Supernova Level Hypocrisy From President Obama At Grammy Music Awards – Asks Artists and Audience To “Take A Stand Against Sexual Violence”….

President Barack Obama made a video appearance during Sunday night’s Grammy Awards to call on Americans to end sexual violence, saying, “It’s not OK, and it has to stop.”

Obama asked artists at the Grammys to urge their fans to join Obama administration’s “It’s On Us” campaign targeted at college campuses, which began in September. “Artists have a unique power to change minds and attitudes and get us talking about what matters,” he said.

“It’s on us, all of us, to create a culture where violence isn’t tolerated, where survivors are supported and where all our young people — men and women — can go as far as their talents and their dreams will take them,” Obama said in the video. (NBC)

Now, riddle me this. Who do you think is: • President Obama’s personal friend; • a famous Grammy Award Winning performer who President Obama used to sing lip sync at his 2nd inaugural address; • and a person pictured below in the situation room?



Yes, that would be Beyonce’ and Jay Z kickin’ it in the situation room of the White House in 2009.

Yes, this same “sexually violent” Beyoncé video was released at the same time as the visit:


FLASHBACK 2009 The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, was taking part in a discussion with victims of sexual violence during a visit to a rape crisis centre when the topic turned to how music videos affect teenagers today. […] She said schools needed to become involved in teaching both male and female schoolchildren ‘the value of respect for each other’.

During the discussions, the subject turned to a controversial video by pop singer Beyonce, who is particularly popular with young girls.  […]  Beyonce provocatively dances in a series of increasingly skimpy outfits and holds a toy gun to the head of a bare-chested man who is hooded. (link)

First Lady Michelle Obama took her “girls” to see Beyoncé do her sexual violence stage routine last year:

beyonce concert with malia and sasha

And just to reflect how astoundingly ridiculous it is for President Obama to deliver a ‘high horse’ speech about sexual violence….

….Let’s review last year (watch video):


Any Questions ?

THE REAL AGENDA – Most of you are already aware of the actual motive behind the Obama Grammy PSA and it has nothing to do with ending sexual violence against women….  It has everything to do with creating another OFA type data-base of voter ID’s for the 2016 election cycle and micro-targeting the audience of the Grammy Awards.

The #ItsOnUs campaign is a sly, stealthy and legal way for Democrats to use the office of the President and assemble another, perhaps more up to date, list of people who they can target for next year’s Hillary Clinton run for the White House.

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56 Responses to Supernova Level Hypocrisy From President Obama At Grammy Music Awards – Asks Artists and Audience To “Take A Stand Against Sexual Violence”….

  1. Aslan's Girl says:

    I haven’t seen Obama in awhile since I avoid him like the plague and change the channel whenever he’s on, so to my eyes, he looked AWFUL tonight. He’s gaunt and sweaty.

    And good point about who his friends are.

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  2. polk8dot says:

    In that picture on the video freeze he seems to be sprouting two horns out of his forehead. I guess we always suspected him to be the evil incarnate, but now it’s time for all the pretense to be shirked, and the truth to start coming out, horns and all.

    As to his comments about any subject – I finally figured out a way to deal with this burning, suddenly reoccurring urge to shove a sharp object into my brain each time I read what he had just said.

    I am now, in full consciousness, reading his words in the spirit they should have been spoken in – as if they were solely and exclusively meant for His People., as based on the subject, most often they should be.
    Try it out, guys. Each time you’re about to get apoplexy brought on by his words, remind yourselves that he is only talking to the nasty, criminal, racist blacks.

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  3. TexasRanger says:

    What it’s really all about…..

    Obama For Hillary Clinton 2016.…

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  4. libby says:

    Sexual violence directed at men does not even register with the man hating demonrats


    • libby says:

      They just want equality, but they will never be equally concerned about the plight of men since they blame men for all bad deeds anyway.


  5. smiley says:

    mention anything about burning Caucasian girls ?

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  6. georgiafl says:

    Obama should know all about sexual violence.

    Islam, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and the US black community are the chief perpetrators of sexual violence and child/adult sex and porn and drug trafficking on the earth today.

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  7. auscitizenmom says:

    My first thought on this is their softening women up for burqas. But Sundance makes more sense.


  8. Moishe Pipik says:

    And, of course, it’s Holder’s People who “sing” and write “songs” (well, they yell and rhyme badly) promoting rape and sexual violence.

