Mississippi Burning – Day #7 – The Murder Of Jessica Lane Chambers…

On Saturday December 6th at 8:13pm the Courtland Fire Department responded to a car fire at 2352 Herron Road, Courtland, Mississippi. In addition to a burning car they found 19-year-old Jessica Lane Chambers burned and barely alive

jessica chambers angel image

[…] Chambers, 19, died early Sunday after firefighters found her with burns over 98 percent of her body near a car burning on Herron Road near Courtland.

She had been set afire and then left by an assailant or assailants who obviously thought they were leaving her to an immediate death.

But she did not die immediately, remaining conscious at the scene long enough to talk to a firefighter from the Courtland Fire Department who arrived on the scene with two other volunteer firemen four minutes after receiving the report of the burning car.

“We know what she said, but we’re not commenting on that,” [District Attorney John] Champion said. (link)

Courtland Mississippi, population 500, is in Panola County, an area which has witnessed an explosion in gang related crime and criminal activity. This Day #7 update follows the backstory, the untold story, of how events continue to unfold.

In order to fully understand what follows it is strongly recommended you read Day#6 update. Without the understanding, well, what follows will seem challenging at best.

Jessica’s funeral was this past Saturday, 12/13.  During the funeral a person who gave a presentation at the regional Battered Woman’s Center (an abuse, counseling and treatment center) got up to speak.  She shared how Jessica had told her -a few months prior to her death- how someday Jessica wanted to write a book about her life.

It seems odd that a 19-year-old could have already experienced so much of life’s challenges that a book would seem possible. Alas, in Jessica Chambers’ short life there is more than one story.

In order to know what happened to Jessica, you’ve got to go back and understand what it is about her story can help catch the killer(s).

jessica chambers 1

Research well indicates that Jessica’s story is in essence a story of Panola County.  A rural community with a multicultural population, sometimes at odds with itself.

Sheriff Dennis Darby presides over the law enforcement apparatus seemingly struggling to balance enforcement with increasingly violent aspects.  District Attorney John Champion similarly trying to cope with a growing need for the application of law.

Both Sheriff Darby and DA Champion relying on the community to assist their endeavors.  A noble, albeit naïve, proposition given the nature of the type of crime they are encountering.  A criminal class openly stating retaliation upon anyone who would speak against their illegal enterprises.  “Snitches get Stitches”, and mouths become tight lipped.

Watch, please, watch:

The perfect petri dish for blossoming gang related activity.

Iillicit drugs and the associated criminal activities are commonplace.  So common there’s almost no attempt to hide them.

Jessica Chambers 3

Ben Chambers 1

Ben Chambers Sr, Jessica’s dad, was no stranger to the lure of such enterprise as both he and her older brother Ben Chambers Jr. were previously arrested for participating in the manufacture, sale and distribution of meth.

Sadly, Jessica’s brother was killed in a car accident; fortunately dad managed to get a job with the Sheriff’s department as a maintenance worker.  Ben Chambers job at the Sheriff’s department is what caused the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to take lead in the case.

Jessica herself had previous run-ins with the law albeit minor of nature, and perhaps history will reveal a familiarity is what led to her lack of aversion toward a known gang member in the area.

According to social media at some point Jessica began dating a guy named Bryan Rudd, a sketchy fellow of questionable character.

jessica chambers invest bryan rudd

jessica chambers convo 5 - Bryan

Bryan Rudd’s mother claims that Jessica lived with them for approximately two years.  With a birthdate of 2/2/95 Jessica would have been around 17 at the time.

According to his facebook account Bryan now lives in Iowa however he still carries a tattoo of Jessica down his left arm – as noted in a recent You Tube video.  By all indications Bryan Rudd has nothing to do with Jessica’s death.

Bryan Rudd tattoo

Likewise, Brian Rudd’s sister, Breanna Rudd, is serving a 3 year prison sentence for shooting into a building.  She too had nothing to do with Jessica’s death.

