Celebrating Grievance In Obama’s Most-Racial America – A Weekend of Donut Holes…

A community organizer becomes President. A considerable percentage of the U.S. electorate duped into believing a vote for Hope and Change, and his election would reflect a post-racial America.

Except that’s exactly impossible.


The progressive goal was to gain an upper political hand, agenda advancement, by convincing the electorate the cool thing to do would be to vote for the completely incompetent – yet somehow feel good about it, because it would reflect something about themselves.

And they did.

But what happens when you elect a professional grievance advocate whose entire purpose was, and is, to promote grievance? It is an impossible task to remove the issues of their ideological profession. Even when you give such an ideologue everything they demand, the ideologue will only change the construct of the grievance. In essence you cannot fill a void that refuses to be filled.

The electorate bought donut holes. Yes, donut holes.

What exactly is a “donut hole”? Sure you might claim you see them for sale at every supermarket and bakery, but think about it in logical terms. What exactly is a donut hole?

A donut hole is empty space, what you see in the supermarket or Dunkin Donuts are not “donut holes” per se’, they are actually donut hole fillers. A donut hole is nothing. If I were to actually sell you a box of donut holes, you would walk away with an empty box.

And that’s exactly what the electorate walked away with when they voted for the post-racial hope and change. Nothing.

What the electorate sheeple purchased was a figment, a construct of the imagination, something that doesn’t actually exist. Hope and Change had just about as much substance to it as donut holes, which is to say – nothing. The grievance keeps on aggrieving.

Obama - Selma - pettus bridge

For the next 36 to 48 hours were are going to be inundated with media driven images of Donut Hole sellers marching across a bridge in Selma to sell a story of grievances that can never be filled.

Your task is to purchase donut holes while contemplating philosophically on the progressively defined evolutionary concept of race in America. A most racial America, retained that way by a class of ideologues who benefit from the ruse.

If you pay attention to the wonders of the higher brow thinkers, who compare the flaws of the U.S. to the much more progressive European continent, you’ll note how those same donut hole sellers will avoid reconciling the absence of a black Prime Ministers in this parliamentary EU land of all things progressively better.

Figments make a better narrative, there’s grievances to be exploited – and an entire electorate who needs to be continually told how much they lack.




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36 Responses to Celebrating Grievance In Obama’s Most-Racial America – A Weekend of Donut Holes…

  1. waltherppk says:

    At all those daily intelligence briefings that the president missed for being too busy with important stuff like playing another round of golf or entertaining gangsta rappers or basketball players, did the CIA do the empty chair routine of Clint Eastwood while Hillary recorded the audio file for distribution by “e-mail” to her charitable foundation donors?

    Or in the alternative did the CIA just add the missed daily intelligence briefing to a list and then when it was convenient for the president’s golf schedule, then do a cumulative security update briefing like a “Windows security update” on the second Tuesday of each month?


  2. Brett says:

    It appears that about half of America is content with voting for divided race, culture, economic status, and loyalties. But then again, about half of America appears ignorant of almost any knowledge of anything of substance these days..


    • pattyloo says:

      i don’t believe that a majority of people, nor the electoral college voted for him. i think electronic sabotage was done to the voting machines (flipping votes) in both 2008 & 2012. pepper that with the people voting twice in different places, losing republican ballots, dead people voting absentee, etc. and that’s how he “won” both elections.

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      • west1890 says:

        “In 2008 there were 96,992,000 registered voters who voted. When the “votes” were tallied there were 132,618,580 votes counted. There were 35,626,580 more “votes” than registered voters who cast votes.

        In 2012 a total of 90,682,968 registered voters cast ballots in the election, yet when the “votes” were counted there were a total of 126,988,809…a total of 36,302,841 more votes than registered voters who cast ballots.”


      • smiley says:

        you are right, pattyloo.
        and he has done nothing but create “grievance”, and derail Americans and American allies while helping enemies and foreigners gain a foothold here and in ME.
        and in the process, Americans have been murdered, slaughtered, betrayed and left for dead without any real pursuit of justice, and without any retribution or accountability.
        that’s subversive, imo.


      • Agreed. For at least one of the voting machines, Princeton had proven how easy it was to hack. Others have as well. Anything, and I do mean anything, that has a computer chip is hackable.


  3. RJ says:

    I will warn my fellow readers again: Look off into the weeds of the democrat party to find who wishes to be the next president. Look past Hillary. Do you see O’Malley of Maryland? Note his super smooth speaking talents. Pay attention to his guitar playing while eying that shirt with no sleeves exposing those “guns” of his biceps: Nero fiddling in a modern sense? Over there, behind that stand of tall grass awaits Jim Webb, Viet Nam heroic combat veteran so angry his arrogance just can’t be hidden from public view…boy does he want to get even! Up north is the female, Indian? lawyer with the “intellectual” glasses who seeks a forbidden lover affair with Karl Marx hidden behind “progressive” words and gestures.

    Snakes in the grass slithering forward, waiting for just the right moment to strike! These are the hidden soldiers of Obama’s aggrieved communities, even if they don’t know it!

    Hillary is old news–too easy to disparage, even with the smiling Lanny Davis appearing every night on television to pronounce her “complete and total innocence” just like he did for Bill when Monica didn’t move fast enough some years back in the White House and that dress…that dress became exhibit #1 where “is” is what they say it is!

    Might be time to see if the Robertson’s of Duck Dynasty fame have a hidden cabin out there in the swamps of Louisiana to rent for the duration of this internecine conflict.

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  4. pattyloo says:

    I love the ‘Nightmare’ description on the artwork. Made up, I’m sure, but still relevant. Did Obama really say ‘So? They dude’s dead, right?’ Or, was that made up also? sounds like a hot mic moment.


