New York – U.S. Attorney States More Arrests Possible In Corruption Probe: “Stay Tuned”…

Anyone else notice something missing?  Like calls for Sheldon Silver to resign…

sheldon silverNew York – Albany is terrified and in disarray after Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s arrest, with lawmakers and insiders fearing he’ll turn on them to save himself.

“People are scratching their heads and saying, ‘What did I say the last time I spoke to Shelly?’ ” one veteran Albany lobbyist told The Post on Friday.
After Silver’s arrest Thursday, US Attorney Preet Bharara hinted at more to come, telling the public to “stay tuned.”

Now legislators are questioning why Silver’s closest Democratic colleagues, including Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle, have pledged support for him instead of calling for his resignation. (read more)

Meanwhile New York City Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, is trying to reword his support of Silver:

New York – Mayor de Blasio tried Friday to clarify his defense of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as a “man of integrity.”

deblasio murdererThe mayor said he was referring to Silver’s efforts to push the progressive agenda — but added that “insular” Albany needed a culture change.

“I spoke about my own personal experience, and in my experience he has followed through on every commitment that he’s made and he’s been consistent in his positions,” de Blasio told reporters following remarks at the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

De Blasio cited the Lower East Side lawmaker’s work in supporting the mayor’s signature push to fund full-day pre-kindergarten.

“He was in a pivotal place on that issue and he never pulled any punches, he followed through on the commitment that he made,” de Blasio said. “So I’m talking about the commitment that he made and what he’s done for the city and how he’s followed through on substantive issues.” […]

“The ghost of Tammany Hall does not haunt New York City government, but I do think it haunts Albany in general and we need a much more transparent and better approach in general,” he said.

De Blasio said he has not spoken to Silver or to Gov. Cuomo since the speaker’s arrest.

Silver was arrested Thursday morning on charges that he pocketed more than $4 million in bribes and kickbacks.

He pledged to continue in office and predicted he would be exonerated after his release on $200,000 bail.  (read more)


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13 Responses to New York – U.S. Attorney States More Arrests Possible In Corruption Probe: “Stay Tuned”…

  1. smiley says:

    de Blasio….” based on my own personal experience…”
    like his ardent support of the Marxist Sandinistas ?


  2. freepetta says:

    Disgusting, Sheldon Silver as been a crook for 20 years or more, NY politicians are amongst the most corrupt. It’s been said the NY assembly is like animal house.

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  3. bitterlyclinging says:

    Looking like somebody ordered a full spread of torpedoes here, Silver, Pennsylvania AG Kane, and the constant drip, drip, drip of revelations about ‘Slick’s’ hangin’ around “Orgy Island”. The candidacy that’s most likely to get sunk and sent to the bottom is Hillary’s. Now who could possibly be referred to as the King or Queen of the mean campaign? Mitt Romney? Naahhh! When Candy Crowley laid that midfield block on Mitt during that Second Presidential debate when it looked like there was nothing but open field in front of Mitt and touchdown against Barack Obama, Mitt behaved like the typical ISIS captive about to be slaughtered. John McCain? Naahhh! When George Soros and his Rothschild Banking Buddies made their raids on the US Banking system in 2008 McCain suspended his campaign and acted like another ISIS captive about to slaughtered. What about Mr “He who walks on water”, the “Lightwalker” our “The One we have been waiting for” Mr “I Won!” Naahhh! Just couldn’t be he. The only nefarious thing he’s ever been noted doing is going through his opponents ballot signature petition and having all the signatures disallowed, consequently running unopposed. But then there were his two Senatorial opponents , one for the Illinois State Senate and one for the US Senate, both of whom had their supposedly sealed messy divorce proceedings unsealed and released to the press allowing Barack Obama to run essentially unopposed each time. And there’s Georgie S, early Obama supporter and financier who’s come a far piece since his early days when he was cleaning out the household possessions of his fellow Hungarian Jews from their former residences while they sat in the cattle cars waiting for their all expense paid Auschwitz tours to begin. Georgie’s been known to raid a national bank or two ever since he left his country of birth. Now, who could this King or Queen of the Mean Camapign’s be?

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  4. Murse says:

    This stink goes all the way to Gov. Cuomo. The question is will LE follow that trail. I doubt it.


  5. BooRadley55 says:

    The words “Good’ and “Integrity” apparently have different meanings when used by DeBlasio.

    The Mayor described Eric Garner, a convicted felon who had been arrested over 30 times and was out on bail when he died while resisting arrest, as a “Good Man.”

    Now he calls Silver a “Man of Integrity” after he is arrested on charges of accepting millions in bribes and kickbacks.

    Makes you wonder. Is the Mayor just an incredible idiot? Or, in his world, do “Good” men repeatedly break the law and one has ‘integrity’ only if they carry out the Progressive agenda, regardless of how many kickbacks and bribes they accept.


  6. shipley130 says:

    Why do people assume that bribery isn’t “integrity” in the democrat thesaurus as synonyms?

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  7. peachteachr says:

    This prosecutor seems to have his ducks in a row and is ready and willing to go after the law makers, or law breakers might be a better descriptor, in Albany, NY. I don’t know if you posted the link or I read it elsewhere, but Gov. Cuomo had to call the investigation to a halt in the middle of the night. The piece I read was the type of in-depth work that you might find in The Atlantic or New Yorker Magazine. I’m not going to look it up b/c we all know that I would absolutely mess up the link. I think the governor told the US Attorney to “sic ’em” and he did.
    It feels like the right place to warn him and refer him to all of the people who died during the Clinton administration. People who knew bad things about the Clintons dropped like flies.


    • Roy says:

      “People who knew bad things about the Clintons dropped like flies.”

      People who know bad things about Obama drop like flies also”


  8. Amy says:

    Deblasio is looking worn and tired out lately.. 😉 and not so confident either..


  9. whodoneit says:

    The State of NY has been plagued with corruption that festers in every nook and cranny for many years – and is brimming with scheming progressive wacko politicians. I’m glad that someone is finally rocking the boat in the swamp.


  10. Re: whodoneit’s “progressive wacko politicians, somebody should ask DeBlasio why he is pushing “full-day pre-kindergarten.” When he says, “It’s for the children,” he should be confronted with the truth that “it is clear that in order to thrive, young children need to be surrounded by people who love them, like their mothers or grannies,” now state employees..


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