Common Sense: Deconstructing Dorian Johnson – And Why The FBI and State Officials Will Not Prosecute Him…

Treeper Commonsense has done an excellent job digging into Dorian Johnson’s Grand Jury testimony.   Many questions can be answered and additionally many explanations become self evident.   I am copying the entire analysis below (with a few edits) and inserting some additional research to help expand on the larger picture.

The issues are so riddled with complexity the scope of the article is very involved.  So sip the information slowly, bookmark to return if needed – all citations included.

Dorian Johnson hands up

The Story Begins:  Dorian Johnson’s Grand Jury testimony is utterly fascinating because it is so full of holes, and raises so many more questions.  (Who was Big Mikes roommate at Canfield?  What did they do for four hours that morning before going to the Ferguson Liquor Mart? etc.)

This can all be found in Grand Jury Volume #4:

First, the transcripts reflect, before hearing a word directly from Dorian Johnson on September 10th, the Grand Jury watched all of his media interviews.   In addition, the Grand Jury *listened to audio of an FBI interview with Dorian held on Wednesday August 13th four days after the shooting.

*This becomes key later in the testimony because some juror questions are asked that appear to come out of left field – but they are actually based on the previous information about and from Dorian the jurors have digested.

On on page 18 the asst. prosecutor lets Dorian know he’s not the focus of any criminal charges (for the robbery, for weed, etc.).  This seems to infer he has nothing to be concerned about in telling the entire truth.  Again, this becomes critical later on.

Dorian at canfield

Page 18 through 24: illustrates Dorian’s relationship with Big Mike. We learn they are very loose acquaintances.  They met about 2 or 3 months prior, and while Mike had been inside Dorian’s apartment, Dorian was never allowed inside Grandma’s place – Dorian was there once before but not permitted to come inside.

Page 22: there is a very interesting passage. Dorian says on the day of the shooting 8/9 Big Mike wasn’t staying with his Grandma at Northwinds Apartments (as ALL of the media reported), but was living in Canfield Greens apartments, right across the parking lot from Dorian, staying with a friend of Dorians’.

NEED TO FIND OUT WHO THIS FREIND/ROOMATE IS!  [There is a significant possibility he was staying with Witness #35 (Viron), or with Calvin Ewings]

Page 26:  another interesting passage. Dorian says, by chance/randomly, he runs into Big Mike at 7am morning of the shooting across the way (Dorian was going to get a cigarillo from a friend across the way, Big Mike happens to be outside at 7am).

This is interesting because they don’t rob the Ferguson Mart until 11:50am. We know the store is only a 10 minute walk away at most.  So what do very loose acquaintances talk about for over 4 hours?

Dorian goes onto to say they don’t go to Big Mike’s place BUT Big Mike does ask his roommate if he wants to go with them to get cigarillos at the store.  His roommate wants to sleep and passes … hence, there was almost a 3rd accomplice in all of this.

WE NEED TO FIGURE OUT THE ROOMMATE! [Is it Christopher_24, is it Viron?]

And they don’t go to Dorians’.  Dorian is supposed to be getting his girlfriend and baby breakfast. SO WHERE DO THEY GO FOR 4 HOURS?

The Grand Jury never pursues this, not even a question. This could be in the FBI account we haven’t been privy to.

I should note, according to Dorian, at no point during that morning prior to the shooting do they smoke weed.  This “we did not smoke meme” is repeated throughout.  But Big Mike at 12 nano grams/ml of THC in his system. 5 ng/ml is considered impaired and after a few hours of your last puff, you should be around 5ng/ml.

So Big Mike recently smoked before the shooting.  Perhaps on the way back to Canfield from the store because they wouldn’t have had a cigarillo prior to that time.  Medical Examiner in his document does say Big Mike had a gram of weed on him in a plastic bag in his pocket.

Page 27:  Dorian mentions the conversation with the construction worker. BUT, he doesn’t know what words are exchanged. From the construction worker testimony, we know it’s bizarre.

On Page 30:  Dorian says it only took an hour to get to the market from the point when he ran into Mike at 7am. This is obviously false. That would put them at the market at 8am. Dorian says they went straight to the market and didn’t get food at any point, just straight to the market. Again, big lie going on here, covering something up.

On Page 31:  Dorian starts talking about the robbery. He assumed Big Mike didn’t have any money and that is why he took the cigarillos. Dorian sells out Mike here and claims he had nothing to do with it.

He is pressed as to why he didn’t pay for the cigarillos by a juror, but he claims he didn’t have the money to cover all the one’s Big Mike was taking. It should be noted the Medical Examiner did find two $5 bills ($10) on Big Mike. So Big Mike could have paid for a few cigarillos and avoided this whole mess.

Page 34:  Dorian reveals how he doesn’t really know Big Mike and if strong arm robbery is something he does all the time.

Page 38:  Dorian is shocked by Big Mikes behavior and has never seen this side of him before.  After leaving the store Big Mike tells Dorian to be cool. Dorian does say he doesn’t think Big Mike is intoxicated or anything because all conversation up to this point had been normal, as well as his actions.

Page 39: They again address the marijuana and if they had smoked at any point. Dorian denies it, even says he doesn’t think Big Mike smoked prior to them running into each other at 7am.

Page 39 through 44 just recount their normal walk back to the apartment complex. With stolen cigarillos in hand, Big Mike makes no attempt to hide or take a conspicuous route back. When they get back onto Canfield Drive, the brazenness continues as they now start walking down the middle of the street.

Page 44 they still haven’t decided where they are going to smoke.  Either Dorians or Mikes, but they have not discussed.  Again, Mike is staying right across the parking lot from Dorian, not in Northwinds with his grandma like the media constantly reports.

Page 45 starts the encounter with officer Wilson and basically nothing is different from other testimony of Dorian’s accounts in the media.

Page 45 starts the encounter with Wilson, and Dorians account is consistent with past statements he made in the media. Mainly the narrative that Wilson somehow was able to hold onto a 285 pound man by the neck with his non dominant arm (his left) and somehow Big Mike just couldn’t break free.

Page 52 Dorian admits that punches were thrown and it’s a tug of war. At this point, Big Mike hands the cigarillos to Dorian.   According to Dorian, Big Mike has had them in his hand the entire time never put them in his pocket and never dropped any.

This would be consistent with crime scene evidence because not a single cigarillo was found at the scene. MY THEORY AT THIS POINT – Dorian moves to the other side of the car.  All witness accounts never have Dorian next to Big Mike.

Piaget says Dorian ran right away when the confrontation began and hid behind the Monte Carlo.   Tiffany Mitchell never mentions Dorian one time. Michael Brady says that Dorian is on the passenger side of the car.

In Volume 18 of Grand Jury testimony, the family in the van that is right there and in my opinion the most credible witnesses, they never see Dorian until the very end when he take off running, and they have a clear straight on view of Big Mike’s back (the drivers side of the car).

Officer Wilson doesn’t even know where Dorian is during the altercation with Big Mike, only recalls the hand off of the cigarillos and that is it. I think Dorian was picking up cigarillos that had to fall out of Big Mikes hand during the initial scuffle.  He was scooping up the evidence. He even mentions that Mike sat a handful of cigarillos on the hood of the car. So I think Dorian took the cigarillos from Big Mikes hand (what he hadn’t dropped), walked around the front of the cruiser and got them off the hood and made it to other side of the cruiser (passenger side) and then took off running when the gun went off.

There were never any cigarillos accounted for on the hood of the car, so if Dorian is telling the truth in this part, and a handful were place on he hood by Big Mike to free up one hand, someone had to grab them because they were never part of evidence.  Big Mike didnt have cigarillos on him according to the Medical Examiner. Dorian apparently was always lying about being right next to Mike and seeing everything.

This removed the substantive part of the prosecutions case, game over.

Page 52 is also the time that Dorian begins going into shock. So he can’t open his mouth to diffuse the situation because the cat’s got his tongue.

Page 65, at the bottom Dorian again describes the initial interaction with Officer Wilson when he asks them to get on the sidewalk. “At the time the officer didn’t really look like, you know, he was mad or he was telling us that we was committing a crime, he was just saying get on the sidewalk” Quite a different narrative then the angry Wilson saying “get the fuck on the sidewalk” that Dorian perpetuates when he is on script.

Page 102 at the bottom: VERY INTERESTING. Dorian alludes to both Piaget and Tiffany Mitchell for the first time (not by name). And alludes to being scared about speaking up against Officer Wilson. “There was a witness standing on their balcony (Piaget), a witness drive by in her car (Tiffany), me being right there in the moment, I felt victimized because I felt so afraid that I couldn’t talk”.

Next Page 103, he continues “I’m so afraid, I couldn’t calm it down (referring to the tussle with Big Mike and Wilson). I don’t have the power to calm down the police officer and Big Mike is bigger than me

THIS IS DAMNING – The admission is the gentle giant isn’t so gentle. You’ll notice a recurring pattern throughout a lot of Dorians testimony and his interviews;  always referring to the size of Big Mike.

