No Clinton/Obama Plan For Libya – Unintended Consequences, or Just Failed Globalist Execution…

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Perhaps the least understood of all the Obama/Clinton follies.

The recent rise of extremist violence within Europe actually explains the 2011 decision to remove gatekeeper Kaddaffi. The 2010 Rivkin Project in France, combined with EU leaders simultaneously admitting the failures of multiculturalism led to a knee-jerk globalist reaction from the far left to save their collectivist vision.

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29 Responses to No Clinton/Obama Plan For Libya – Unintended Consequences, or Just Failed Globalist Execution…

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  2. justfactsplz says:

    May God help us to keep Hillary from becoming the next president. If people want a woman president Palin is thinking about running. I would love to see her debate Clinton. Momma grizzly bear.

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  3. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  4. lovemygirl says:

    Laying some of the blame directly at this administration’s feet was to me surprising to see on CNN. I still saw the vague criticism of Bush and the lesson learned being isolationism but at least they did mention Obama by name.

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    I think we may have a modern Treaty of Tordesillas on our hands. Lacking a Pope that would touch either the POtuS or Putin with a rented ferula they’ve just gone and divided up the world between themselves. The POtuS gets to keep the New World, Latin and much of South America and the presidential states of Ferguson, Detroit and South Side Chicago. Putin gets all of the places full of oil.
    Russia’s wormed its way into Turkeys good graces (understand bootleg copies of Russian subtitled Midnight Express are selling like blintzes), is send candygrams and flowers to Egypt, has a death-grip on Syria – and on and on and on. Russia and Iran are reforming Gulf alliances slowly but surely and are working at keeping the Chinese at bay in the Arabian Sea. Oh yeah, Russia gets to keep its warm water port in Sevastopol and has free access to the Med. In all it’s not a bad deal if you’re an idiot in DC an are in so far over your head you can’t see sunlight at high noon.

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    • rashomon says:

      czar, do you remember the game Risk?


    • Michael Hansen says:

      Im from EU (denmark) and we are in big trouble greece and italy have been rampage by refugees and the number of refugees are only rising if islamic state get control of syria EU is lost millions of refugees will seek shelter in EU at the moment contries in EU are rasing fends and deploying troops at there borders the effort made by nato is a joke isis is close to take syria and the News of russia mobilising in syria might be our last Hope we take all the help we can get and russia is coming to our aid


      • czarowniczy says:

        Political Darwinism – twice in the 20th Century the US rushed to Europe’s aid when it let its nationalist fervor explode into internecine warfare – an old European habit. Even now Europe can’t seem to pull its head out, it’s one Europe composed of a whole bunch of very different countries and as hard as they try they can’t mix this guy’s oil with the other guy’s water.
        The Moslems sense Europe’s weakness and they’re taking advantage of it, and I fear that if the Europeans can’t get over their petty differences and present a united face to the Mideast they may just evolve into that mess that so many pundits have written about in the last decade or so.
        This isn’t new, Europe’s poked the Islamic beehive many times since the 1st Crusade and started this mess with declaring Palestine the Jewish Homeland, empowering the old Grand Mufti and allowing the Nazi military leadership to create the Arab terrorists if the 50s thru today that we’ve come to know and love. Good luck, Europe, you have the Moslem hoards at your doorstep and a Moslem-loving Europe-hater in the White House. If you can’t pull your own head out and save yourself you’ll be buried in deep Shiite.


  6. BertDilbert says:

    That is not a woman in the interview, that is Ron Paul with a mask.


  7. georgiafl says:

    Obama/Clinton foreign policy < pile of steaming, stinking ….


    • georgiafl says:

      Obama/Kerry foreign policy is smellier, more odious than Obama/Clinton.

      Kerry said the unforgiveable today or yesterday, “Islamists don’t destroy villages, US soldiers do.” Folks in the path of ISIS and Boko Haram would disagree, would probably like to take the hide off of Kerry.

      What a despicable traitorous b—–d. Hasn’t changed since Viet Nam and hanging out with Jane Fonda.

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      • BertDilbert says:

        Can you find me that quote?

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        • Closest thing I found was this, said at Davos:

          Religions don’t require adherence to raze villages and blow up people. It’s individuals with a distorted and an even ignorant interpretation of religion who do that, abetted by networks of individuals who have a different agenda and who incite and finance those actions. And we will certainly not defeat our foes by vilifying potential partners or by suppressing the very freedoms that terrorists try to destroy. Unless we direct our energies in the right direction, we may very well fuel the very fires that we want to put out.


      • He should most definitely NOT be representing the United States of America!


        • Roy says:

          Actually, he doesn’t represent the United States, he’s just occupying a position like Obama. They certainly do not represent America’s interest.

          Obama, UN speech, 2012 The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet….. One of the few times he wasn’t lying.


  8. This makes more sense than any theory I had on the debacle.


  9. texan59 says:

    Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. 🙄


  10. rashomon says:

    How do you spell S-T-U-P-I-D?


  11. CarolinaCowboy says:

    Remember, I wrote that last June:

    “It was over Gadhafi dream, he was the last major global leader that was promoted the dream of pan-African unity, and his disappearance from the political stage would remove the last remaining enthusiast for a European-style political union in Africa. His plan to quit selling Libyan oil in U.S. dollars — demanding payment instead in gold-backed “dinars” (a single African currency made from gold) — was the real cause he had to go. For more details go read this: “Gadhafi’s Gold-money Plan Would Have Devastated Dollar”. Have you considered why the US Government is so opposed to disallowing oil to be sold for anything other than US dollars? First a little history:” Click to read the rest


  12. boudicabpi says:

    Reblogged this on BPI reblog and commented:

    No Clinton/Obama Plan For Libya – Unintended Consequences, or Just Failed Globalist Execution…


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