Phase #2 of “F**k The Police” Strategy – Black Saint Louis Resident Gets On Jury, Sits Through Murder Trial, Then Refuses To Participate In Deliberations Against Black Defendant…

And so it begins…. All of the relevant material is encapsulated within this Saint Louis Dispatch report. The juror obviously held an agenda, and manipulated his way onto the jury intent on creating antagonism.  He sat through the MURDER trial, then when it came to deliberations, presto – he sat in corner and refused to participate.

Result = Mistrial

ST. LOUIS • A five-day murder trial ended in a hung jury last week in St. Louis Circuit Court when one of the jurors sat in the corner of the jury room and refused to participate in deliberations.Alexander Sanders

“The DinDuNuffins” – Ralph Alexander, 20, and Dontrell Sanders, 25,

The lone juror never cast a vote over the nine hours of deliberations, said the judge presiding at trial, St. Louis Circuit Judge Jimmie M. Edwards.

The jury forewoman wrote nine notes to the judge over two days, alerting him to the trouble they were having with “Juror 1317” in the secret deliberations of the jury room.

She told the judge that the dissident juror at first pretended he didn’t speak English. The man, about 40 years old, is from Somalia but does speak English and had no issues during jury selection or in reading a transcript during the trial itself, the judge said. The man later told the other jurors — and the judge — that it was against his religion to sit in judgment of someone else. Edwards said the man never mentioned anything of the sort during the selection process.

In the end, because Edwards said he couldn’t take a verdict with just a partial vote, he declared a mistrial for the defendant, Dontrell Sanders. Edwards said he needed all 12 jurors to agree, and the juror was the holdout. It was too late to call back the alternate juror, who had already been dismissed and left the courthouse when the jurors were sent to deliberate, Edwards said.

The juror, identified only by last name in court documents, could not be reached for comment. Edwards admonished the uncooperative juror Friday in open court for violating his oath as a juror and threatened to have him arrested for contempt, though in the end he did not do so.

“I was pretty upset,” Edwards said Tuesday. “Five days of court taken up.”

A new trial in the case was set for March 9.

Sanders is accused of the April 5, 2012, shooting death of Tracy D. Jones, 47, who was gunned down as he sat in a car in the 1500 block of Whittier Street. A second defendant, Ralph Alexander, 22, is also awaiting trial separately. Police say the men also were involved in a nonfatal shooting the same night a block away.  (read more)

Saint Louis Phase #1 in a Pictorial

nixon presser 1

Saint Louis Mayor Slay

pigs communists 2 saint louis chicago

STL rally Hamas

Communist Radical Lisa Fithian in Saint Louis organizing, and teaching protestors in the art of antagonism

Communist Radical Lisa Fithian in Saint Louis organizing, and teaching protestors in the art of antagonism

STL rally ebola

potus and Holder president obama and eric holder

Holder and Johnson

Captain ron johnson marching with the bloods

captain ron johnson tweet.

occupy slu 2

black brunch

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75 Responses to Phase #2 of “F**k The Police” Strategy – Black Saint Louis Resident Gets On Jury, Sits Through Murder Trial, Then Refuses To Participate In Deliberations Against Black Defendant…

  1. freepetta says:

    I believe that juror can be held in contempt. How did a Somali possibly illegal immigrant get on a jury?

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    • freepetta says:

      PS Hopefully this “juror” will meet with up with the type of murderers he let out on the street and meet his maker.

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      • HarleyQuinn says:

        Although he didn’t fulfill his obligation as a juror, I hardly think he deserves to be executed on the street. I agree the judge should have held him in contempt of court.
        Hoping that he will be murdered is evil.

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        • freepetta says:

          I’m not hoping, but let it be him rather then another innocent person or child. Letting murderers out is evil.


        • Anubis says:

          This 3rdworlder put effort into actively disrupting civilization, beyond being a “refugee” leech. Even the most pot smoking leftist(that could count to 20 with his extremities) wouldn’t believe he is capable of contributing more to the US than he leeches off in taxpayer benefits. If Karma takes care of him, schadenfreude would be appropriate


      • Sharon says:

        Why, yes. More murders and lawlessness will surely make for an improvement in the situation. Yes, indeed. That will make it all better.


    • John Galt says:

      “Edwards admonished the uncooperative juror Friday in open court for violating his oath as a juror and threatened to have him arrested for contempt, though in the end he did not do so.”

      Step 1 is getting a judge that will enforce the law.