There is definitely a fear that Dorian has of Big Mike. If Big Mike were gentle, it wouldn’t matter if he was big because he would listen to his friend Dorian and stop. But Big Mike is on another level this day, and Dorian is fearful. I suggest everyone read this NY Times article from late August:

It talks about Big Mike’s troubles, and has this foreboding passage from a lifelong friend of Big Mike (Brandon Lewis):

Mr. Brown rarely got into physical confrontations, Mr. Lewis said, because he was so big that nobody really wanted to test him. Mr. Brown tended to use his size to scare away potential trouble, Mr. Lewis said.“He’ll swell up like, ‘I’m mad,’ and you’ll back off,” he said.

This was Big Mike’s mindset in the Ferguson Mart when he double-backed on the clerk. Why isn’t it acceptable to assume it could have been the same M.O. with the police officer?

Page 107 (top) VERY INTERESTING. Up to this point, we all know Dorian’s go-to account that Officer Wilson had a strong hold on Big Mikes neck and then shirt with his left hand, reaching out the window while in a seated position.

Any rational person would automatically call BS that a right-hand dominant person could reach out with their non dominant left hand and somehow wrap their hand around a 285 pound persons neck with such power and grip that it would pull him into the car or at least keep him next to the car.

I just don’t see a hand getting around a large man’s neck (probably sweaty neck) and somehow hold onto it, from a seated position, when the man is 285 pounds whose neck you have a hold of. Plus the medical examiner noted no bruising of any sort on the neck, and with the force that Dorian always claimed, there would be contusions. In fact, no one ever notes Big Mikes shirt being torn either.

So it’s pretty obvious Officer Wilson is defending himself from blows and trying to control Big Mikes arms and never went for the neck, period. BUT WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID, in Dorians own words:

“the majority of the time the officer really didn’t have that much power because of the position that they both had. I’m not saying that he was stronger than the officer, but because the officer was sitting down in his car and Big Mike was standing up and he had better, more strength in pulling from the officer”.

Thank you Dorian for obliterating all of your former accounts in one swoop. Again, the prosecution throws up in their mouth a little.

Page 107 (bottom) Dorian now backtracks on early testimony about punches being thrown and says that Big Mike never through a punch. Also backtracks on saying that Big Mikes hands never enter the car; now he says he can’t speculate on that. Lies, lies and more lies.

As mentioned before, Dorian at this point could be on the other side of the car anyway scooping up the contraband, so not surprising his story is so inconsistent.

Page 108, Dorian is so close to the action right next to Big Mike and everything is so vivid (that was the word he used on 8/12 during his CNN and MSNBC interviews – thanks to his coaching staff) BUT yet he can’t even describe what officer Wilson looks like. You see, he’s in shock and can’t possibly distinguish bodily features. But he sure knows where the bullets hit and how many shots are fired, etc, etc…lies, lies, lies.

Page 117, the shot has gone off in the car (we know there are two shots at the car but Dorian ever only describes one).

Dorian and Big Mike start running at the same time, yet somehow Dorian is able to get down behind a car in a crouching position, but yet Big Mike runs by him, looks down and says keep running.

If they started running at the same time, even if Big Mike is slower, this makes no sense, they still would have been practically side-by-side.

Again, corroborated by eye witness accounts, Dorian was never next to Big Mike when the first shot went off. He was already on the passenger side of the cruiser or over by the Monte Carlo.

And according to Wilson’s testimony, after being shot the first time, Big Mike again went after Wilson in the cruiser and didn’t start running until Wilson fired the second shot. So Dorian is watching this all from a safe distance, with contraband in hand.

Also, if you go back to Dorian’s 8/12 interviews with CNN/MSNBC, he claims the officer sat in the car for 2 or 3 minutes before chasing after them…he actually says this in two different interviews. Obviously an impossibility. In the GJ testimony, I don’t recall seeing this.

Page 118, Dorian says people are now coming out of their houses after hearing the first shot, but not many people.

Page 119, Dorian says Officer Wilson keeps “walking” right past him, never looks at him.

This is consistent with Michael Brady’s statement when he said that Dorian was over by the two-door white car and the officer walked right past him, and as a result, Brady felt safe to come out of the house and start taking video. And again, please note “WALKING”, this contradicts the BS testimony from the likes of Piaget that Wilson was in full sprint shooting recklessly at Big Mike.

Page 119, Dorian says there are people in the car he is next to and he ask them if he can get in and they can drop him at his building. They say no and drive off on the sidewalk and Dorian is completely exposed. At this point he claims he watches Big Mike get shot for the final times.

{Insert} Grand Jury #7 from 153 to 205 is the account of the White Monte Carlo occupant. There are two people in the car that was directly behind Wilson as he reversed and stopped. Yes, Dorian tried to get in and asked for a ride.  However, no, they did not leave until after Mike Brown was shot/killed.

Page 121, The hands up theory takes another hit. Dorians says:

“at that time Big Mike hands was up, but no so much up in the air because he had been struck already in this region somewhere on this. IT WAS LIKE THIS HAND IS UP AND THIS HAND IS DOWN – SORT OF.”

He does say that neither hand was at the waistline, but again, hands were’t up higher than the chest.

Page 125, Big Mike just fell, never was on his knees. So again, debunking another narrative that floated for a bit that he was on his knees and was shot.

Page 127:  RUN DORIAN RUN. Dorian now runs from the scene:

“I took this direction all the way, all the way around. I went the longest way around to my house”.

He claims he threw up the entire way.

Page 128, Dorian returns to his house and starts telling his girlfriend what has happened (keep in mind his left at 7am telling his girlfriend he’d be right back with breakfast…it’s now just after 12pm). He said he only went back to his place for a minute or two (obviously to dump the cigarillos) and then went back out to check on Big Mike to see if he’s really been killed.

Page 130, Dorian says he’s back outside, people are now out and about. No police tape yet, but Officer Wilson is not around.


A grand juror out of the blue asks if when Dorian was back at his place if he changed clothes?

Dorian says “thanks for bringing that up”.

Very ODD exchange.  Not sure why the juror would ask that feels really prompted.  Dorian says he did in fact change clothes quickly just his pants and put on a tank top.

Dorian johnson 1

shahid ewings dorian

LIAR LIAR LIAR in all the photos and video that you see of him in the crowd and doing interviews that day, he is still in the baggy grey sweat pants/shorts and most of the time is still wearing the black dog t-shirt that says “Bitches Love Me”. He has a tank top already on underneath this.

During his first TV interview when he is in his white tank, the black t-shirt is draped over his shoulder (obviously its bad optics for your star witness during his first interview to be rocking a Bitches Love Me shirt).

SO WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS WHOLE EXCHANGE? He never changed clothes, this is a flat out lie. He claims he changed clothes so that the officer wouldn’t recognize hime when he went back outside. LIES.

Did he actually ever go home? I’m beginning to think he never did.  I think he ran straight to Northwinds to inform Big Mikes family.

{Insert} Remember, the Grand Jury has heard the FBI interview (pictured below).  With no other citation even remotely possible for information regarding a change in clothes – the most likely scenario is that Dorian told the FBI that lie, and the juror asked him from that prior recorded statement.

Dorian johnson giving statement

Page 138:  Dorian is back at the scene wandering around – supposedly in a new outfit to be incognito but actually still wearing the same clothes from earlier.

He sees what he believes to be Big Mikes family (not sure which family member, not specified). He sees that they are trying to get information from the police and verify it is Big Mike, but police aren’t giving out any info yet.

Page 139:  Juror asks if he at this time thought about contacting the police about what happened but he says he is still fearful.

“I didn’t want them to know I ran the first time, everybody was saying well there was somebody with him (Big Mike), he ran so fast we couldn’t tell who it was, that’s how fast I was running. Even people who see me everyday in my complex didn’t know it was me running”

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PASSAGE, because it confirms that he is now talking to people (his boys) around the complex who have gathered around. We have always seen Dorian floating around in various still video captures and photos after the shooting, talking to various people. He is obviously recounting what happened with anyone who will listen (except the most important people, the police). It would be great to get some of that testimony from the people he spoke with immediately after – but that will never happen.

Dorian at canfield

Page 139 (bottom). VERY IMPORTANT REVELATION. Just previously, Dorian claims he ran immediately home and spoke with his girlfriend and changed clothes.

But now a juror asks: “Who was the first person you talked to about what happened?”

Dorian responds: “I went to his grandmothers house. She had just go out of the hospital and stuff.  She is staying in Northwinds

So Dorian is already contradicting he told his girlfriend first, which means he never went home. He went straight to Northwinds to notify the family.

Now this is interesting because earlier in the testimony he claims to really not know Big Mikes family, and kind of alludes to the fact he was only over to the grandmothers once before.

But he knows exactly where he is going. When he arrives he sees Big Mikes uncle “and all of them” standing right there (how convenient). Not sure who “all of them” refers to, but I believe one of Big Mikes family members is on Dorians left (viewers right) during that first interview shortly after the shooting, uncle Calvin Ewings.

shahid ewings dorian

Page 140, Dorian says “so i went to his family over where he was living at”. Juror asks “His grandmothers house?”. Dorian responds “His grandmothers house”.

