Watch This – Ali Alsanai Raw Interview Footage – The Characters Within The Jessica Lane Chambers Murder…

Remember, he was the gas station owner, until his father, Mohammed Fadhel realized that various aspects of professional licensing and registrations would get him in hot water with numerous regulatory agencies – for a 19-year-old owner/operator of M&M First Stop gas station selling beer, wine, tobacco, lottery etc.

Subsequently Ali Alsanai, aka Basem Alsanai, aka Ali Fadhel, was quickly turned into “a clerk”.

Watch this video and see how many concerns and contradictions you notice.

♦  He claims 3 hours between seeing Jessica Lane Chambers and her death. Then recants when pushed.

♦  He claims the burned vehicle was brought to him at 9:00 to 10:00pm less than an hour after the crime scene.

♦  He claims pictures of him with guns are photo-shopped.  Obvious BS.

♦  He claims “he didn’t” edit the CCTV video for the reporter.  As if he wasn’t the one in control. Yet the edits, don’t match his claim.  The edits were not rewinds.

update-1♦  Later in video Ali claims the “CCTV” timestamp was off by an hour, but in earlier correction admitted only a 90 minute gap between his last seeing Jessica, and the murder.  Both statements contradict. – And remember her mom said she left the house “shortly after six”.

♦  When asked about the “white envelopes” he says “yeah, chicken”, notice how he says it. “Chicken” is street name for “meth”.

♦  Ali Claims “police” (“they”) watched CCTV video on night in question after tow truck driver left gas station.  Yet reporter says he was the one who notified police and then they came to station to look.


Jessica 1

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Jessica Chambers invest - ali-alsanai-facebook

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We don’t think this guy had ANYTHING to do with the actual attack on Jessica Chambers directly, by all accounts he didn’t.

However, the activity of the gas station, and his ownership and operational control thereof, is well beyond sketchy.   This guy has stuff to hide, just not stuff DIRECTLY tied to the death of Jessica Lane Chambers.

When someone is versed in saying “to be honest with you”, RED FLAG…. because that automatically insures that part of the conversation is a flow in and out of honesty.  Why else does a person need to differentiate segments of their statements to highlight as the “honest part”.

Again, Ali and the Fadhel’s, not directly tied to the death of Jessica Chambers, but necessarily avoiding the sunlight for other ‘undetermined’ reasons.

Hence the CAIR playbook is quickly deployed to frame themselves as a victim and divert attention from the questions which would be far less comfortable to answer.

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