Socialist French President Hollande Bans French Nationalist Party and Marine Le Pen From Unity Rally…

Front National Party (FNP) is quite a bit more “nationalist” than what UKIP is to the United Kingdom, or the Tea Party to the USA.  However, FNP candidates won the last election cycle, carry 25% of parliament and the Socialist French President, Francois Hollande, carries only a 15-20% job approval rating.

french unity rally

The refusal to allow Nationalist participation is yet another example of how ideological the Fabian Socialist’s are when it comes to the will of the people.  Both Hollande and U.S. President Obama carry the same disposition toward their political opponents.

[…]  Earlier, Le Pen had told reporters that she trusted the government would have the wisdom to invite “the representatives of a party that polled 25% of the vote in the last election”, referring to last year’s European polls, in which the FN came first amid record-low turnout.

The question of whether to invite France’s far right presents a dilemma for Hollande’s Socialist government, which is traditionally averse to any dealings with a party it deems “un-republican”.

By failing to invite Le Pen’s party, the government exposes itself to claims it undermined its own call for unity. If it chooses otherwise, it will incur the wrath of the FN’s many foes. (link)

MARINE-Le-Pen_ap_843564tFRANCE – Just a day after the Charlie Hebdo shooting left 12 dead and had politicians calling for the country to unite, a row between politicians broke out after the National Front were not invited to take part in Sunday’s rally for “national unity” in Paris.

For her part Marine Le Pen was furious that the party, who came out on top in the European elections last May, was “excluded” from the march.

“It is very clear,” Le Pen said. “They say that the Front National (FN) are not welcome to a meeting where every other party is invited. There is no longer national unity, it’s disappeared because of their actions.”

The party also fired out a tweet saying: “”The first party of France excluded from the demonstration! It’s a moral fault.”

The rally is expected to see François Hollande line up alongside his old adversary Nicolas Sarkozy at the head of the March and will see politicians and elected officials from all mainstream parties, at least take to the streets.

Some however believe it’s a mistake that the Front National have not been invited, even if the party is known for anti-immigration views and its desire to resist the influence of Islam in France.

Former Prime Minister François Fillon said: “”Our best response is the total unity of the country. We can’t have any dissenting voices.”

His UMP party were opposed to the exclusion of the National Front, as were many others. (read more)


Francois Hollande - President Obama

Political Playbook? Isolate, Ridicule, Marginalize.  Hollande or Obama, same, same….

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44 Responses to Socialist French President Hollande Bans French Nationalist Party and Marine Le Pen From Unity Rally…

  1. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    So it would seem that this was just a show put on to appease the public and make them think that the “politicians” were on top of the situation. When in fact nothing has actually changed!


  2. stella says:

    Also this:

    France Told Bibi: If You Come, We’ll Invite Abbas
    Report: France did not want Netanyahu at the rally. When Netanyahu insisted, it invited Mahmoud Abbas as well.

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    • John Galt says:

      French Jews are going to Israel and France is going down the drain.

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      • angie says:

        I fear we in the US are where France was not too many years ago and that we’re headed in the same direction.

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        • MrRight says:

          I agree its a big opportunity for the rest of the civilized world, France is writting history that we need to learn from and NOT repeat.


      • smarty says:

        Going to UK and also seeking asylum in US and Canada. Daily Mail says 100, 000 have left Paris. Where has the outrage been by French with the daily attacks on Jews there including little children? Pamela Geller has written two stories on breitbart which expose the level of fear by Jews living in France. Don’t the French realize they will be next in line once the Jews are gone??


    • justfactsplz says:

      Bibi doesn’t back down from anything. France will reap what they sow. I hope all of the Jewish people living in France get out of there before any more of their blood is shed.

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    • kkdgrace says:

      “Immoral equivalency”

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      So, The French leader did not want the leader of the Jews, who by the way were the people who were killed, but did then invite a leader connected with the terriorist killers side. Yeah, the French are a little strange.

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      • MrRight says:

        They are being controlled now by about 6 million muslims.
        With all the illegals this might be much higher.

        French bend backward to please Islam, and will do short of anything for muslim.
        This include restricting their own freedom and hurting their way of life, not only financially.

        So even under direct attack, French still catering to Islam is no surprise.


    • ZurichMike says:

      I just saw that — and although ultimately it is not a a surprise, given the vitriolic hatred of Jews by the communists and French urban hipster crowd and their love of all things islamofascist — it is still a testament to real hope that many still believed it was an act of solidarity, not political kabuki, that had leaders show up yesterday.

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      • angie says:

        Mike, what has the reaction been the the attack where you are? Stay safe.


        • ZurichMike says:

          The usual hand-wringing and “solidarity” — and then everyone goes home and talks in subdued, serious tones about not engaging in hate crimes against Muslims.

          And then it’s over.

          Just like in Spain — 2004, the islamo-terrorist train bombing that killed 191 people and injured 1,800 more — do you remember that? Nope. Neither do the Europeans. Haven’t seen it mentioned once — not once — in the European press in the last week.


  3. angie says:

    Former Prime Minister François Fillon said: “”Our best response is the total unity of the country. We can’t have any dissenting voices.”
    Excluding a party that won 25% of the vote seems to negate Fillon’s call for unity.
    If he wanted no dissenting voices, Fillon should have only allowed Muslim extremists to participate.