This is odd, and again contradictory, because earlier he is said to be staying at the Canfield apartments at Dorians friends house, having recently moved out of his grandmothers place (she was apparently in the hospital, so maybe this had something to do with the move)?

SPECULATION ALERT: Michael’s parents (MB Senior and Cal) are admittedly somewhat strict, and we know his grandmother was strict with Michael and very guarded on who came over (Dorian admits this much earlier in the testimony). So if she goes to the hospital, I’m assuming they don’t want Big Mike staying home alone in the house, thus the move to Canfield temporarily.

BUT, if they don’t want him staying alone, they definitely wouldn’t condone him living with a random person or friend. SO AGAIN, WHO IS THE ROOMMATE THAT MIKE IS STAYING WITH AT CANFIELD, THAT IS FRIENDS WITH DORIAN? I believe it has to be close family friend of Big Mikes, or possibly a family member?

The plot thickens.

Page 140, Dorian says he tells the grandmother everything:

…“from the start of the morning ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE STORE INCIDENT”.

THIS IS MAJOR! If this is true, the family knew all along about the robbery, yet acted so indignant when the surveillance video surfaced. This story is a house of freaking cards people.

Page 140, Dorian claims the aunt and uncle are also there. He says “it was definitely the immediate family who lived there.” So Michael was living with just Grandma.

Page 141.  Juror asks “Did anyone talk about calling the police”? Dorian says:

…“They actually wanted me to walk down, that was my first interview. I don’t know if it was Fox 2 or anything like that, the first statement that I’ve given. And that was the reason that I gave it because the family asked if I could do it for them because they wanted to get it out immediately. Their words, so it wouldn’t be covered up or misconstrued in any type of way. They wanted me to get it out their quickly”…

WOW. This proves this was scheme constructed from the beginning.

Skipping the police and going straight to the news media, who they seem to already have been out to (REMEMBER THAT WITNESS TIFFANY MITCHELL said she immediately started calling news outlets after the shooting – and we know she is part of the A-Team  floated to every news channel). There is some major collusion going on here.

Perhaps Anthony Shahid was already in the vicinity, or perhaps Shahid is well known in the community as the local “fixer”.  Dorian was a pawn to be maneuvered in this thing the from the get go.

hands up screenshot

Page 141 (bottom) – Dorian confirms during his first interview that he is surrounded by Big Mikes uncles.

Page 142 – Dorian confirms he never sought out the police until days later when he was lawyered up.

PAGE 144 – Dorian confirms he met with FBI prior to CCTV from robbery being released:

..“The first police that I did talk to was the FBI and St Louis County. and that was four days prior to them releasing the video, so four days before that i had to talk with the FBI”…

As we all know, while Piaget’s interview with the FBI is posted online, the Dorian Johnson interview is missing. THIS NEEDS TO BE RELEASED. There were obviously secret deals going on with the impending release of the surveillance video linking Dorian to the robbery.


DeAndre Joshua

DeAndre Joshua (20) – Murdered and burned

Page 146, at this point the prosecution is buttoning up loose ends with other witnesses Piaget Crenshaw and her boss Tiffany Mitchell.

Both testimonies from these women have pretty much been completely debunked.  Piaget’s FBI testimony was horrible and basically she didn’t see anything except Big Mikes dead body.

Tiffany Mitchell might not even have been there when the shooting went down but arrived just after. I have already posted this clip from Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC on another thread, but it’s worth watching.

Tiffany Mitchell totally blows it at the 10:00 mark when she says she was parking her car during the shooting, but somehow can describe in perfect detail what is going on. O’Donnell has an “oh shit” moment and goes to commercial:

Sorry, back to 146 where juror asks if there are any cars that came up and tried to get through during the altercation (i.e. Tiffany Mitchell). He says no.

Page 148  earlier I said that Dorian in a couple of interviews on 8/12 on CNN and MSNBC said that after the first shot in the car, they took off running, but the officer stayed in the car for 2 to 3 minutes, possibly calling for backup or gathering himself.

This always struck me as odd, because if he was so angry and ready to kill a black man, then the account of the situation should have been he shot right out of the car after Big Mike . On page 148, Dorians says:

“he didn’t instantly get out of the car when we ran, it took him like a minute maybe, or some seconds to get out of the car, that is how I was able to get where I was able to position myself”.

So obviously Dorian’s sense of time is awful since we know the entire incident was less than 90 seconds. But he does somewhat come down to reality. But again, there is a pause of getting out of the car, so this aggressive narrative is chipped away at again.

And, as already pointed out, the officer “walked” past Dorian toward Michael with his gun draw – not a full sprint aggressive rundown. Also, Dorian got behind the car where he was hiding not because Wilson took extra time in his car, but because he ran away from Big Mike’s side almost from the start.

Page 149, juror again presses Dorian on whether he or Big Mike at any point during the day had a chance to smoke weed – specifically saying between 7am and the time of the shooting at 12pm-ish.

Dorian responds:

“We never got a chance to do anything. We never got a chance to make it back to the house”

Of course, Dorian said he did run back to his house, but again, that was a lie and he contradicts himself one more time.

Page 149, juror asks if they were ever apart during the day and if he could have done something that Dorian hadn’t witnessed (like smoke weed).

Dorian says maybe in the hours before he woke up and saw him at 7am. Again, this establishes they were together from 7am up until the shooting…and again, WHAT WERE THEY DOING FOR 4 HOURS BETWEEN 7AM AND THE ROBBERY AT 11:40am

Page 151, Dorian now admits that Big Mike is yelling, but not making threatening remarks at the officer during the altercation.

Page 152, Dorian now admits they are still standing at the car when a second shot goes off. Up to this point in the testimony and all TV interviews, he has said they ran after the first shot. THIS IS IMPORTANT because it corroborates Wilson’s testimony.

Also, as mentioned a numerous times, Dorian was not next to Big Mike during that second shot. He had already retreated at least to the other side of the cruiser, and most likely to behind the 2-door car.

Page 155, Dorian continues to walk back the “shot in the back” narrative:

“I see his body do a jerking movement, not to where it look like he got hit in his back, but I knew, it maybe could have grazed him…”

Page 160, Dorian now goes back to saying there was only one shot at the car and he wasn’t aware that there were two shots. I’m getting confused, but kind of secretly wishing this went to trial and he had to undergo a nice little cross examination.

Page 163. I’m beginning to think that Dorian ran a lot earlier. He already wasn’t sure if Big Mike was dead and had to go back to verify. Now on page 163 he says “I didn’t actually even know he got shot in his face and head until the autopsy report showed”. Key eye witnesses specifically talk about the blood splatter from the face shot. As grotesque as it is, I have to imagine that would be a traumatic image that you couldn’t miss.

Page 164, COACHING A WITNESS ALERT. Dorian refers to the private autopsy and the prosecutor presses him on where he saw it. He claims the news.

Page 164 – POSSIBLE BOMBSHELL. As reported on this site and hopefully on CNN, Shawn Parcells (the not-really-a-pathologist-guy) may have conducted the private family autopsy on Michael Brown, that was then signed off on by Mr. Baden.

In relation so seeing the autopsy on the news (and not being fed it from his attorney or Crump), Dorian says “What the examiner said on the news, not the media. And I’m sure his credentials follow him wherever he goes. I know this is not random thats doing an autopsy”.

What a bizarre thing to say…definitely coached…definitely fishy.

Page 165 – MORE FBI talk and another BOMBSHELL. Dorian confirms that the interview with the FBI was done at his lawyers office, not the US Attorneys office.

PROSECUTOR THEN ASKS: Had you seen the autopsy report at that time or did you know, i’m sorry, I know you didn’t see it. Had you learned the results of the private autopsy at that point?

DORIAN RESPONDS: Not from the private autopsy but from different witnesses account from where their perspective was, their point of views, like the girl on the 3rd floor”

PROSECUTOR: When you talked to the FBI, we know that was on the 13th, right?

DORIAN:  “correct”

PROSECTOR: “You didn’t now the results of the private autopsy report at that point, did you?”


PROSECUTOR: “Ok, I just want to clarify that. I don’t know when you learned that stuff”

What a crazy exchange out of nowhere that just blows the top off of the Shawn Parcells angle. It appears Dorrian during his interview on 8/13 with the FBI might have referred to a a private family autopsy that wasn’t allegedly completed and signed off on by Mr Baden until 8/17, which would confirm that Shawn Parcells (not a pathologist) conducted the autopsy and a BS autopsy was sold to the public. AND furthermore there was major collusion on behalf of Crump and the boys to coach Dorrian.

This is huge…..CNN, hello?

Page 166, Juror asks if Dorian changed clothes because he had blood on them. He says no (and I already pointed out he never did change clothes, that is a lie).

Juror asks if he was standing so close to Big Mike, how doesn’t he have blood on him. Kudos to this Juror, finally a smart question. Further proving that Dorian wasn’t next to Big Mike by the time the first shot went off.