    You don’t see Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country, doing that.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      That did bring to mind this from the Dixie Chicks. It wasn’t exactly about rape and sexual violence, more about violent violence.


  9. czarowniczy says:

    Cmem on folks, this has zero to do with ‘sexual violence’ – the issue’s been on the hot topic list for years but this is the fist he’s made a major public pronouncement? It’s marketing – the handlers are trying to rebrand part of him and make turd smell more like a rose. His popularity rating’s been going up from an almost historical low and it ain’t from his having developed a digestible foreign of national policy, it’s because his handlers (having scant else to work with) are tying him to cultural issues that resonate with the thinking impaired. “OH, he’s letting 100 years of work in the Middleeast go to hell and the old Russian empirical dreams awaken – but he’s against sexual violence! Yaaaaaaaaah!!!” This from the guy who uses drones to blast targeted victims and ‘acceptable civilian casualties’ anonymously from the sky. Oh, right, that’s OK as there was no sexual aspect to it.
    His handlers frequently come out with little targeted pop-culture related tidbits to make him appear to be connected to the youth culture, relevant to the voting demographic and no so ‘stick up the butt’ straight. Having readily identifiable black pop idols play at the WH (hey Barry, time to get Enrique Iglesias and Romeo Santos in) and making sure the targeted voting demographic knows how kooooool he be – to hell with the over 50 crowd – is far more important than peace in Iraq, the war you inherited from GW and screwed up.
    Gotta sell this piece of bad cheese as an imported luxury item, our national $9 a cup coffee on legs. As he can’t seem to touch anything without breaking, or at least badly damaging, it I’d suggest that his managers start trying to pass him off as a really dangerous paperweight until they can put enough lipstick on Hillary to roll her out on stage.

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  10. QuadGMoto says:

    So let me get this straight…

    Muslims shooting, beheading, burning alive, and taking sexual slaves across the middle east is something we must not get on our “high horse” over; condemning such behavior is “wrong”.

    But lesser “sexual violence” is something we must get on our “high horse” over, but not him.

    That’s way beyond industrial grade hypocrisy; approaching mythical Eater-Of-Worlds proportions.

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  11. True Colors says:

    Jay Z is married to beyonce. One year ago, the sister of beyonce got caught on tape violently assaulting jay z

    These are the people that obama enjoys hob nobbing with.


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  12. gena says:

    And let us not forget Prince saying ”black lives matter” and Pharrell Williams dancing hands up dont shoot. I will never watch the Grammys again. Stopped for some years, but decided to watch this year. Nothing has changed, sadly. Just wanted to enjoy some music. I will say though, it was great to see Jeff Lynne of ELO. He is still awesome!!!’

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Look up the Five-Percent Nation, Louis Farrakhan. JayZ and many other so called artists are members of Farrakhans Nation of Islam/Five-Percent Nation, Pharrell and Prince I believe are also. They use their music to teach the beliefs of the Five-Percent Nation/Farrakhan, which is basically white hate and the destruction of the White Race and Jews, via some spaceship(no joke, crazy right, bet their little alien friends won’t give them food stamps or free healthcare). Michael Jackson was even a part of the “Nation”, he even used the Nation of Islam for his security. I love music, but will never listen to or buy the trashy music that those racists have made. Shame on the Grammy’s for even allowing trash like that to perform.


    • MTeresa says:

      Stopped watching any award shows years ago. When the Hunger Games series came out, that’s all I could think of – is, THAT’s IT!!!! The “beautiful” people of the Capital – all fluff and no stuff. Scary how Suzanne Collins nailed society (and folks, it’s not the future….we’re living through it now).


  13. gena says:

    Forgot to mention AC/DC. They were awesome as well, even if they did use a teleprompter. At their age I do not care what they have to use to sound great. They still have it for a bunch of old guys.Anyone else agree?

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    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Hey, watch that old guy stuff! I can still hang with the young soldiers, mentally not physical. Knew you were kidding.


    • Absolutely!
      I knew that AC / DC was going to be the highlight of the night so I watched that much – and Angus n the boys did not disappoint!

      And when the wife yelled E L O ! I came running – they also sounded great.

      And that is all that I watched, the rest of that self-aggrandiIng garbage is not for me.


      • mikayla825 says:

        Careful running through the house like that, I nearly lost a baby toe that way running to catch a Rick Springfield video. I had a school dance that night so I didn’t tell my parents how bad it was till the next morning. Golly Gee the Marine got so mad at me for that one. I was on crutches for weeks, got better and broke my ankle two weeks later.