At some point Jessica’s relationship with Bryan ended.  However, if the recent account of her father Ben is accurate, Jessica must have wandered into another abusive relationship.

According to Ben Chambers Jessica only recently (two months) left an abuse, counseling and treatment shelter for battered women.

[…]  Chambers’ father, Ben Chambers, said his daughter left a battered women’s shelter a few months before she was killed. “She was getting on the right track. She had learned her lessons from being in bad relationships,” he told NBC News Saturday.

Now you might be asking what purpose this backstory has to understanding what happened on the night she was killed.

The purpose is several fold.  First, Jessica was a trusting soul.  There are wrongly minded people who would seek to blame her decision making for her death.  That thought process is not only horribly flawed – it actually perpetuates systemic victim blaming.  No-one, under any circumstances deserves what happened to her.  Period.  To advance such a proposition is cruel beyond human imaginings.

Second, such an understanding allows you to see how her situational awareness would be a product of her own historical reference.

Whereas a person unexposed to an environment of rough gang culture might be exceptionally adverse if it appeared, a person who has familiarity might not be predisposed to elicit the fear response as quickly.   This might also lead them to a place of risk that would be avoided, and indeed seem incredulous, by almost everyone else who is looking at the situation…..

chambers 2

….And both towns of Batesville and Courtland, Mississippi, despite their seemingly small size, have a strong intertwined network of sketchy characters densely compacted, and holding strong dispositional connectivity, in relationship to the overall geography.

That’s a fancy way of saying you’re going to cross paths with sketchy folk if you plan a trip to the post office or grocery store, regardless of your own sensibility or aversions.

In essence Jessica lived less than a mile away from the hub of criminal comings and goings, but she didn’t live in a bad part of town.

On the night of 12/6/14, according to her mom, she left home shortly after 6pm.  As you are aware Jessica stopped at M&M First Stop Gas Station located at 8967 Highway #51, about 7/10ths of a mile from home.

jessica chambers invest 5

Jessica Chambers scene M-M first stop gas station

jessica chambers invest 7

This gas station is a dynamic of trouble.  A 19-year-old Yemeni character named Ali Alsanai, aka Basem Alsanai, aka Ali Fadhel, owns and operates the store.  The entire sketchy culture –and every character within it– revolve around this gas station.

To understand where she was, and how he, Ali, is viewed, I strongly encourage you to watch this video.  It is eye opening toward a larger understanding:

I know that video is challenging for most readers to understand – but it exemplifies the stark disconnect now growing abundantly evident amid an increasingly growing segment of society.   Meanwhile a toxic dose of political correctness, willful blindness and apathetic political bravery -amid almost all political leadership- leads to ignoring the growing concern.  I digress.

After visiting this gas station Jessica departs heading South on Highway #51 at 6:32pm.  (Maps, timelines, and explanations in full here)

At 8:12pm the fire department are called to the car fire.

jessica chambers invest 9.1

The fire chief, Cole Haley, in that video is also one of the sketchy members of the community.  The fire chief is the last known person Jessica Chambers talked to.

According to media reports, this is the man she whispered her final words indicating the name of a suspect.

cole haleycole haley 2

Yeah, I know.  We know.  Nuf said.

Despite Fire Chief Cole Haley’s, well, eccentric social dispositions, we can only hope the relay of information is accurate.

According to questioned witnesses like Derrick Turner, and Eric Bibbs, the name Jessica whispered in those horrific moments was something sounding like “eric, or derrick, or jerrick”.

Derrick Turner - Kevondas Polk - Justin Bell - Chris Bell

Yeah, we know…. Nuf said.

Neither Derrick Taylor, nor Eric Bibbs, (Bibbs lives next to the crime scene), claim any knowledge of the crime.

However, another character, who Jessica knew very well and lived next door to, holds a key piece of information that might yield assistance.