Page 168, ANOTHER BOMBSHELL. Dorian says:

“I’m frankly surprised they have so many witnesses to the actual event, prior to it happened, I only saw one person that was out there when the first shot went off all the way up to the last shot, I only saw one person. I wasn’t aware of anybody and I only saw her because before the initial first shot when the police stopped us she was on her balcony and I just happened to glance up and see her and she stood there.”

PROSECUTOR: “Do you know who she is”?

DORIAN (the name is redacted but we all know who she is: Miss Piaget Crenshaw).

First, we know the girl on the balcony is Piaget Crenshaw, part of the media witness circuit. We know that her whole testimony has been pretty much debunked.

The crime scene investigator shot video from her point of view and verified that Piaget could not have seen anything except Browns body (it’s towards the end of his report – its a great read). And even if you take Piaget at her word, she never even goes out on her balcony until after Brown is shot dead and the incident is over, the rest of the time she is viewing from her winnows behind cracked blinds.

So Dorian saying that he somehow glanced up right when the incident began and saw her is a LIE, LIE, LIE.

This just adds to the speculation that they colluded all along, plain and simple. BUT THE BEST PART IS Dorian is so shocked that there are other witnesses – the whole gig is up, the con is over, the house of cards is crumbling down.

If it wasn’t so evil I would smile, but this is scary stuff people. And just for the record, Dorian earlier in his testimony as I noted, claimed that people started coming out of their apartments after the first shot. He claimed that the car he was hiding behind had occupants in it. So there were plenty of witnesses, but those witnesses aren’t snitching.

And the planted witness, Piaget, well she’s been exposed. Dorian, you are the villain and hero in this twisted scheme.

Page 169 Dorian says he met Piaget when she moved in. He offered to help move her in. Dorian says she has a female roommate as well (NEED TO FIND OUT WHO SHE IS).

He makes it seem like he barely knows her. BUT, read Piaget’s FBI interview. She claims they hang out once a week or at least every other week. I don’t think Dorian’s girlfriend/baby’s mama is going to like that.

Dorian 1

dorian johnson 2

Because so much is here to absorb, I ‘ll hold off on bringing the connections to the deal he cut with the locals and feds on 8/13 and how it eventually led to the non-prosecution decision.    We can also connect that decision to the murder of DeAndre Joshua.   However, pay close attention to dates:

8/9 (Sat) Mike Brown shot – Evidence Recovered connects Dorian physically. (Bracelet)

8/9 (Sat) Dorian on TV

8/10 (Sun) Dorian on TV

8/10 (Sun) FBI dispatched to Ferguson

8/11 Dorian on TV

8/12 Dorian on TV

Dorian johnson giving statement8/13  (Wed) Dorian FBI/LEO interview

8/14 (Thr) Parcells in funeral home

8/15 (Fri) Dorian/Mike Brown Robbery CCTV Released

8/15 (Fri) Dorian attorney, Freeman Bosley Jr,  tells CNN (Don Lemon) Dorian had lied to the media, but had told authorities the truth.

8/15  (Fri) Daryl Parks gives 5:00pm presser about CCTV video and talks about autopsy complete.

8/16 Saturday

8/17 Sunday – Dr. Baden Fly’s in for autopsy.

8/18 Monday – Presser about autopsy results

WATCH: AUGUST 15th 2014 – Dorian Johnson Attorney, Freeman Bosley Jr:

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239 Responses to Common Sense: Deconstructing Dorian Johnson – And Why The FBI and State Officials Will Not Prosecute Him…

  1. Chip Bennett says:

    …the majority of the time the officer really didn’t have that much power because of the position that they both had. I’m not saying that he was stronger than the officer, but because the officer was sitting down in his car and Big Mike was standing up and he had better, more strength in pulling from the officer.

    cough disparity of force cough

    Even the liar, Dorian Johnson, understands it.

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  2. doodahdaze says:

    The deal has to include not prosecuting the family and the Crumpsters. There is more than enough probable cause for many many criminal charges including but not limited to, Obstruction of Justice, witness tampering, inciting riots, and innumerable others. Very depressing. Very disheartening. Pray for the country.

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  3. Pillage Idiot says:

    I have been trying to follow the evidence via the CTH, but I have not seen anyone address one other Dorian Johnson inconsistency.

    We keep hearing that Officer Wilson’s DNA was also found on Dorian’s bracelet. Yet in the testimony by Officer Wilson about his own actions, he never mentions grabbing Dorian at any time.

    I think I must have missed some discussion. The other possibility is that Big Mike had Dorian’s bracelet on him or in hand after the strong arm robbery. Any enlightenment from the experts?

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  4. LHLaredo says:

    One thing, I’m pretty sure off, the Feds don’t have any jurisdiction in prosecuting Dorian for any crime on this case, even perjury – all would be State felonies and State jurisdiction. This would fall only to the County prosecutor. The only one I would think, would a gun violation, which Dorian appears not had one or proven to have one, this would be mute. Second, maybe perjury – but not likely, because he would likely be a Fed witness at a Civil Rights violation case against Officer Wilson, if they can get one and charging him with a crime would be a death sentence as witness to Dorian.

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  5. Moishe Pipik says:

    Some observations:

    • I can’t imagine why Dorian would lie about smoking pot. It’s not like he’d be sent to jail if he admits it. In fact, talking about it may lend more credibility to the rest of the story.
    • It’s interesting that, like Rachel Jeantel, Dorian Johnson only knew the deceased for a few months prior. I don’t know what to make of it, but I assumed, especially from the way everyone seems to be “cousins” in this community, that the gang-bangers were all well connected.
    • I didn’t know no Swisher Sweets were found at the scene. Did Dorian have time to run home? If so, did he hide anything else? Like a firearm? (Was his apartment ever searched?)
    • It’s hard to imagine a scenario where I’m yelling at an Officer but not being threatening.
    • (How Could White Liberal Social Justice Warriors support someone who goes by the misogynist twitter name “Shut Up Bitch I’m Smoking” (ShtUpBxtcImSmoking))?

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    • Great questions!

      I have a theory on the pot denials – they maintain a fictional non-delinquent relationship between Dorian and Mike. Mike’s relatives and especially grandma were clearly suspicious of Dorian, and did not trust him. Pot was assuredly part of their fears. I simply can’t imagine Grandma being cool with it. Knowledge that Dorian had aided and abetted Mike getting majorly stoned before getting shot – even moreso going into some kind of pot-induced psychotic episode that got him killed – would threaten to break up whatever quid pro quo evolved between Dorian and Big Mike’s family. So I believe a big part of his lies are on the other side of the “snitches get stitches” wall of silence. Dorian is lying to EVERYONE.

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        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          Not to mention that if Dorian Johnson admits to being impaired at the time he (allegedly) witnessed the events, his testimony could be considered somewhat unreliable, simply because of that impairment. It’s almost like he got some lawyerly advice to keep that little tidbit off the table.

          Certainly, people sitting on a Grand Jury would tend to discount the testimony of a witness who admits he was stoned to the bone during the events he was trying to testify about. And a prosecutor would instantly recognize that any defense lawyer would jump on this during a trial and (hence) would never rely on this witness.

          Who wants to bet that Gray and Crump BOTH told Dorian Johnson to lie about smoking dope with Big Mike on the morning of 8/9, and that this is exactly WHY they so advised him?

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          • StormyeyesC says:

            I agree LJP. No one gets arrested for admitting they smoked some pot many hours earlier. So, there are 3 reasons for DJ to lie about smoking weed that day IMO. One, as you stated, was to not give rise to the fact that his recollection was tainted by being “stoned to the bone”. Second, as tyranno mentioned, to straddle the fence with regard to Mike’s family and Mike’s reputation (as well as Dorian’s in the face of the family). Third, to protect/not sell out Mike’s roommate, who from reading DJ’s testimony, I would bet was the source of Mike’s (and probably DJ’s) weed supply. Love to know who the friend was that brought Mike to Dorian’s apartment a month or 2 before. Also interesting to me that Dorian never really mentions previous social interaction with Mike in any detail. Vague at best. Possibly, he just saw/talked to Mike when he went to buy cigarillos or weed from the roommate? Dorian says he smokes weed every morning first thing. You don’t need cigarillos to smoke weed so he may have smoked some in a pipe or another way and then decided to stock up for the weekend on the ‘rillos, which he admitted someone in the apartments sold.

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          • The first rule about Smoke Club is … You don’t talk about Smoke Club
            The second rule about Smoke Club is … you don’t talk about Smoke Club
            The third rule about Smoke Club is … If this is your first time … You have to SMOKE.

            The … Third Rule about Police (Fight) Encounter Club is You have to Fight the Police.
            The other rules are “You don’t talk / tell the truth about Police (Fight) Encounter Club”.

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      • Anubis says:

        Keep in mind when we talk about pot with this case the high concentration of THC in gentle mikes blood would indicate Wax not pot. Wax is a combination of THC and butane and it is to pot what crack is to cocaine. Wax can make people bat sh1t crazy.–abc-news-topstories.html?soc_src=mediacontentsharebuttons

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    • commonsense says:

      If Dorian admits to smoking weed, then he probably thought he would open himself up to a search of his apartment. Who knows what they might turn up. We’ve seen his instagram posts.