  5. lovemygirl says:

    Now I’m hungry for a bag of donut holes. 😉

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    • John Galt says:

      “For the next 36 to 48 hours were are going to be inundated with media driven images of Donut Hole sellers”

      LOL, my knee jerk reaction was to think about fleeing to the mountains and go skiing for 48 hours.


    • Judgy says:

      Funny, my friend JUST brought me some today! Apparently, Taco Bell (ya, TACO BELL). is test-marketing them in CA.

      I can just picture some hippie-types arguing over whether or not donut holes are real,lol.

      Sometimes I wish I could take a walking tour through Sundance’s mind–there always seems to be interesting stuff going on in there!


  6. Josh says:

    Ask any socialist: At what point will it be enough? At what point will you have achieved your utopia? There is no answer because it will never be enough. They will always be in search of THEIR utopia. You will always have something they want.

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    • John Galt says:

      The problem is that people eventually notice that they are standing in line for bread that doesn’t exist.

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    • west1890 says:

      or you will have something they don’t want you to have……………..


    • smiley says:

      of course, there is no “utopia”..its just the rationale most convenient to seduce the useful fellow travelers into believing the BS that they are all involved in “the good fight”..to make it all relevant, and to make them all think they’ve taken “the high road”, and they are therefore more enlightened, more entitled and more aggrieved than those who dissent.
      ask any former communist who eventually realized the falsities and the chaos w/in that party, and decided to denounce it.
      they do exist, historically.
      and they suffered greatly for trying to expose the sheer hypocrisy and wrong-thinking of the radical left..The New Left..The Progressives…whatever label they go by, in any given decade.


  7. rsmith1776 says:

    Excellent Sundance commentary. Think about it, speaking of incompetence: IF the things that happen today – in Libya, in Iraq, not in Egypt (but NOT for B.O.’s lack of trying to mess that one as well) – happened because of GWB…. would we hear the end of it in the media?

    Did you notice how little, close to not at all, media associates the ISIS DISASTER with B.O.’s personal responsibility? Granted, he didn’t start the Iraq escapade, but in his six years+ of presidency HE “ended” (?) it the was HE wanted, on HIS watch and with HIS responsibility at stake.

    Where is the media pointing out these things? Shame, shame, shame on the “fourth estate”… more of a fifth column these days.


    • rsmith1776 says:

      “the way he wanted”.

      By the way, my suspicion is that the NYTimes Clinton thing is due to the fact that not even the old rancorous…. well, lady is left enough for them. They must be in the Fauxcahontas camp or somethin’ .

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    • kihn says:

      He’s a big Muslim Brotherhood backer. MB is the framework, the support, the intelligence and propaganda machine for everything going on in the Middle East and here. This is OBL, Al-Qaeda, Arab Spring, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Mali, Nigeria, Palestine, Morsi, Erdogan, ISIL, Boko Haram, Al-Nursa, CAIR, The Holy Land enterprise, Hassan, Zarqawi, etc…

      They invite MB into the White House. They use them to staff government positions. To act as SMEs for agencies like the FBI and DHS. It’s insanity and no one cares.

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  8. joanfoster says:

    It time white people have their own Selma moment and start singing We Shall Overcome.


  9. VegasGuy says:

    Would that make them a “bred” line?


  10. TKim says:

    Since the Left is likening Selma to Ferguson, I do hope the convenience stores have battened down the hatches. The weekend is coming, “a few bad apples” time. And a few meaning possibly hundreds.

    And I am personally grateful to the BGI on every level for telegraphing to our enemies how fragile the peace is in America, how cities from coast to coast can be immeasurably disrupted by the death of one African American. ISIS need only carry out a single surgical strike to collapse the US for weeks, maybe months. And they know this. They must watch these stunts and salivate.

    Watching people cling to past grievances is like the story of the boy with his hand trapped in a jar. When his Dad tells him the only way to get unstuck is to relax his hand he cries ,”But Daddy, then I’ll drop the penny!”


  11. peppie says:

    Never looked at it that way before. Great analysis, spot on.


  12. John Galt says:

    Obama’s policies have negatively and disparately impacted blacks. Therefore Obama is discriminating against blacks.



  13. Lou says:

    remember the producer said she didn’t want to show any whites saviors in the movie Selma. it’s as if MLK passed the Voting Rights Act by himself.


    • doodahdaze says:

      Obama and his ilk have destroyed every bit of progress MLK fought for in race relations. They seek REVENGE on the white man for grievances a hundred years old. This is not the Christian way. It is the Muslim way. They could not forgive, forget, and join the american dream. They are not worthy.


  14. angie says:

    The only change has been from optimism to hopelessness. Beware this kind of message. The last time I remember an election pushing “change”, we got Jimmy Carter. Jimmy has to love Obama because now he’s the second worst POTUS with Obama taking the # 1 spot.

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  15. she said what says:

    It’s a sad thing I must admit to: I feel as though the grievance mongers and race baiters have won for the simple reason that I absolutely never used to think of people and actually notice their race, and now I do. I never used to divide people up in my mind, and therefore would not treat them differently. I still do not treat them differently, I hope, though now whenever I see a black person I wonder if they are scrutinizing my behavior for signs of ‘white privilege’ or ‘microaggressions’; years ago I never would have believed that so many people as have come forward to cause violence in the name of ‘justice’ apparently see every interaction through such a racist lens, as even our nation’s leaders do. I try not to let these thoughts win.
    Those who would win over the minds of the un-indoctrinated do not want colorblindness. They never wanted that. They do not want equality. They want vengeance. We can’t let them win.

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