Charlotte Wilkerson, aka Auntie “Sha-Sha”, was identified as talking to Jessica on her phone on the night Jessica was killed.

Watch video and pay close attention:

Did you catch that? – Police had phone records on Sunday evening?

Did you also catch that “Sha-Sha” was standing in front of M&M First Stop Gas?

Charlotte Wilkerson is the only person interviewed, who has claimed that Jessica was at a party on the night she was killed.  Specifically Wilkerson says Jessica left the party, and then killed.

We can find no social media conversation, of any principle in Courtland, who is within the context of this case, who mentioned, discussed, invited, or otherwise even hinted to a party on 12/6/14.  No-one.

Yet, Charlotte Wilkerson is claiming first hand knowledge of a party, and first hand knowledge of Jessica’s attendance, and first hand knowledge of Jessica leaving this mystery party before her death.

Remember, Jessica called her mom at 6:48pm and said she was going to grab something to eat before coming home.

So what’s up?

Is/Was Auntie Sha-Sha covering for Jessica who went somewhere but didn’t want mom to know?  Did a party take place?  Where?  Who was there?  How can Charlotte Wilkerson be so absolutely certain of the facts around the mystery party?

Now, again, Charlotte Wilkerson also interviewed by more media and can be seen in this screen grab of another interview.

Charlotte Wilkerson

And again, different date, different interview outlet, and yet where is Wilkerson?

Yep, M&M First Stop gas station.


jessica 2

Why is everyone always at, around, or near this gas station as it relates to discussing Jessica Lane Chambers?

However, something is missing in the interviews “Auntie Sha-Sha” is giving.  She wasn’t just questioned by police.

As a result of her questioning, she was arrested by the police and released on 12/9/14.

charlotte wilkerson 2Offender Name: CHARLOTTE WILKERSON

Offender ID: 36208
Date of Birth: 11/04/1983
Age: 31
Race:  Unknown
Gender: Female

Custody Status:  Out of Custody
Date:  12/09/2014
Reason:  General release

There’s no date for her actually arrest date, only a release date of Tuesday 12/09/14 – However, we can assume from the interviews her arrest date was Sunday 12/07/14.

You don’t get a mugshot during questioning.

Nor do you usually get a fat lip and black eye.

So that begs the question.  Did the fat-lip and black eye come as a result of an earlier conversation at M&M gas station?  Before the police questioning?

Does she interview at the M&M gas station because other interested parties want to make sure of what she does, or doesn’t, say?

Before you dismiss the possibility – remember the severe manipulation of the CCTV.  And the absolute insufferable incompetence of the Sheriffs department in exposing themselves to the same CCTV editing and filtering as the media:

Jessica chambers invest 23 keystone cops

Who is running the town?

These guys?

jessica 7 DA John Champion

Or these guys?

jessica 3

If you have digested Day #6 – You might be less inclined to believe Sheriff Dennis Darby and DA John Champion have any desire to control or influence M&M Gas station, for some peculiar reason.

Jessica Chambers invest 20 ali-alsanai-facebook-money-fan

ali 1

Why is Charlotte Wilkerson the only person who seems to know about some mysterious party that Jessica Chambers attended after leaving the gas station at 6:32pm?

How did Auntie Sha-Sha get a black eye?

Where’s the 911 call tapes from the person reporting the burning car?

Why did the tow truck driver bring the burned car to the gas station, and allow Ali Alsanai to take pictures, before he took it to the police impound/evidence lot?

How did Ali Alsanai know at 11:30pm that “they poured gas in her mouth” before they lit her on fire?

Why is no-one able to see the raw and unedited CCTV video from the gas station?

Why didn’t Ali Alsanai tell the police he saw Jessica on Saturday 12/6/14 until a reporter told them and they came to question about it on 12/9/14?

Why does the District attorney announce “we don’t expect to make any arrests“?