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      • LetJusticePrevail" says:


        You can darn well bet that by that time Dorian had already made certain that all illegal substances or items (stolen mdse,guns, etc) had been cleaned out of any address that could be linked to him and/or reasonably searched.

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        • StormyeyesC says:

          For sure, LPJ. DJ may have already been packed up and moving or moved to his hotel room next to the FBI. I am sure he didn’t bring those things with him. But they were gone from his possession for sure.


    • yankeeintx says:

      Initially didn’t he say he met Big Mike when he came to Dorian’s with someone else. Was that other person his drug dealer? It’s been suggested that Mike’s roommate may have been Dorian’s dealer, and Big Mike may have been his bodyguard. Maybe he doesn’t want to reveal who the neighborhood drug dealer is, and that Mike was working with/for him. Snitches get stitches.

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    • art tart says:

      Rachel Jeantel/Dorian Johnson became fast friends w/TM & Big Mike knowing them a short period of time but the common thread in the relationships were drugs/stupidity. We may not know the extent of Big Mike’s/Dorian drug connection/distribution for awhile.

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    • rick says:

      One more observation, just showed up here, reading. Not on board your version of Dorian robbing store, and then all the cover-up, he makes a big point saying he was surprised about Brown’s taking the cigarillos and the video does show him returning his, which he say, that he knew he was on camera and didn’t want to be implicated. Buy very little of what he says, but this is possible. Also, why can’t bracelet be mike’s? My sense is that Dorian ran away.

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      • Goofey says:

        I Posted on Crowdsourcing #4

        Dorian was out of weed and went to get some from his dealer. Dorian outed his dealer in his testimony. This is most likely how Dorian and Big Mike met and explains their relationship. Big Mike was most likely the dealer’s enforcer and gofer. It also explains the trip to the market. It also explains the missing time and big Mike’s high THC.(Dorian PG 26)

        Dorian put the Cigarillos back because they were the mini’s and he wanted the larger cigarillos (Dorian pg 31)

        Just a thought what if Big Mike and Dorian made a deal to get the cigarillos as payment for the weed they smoked that morning.

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  6. auscitizenmom says:

    So much information, so many inconsistencies. SMH

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  7. LHLaredo says:

    Now, consider this with this Grand Jury evidence, a murder/criminal case against Dorian and a potential Civil Rights Violation against Officer Wilson. Seems to me that would be too many bites at the apple, for someone or something to go wrong. The feds would be salivating to see if someone did something inappropriate to charge them with it. So why expose yourself and indicate by charging anyone else with a crime? Serious, why would they? If we know anything about county and city governments, they prefer to settle and look the other way – that admit they did something wrong or were doing something wrong.


  8. Debra says:

    I also am in great questions about more of Mike Brown”s real history… especially that day of the shooting and the days before. Something is not right with what was going on with him. I remember reading some testimony from an older lady of color who said that she had talked to Mike that morning and that they had talked about God and that he needed to change his life for the better. Am I remembering that testimony right?

    Part of this, along with him not being able to live in the house with his step dad who is a gang leader of the bloods wonder if there is some gang activity involved. Almost like maybe some sort of initiation by how he handled the police officer? I don’t know, but I would like to know more about his history a bit as I think it has a lot to do with what happened that day on his part. I apologize if this has already been addressed.

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    • It has been discussed on another thread here at CTH that Mike Brown could have been under the influence of some souped up pot…..there was a name for it that included the word wax and has something to do with butane that would make it much stronger and likely to cause extreme aggression,

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  9. jason says:

    very well done common sense!!

    couple comments
    1. Mike was having a spat with his family at the time of his death. I can’t remember which but believe it was his Facebook account mentioned something along the lines of how he didn’t care if his family was against him or similar and also mentioned he was staying with friends in Canfield. A later post indicated they’d made peace saying something like it was a misunderstanding and they always had his back. Unfortunately I think Brown’s facebook account has now been scrubbed of these comments, I think there are screenshots in early threads tho.

    Relevance: just to note that he wasn’t out of Grandma’s house because of any illness. In fact, the illness appears to be a relatively new development. Never previously mentioned, Lesley mentioned just a few weeks ago Mike was staying at Grandma’s b/c she was ill and he wanted to take care of her. The original story never disputed up to that point was he was there to finish summer school. So IMO, the sick Grandma is just another lie to help build the Saint Swisher legend.

    1. Dorian not only said Wilson was no longer around when he returned to the scene after ‘changing’. He said no police officers where anywhere to be found. No crime scene tape, nothing. Yet there’s video from Brady showing 2 officers on scene near immediately. There’s video from Piaget showing Wilson with other officers, crime scene tape up, etc. This isn’t just a quick blurb, he’s asked multiple questions about it and Dorian insists Wilson is gone, there aren’t any officers on scene and no tape can be found (p. 129-131).

    There’s a reason for this commentary. The motive is anyone’s guess but it’s not just a simple moment of I was confused. There are police EVERYWHERE and Dorian knows they could be looking for him. It’s not like he would just show up and be so focused on Brown or other things he just never managed to notice if other cops were there.

    1. I am calling total BS on the trip to Grandma’s. While I don’t doubt family members pushed him to talk, I don’t think he went over to her house and conveniently found several members gathered there who actually stuck around to listen to his story when Brown’s body is bleeding out a couple streets over. This IMO strikes me as another series of statements that have some ulterior reasoning behind them.


    • Mist'ears Mom says:

      Witness #35 claimed he was MB’s cousin, showed up at the interview with an attorney. IIRC w/o going back he says in his statement that MB was staying with him cause his granny was in the hospital. He also says that MB wanted him to go with him to the store but he wanted to sleep and didn’t go. (matches DJ story)
      This IMO has to be Calvin Ewing and his testimony is nothing but a crock o lies. He is the one that claims he saw MB executed while on his knees “hands up” begging “don’t shoot” , and PO fired 8 shots point blank into his head.
      I read the witness interviews first and took notes, next to #35 I wrote -cousin-POS-liar! blatant lie totally non-credible.
      I think his interview is the one I bused out laughing when the SA told him it was a felony to lie to an FBI agent-he was belligerent and indignant that they weren’t buying his story.
      This is what I recall for now without going back and re-reading. Sorry if update down stream…

      Liked by 1 person

    • StormyeyesC says:

      3 reasons to deny getting stoned coincidently just that particular day (since he admits he usually starts every day getting stoned).
      1.) Would discredit DJ’s recollection of events to GJ.
      2.) Allows him to comfortably straddle the fence between Mike’s family’s approval of him/ Mike’s character and yet does not “open the door” to other testimony of proof if he denied regular pot use.
      3.) He doesn’t want to sell out/expose the dealer , who may likely be Mike’s roommate.

      Lastly, he did not have time to go to Grandma’ house (who he had never met), or to go home, IMO. We found him in the parking lot in screenshots Pookiesmom posted on 9/12 mere minutes after the shooting, even before the ambulance carrying the baby to the hospital arrived. He could not have made it to either place and back in a matter of 5 minutes or less. (will have to check timeline for exact times. The landscapers are already pulling out the driveway where Dorian is, appear to stop for a brief period, as though talking to Dorian) and then they leave the scene.


    • Moishe Pipik says:

      Mike was having a spat with his family at the time of his death.

      This may be the source of his rage. He was clearly angry about something. Maybe the Gang didn’t think he was good enough to be a leader. Who knows.


    • Lottacats says:

      Somewhere, and I swear I don’t remember where in here. I thought Mike was standing outside at 7a.m. when Dorian came up. Mike used a phone to check on grandma? while Dorian stayed outside?
      Anyhow kinda sounds Mike just lived around. Couch camper.


  10. eastern2western says:

    so for four hours, these love birds were just hanging out? Kind of odd for a guy who got up at 7 am in the morning for his marijuana smoke. I personally always though pot smokers are kind of lazy. at this point, but I am more interested in finding out what they were doing for those four hours. could those cigarillos be some kind of merchandise they were picking up because mike brown in the video was being very protective of the package. even during the struggle with Wilson, he would still pass the cigarillos to dorian Johnson first and then started the beating. Is it possible that these kids were delivering their merchandises to customers during those four hours. eventually they were told to pick up the cigarillos, that is filled with marijuana, from the store. Once they picked up the cigarillos, brown pushed the clerk to one side to prevent the clerk from seeing the actual content of the cigarillos. Once they ran into the cop, brown made a decision to attack the cop because he did not wanted to get busted with the cigarillos. during the fight, brown passed the cigarillos to dorian Johnson. Johnson quickly delivered the merchandise, came back to the scene of the crime and found out brown died. could this whole event started because of the cigarillos have some thing more significant than tobacco? Is it possible that these two people were working as runners for the dealers in the complex? If they did not deliver the cigarillos to their boss, they would had received 2 bullets to the head?


