferguson demonstrator

* Whoah, when asked if shots fired from “red vehicle” McCulloch confirms the red vehicle is part of the investigation.

jeffrey williams red car

jeffrey williams thug

Jeffrey williams thug 2

jeffrey williams thug 3

jeffrey williams - shaun king

Obviously the Ferguson Protest Support Network, including Shaun King, is trying desperately to seperate themselves from Jeffrey L Williams….. and quickly deleting him from social media networks. (LOL)

Can we find pictures of Jeffrey Williams in various crowd shots, videos, screen grabs, etc. of previous Ferguson protests?

Jeffrey williams thug 6

He might also be in the Looting Videos released by the police.  

A local Ferguson Missouri resident has been arrested for the shooting of two police officers on Thursday morning.

St. Louis County Police have confirmed to FOX 2 that the suspected shooter of two police officers early Thursday morning outside of the Ferguson police department is in custody.

The two officers were shot just after midnight, as many protestors were headed home following a night of protests after the resignation of the city’s police chief. (link)

Press Conference at 1:30pm Central Time (2:30pm Eastern)

St. Louis County officials will hold a press briefing at 1:30 pm CT on the arrest, according to the statement. A St. Louis County police official was not immediately available to provide further comment.  (link)

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303 Responses to UPDATE: Suspect Pictured Jeffrey L Williams – Suspect Arrested In Ferguson Shooting Of Police Officers – Was Regular Ferguson Protestor, Handgun Recovered….

  1. zephyrbreeze says:

    All this protesting and hatred of the PO-lice is rolling up thugs in Ferguson like crazy. Eric Holder throws out the raw meat and the flies descend, and get SWAT-ed. How’s that workin’ out for you Holder?

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  2. Darrell W says:

    To me his mugshot looks an awful lot like a well known comedian.


  3. lilbirdee'12 says:

    January 2nd post on FB:

    It’s so easy to take somebody life…. Bt y’all niggas scared to bang….smh…….. Gotta Have da best of both worlds


  4. froggielegs says:

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  6. TexasRanger says:

    Just Because He Did It Doesn’t Mean He’s Guilty.!

    Remember – The Baby Boy’s Innocent Until Proven Guilty In A Court of Law.!

    Must Protect and Defend Obama’s Son.!

    Eric Holder will probably have a team of DOJ attorneys defend Williams to ensure the Corrupt – Prejudice Ferguson Police Department doesn’t violate the poor baby brother’s civil rights just because he‘s black.

    If the DOJ doesn’t defend Williams then who will – Crump’s to busy up in Washington suing the Pasco Police Department. Besides it’s not his type of case, not enough money in it.

    Johnnie Cochran passed away, so he’s out.

    Maybe they’ll get Archie to defend Williams.


  7. True Colors says:

    Somebody is trying to say that the shooter was not part of the protests in Ferguson?

    So in other words, this guy did care enough to come by and murder police officers…….. but he did not care enough to show up any other times that the crowds were marching around town?

    Not buying it.



  8. froggielegs says:

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  9. chick20112011 says:

    Just a thought, sad thought, when reading the twitter comments on “Jeffrey Williams”, in addition to the usual “teen” gangster type comments, there appear to be many proper looking (nice profile pics) of Adults (30’s, 40’s, 50’s), whom believe that this guy was “set up” by the Police. One even said, “she’d believe the DOJ”, that they should come in and investigate, but apparently she still believes that despite the DOJ report on M. Brown, “he was murdered in cold blood”. I don’t see much hope for ethnic relations in this Country courtesy of Obama/DOJ/Sharpton et al. Their responses are rather depressing.


    • Monroe says:

      It would be beneficial to know if his prints were on the gun or shell casings. I could actually believe that this drug addled, depressed/suicidal man confessed to get street cred and feel good about himself.


      • chick20112011 says:

        Will the DOJ allow evidence to be released? Remembering that they were ticked off at the Ferguson PD releasing M Brown video of robbery because it didn’t fit the DOJ riot-starting-division narrative.