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    • art tart says:

      freepetta ~ what a scam run on the Prosecutors, WHY it was allowed is ridiculous, seems the Judge has encouraged it in the future by not giving the juror a monetary/jail time consequence.

      What happened to the alternate jurors at this trial? Can they not step in during deliberations, they are ask to hang around in another room during deliberations in other trials, what’s up w/this one & the alternates? A huge waste of taxpayer resources , I guess no one is surprised but the Prosecutor..


      • Sharon says:

        What happened to the alternates? The article contains the answer to your question.

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        • BobNoxious says:

          They are always dismissed at the end of the trial, prior to two start of final deliberations. You can’t use an alternate once final deliberations start.


          • art tart says:

            BobNoxious ~ From the article:
            “It was too late to call back the alternate juror, who had already been dismissed and left the courthouse when the jurors were sent to deliberate,”Edwards said.

            In some States an alternate can step in during deliberations BUT “deliberations must start anew.” No doubt even if that had happened in this case, the defendant’s attorney would have screamed for a mis-trial & it would have been granted.. The defense is bragging “they have now seen the State’s case,” it’s sickening.

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            • BobNoxious says:

              In MO alternates are dismissed at the end of the trial and are never used once deliberations begin- at least in any trial that I’ve ever been a part of or heard about. The alternates get their certificates after closing and before the 12 jurors head upstairs to deliberate. The attorneys usually try to talk to the alternates immediately to get an idea of what they thought but more often than not the alternates that are willing to talk (usually 2-3 people) reach a different decision than what the actually jury comes back with.

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        • art tart says:

          Sharon, I guess I skimmed to quickly, will re-read.


    • beth60497 says:

      I know you have to be a registered voter to get on a jury. Don’t you have to be a citizen to be a registered voter? Is the citizenship test given in non-English?

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  2. They should have charged the juror with contempt and thrown him in jail. Since they didn’t, it will probably happen again. Common sense has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

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  3. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    That is an interesting concept and if not taken care of quickly will totally disrupt the legal system; I wonder who thought that up?


    • Judgy says:

      I’d bet on it coming from the Holder/ Crump/ Sharpton/ Obama/ Jarrett/ Soros direction.

      That is, unless Somalians are just so naturally & powerfully DRIVEN to cover for the criminals among their American “brothers”, that he was unable to resist lying during voir dire………which ought to be a GREAT reason to put a temporary hold on so many of them coming here. If this guy is getting any type of government benefits, while refusing to complete his civic duties, maybe those ought to be re-thought, before this type of behavior turns into its own “movement”…..?

      Sadly, how should he be expected to follow the laws of his new country, when he is seeing SO many others gleefully get away with breaking them–starting w/ his “Kenyan” Big Bro in the WH?


  4. BobNoxious says:

    Wow. The judge really wussed out by not holding this clown in contempt. This just cost the State tens of thousands of dollars and only delays the inevitable. The guy isn’t getting bail b/w now and his next trial date.


  5. firefly says:

    The judge should have never released that alternate juror.


  6. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    And for every one that will come out and directly say they will participate in a deliberation against a black defendant. How many more will keep their mouth’s shut and just not ever vote to convict any black defendant?


  7. sundance says:

    Don’t forget States are beginning to allow the publication of all juror names in Criminal Jury Trials, during the trial itself.

    That angle could seriously increase this type of activity for an entirely divergent reason.

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  8. Moishe Pipik says:

    This is a dirty little secret about juries. Blacks are much less likely to convict a person if he is black. This means the conviction rate for blacks–which liberals argue is too high because of institutional racism–is actually way to low! If juries were fair, the Black conviction rate would be much higher.

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  9. Ziiggii says:

    This is a very scary development… now that they know it works, watch out! I bet you will see a rash of “hung juries” until someone figures out how to put a stop to it. Does beg the question who thought this up?


  10. bob e says:

    perhaps they did not give the somali juryman enough katt ..


  11. texan59 says:

    This goes way back to 1994-5 with OJ. It’s called jury nullification. More or less.


  12. lorac says:

    They ought to throw that juror in jail and hand him the bill for the entire trial for all of the other jurors time, attorneys time and the judges time and all of the court cases that go with it. And if he is a welfare rat then no more welfare for him. If he has a job dock his pay til the bill is paid in full. If they let this idiot get away with this other jurors will pull the same crap!

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  13. PatrickSMcNally says:

    A small glitch in the last picture: “June 4, 2015”
    This is still only February.