How does a 19-year-old afford to own/operate a gas station and consistently post amounts of money in his mittens exceeding $10,000?  Walking around cash.

What exactly is going on in/around that gas station?

And why has everyone associated with Ali Alsanai, Basem Alsanai, Ali Fadhel began furiously scrubbing their social media accounts and deleting their contacts, all within the last 36 hours?

ask the right questions

(We have previously saved numerous social media that are now being scrubbed)

Perhaps start with this guy “Jerrick“!

After ranting about his hatred for Jessica’s father, Ben Chambers, Jerrick Todd has been deleting his content like Cra-Cra:

jerrick Todd 4

Jerrick Todd 3

Jerrick Todd 2

Jerrick Todd 1


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1,068 Responses to Mississippi Burning – Day #7 – The Murder Of Jessica Lane Chambers…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think the above anonymous sounds fishy- sounds like good info to me.. Why wouldn’t we believe a local who knows the people involved and has 2nd hand info? I mean, makes more sense to me than searching random Facebooks.

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    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      There’s no particular reason to believe, or disbelieve that information. But, without some sort of corroboration, it has to be viewed with some degree of uncertainty, wouldn’t you agree?

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      • Anonymous says:

        I think it’s better info than grasping at straws. Honestly- I think it should be looked into further and closely.

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        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          I agree that any and all avenues should be pursued but here’s the problem: There’s only so much that can be done through the internet and calling the authorities in Courtland won’t bear fruit if the caller is someone without any firsthand knowledge of the people who may be involved. How do you propose we should proceed?


          • jason says:

            a post on Sandy Rudd’s page (screencap posted in earlier comments in anon’s subthread) pretty much verifies the bit about the two named ladies being at and talking to Jessica at the M&M, Would repost but trying to stay out of spam filter.

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            • StormyeyesC says:

              Yes she has been ‘on spot’ so far with her info. Also, the first hand person may have the first hand fear……..I think that is clear. First hand shares with trusted friend, who shares with us. Understandable.

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            • ccgip says:

              Yep. Just checked Sandy’s page and it’s still there. She also posted she’s received 79 friends requests, so she’s going to be deleting her page. Ha.


          • StormyeyesC says:

            Someone encouraged her to call FBI anonymously. Maybe someone reads here that can spread the word. Law enforcement encourages any and all info. Let them investigate all leads. If the leads are left on this site, and someone in LE or news can use them to dig, all the better. Hell, I’ll call LE myself if I have any degree of evidence, or strong belief.

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        • StormyeyesC says:

          Yes we all chase and grab, nice to have something to chase, grab hold off, and credit or discredit before moving on. I am grateful for any and all posters. Anything that gets Jessica some justice is what it is all about.


        • Many people involved here


  2. dizzymissl says:

    check out this screen cap:

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    • sidneyaneres says:

      without the video footage rolling and a Time to pick out from the footage, this could be her standing putting gas in her car. they also didn’t include the clock to verify, the screen capture. Looks like weird lighting reflections off the pump.

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      • sidneyaneres says:

        I didn’t scroll enough to see the Time stamp at the bottom, anyway I still think its from all at the didling he did with his computer toys. light reflections, and if it is a person, they seem to be white with brown hair, and devious grin, I can see it, can you. wait I blinked its gone. a ghost in the machine so to speak

        People take video’s and digitize and enhance and contrast etc, and FIND something all the Time, they prime you saying look there is a person so you see one.


      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        There’s no person standing there. Look at the other camera angle I posted.


      • StormyeyesC says:

        timestamp shows


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Check out the time stamp: 6:27:07

      then compare it to this one from a different angle, at the same time:

      Taken from the 1:41 mark of this video:


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    • TCS says:

      I thought that too when I first saw it but the image never moves. If you look at the whole video you’ll see that the pumps themselves are kinda striped.