  14. Nanny G says:

    I think you are spot on here:
    #ItsOnUs campaign is a sly, stealthy and legal way for Democrats to use the office of the President and assemble another, perhaps more up to date, list of people who they can target ….

    Nothing Obama ever does is without agenda.

    He is looking awful lately.
    I keep worrying he will die in office thus paving the way for a Biden win after ”turning things around for a few months.

    I note that this video of Obama has him in white-ennunciation-mode compared with his preachy-mode at the Prayer Breakfast where he couldn’t be bothered putting a “T” in the word ”Christ.” Hillary isn’t as graceful at slipping into speech-modes as Obama, everybody calls her out when she does this.

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  15. pattyloo says:

    not having watched the grammies, i missed the obama speech. how does this build a database of potential voters? are they asking people to sign a petition against violence or something? are they expecting people to robotically tweet the it-s 0n us tag, and that’s how they track them?


    • pattyloo says:

      ok – i watched the video of obama’s little grammy speech. like many others, i avoid watching him as much as possible. i see he is asking people to sign a pledge at a fed govt website. yes, i agree that’s what they’re doing – trying to find volunteers or voters for upcoming elections, and using tax money to do so.


  16. zephyrbreeze says:

    I think a message on domestic violence would have far more impact coming from Michelle Obama.

    “I will personally show up at your door, and make you wish you had never laid eyes on your partner, much less ever laid on hand on her. If you want to feel the wrath and vengeance of Michelle, go ahead, make my day.”

    I think her mean-face look would make any abuser gulp and take a step back.

    Tyler Perry’s Madea has a way to handle abusers – throw hot grease on them. He (Madea) says this and later the young woman did beat her husband with a frying pan, enough to crack his skull or even kill him. This is what passes for humor in the black community.

    Starts at 2:00


  17. zephyrbreeze says:

    If the RUN movie had been made by a white director, it would have been branded racist. It is racist.


  18. Hector Poole says:

    What is really scary is how much and where Obama shows up peddling his BS, an awards show even (not that I was watching that crap) 1984 was on the other night and just as the dear leaders mug was plastered everywhere it resembles Obama and his propagandist machine plastering him all over.


  19. True Colors says:

    In addition to the Jay-Z connection, the Obamas also have a connection to Lonnie Rashid Lynn, who calls himself “Common.”

    This guy is an entertainer who has written lyrics about cop killing and also “burning” president bush.

    Lynn attends the controversial church in Chicago that Obama belonged to, with the extreme race hater pastor Jeremiah Wright.

    It is amazing that these people have such outward extreme hostility towards white people, but yet, they are still supported by whites.



    • art tart says:

      True Colors ~ “Common” is up for an Oscar along w/John Legend for their song “Glory”
      which was from the movie “Selma” & produced by Oprah Winfrey. It’s all a little incestuous, it all makes one big loop promoting the agenda.

      A few years ago Obama called Kayne Racist West a “jack ass” after he ran up on the stage at the Grammy’s making an utter fool out of himself when he took the microphone away from Taylor Swift who was only in her late teens when she was accepting an award, KW stated to the audience of the Grammy Awards it should have gone to “Bey Bey.” Utter stupidity. Last week I saw instagrams of Obama w/Kim Kardasian/Kayne West making the rounds w/all smiling, seems Obama has made nice w/Kayne West I guess to get their support/money for the 2016 election also for Hillary. Obama is a total hypocrite & butt kisser, Kayne West is unstable & proved again so at the Grammy’s.


    • 2+2 says:

      not whites. Wiggers.


  20. John says:

    This speech should have NOTHING to do with the Grammys. If POTUS wants to put tougher sanctions on DV offenders, or, fund more DV shelters, fine, but the policies have no place in what should have been a night about music. Totally inappropriate for the evening.


  21. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

    I cannot listen to the Barachnid! I hear one syllable, and I get angry!

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  22. kpm58 says:

    This is just another tax-exempt organization to promote the progressive agenda.


  23. dekare says:

    That is what happens when black communists fuck white women and dont pull out


  24. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    This guy will do or say anything to cause trouble! I wonder if he has the new affliction where you remember thing that didn’t happen like Brian Williams has. Obama seems to remember things and facts and figures that don’t exist.



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