      • art tart says:

        I wonder what else his friends ratted him out for since they likely ratted him out for the “reward money” offered for an arrest in the shootings of the officers, I think it was $ 10,000.00. There are likely several others involved, it’ll be interesting to see what shakes out.


  10. To be honest, he seems like he made some pretty good shots with a handgun. NRA member?


  11. yakmaster2 says:

    CNN’s on site reporter, Stephanie, has been on today looking like she just ate something that gave her indigestion. Seriously, she looked mad both times and is in deny mode about Jeff Williams being a protestor and targeting the police.
    Have any of the usual BGI defenders, besides that peanut, Shaun King, sent out tweets today? (I’m not on Twitter so I wouldn’t know.)


    • yakmaster2 says:

      Don’t know why, but my post above would up here instead of at the end of thread. Oops.


    • chick20112011 says:

      deray mckesson retweeted
      Anonymous @YourAnonNews · 50m 50 minutes ago

      Reminder re: #FergusonShooting – the entire St. Louis legal establishment has shown themselves, over and over, to be shameless liars


    • BobNoxious says:

      She and CNN as a whole are visibly upset about the fact that a local, regular protester was involved. It’s really amazing and they are bordering on denial.


      • art tart says:

        Let’s hope this is further evidence of what an idiot John Mahammond was when he stated to FOX that “he thought the shootings were a set up, it was the KKK, and not someone from the area.” Since he represented himself as a City Administrator & since been put on “suspension” until Monday when it will be decided if he keeps his job, hopefully he is fired now.


        • Pat B. says:

          False narrative. He’s an agitator and a member of the Nation of Islam. Google it!


          • art tart says:

            Pat B. ~ we knew he was an agitator from his tweets, but he too recognized himself as a City Administrator & is on suspension for that interview w/FOX. What is the false narrative, that he wasn’t a “clerk” as he has now been exposed to be before suspension? That he may possibly be fired?


  12. Moishe Pipik says:

    MSNBC must be upset that he’s 20. They can’t call him a “teen.” Now they have to face the fact that he’s an unemployed thug (or at least not engaged in any legal activity) with bastard children.

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    • chick20112011 says:

      For all those tweeters and MSM that are angry, Eric Holder of the DOJ called him a “damn punk”.


      • talkaftercarefulthought says:

        only a damn punk until he was caught….I’m sure he’s a disaffected youth now, or a young man that the system failed. Whatever he is, it won’t be a black man that shot two white police officers..


  13. Fred Jones says:

    Typical Behavior. We all new it was a Black thug they were looking for. This trash should get 20 years he could of killed both cops. Oh look out Holder might give him a hand smack and send him home, because
    I’m sure he bezzz a goot boy.


  14. realitycheck says:

    GF ….. Baby on the way : https://www.facebook.com/mzim.onit?fref=ufi

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  15. rumpole2 says:

    Shout out to Miss Jupiter 1957

    Well done Heather

    Another violent thug arrested (and convicted) thanks To Stream Kid video

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  16. Fred Jones says:

    How in this world couls the charges not be attempted murder in the first degree? WTF He tried to kill the cops.


    • BobNoxious says:

      1st degree assault is Missouri’s equivalent for other states “attempted murder”. It’s the highest charge he could be charged with based on the facts. It’s no slap on the wrist by any means. It’s a class A felony, plus the ACA charges, he’s going to get a long time in jail.


  17. Pat B. says:

    2 of those guys have Loc in their names which means “gangster”, according to the urban dicgtionary. In the pic of the 2 thugs, what do those hand signals mean? Why weren’t they
    charge with attempted murder, because it WAS attempted murder.


  18. timmihendrix says:

    I started browsing this dude’s social profiles and the names & pictures are blending between Ferguson and Batesville. I cant do it anymore.
    I’ve never been one to hold skin color against a person but these people and their lifestyles are all disgusting. They are like an army of immoral clones.
    This will come to a point where non blacks are going to stop putting up with this. The longer it takes the worse the reckoning will be.
    The police unions are the key but it’s amazing how soft unions can be when it comes to standing up to other key democrat constituencies. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why the tea party types don’t use this disconnect to reach out to a large group of voters.