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  14. czarowniczy says:

    Slightly off-topic but I had a conversation with my insurance agent yesterday regarding a trespasser who – whoops – got himself caught on my property some 1000-feet from the public hiway. My interest was in what would happen were said trespasser, having ignored the double layer of ‘no trespassing – private property’ signs posted on my farm’s entrance and again about 75-feet up the drive where the PRIVATE road makes a ‘Y’. Had he have exited his vehicle – as he did – in front of my house (again, going past two sets of NO TRESPASSING signs) and my dogs have been out things would have taken a decidedly more chewy turn.
    My interest is that Mississippi law states you have to be certain that you are allowed on the property you are on – we are not required to post our farms, stomping around on someone else’s property is the stomper’s responsibility. My agent replied that while Mississippi law would have put me in the right the company would most likely have paid had the trespasser been bitten by MY dogs on MY property that HE was ILLEGALLY stomping around on some 1000 feet from the closest public property.
    What fertile grounds this plows for the various crooks that troll the farms lands. Y’all wanna come on out from the Big City and steal, rob, rape, plunder? What about those carjackers and home invaders who’ve been on-and-off following workers from the city and suburbs to their rural homes and robbing them on their own secluded properties? Will protecting one’s self/family/neighbors now provide a fall-back source of employment for injured malefactors who decide to sue? Will insurance agencies fear huge losses as the thought of jurors bent on taking the evil working property owner to the cleaners make them consider cutting losses by negotiating settlements? And what happens as resulting insurance premiums and deductibles get so high that rural property owners can’t/won’t pay them?
    The Obama legacy: “Y’all come on out and steal all you want, we’ll just grow more.”

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  15. Indiemex says:

    Hey! Wait a sec – did this guy say that his RELIGION doesn’t permit him to judge other people?!? This is either a really bad joke, that only an Obama/State dept. spokesperson would believe, or, we finally found one of those peaceful muslims we keep hearing about. ; )

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  16. Chip Bennett says:


    (Except the life of the black victim murdered by the defendant in this trial. That black man’s life, apparently, is forfeit to political expediency.)

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    • my66 says:

      Exactly. That’s the dirty, little secret never whispered from race-industrialists who protest the “unfair” amount of incarcerated Blacks — the Black victims are the ones being cheated of “justice” but they, inherently, can’t be used for the BGI political narrative.


  17. 1American1st says:

    Another OJ debacle.


  18. vonutley says:

    I bet the POS is on welfare.


  19. TKim says:

    Millions of adults with limited intellect and reasoning ability paid by the government to sit on their tail ends and think up ways to disrupt everything from criminal trials to brunches. Imagine, this is just the overture. The play has yet to start.


  20. GSDLover says:

    I’ve been watching this site for months, and thought I’d finally post something (so be gentle with me as a first timer!!)

    About 8 years ago I served on a jury in downtown Detroit (Wayne county) for a woman (black) who threatened to kill someone, but it was pled down to a lesser charge of “brandishing a weapon” (still a felony).

    A black man during the deliberations just sat with his head down for 5 DAYS (did I mention, FIVE DAYS) of deliberations just saying over and over again, “not guilty.” He didn’t want to discuss any of the particulars of the case, despite the overwhelming evidence that the lady was guilty.

    Notes were sent to the judge, and he told us to “work it out amongst ourselves.”

    Did I mention FIVE DAYS?!?!

    And that in front of Frank Murphy Hall of justice it’s a shithole hood costing at least $15 to park, and on the jury were small businessmen missing out on their livelihood while this POS just sat there saying smugly, “not guilty”. It was frustrating (sarcasm).

    We ended up voting “not guilty” just so we all could go home. Her lawyer said that it was good because her 3 kids would’ve been put into the system, blah, blah, blah. I was just supremely disappointed that was “justice” was served as my first experience on a jury.


    • Concerned says:

      You can’t give in. You should have held firm with your original decision. I realize it was a great sacrifice on your part, but the scammers won that round.


      • Amity says:

        The problem is, honest people have lives they want to return to; scammers, OTOH, only feel powerful when messing someone else up. So while the other jurors were paying heavy costs to be there, the scammer was getting paid (highly paid, with feelings of power) in order to stay put.

        Even if the honest people stayed put, the best result would have been a hung jury, which still isn’t a win for honest people. Few people will keep paying day after day when they know they’re just going to lose anyhow.

        Not arguing that the jury did right, but I blame the judge more than the jury.