    • carterzest says:

      cigarillos do not have MJ in them from the store, they empty the contents and mix the tobacco with the MJ, then sell them 😉


    • Debra says:

      cigarillos over assaulting a police officer? not logical to me… it seems like this was a type of initiation of sorts that he was made to do…taking cigarillos is really minor, but that incident is significant as to his aggression that day…


      • eastern2western says:

        I think the package he picked up was not just cigarillos because both of them seem very protective of what they picked up in the store.


        • Dixie Darling says:

          I recall that it was mentioned early in the Ferguson debacle that Ferguson Market had some rather shady connections. But as far as I know there are no facts to back that up.


          • StormyeyesC says:

            I think Fantasia said he had a hamas/ al queda connection or some such and had been or was being investigated for sending money to terrorist or some such.


        • StormyeyesC says:

          They were wrapped cigarillos that he stole from the store. Sold in most convenience stores for less than a dollar each, they are emptied of the cigar tobacco and re-stuffed with weed. Dealers often sell them to the low economic crowd for 5 or 10 dollars apiece after they stuff the weed in them. The store owner didn’t sell them stuffed. NOPE. He was protective because he took about $50.00 worth of them. That is about 60 cigarillos. Why so many? They were planning to stuff them and resell them. Someone had enough weed to do so. The question is who? Dorian? Mike? Mike’s roommate? Dorian may have sent someone to his apt. to tell his girlfriend to get the weed out of there in case he was found, he may have called her. He obviously had weed there that day, because he said he was out of cigarillos, but didn’t say he was out of weed.

          Liked by 1 person

          • says:

            I don’t think they took them to sell. Dorian reaction proves this was not part of a plan.
            I think they both walk in. Mike who is a bully with a short temper goes up to counter and the owner/cashier says something with an attitude. Maybe they have had run ins before with him and don’t care for him I don’t know maybe they were in a bad mood but for what ever reason said something to irk Mike. Maybe something snotty like ” yeah what do you want” Mikes response is a big F U and he says I want these ” and snatches a bunch to piss off the clerk.
            Basically don’t piss me off or I’ll take your sh@t. What’cha gonna do about it?
            I know from experience some of those small store owners can be very rude.


          • Now you’re on the front burner … It’s just not practical for a store to make available pre-filled marijuana cigarillos in the original packaging. And whatever shady things they might have had going … they wouldn’t risk being a drug dealer of MJ in Cigarillos packaging. Most people know what youth are doing when they buy these kind of “cigar” things from convenience stores. It’s equivalent to buying rolling papers back in the 70’s and 80’s.


    • Could the Boss be Step daddy? That could be why DJ went to the family

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  11. BobNoxious says:

    Please go to page 62; Vol 24 and start reading about how they reference Dorian mentioning MB speaking w/ the landscapers/construction workers about waxing and weed… They have to referring to DJs FBI interview…


    • justice099 says:

      My thoughts from early on were that Dorian and Mike were a drug dealing team. We’ve pointed out before Dorian’s FB posts about going to Co to pick up large quantities of weed.

      I got the impression that his relationship to Mike was that Mike was his “enforcer”.


      • commonsense says:

        “waxing” is referred to several times. I’m working this angle now, but don’t really know what to make of it. The landscaper gets discredited…he basically brought it up out of the blue to Michael and Dorian and they said they never heard of “wax.” I guess the landscapers story has changed several times. Very odd, but i’ll keep combing and linking it together


        • Dixie Darling says:

          Kudos to you commonsense. Your synopsis was great.

          Liked by 2 people

        • carterzest says:

          Waxing, the Watermelon Drank of 2014!

          Liked by 2 people

        • StormyeyesC says:

          I have a close friend who has a troubled 20ish son that lives out of state. The kid was a regular pot smoker who was given some WAX by someone and smoked it. He passed out, then awoke disoriented and out of control. He was arrested by cops, who searched him on the basis of his observed strange behavior, and found the wax and several butane lighters. Mike had 2 lighters when shot. Wax (synthetic pot smoked with butane) is possibly what Mike smoked and it would explain the behavior based on what I have heard.
          It may not have been. It may have been hash, or a strong strain of weed.


          • Anubis says:

            Butane is used in extracting THC for wax


          • James F says:

            Wax is not synthetic. It is simply extracted plant resin. The easiest way to make it is to put the plant material in a small diameter pipe with a screen secured around one end and a rubber stopper with a hole sized to fit a common butane canister nozzle placed in the other end. The butane flows through the pipe dissolving the resin glands and flows through the screen on to a glass dish. The butane is evaporated leaving behind pure resin and no vegetative matter. No butane is actually consumed if allowed to evaporate completely before heating the resin and inhaling the vapors.


        • Anubis says:

          Wax is to Pot what crack is to cocaine. Wax is THC mixed with butane and can make people bat sh1t crazy. It has about 20 times the concentration of THC per weight of Pot, and there are warning labels on butane about consumption.


  12. justice099 says:

    What I mostly got from this in the way Dorian speaks is that he truly believes he is a smooth liar. He lies with great confidence, knows when to talk properly and use a good vocabulary. But every time he is blind-sided by something he didn’t prepare for, he slips up.

    You can see his own story unraveling right around the time of the beginning of the incident. As if he knew there were plenty of things he could not possibly explain. So he tried to pre-empt some thoughts and with others hoped he could glaze over them and not be asked if he flooded with details.

    His arrogance here is what really screwed him. He clearly thinks he is smarter than the average bear, but being the smartest person in a bunch of morons doesn’t account for much. He was out of his league.

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  13. andi lee says:

    KMOV interviewed MBs grandma on the 9th. She stated MB did not live with her, WAS on his way to visit with her when the police gunned down her boy, or something similar to that effect.. She also stated that she had just drove passed him in her car and that he was running down the street. I have tried to find that specific interview that I watched and cannot locate it on youtube. What I did find is conflicting articles contrary to that interview. What I concluded was that MB must have used granny’s address to become elgible to attend their high school and must not have been of any concern at that point in time.


    • jason says:

      I remember seeing the same video/report with his Grandma saying she saw them running just before. Didn’t find that but here’s another video with Grandma (very short clip of her near beginning).

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    • StormyeyesC says:

      Andi Lee, Leslie said that a relative had driven by Mike just 5 minutes before the cop showed up when she sat with Hostin and Mike Sr. just a few nights ago to discuss Wilson’s tv interview. I did not know it was Grandma. Leslie was far less of a mother to Mike than Sybrina was to Trayvon. Comparing Leslie’s mothering skills to Sybrina’s would be like comparing Nancy Pelosi to Miley Cyrus. Both suck, but for different reasons and in different magnitudes.

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  14. carterzest says:

    This was such a pleasure to follow along with your discovery commonsense in real time. You have an incredible gift of clarity and/or, a photographic memory. TY also to Gary and the others that contributed in the GJ#4 thread to these findings. CHILLS!


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  15. Lee says:

    The whole testimony is utter nonsense. Unemployed, a baby in the house , and you start everyday by smoking pot? Proud to admit that version – so no telling what he really does. Leave at 7 to great breakfast – nearly noon – bet baby and momma pretty hungry by now. Wilson has arms made of rubber bands – reaches out of his vehicle (from a sitting position) – grabs a 6’+ nearly 300 pound man ( that is pressed against the vehicle) by the throat – to pull him through a window…. Really?????? And people believe that? Really???? My sympathy to officer Wilson and his family – thank you for trying to uphold the law.

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  16. Worc1 says:

    I’m thinking that those lost hours must have been some type of criminal activity, so I did a search at St Louis County Crime Incident Map. I searched for that day and found 2 robberies, one @ 9 am and another at 10:49 am, in Jennings, next door to Ferguson. I guessing that must be the reporting time. Ferguson stopped giving data to the county back in August of 2012, and haven’t been able to find a crime blotter for that town.

    St Louis Post Dispatch also has crime records but nothing that stands out, except for a couple of assaults listed by neighborhood, which I have no clue as to where they are. I figure that Brown didn’t work and Dorian had said previously, I think, he had a job but we know he was getting evicted so both had obvious pressing financial needs.

    Didn’t Dorian have a car? I remember back in the summer a treeper posting a twitter pic of it I believe. Why did he not just drive up to market, so if he did go get breakfast it would be hot for when GF ate it. Could it be that the car was hot, from a crime that they had committed that morning?

    Link to St L County Incident Crime Map:
    Link to St L Post Dispatch Crime Reports:

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  17. andi lee says:

    DJ does still have an active warrant out for his arrest, doesn’t he? Does his account to the GJ affect his current standing with the law? May be a dang good reason why DJ continue his lies.


    • StormyeyesC says:

      He has a warrant in Jefferson County. They don’t extradite for minor crimes more than 50 miles away from what I read that he said.


  18. Stormy says:

    I’d like to go on the record as being really, really interested in reading this :

    I ‘ll hold off on bringing the connections to the deal he cut with the locals and feds on 8/13 and how it eventually led to the non-prosecution decision. We can also connect that decision to the murder of DeAndre Joshua.

    Really, really, really interested.