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    • rashomon says:

      Yes, angie. I found Fillon’s comment somewhat disingenuous given the rally was in support of the free speech that Charlie Hebdo expressed through cartooning. Qu’est que c’est “freedom” in the mind of Fillon?


  4. whodoneit says:

    Just like Obama, Hollande is not president of all the people. – just those who agree with his socialist policies. That is extremely apparent – the same as here.

    And Hollande and his cronies claim its the Front National that’s preventing “unity” while it’s they themselves who are doing the excluding? Really?

    Again – just like Obama – Hollande, ignores recent voting outcomes because it doesn’t suit his direction. Hell – Obama claims the two thirds of voters who didn’t participate in Novembers election are supporters of his policies. Uh, if that were the case they would have voted for Democrats, dumb ass – not stayed home. These guys are twins.

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  5. dsp says:

    I see a woman fighting for her people against collaborators, traitors, cowards, leftists, Marxists and Muslims all at the same time. Godspeed Marine Le Pen. Fortune favors the brave!

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  6. mikeH says:

    This is comets theatre. Where were the tears when the Wahhabis were slaughtering thousands ???


  7. cat says:

    “I am Charlie” is so silly. It says nothing about who is the enemy……’s childish. And the rally was feel good smoke and mirrors so eveyone participating feels terrorism has been banished. Not…….

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    • whodoneit says:

      cat – The “I am (insert whatever) crapola is rather childish and is already getting stale. It seems that people are far more interested in coming up with some “catchy chant” than they are in actually solving the problem. How about “I am a passive do nothing idiot – but I have a really cool chant.”


    • rashomon says:

      They, whoever they are, are not Charlie as most have remained aloof and protected from the battle for freedom of speech. Charlie Hebdo takes on every organized religion, politician, government and policy that preaches one thing out of the propaganda side of the mouth, then acts the opposite way.

      What are these marchers doing today to bring about change? Hollande certainly has a full plate or two or three as do most of the others that participated.


  8. partyzantski says:

    The exclusion of the Front National is a dying gasp of petulant power by an utterly failed President.
    The French can see it with their own eyes.
    Newton’s 3rd Law apply to people and politics, as well as the world of physics.

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    • MrRight says:

      Yep, he excluded 1/3 of the french from this. French really are something….

      For people focusing on France just today, those recent killing is just the head of a nasty and huge problem French are facing dayli.
      What’s happening there is beyond belief. Its sad to say, but this latest masacer is a blessing in disguise as it might help some news agency to report all news and stop self censoring for the fear of looking racist…


  9. Be Ge says:

    I am not at all enthusiastic about madame Le Pen. She lives on Kremlin money:

    I still tend to support more than not a rather stupid but never-disproven-through-alternative version of the French terror spree as a gesture by the long hand of KGB/FSB/mr. Putin. But even that crazy idea is totally groundless, I’m still very skeptic about Marine Le Pen. See, I’ve recently come up with a simple criterion on treatment of unknown phenomena in a number of places around the world. That is to say, if Kaiser Waldemar Putin supports something, that something is likely a bad thing. Likewise, if people seriously support Waldemar Putin and/or Putinist Russia, they very likely are evil. Exampli gratia, Putinist propaganda was recently “Pro-Mike Brown”, as was the Soviet propaganda, always singing the “At your place (meaning, America), they abuse Negroes” tune(у вас негров обижают). Ditto FTP and whatever else the “concerned” left-leaning (and partly Soviet-controlled) public likes to whine about. Needless to say we all known what North Korea and Venezuela are, and among other things — they are the largest Putinists on the international arena today.

    At best, Madame Le Pen made a deal with a devil. At worst — she is a flop and a Putinist, together with a number of other far left and far right opposition leaders in Europe. A decepticon — the word CTH uses a lot.


    • MrRight says:

      She is the only hope France got to survive.
      You need to look Bering the surface to understand how dire the situation is there.

      Its very naive to think that anything rusia support is evil.. Rusia simply understand that having France and ultimately Europe turn Islamic and be under Saudi/quatar control is bad news for them.

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    • rashomon says:

      First, the definition of left and right politics has become far too muddled to use those terms without further definition. Think totalitarianism on the left hand and anarchy on the right. Most politics these days flip flops around with the ruling party wanting to tell everyone else what to do and how to think. And I don’t interpret 25% of the vote as being “a flop” in the eyes of her French compatriots who voted for her.

      As to where she has borrowed money, we Americans seem to have run up a somewhat sizable tab with the Chinese. Does that make us more inclined to think Mao was an O.K. guy? Given her anti-EU stance, she might be having a bit of a problem with some usual sources of funding outside of France, which no longer looks favorably upon lending money to politicians since being burned by Sarkozy. As for the details of the article, I need to vet them before condemning her actions. I do not trust, in any way, the media.

      Regardless, she and the UKIP are thorns in the sides of many politicians who touted the EU as being the be-all and end-all to the continent’s problems with just about everything. She stands for nationalism, the same as Putin, and probably the same as many Europeans (and Americans) who are tired of being a weather vane for whichever way the political winds blow.

      Frankly, until further notice or better information, I tend to stand with Mme. Le Pen.

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  10. czarowniczy says:

    Ahhh….I guess France during the DeGaulle period has disappeared from la mémoire nationale. Oh well, with little else on cable there but Jerry Lewis I guess reliving history isn’t all that bad.


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