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      • sundaybu says:

        Here is a video that shows the “striped” pump just as Jessica’s car is rolling in. From Froggie:


        • firefly says:

          The striped guy looks like he`s at a different pump.

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          • StormyeyesC says:

            I hate the fast forward running. Just about :30 secs in, there is a woman coming out of the store going in the direction that Jessica went. Hard to identify


        • Ann Inquirer says:

          Would love to know what she was talking about to whoever was behind the counter. Do we know that? And it is curious that there is no CCTV of the counter itself, because if there ever was a robbery, that would need video too.


    • Oh-My says:

      Apologies, I missed this entire discussion. Have tried to keep up, but with so many comments, nearly impossible. I’ll go back under my rock, now.


  3. Tempest says:

    Took this womans FB from above.
    Her friends lists had a few Rudds and Sandfords in it.


    • sundaybu says:

      So news is spinning it that poor Ali is a victim as well as Jessica. Has Ursula received any info that’s been reported here? I’m sure she’s on twitter…

      Liked by 1 person

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I just watched a replay of that telecast.

      They interviewed the prosecutor-no probing questions. He said that the police have had the videos since Thursday, but never clarified if it was the actual unedited footage straight from the DVR,or if it was the crappy videos we’ve already seen that were recorded from the monitor.

      They questioned the store owner-no probing questions, just a chance for him to say “I don’t know anything”. They even gave him a chance to build his “case” that he’s been threatened and slandered.But they never asked if he had been questioned by the FBI in regards to his firearms or flagrant displays of cash on FB.

      They interviewed her mother and sister-no probing questions. Just a “Hearts and Flowers” interview that didn’t delve into prior arrests of Jessica or her family members, and no questions about Jessica’s previous stays in rehab and the “Battered Women’s Shelter”. No questions about who her abuser was, or if Jessica still felt threatened by him, his friends, or his family members.

      All in all, a very disappointing news piece. Where’s the “Investigative Journalism”? All I saw was a very public blow-off of anyone who dares to ask serious questions. Something the CRS was certain to love, I’m sure.

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  4. sundaybu says:

    If LE needs help solving this case and has the full CCTV tapes, all they would need to do for help is release the tape publicly. I know plenty of people capable of assisting 🙂

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  5. ches1 says:

    Bryan Rudd was arrested on December 12, 2014, but there is no info on why.
    Could this have a Jessica connection?

    Bryan Deaundra Rudd’s Iowa Record
    (Sorry if this was posted before, bit there is so much info on here)

    Offender Name: BRYAN DEAUNDRA RUDD
    Offender ID: 4034212
    Date of Birth:08/22/1991
    Race:African American
    Custody Status:Out of Custody

    Arrest – November 27, 2014
    Arrest – December 12, 2014


    Arrest-4/29/14 Rudd, Bryan Deaundra (Theft 5th)
    “In September 2013 and February 2014 the Waterloo Police Department and Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers asked for the public’s help in identifying the male in the picture reference a theft at Kwik Star.”

    Case: 01071 SMCR193677 (BLACK HAWK)
    Offense Date: 09/07/2013

    Case: 01071 SMCR197902 (BLACK HAWK)
    Description: THEFT 5TH DEGREE – 1978 (SMMS)
    Adj.Date: 05/09/2014
    Offense Date: 09/22/2013

    Case: 01071 SRCR202739 (BLACK HAWK)
    Offense Date: 11/27/2014

    December 12, 2014 ??????

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  6. TCS says:

    Anyone notice @0hour1 has changed their twitter name? Last tweet tonight:

    OpJessicaComplete @0Hour1
    Good Night Sweet Princess Take care Prayers Have Been Answered She Guided Us #JusticeforJessica

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  7. Annette says:

    EMS told Eric whats his name that Jessica said the name Derrick or Eric but, she could’ve meant Jerrick!

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  8. gg189 says:

    Little hesitant to post this for fear of showing my tin foil hat. But it is the gangs who create this subculture of ritualism, symbol worship, etc.