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    • StormyeyesC says:

      Assume DJ cut a deal with the FBI early on and told a friend he trusted because he was “moving away”. Assume someone else told the truth to the GJ that differed from DJ’s (and the BGI’s narrative), making DJ (star witness in Crump’s/BGI’s eyes) and the BGI look bad. Am I connecting the dots?


    • justfactsplz says:

      Yes, that peaked my interest too. It was quite a teaser.


  19. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Dorian is all over the place in his account — by now he has told so many different versions that he probably doesn’t know what is true now!


  20. sundance says:

    The entire construct is becoming more clear daily.

    The details of the shooting were obviously, and immediately, modified to fit a needed script by the lower rungs of the BGI. Lower, but still connected to the hierarchy.

    Calvin Ewings / Mike Brown Sr. gets you to Anthony Shahid. Shahid gets you to Zaki Baruti. Baruti gets you to Freeman Bosley et al. Bosley (former mayor) gets you to the Saint Louis BGI political machine…. then you reach Sharpton et al…. then on to the DOJ.

    This takes no more than hours depending on initial connections.

    On a similar and parallel track you have the Street Justice League. Gangs, dealers, various lower level rungs of thugdom. That get’s you to the higher level of the distribution network and to gang leadership, Louis Head – who happens to be Mike Brown’s step dad.

    One path (BGI) is corrupt but legitimate. The second path (street gangs) are enforcers.

    These two ideological entities travel side by side toward a common goal.

    The NAACP, ABA, NAN, et al, then take over public relations and visible advancement of the narrative. They are the reps on CNN, MSNBC and all the networks. The CRS covers their backs and allows the narrative to thrive.

    Meanwhile the lower rung ground groups work to intimidate anyone who would not support the objectives. The pit bulls of the street justice crowd are the consequence if you don’t get with the social justice program.

    Church, and faith, leaders get the message you’re either with us, or against us. If you against us, we’ll torch your church – or worse. Business interests get the same message, failure to accept the BGI narrative and the Justice Crowd enforcers will torch and loot.

    Nothing about the consequences is random. Every store burned and looted is targeted for very specific reasons. Every person killed or threatened is for very specific reasons.

    It is quite simply the visible personification of the BGI code of Omerta.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Anton says:

    What about the NYT’s reporter who published Officer Wilson’s address? Who was their editor? Did one of the WH fomenters of the Obama’s Riots order the NYT’s to publish that information?


    Shortly thereafter, founder and editor-in-chief at Charles Johnson took him up on the offer and sarcastically provided this report:

    It would be wrong, for example, to publishxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx It would be similarly wrong to publish the address of Robertson, too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx So why do journalists think they are beyond examination? How does it advance the story to know where Darren Wilson and his newly wed live?

    I agree, it does nothing to advance the story and Campbell and Bosman had to have known that putting the address of Wilson out was endangering his life.

    GotNews said it “strenuously objects to publishing the addresses of individuals who are being targeted with death threats.”

    Of course, and no one if threatening the life of either Bosman or Campbell, but turnabout is fair play, and for good measure, commenters even provided Ms. Bosman’s phone number in case there were those interested in confronting her about posting Wilson’s address.

    However, look at the hypocrisy by some of the commenters in Johnson’s piece. Note, that they cannot distinguish between a simple retaliation and those that put out address information while knowing there was a bloodthirsty mob waiting to carry out murder.

    If you’re interested, Bosman’s phone numbers are:

    Work Phone: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Mobile: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    And Campbell’s is:


    All of this can work positively be shaming these same people with the same tactics. For instance, when a New York newspaper decided it was their duty to expose law abiding gun owners and publish a list of names and addresses in its paper in 2012 and then hypocritically hired armed guards for protection, people got wise and published the editor’s name and address. Also, the Des Moines Register thought it a wise thing to publish all of the schools in the area that did not have “resource officers.”

    There was also retaliation by Connecticut citizens following legislators vote in favor of gun registration.

    While this author has no ill will towards either of these reporters and I don’t condone any unlawful use of their information, sometimes it is good to teach them a lesson that what goes around comes around. The internet is a big place, websites are popping up all over the place and the citizen journalist is becoming commonplace. Do these people really want to go down this road of knowingly endangering the lives of others and think they will not be outed? One would hope not, but the heart can be a desperately wicked thing. Let’s help keep it in check.

    The CTH does not tolerate doxing. Do it again and you will be permanently blocked. -Admin


    • beth60497 says:

      Of course I would never condone anyone do harm to these less then ethical reports, according to GOTNEWS…..
      Julie Bosman “keeps calling the 020th District station complaining about people harassing and threatening her,” our source told us. She’s also “complaining about numerous food deliveries being sent to her residence


      Call me evil, but numerous food deliveries cracked me up. I once signed an ex up for free samples of Depends. He was a s***, so he deserved it.

      It’s good that you would never condone harm to the less than ethical reporters. Neither will the Treehouse, so in interest of preventing any further distribution of personal addresses/info of such parties the link within your comment has been disabled, since that link provides access to such information. CTH does NOT condone doxing, either directly or indirectly. Anyone found assisting with or initiating doxing will be permanently blocked from commenting. Admin/Sharon


  22. eastern2western says:

    could the package they picked up was not just simple cigarillos? In the store video, Brown was very protective of the package and killed the clerk for the possession of his merchandise. Once he started the attack on Wilson, he would purposely hand off the cigarillos to Johnson first and then kept his punches going. Once Johnson had the package, he immediately delivered it to god knows where. If it was just some simple cigarillos, mike crown could had just paid for the whole thing to avoid all of these trouble, but he had to die for it? another odd thing is he was very protective of the package and making sure that it was delivered before he started the fight with Wilson. It just seems to me there is something very pivotal about that package.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Did they have time to load any of the blunts with their “precious”? At that point, the cigarillos would be both valuable and doubly damning.


      • eastern2western says:

        Lets look at it from the evidence that is given. brown was found with an ounce of marijuana on him and dorian Johnson states that he has a daily marijuana habit. If those two have such expensive habit, then why did they even had to beat up a clerk for a 40 dollar pack of cigarillos? another thing is brown was quite protective of the cigarillos. first, he pushed a clerk to the wall to prevent him from seeing what is in the package and the next thing he did was passing the cigarillos to dorian Johnson before the fight started. the question is did brown started the attack on Wilson just because he wanted dorian Johnson to deliver the package? Well, did the cops found the cigarillos after brown died?

        Liked by 1 person

        • auscitizenmom says:

          Hm. Very interesting point.


          • eastern2western says:

            the street value of 1 ounce of marijuana is probably some where about 60 dollars. If these could already afford such expensive habit, then why attacked the clerk for a pack of cigarillos. If he was only looking for things to roll joints, he could had could cigarette papers.


            • carterzest says:

              Brown had a GRAM of MJ, street value @10-15$
              An ounce can go from 180-350$
              Just sayin’


              • eastern2western says:

                It has been a while since I purchased any marijane.

                Liked by 1 person

                • carterzest says:

                  me too! The price has gone down since unless you are in CO or WA.

                  I play music, and this last summer, I had a friend who has a medical card offer me on OZ for $150, not realizing its been over 15 years since I have been around that scene. He says that since its medical and so many folks are growing legally or semi-legally, they almost give it away. The stuff you may be talking about is the Mexi pressed brick stuff with all the seeds……that was 60-80 a z in the days I was around it.

                  It is so nice to not be around it 😀


                • eastern2western says:

                  Once I realized my problems were still there after the drug wore off, I just stopped taking any alcohol, tobacco or marijuana.

                  Liked by 1 person

                • LetJusticePrevail" says:

                  “60-80 a z in the days I was around it”

                  You must be younger that I thought. 🙂


            • Anubis says:

              There is always the possibility that they got the drugs in payment for sex with a NYT reporter like the one beaten up by a homeless man.


    • You don’t think the cigarillos could have already been pre-loaded with weed? Could the store be some kind of front for such going on’s?


      • eastern2western says:

        well, that could explain why the owner never called the cops after being robbed by Michael brown.


        • StormyeyesC says:

          The owner would not have confronted Giant Mike and been tossed around like a dog toy if he was in on any such dealings. Also, they were taken by Mike, fully wrapped, off the store counter.(not passed to him from under the counter).

          Liked by 1 person

  23. Worc1 says:

    Could this be Viron, Devorion Livingston? I found him on Dorian’s Facebook page on the date of 11/26/2014 here:
    This is Devorion Livingston’ Facebook page:


    • Mist'ears Mom says:

      OK Upstream I mentioned the testimony of witness #35, I had thought it was MB’s cousin but it was DJ’s cousin. Viron ? It is not Ewing as I had thought before.
      On page 8 of #35 witness statement the Detective calls him by his name and it wasn’t redacted out of the transcript. “Transcript: DET Viron your doing good”… whoopsie.
      That interview is odd to say the least-says he changed his name weird and most interesting cause he is the guy sleepin as Dorian says and not going and the time frames are off from Dorians, he says they left for the store at 11:30 then can’t remember.
      Refuses to give out any info.

