Frustrated Motorists Continue To Encounter Ferguson Antagonists…

Saint Louis – A man was arrested during protests Wednesday evening in the Central West End after he drove through the crowd and later waved a gun at protesters.

ferguson motorist 1

The incident happened during a day of demonstrations that brought protesters to several sites in and around St. Louis.

In the incident Wednesday night, a protest leader said four protesters were hit. A police spokeswoman said nobody was seriously hurt.

The incident happened around 8 p.m., after about 75 protesters gathered in Maryland Plaza and were beginning to lay down for a “die-in” in the street.

As they did, a man driving a Town and Country minivan drove through the intersection and accelerated through the crowd. One woman was seen crouching on the hood of the minivan as the van continued forward. She fell off as the vehicle rounded a curve.

Protesters chased and then surrounded the minivan, and the driver waved a black handgun at them. At one point, protesters broke out the van’s back window. Police took the man, who appeared to be in his 50s, into custody.

ferguson motorist 2

Leah Freeman, police spokeswoman, said it was unclear whether the protesters jumped onto the motorist’s vehicle or if the motorist drove toward the protesters in an attempt to get through the crowd.  (read more)

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197 Responses to Frustrated Motorists Continue To Encounter Ferguson Antagonists…

  1. sundance says:


  2. happypappies says:

    give me a break. I used to ride my bike here when my husband was in the nursing home down here.


  3. Dems B. Dcvrs says:

    Read somewhere that a Woman decided to use her vehicle to block (box in) the driver of minivan.

    Somebody needs to tell idiots like her that she is begging to be hurt or killed in such a situation.
    The driver was already in fear of his life. He could very easily have rammed her car in process of trying to escape from a bunch of savages out for blood.


  4. sundaybu says:

    A new version (maybe original) of the video


    • QuadGMoto says:


      By viewing this higher res video on a large screen and going frame by frame it’s easy to see that one guy was already on the hood when the van comes into view. There is also a second guy with his hands on the hood pushing against the van with all his might. In other words, only his hands were touching the vehicle and he was leaning forward at about 45 degrees or so.

      I took screen shots, but I’m not sure how to share them without using a web site that has my real name attached to it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • QuadGMoto says:

        I went back and looked at the first video from the news story. That one was taken from a different angle. I couldn’t see the guy already on the hood seen in this new video, but you can definitely see the guy who was trying to push/stop the van also climb onto the hood.


    • QuadGMoto says:

      And of course, at the end you hear the race baiter claiming:

      A) If he was a black guy, the police would have shot him. (Nevermind the difference between resisting/attacking the police and complying fully with them.)

      B) “He came into the neighborhood to kill us.”

      I originally thought this incident was in Ferguson. I’ve since learned that the protestors went to a middle-class neighborhood in St. Louis. You came to him lady†, he didn’t come to you.

      Using the term loosely. Very loosely.


      • sulli159 says:

        Yeah, I live in St Louis and it’s called the Central West End; with old mansions on gated streets etc…however is now sort of trendy catering to the “millennials” , old houses converted into apts and lots of medical personnel near Barnes Jewish Hospital and Universities.


  5. Davis Miller says:

    98% this guy is law enforcement. He was on his cell explaining the situation and the cops that showed up played out the routine. Am I the only one who thinks this was the case?


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