Brian Williams – Unplugged: Battle Scars From His Time Training Media War Correspondents…

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17 Responses to Brian Williams – Unplugged: Battle Scars From His Time Training Media War Correspondents…

  1. This is a song Brian Williams sings in the shower every morning.

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    • texasranchqueen says:

      That song was hard to listen too; my DH did 2 tours in VN. To this day, he will not talk about what he saw or what he had to do.


    • texasranchqueen says:

      I accidently hit the like button. Brian Williams would never sing that song in the shower!


    • snixy says:

      NBC News anchor Brian Williams’ comments about dead bodies, Hurricane Katrina starting to gain attention, draw scrutiny
      see video below
      NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who apologized on the air Wednesday night for lying about an experience covering the Iraq War, is now facing scrutiny over his gripping accounts of Hurricane Katrina, the disaster that burnished his nightly news bona fides almost a decade ago.
      Williams’ account of seeing a body float by in the French Quarter — which remained largely dry — and even a claim of catching dysentery from drinking Katrina floodwaters have raised eyebrows among bloggers and elsewhere since he took it on the chin this week over a claim that he rode in a helicopter that was downed by a rocket-propelled grenade in Iraq.
      “I was instead in a following aircraft. We all landed after the ground fire incident and spent two harrowing nights in a sandstorm in the Iraq desert,” Williams said Wednesday. He painted his earlier description as a “bungled attempt” to thank an Iraq War veteran.
      The online feeding frenzy quickly turned to the 55-year-old anchor’s signature assignment: covering Katrina from before it made landfall, when he spent the night of the storm with refuge-seekers in the Superdome and then reported on the harrowing days that followed.
      “When you look out of your hotel window in the French Quarter and watch a man float by face down, when you see bodies that you last saw in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, and swore to yourself that you would never see in your country,” Williams said in a 2006 interview.


  2. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    This is Brian Williams’ Déjà vu…


    • F.D.R. in Hell says:

      Williams most likely got the anchor job at NBC, in large part, on the basis of his Iraq lie from 2003. He wasn’t foggy or misremembering in 2003, was he? His problem is/was, he FORGOT the story was a lie and, like most pathological liars, came to believe it himself. 🙄


  3. texasranchqueen says:

    I was wondering who did the “voice over” in the B. Williams video? I am surprised he (BW) did not do it himself.


  4. taqiyyologist says:

    Has anyone here read Ace’s take on this?

    He’s right, and rightfully mocking Williams.

    Right down to the usual Honor Theif tactic of adopting the “lingo” of people who were really “in it”.

    Ace is like a pitbull on Brian Williams since this post, BTW. So are his commentators.

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  5. Ziiggii says:

    The “Experience” promo is even better IMO! Close your eyes and just listen to the narration… yack


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