    • realitycheck says:

      In reading random “friends”, it seems all they do is have sex, get high etc …. especially the males. Many times it seems the females have some job … where does the money come from and when do we get smart and cut it off?


  19. jello333 says:

    Wait, wait! This can’t be the guy. After all, haven’t we been told over and over again that the only “protesters” who aren’t all angelic and stuff are “outside agitators”? Certainly no locals have been involved in the looting, the burning, the threats and intimidation! This CAN’T be the shooter!

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  20. lorac says:

    Why is there attempted murder charges? Shooting someone in the head/face should be attempted murder! What about a hate crime? How many white officers were there vs black officers that night?


  21. cajunkelly says:

    Does anyone know what Loc stands for? In looking through all 4,000+ friends of Piaget Crenshaw I see that dozens of them have Loc as their middle (ahem) name. 🙄


  22. anniemae says:

    I can barely understand the posts and tweets….but maybe that is done on purpose.


    • jello333 says:

      You know, if they had a sense of humor about it I wouldn’t mind so much. I mean if we could joke with them about their idiotic way of speaking/writing, or laugh at them about their goofy baggy pants and stuff… if we did that and they, in return, just laughed right back, FINE. But that’s not even remotely how it goes. Even THINK about making fun of them, and AT A MINIMUM you’ll be called a racist… and it could possibly get a whole lot worse.


  23. 1American1st says:

    CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) — A 20-year-old man charged Sunday with shooting two police officers watching over a demonstration outside the Ferguson Police Department had attended a protest there earlier that night but told investigators he wasn’t targeting the officers, authorities said.
    St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch said suspect Jeffrey Williams told authorities he was firing at someone with whom he was in a dispute.
    “he was firing at someone with whom he was in a dispute”…. as if it’s OK to fire a gun at other people, WTH?
    What is wrong with these people? Seriously! And these people have a problem with cops?


    • auscitizenmom says:

      Fire a gun into a crowd to hit some “other people”. Of course, that makes sense, NOT. That was his explanation. SMH


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  25. Stormy says:

    In the video of the shooting, after the red car passes the camera, but before the shooting, there is a car horn honking two times… is that a signal?

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  26. TexasRanger says:

    New York Times Headline –

    “Demonstrator, 20, Is Arrested in the Shooting of 2 Officers in Ferguson”


  27. TexasRanger says:

    Here Are The Protestors New Demands.!..
    (language contains the F word).

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  29. TexasRanger says:

    Which of These Two People Understands The Real Problems In Ferguson and The US.?

    This Person.? Or…

    Missouri Dem Rep. William Lacy Clay – Ferguson PD Criminalizing People Based on Their Skin Color

    Or This person.?

    CJ Pearson On Ferguson – The Real Issue….

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    • jello333 says:

      Whoa! That CJ kid looks like he’s about 10! I’m assuming he must actually be at least mid-teens. Regardless… smart, knowledgeable, and very charismatic kid.

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      • flaladybug says:

        CJ is 12 and from Georgia. He has a Facebook page that you should check out….HE IS AMAZING! He is extremely articulate, intelligent, and very vocal about his conservative positions. He has even started a conservative group at his school. He has a recent video about Obama that is a MUST SEE!! Facebook shut him down after he posted that video, but after a day of MASSIVE public support, they put him back up. I think HE is the kind of Hooe and Change that we desperately need to seem from our youth 😉

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  30. TexasRanger says:

    Cop Shooter In Ferguson Arrested But He Really Really Is A Good Boy….

    E.T. Williams – Promoting Common Sense One Person At A Time

    He Makes His Real Point Toward The End At About 7:00 With A Question For Blacks…

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  31. Maluka says:

    eric holder should be arrested for inciting the riots with his BS.

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