    100%\without a doubt, Bryan Rudd is a folk nation/gangster disciple. Just look thru photos and see countless pix of him flashing the pitch fork hand signal

    So I’ve been immersed in reading about GDs, rival vice lords, etc – delta-area news articles, state studies of prison pop, hood message boards – really, there is such. Just to get a feel for these particular NW MS gangsters

    Continued upon a theme of GDs ‘banging’ on a full moon. “Why do we bang on a full moon? For the cause.” For this and many more (mind-numbing, nausea-inducing) creeds/mantras of GDs: http://gd7414.weebly.com/growth–development.html

    When I saw that the last full moon was dec 6th, I shivered.

    Again, not wanting to get baker acted here. I just fully believe that this is a gang/GD hit with the active cover of the local Muslim brotherhood (editing CCTV, lying about time stamp dst). And local Law enforcement has provided at least passive cover for so many other gang activities of late. In part for fear of being suicided? Could this be the motivation of the Christian/JC reference by Darby?

    Piqued DoJ interest early bc GD/VL gangs originated on the streets of Chicago and the CHI/SIP trading of cocaine, marijuana, and GUNS is alive and well….one might surmise that the gun part of it has even grown in the last 6 years along with CHI homicide rate.

    And it is the gangs who worship all this symbology, colors, numbers (puke…) so I find the date of the attack VERY significant.

    Liked by 1 person

    • gg189 says:

      And the black/white stripe & coloring seen in clothing is representing GDs. Pretty good guide from Memphis newspaper on the local flavors of gangs here:


    • MyExWasAFolk-goodriddance says:

      Yes, def G.D. thugs running around that place. Pictures of Ali and Sanford show F. N. “Folk Nation” signs. I’ve seed lots of “forks” and “O.G” signs and Perry Rudd even has a fb pic with a 6 pointed star with the #6 in it. Seeing how the full moon was on the 6th I agree it’s gang related. Oh, Apparently Ms. Rudd, mentioned earlier has a post from “Folk Deaundra Nation” who I assume is Bryan about a loss in Waterloo.


      • reconcharlie76 says:

        Why did Bryan RUDD go to IOWA, and I don’t want to hear because of a job!
        If he did bang, was this a hit because of something he did, and they took it out on JChambers? Not the 1st time that would be the case.
        I guess all avenues I am considering, but it was something a gang would do , or a complete psycho

        Liked by 1 person

    • Herlock Solmes says:

      I was in high school in the early 90’s in a BFE town just like this one and we had white kids throwing up “Folks” signs then. Everyone acted as if were some secret club akin to the Masons. Truth is, it was just kids being idiots. There is no cult, there is no secret club. Even if there were, there is no way they could keep something like a murder on the down low, especially if dozens of people were involved like this guy in this thread is claiming.

      Moreover, these people aren’t very smart or especially sophisticated. We’re not dealing with organized crime, the CIA, NSA or the trilateral commission. We’re dealing with a few street punks at best.

      “Three people may keep a secret if two of them are dead.” — Ben Franklin


      • MyExWasAFolk-goodriddance says:

        Well, I was in the Army in the early 90’s and I can assure you folk gangbangers from bfe Minnesota were in the Army with me, I married one. Dig around and you will see lots of “folk” and people in the Army on these peoples friends list. It’s part of their method. They move around, recruit and organize. I grew up in the dirty south Tampa Bay Area and have knowledge of all of these gangs. It IS organized crime. The proximity of these towns to Memphis and other places makes it even easier to recruit and run guns and drugs in small towns. There have been several Gang related shootings in the Panola area recently. I know it seems so unbelievable because it’s the middle of nowhere, but it’s no accident that Bryan Rudd moved to Iowa.


        • StormyeyesC says:

          There was talk of guns that looked shady on Ali’s FB page. Since been scrubbed but someone here posted it on earlier thread……..Thanks!