  21. hues10 says:

    Jury nullification is too easy when one person can send everyone back to zero.


  22. jackdempsey says:

    This IS no country for old men.
    Our English-inherited system of justice no longer
    works. It was designed for a genteel society where
    most everyone follows the law. It was not designed
    to protect society from barbarians.


  23. bill webb says:

    I was jury foreperson in a first degree kidnapping trial in Hoke Co. NC. They have what they call the Robeson County defense here. Guess who started this practice of jury nullification in Robeson County? None other than Crump.

    Anyhow, we had a black kid on the jury who was being given gang signs from the black defendant, who, had kidnapped a white women from a dimly lit parking lot of a rural store. Kid they influenced on the jury was playing video games second day in deliberation. We nearly had a fight break out in the jury room.

    I had the jury pulled out in front of the judge. He confiscated the kids cell phone and threatened him with jail. The judge then realized he had made the mistake of taking just one jurors cell phone, and, called us out of deliberation and took all cell phones. Judging from the fact About half the jury nearly fainted, they had been communicating about the case during the case — a felony.

    Long story short even after that, four black women held out and would not vote to convict him of anything, even though he admitted on the stand to all points required for first degree kidnapping. They would not look at evidence that he kidnapped, beat, and tried to run the woman over with her own car. They refused to look at the fact he admitted to being in her car, that she had visible injuries, and, that, he was caught with her car.

    But, with logic, I got them to agree to the final fact needed for 1rst degree kidnapping, namely, he had taken her to a field near the farm house she ended up at, and, that she “felt unsafe.” We only had to agree to her feeling “unsafe” for the final point of first degree conviction. I worked them over with “Would you feel unsafe if a man kidnapped you from a store and took you to dark deserted place at night?” But, it took me 5 hours working them over with logic and getting them to admit to the truth. I was straight to the point and did not offer up any politically correct soft balling. I laid it on the line, that, no one there, if you disregarded color, would want to be kidnapped.

    Initial tally was 5 for innocent even though he admitted to second degree, inter-state traffic in cocaine and parole violations. 5 more wanted to compromise for second degree just to get out of there. There were only 2 for first degree. When, I was finished, with a little help at one point from a local Green Beret, I had everyone with me. And, several people in tears. But, it took a lot of courage, and, I believe, more than a little help from the man upstairs.

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  24. bill webb says:

    Excuse the typos!


  25. Mist'ears Mom says:

    I just watched a re-run of, “The First 48” set in Birmingham AL. One perp plead guilty to 2nd degree murder and was sentenced to 4 yrs, his buddy plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and got 2 yrs, and the last guy plead to something not quite sure I was so disgusted he got 2 months.
    Black on black assault and stabbing, 3 on 1 with 1 dead guy.
    I cannot believe the sentences that are being handed out for convicted murderers. I see it all the time- light sentences for these violent deadly gang banging thugs.
    Esp for juveniles charged as adults that get 15 years or less! They’ll be out in their late 20’s to mid 30’s with a prison education.
    Not only is the black community in trouble we all will be when these deadly thugs are let out of jail. SMH


  26. bill webb says:

    In the case above, the DA, after trial, interviewed myself and another juror. He related the defendant, had, shot a man’s daughter for fun in front of him after the man surrendered his wallet at gunpoint. The man begged for him not to hurt his children. As well, he had been involved with 3 other black defendants in beating an old black man, a business owner, in front of his store with tire irons once they lured him outside under the ruse of asking for directions. They had also watched people leaving banks, followed them to rural areas, ran them off the road, and robbed them of their money and cars. They had beaten a white kid at a party with tire irons and stole his custom 4×4… … … But, none of this could come in at trial even though he had previously been convicted of many felonies. The DA told me there were 2 dozen other cases this thug, part or an organized group was involved with, that, he could not discuss at the time due to ongoing concerns, or, because, they were going to use some of those cases, as, “back pocket warrants” in case some judge or parole board lets him out again.

    THE QUESTION IS: How did he ever get out in the first place? After the first degree conviction, due to aggravating circumstances of priors, the judge gave him 16 years, the max, on the sentencing matrix. I was warned they were organized, and, his cohorts might come after me. So be it. I’ve served in the military, worked for the State Dept. in Iraq after the Army left. I can handle myself, carry a gun, and am a good shot. Weakness and appeasement always results in failure, and, we must quit stop spectating and stand in the face of it, and, push back.


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