          • Guest says:

            I saw it this morning but cannot access it now. FB says profile currently unavailable, check back later. Not sure what that means. Anyway, I sent the screen grab to Sundance on evening of 12-12 with subject title “screen cap from Ali Alsanai” so TCTH should have it on file.


        • Herlock Solmes says:

          Sorry, but I don’t think there’s any organized street gangs that are that much of a threat. MS-13 from Mexico would probably be the biggest threat, but even they aren’t doing much. Crips and Bloods and all of those old L.A. gangs are a shell of their former selves. The police and feds have really cracked down on gangs in the past 20 years. Violent crime today is at its lowest point since 1969 (was at its highest point in the early 90’s). These stats are easily found on the FBI website.

          Kids aren’t going to “organize.” Most of these punks are dumb as a box of rocks. They may throw up gang signs in pictures, but it means nothing. I can take a selfie and throw up a gang sign but it doesn’t make me a “gangsta.” I am not saying that some of these kids aren’t a part of that “Black Squad” or whatever unimaginative name they gave it, but it’s likely localized, disorganized, and pretty low level.

          And why did Rudd go to Iowa? I know he did, but I have no idea why. The fact he went to Iowa shouldn’t be taken as some evidence that he is a part of some national criminal organization. He likely met some loser chick on FB and went up there to get out of MS.


    • Diane says:


  9. Annette says:

    Charlotte Wilkerson aka “Auntie Sha Sha” could’ve been the one to lure Jessica she talked to her the night of her death and spoke of a party that no one can verify through social media. We know one thing IF, there was a party these guys would’ve posted selfies, they love posting to social media!

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  10. Herlock Solmes says:

    I don’t think this case is all that complicated. When women are murdered, it is done by their significant other about 80% of the time. If not that, then it’s done by a friend or acquaintance. Random killings are extremely uncommon, especially in a town like this where there isn’t much of a “draw” to criminals who want to randomly mug, rape, or rob someone. If this were Detroit or LA, I might say that a random mugger, rapist, or murderer has to at least be considered. In this town, however, it should be dead last on the list.

    If this was indeed gang related, then Jessica’s family and friends would probably know something about it anyway. So start with BF’s then move to family and friends. Make everyone produce rock solid alibis. Those that don’t get polygraphed. Hope and pray the autopsy turns up some forensic evidence. If none of that pans out, then hope someone talks.

    Fire down the throat sounds like “overkill” or “revenge killing.” Doesn’t smack of a random killer or a robbery gone bad to me. If the killer used fire to simply burn the evidence, they could have done the burning without putting gas down her throat while she was still alive. I sense either a BF (current or ex), or a jealous woman. I would put the “drug dealer” or “snitching” behind these two options.


  11. Alaskagurl says:

    Don’t you find it odd that two sheriff’s deputies have committed suicide and Jessica’s brother also died in auto accident. Someone needs to look into these deaths. Something is very off in this town!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Herlock Solmes says:

      No, I don’t. If I had to live in that town, I would probably commit suicide too. Moreover, a young man dying in a car crash is not uncommon. Happens all the time in this country.

      I am not suggesting the town isn’t dirty, but I would rule out “incompetence” before I brought out Alex Jones to investigate.

      Often times there are “good ole’ boy” networks in these small towns (been around it all my life), but most of them aren’t killers . One can bet that at least some of them wouldn’t sit by and say nothing as a 19 year old girl was viciously burned alive.

      I do suspect, however, that there may be some drug issues with the Police or some other lower level corruption. And I certainly do think there are a lot of thugs and wannabe gangstas hanging around. I would look at them before I looked at the Cops.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Katrena Perkins says:

    Jerrick has a sister. Guess who?


  13. Citizensforus says:



  14. Citizensforus says:

    How do I post a screen shot of Jerricks fb family page?


  15. pspinach says:

    I was gonna say it as a joke, but it’s no mo’ a joke. We at the CTH knew everything right down to where Ali buys his black striped shirts, no kidding, a Treeper found it. And now we know it’s a gang symbol. Evil. Pure evil, wearing it like that on the day of the full moon. Saying Jessica deserved it is like saying America deserved 911. No one deserves what Barry and Holder at the behest of Valerie Jarrett is doing to America through racial strife.


  16. Citizensforus says:

    Jaycee Holmes. The girl who posted about Jessica and Ali commented about the gasoline being poured in her throat.

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  17. StormyeyesC says:

    You can just copy and paste the text………..and provide link for others


  18. Ziiggii says:

    Ms. Sandy Rudd profile


  19. Citizensforus says:

    No. That’s his mom. Go to about, then family/relationships.


    • StormyeyesC says:

      I don’t have facebook and no interest in making an account. Social media is forever. I like my privacy, and the stuff I have seen on FaceBook has given me a serious aversion to it……..just saying………


    • StormyeyesC says:

      I can only see the pictures, no comments


  20. Ziiggii says:



  21. DIESEL says:

    A very interesting video put together. Very shady town….


  22. Ann Inquirer says:

    Is Last Refuge on FB? It doesn’t come up in Fb search which is tooky anyway. Please provide url in a reply if there is. Thanks.

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  23. cnile says:

    Aside from who did this to this girl, the MAIN concern that I have here, is do we have Al Quaida/ISIS in MS?.
    Is that where all of this is really going?
    From what I have been taught, they fund their operations largely from drug sales in the US, Canada, and Europe.
    This just ain’t gonna work for me, I can tell you that.


  24. NaCl says:

    Well. I have been following this case due to the fact that I can tell that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. None of it makes sense and I personally question a lot of things that I have seen via social media and the news. I do know that gangs are there in that area of Mississippi. I used to work in that area with a job working close with law enforcement. Weather it is prevalent of not, I have found street view images on google maps that appear to show a dark skinned man with a blue bandanna around his neck holding both hands in the air to the side of him. Gang sign???? Maybe maybe not. The law enforcement seem unsure about what they are doing. They maybe in a state of shock or they may be like ,oh my god we have no idea how we are going to handle this. My personal opinion is that this event is much bigger than North Mississippi.

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  25. waiting1979 says:

    Court document on Sheriff vs. Police Chief fight over suspect custody turned into physical altercation between police departments. https://thusbloggedanderson.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/burdette-v-darby-sj-order.pdf


  26. 8 Man says:

    And my opinion of Mississippi remains unchanged.


    • dawsfarm says:

      Good thing we hard-working, law-obeying, military-serving honorable Mississippians don’t care a wink what you think.


  27. Girlfromcali says:

    Why does this whole town give me the twilight zone feeling? Everyone including the family seems like they don’t want this solved, they don’t want anyone investigating, and are protecting all those criminals! Am I missing something here?

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  28. Aware says:

    ACT NOW AMERICA SITE… JIHAD ALL ACROSS AMERICA AND LOCAL POLICE ADVISED BY FED’S LEAVE THEM ALONE… YEMEN AFRICA MUSLIMS BURN WOMEN, a measure of hate shows in the damage caused. This mix culture is what the corrupt gov’t wants. Both parties of mid east are here to destroy this country, both want world domination and we pay for it, looted us really.


  29. Would someone advise me which is the current Jessica thread that people are posting to this afternoon? Thank you.


  30. Betty Smith says:

    Nelson Mandela and wife Winnie are famous examples of burning people by necklacing, putting a tire on them, fill it with gasoline, and set them on fire. Common practice in South Africa!


  31. dudley says:

    the DA and sherriff are obviously a couple of incompetent rubes…dumb arses…hey dummies…want some info? look at the station owner and his gang buddies….

    listening to these morons makes me sick….they are waiting to see if an accelerant was used?
    what knuckleheads


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