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Just want to say this is a most awesome post. The impression of Dorian’s testimony that I’m left with is nothing less than Swiss cheese.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Yulva says:

    Speaking of Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC:

    THE LAST WORD 11/26/14
    “Shocking mistake in Darren Wilson grand jury….”


    • Worc1 says:

      O’Donnell is trying to claim that the prosecutor made a mistake in telling the GJ that a PO can shot at a fleeing suspect in the back. But, Wilson didn’t shot at a fleeing suspect, he shot at an aggressive person advances on him in self defense.

      O’Donnell is still claiming Wilson shot Brown in the back, against all evidence to the contrary. He can get away with this from his viewers b/c they’ll never take the time to “read” the evidence themselves, and just take him at his word. They don’t call them uninformed for nothing.


    • StormyeyesC says:

      I like Branca’s “cut to the chase approach” to legal matters. Men are often more effective at saying more in fewer words than women, who, like me, are detail hunters. Men graze forests with bulldozers, while women chop the individual trees, branch by branch.

      Liked by 2 people

  26. art tart says:

    Sundance ~ what an excellent job & greatly appreciated. I have been skipping around on my reading, I really appreciate the time line on Dorian’s lie/shenanigans, what a POS scumbag. What an idiot Crump is to continue to say, “our witnesses, our witnesses, our autopsy.” (our ebidence)

    imo, Dorian isn’t long for this world, he may be joining Big Mike in “Gangster Paradise” sooner rather than later. Dorian is a criminal, he’s not going to hold a job, not going to legally support his illegitimate kids, he’s a druggie/probably dealer, he knows too much, he may have skated this time when Big Mike didn’t but imo, it won’t be the last of his stupidity playing out in future arrest w/police. .


    • StormyeyesC says:

      He admits to being shot before. I don’t recall hearing those circumstances but he was running he says. Seems he is always running. You are right, odds are someone may catch up with him some day in the near future.


  27. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  28. jason says:

    not sure where to drop this, but Fantasia doing some good work on twitterverse


    • BobNoxious says:

      Those actions were filed in the 90s… I assume StL City has more than one Mike Brown


      • StormyeyesC says:

        Yes surely more than 1 Mike Brown (Sr.) but unlikely more than 1 Desurea Harris, Mike Mike’s grandmother. Look’s like she had custody and sued MB Sr. for child support when Mike Mike was 8 or 9 years old. That would imply she had legal custody to me…….


        • auscitizenmom says:

          Verryyy interesting! Hm. is this the grandmother that dear, sweet, gentle mother beat with a pipe?


        • Just Tea says:

          Case #12SL-CR12051-01 – has details in the docket area (you have to click on this tab to see it) including getting permission to go to Geneva.

          Case #12SL-CR12051 (this is the above case which was deemed a felony by this lower court) In the docket area (click on docket tab to see more) here, his bond is 40k. That’s a pretty hefty bond for child support. I guess he never paid his child support and it shows that he had a warrant out because he hadn’t paid in the last 12-months, that’s what triggered the warrant.


          • StormyeyesC says:

            I recall reading somewhere that he had previous drugs charges and got a suspended 3 or 4 year jail sentence and was on probation as well.


          • StormyeyesC says:

            40k over ten years (since the case was first recorded), (even without court courts etc.), is only $333.00 a month. If he was gainfully employed, his wages would be garnished. So he works for himself, or, off the books.


          • StormyeyesC says:

            His bond could be his full arrearages, since he had made no payment in 12 months.


        • beth60497 says:

          I think I read somewhere that Lesley was very young when Mike was maybe 14. So maybe Grandma had custody due to her youth.


        • James F says:

          His dead beat dad’s failures obviously made a strong impact on him growing up. He even rapped about it.

          From the Washington Post:
          “The content [of Brown’s songs] varied. He collaborated on songs that included lyrics such as ‘My favorite part is when the bodies hit the ground.’ But he also derided fathers who ‘don’t pay child support’ and rapped glowingly about his stepmother. He occasionally smoked marijuana and drank alcohol, according to friends. But for his music he adopted a persona to appeal to hip-hop fans, said his cousin, Bryan Douglas, a music producer who was going to help Mr. Brown pursue his music career.”


    • Dixie Darling says:

      Clicked on it and read all the posts…..really strange stuff. If I could make some sense of it, I would have posted what it said, however……? There is mention that Mike Brown was living/staying with Desurea Harris? But that doesn’t fit with what has already been said about Mike going to see if his roommate wanted to go with them to the store that morning. And there is also something about Leslie McSpadden having an alias? I guess it is Fantasia’s secret. WARNING: offensive language.


      • jason says:

        I can’t seem to make heads or tails of but Mike Mike’s mom goes by Lesley McSpadden for which there’s not much history.

        But, looking for Leslie McSpadden, brings up a bunch of things including a large judgement for claiming benefits that she? was not entitled to/etc. So that’s the ‘alias’ I think. Instead of Lesley, looking under Leslie.


      • StormyeyesC says:

        Dixie, where is the offensive language you warned of? Did I miss some link? I am trying to post on several thread, read GJ stuff, catch up days behind, and I keep flipping back and forth and feel I am missing things…….Some much info, so little time!


  29. ftsk420 says:

    Dorian is full of crap but we already knew this. I heard Mike Browns blood was found on passenger side of police suv. Dorian doesn’t see to afraid to me he did an interview on cannfield the day after grand jury decision then did another interview that night


  30. My theory – Brown didn’t smoke pot – he ate pot (see his tox report). Ingesting weed causes the liver to convert the delta-9-thc into delta-11-thc, a much more psychoactive chemical and lots stronger than mere weed. NO ONE is talking about the fact that Mikey was high as a kite. I think a deal went down that AM with Dorian – they bought the drugs, did the drugs, and planned to smoke blunts by stealing the cigars. They were wasted walking in the middle of the street. Bet the Gentle Giant didn’t feel a thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • BobNoxious says:

      He was using hash oil- aka waxing.


    • Moishe Pipik says:

      This makes sense. I’m not proud to admit it, but I once had a bad experience with ingestible marijuana (in Amsterdam) and hallucinated. I will never eat marijuana products again!


    • csno says:

      That’s what I think. They had to be doing something for 4 hours and it has to be something Dorian didn’t want to admit to. I am wondering if they found someone with a qty of pot and they were gonna trade all the swishers to him for 2-4 blunts or were gonna come back to roll and go out and sell for the guy. They got high with this dealer before heading to store to seal the deal.


  31. Worc1 says:

    I have one question, why didn’t the cop interviewing witless #35 and just pull out his gun and shoot this worthless piece of bleep in the head? I’m getting angry just reading it.


    • sundance says:

      FYI….. W#35, another close friend of Dorian Johnson, got the Heck outta dodge shortly before DeAndre Joshua was shot.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Worc1 says:

        Sundance sent you an email. Found Viron. My comments keep coming way out of order on timeline.


      • ftsk420 says:

        Didn’t witness 35 claim to be Dorians cousin and Mike Browns best friend


      • Mist'ears Mom says:

        Yes he did, W#35 is Viron aka Devion Livingston. His dad is H Tony Livingston and curiously lives in AZ where Viron has relocated to. Apparently he is expecting his first kid a boy that will be named Devion Livingston Jr.
        H Tony is gay and married to a man and works for NBC. Per facebook posts and they are follow/know Dorian.
        Sundance don’t know if you saw my post upstream.. W#35 pg 8. Det calls him by his name and was not redacted I guess cause no one realized it was a name-Viron. lol

        Liked by 1 person

  32. libby says:

    Alcohol has many potencies from beer to wine to distilled spirits.
    A boilermaker is not extra potent like 151 proof rum or moonshine, but drop a shot in a glass of beer, down it quick and go back for more.
    Some people are larger and need to consume more to reach same level of impairment.
    Regular users of a drug, especially moderate and above develop tolerances.
    Some folks, big, with significant tolerance can drink a case of beer and still stumble while another, smaller person who rarely imbibes and is tired can pass out after two beers.
    Start with a potent smoked plant and add other potent refined versions of said plant and this is desired by moderate to heavy users to combat their increased tolerances still seeking uephoria.
    We got so stoned on top grade smoke and mixed that with hash.
    One boilermaker in half an hour could impair operating machinery. Five boilermakers in an hour mght make it hard to stay conscious.
    Its not just the active ingrediant potency, but also how much consumed in how much time, how large is the person, what is their tolerance level, how much rest have they had.
    Were they up all night with nodoze (caffiene) or worse?
    Tox report?
    Cannabis is not the only drug they looked for.
    In the Sanford case. The preliminary tox report is all that was made public.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. StormyeyesC says:

    Since no daily MB thread place. I am dropping this here. Hoping that they start a petition delivered to Cruz or Lee or some true conservative, or a date to meet in DC, or something more than words, especially since many who would be in support don’t do Facebook/Twitter stuff!


  34. Worc1 says:

    I found Viron. Real name Viron Ganaway. Rapper, of course, name is Luh Vee. Found him on Sound Cloud. Tip off came when he asked detective, after he signed his name, or placed an X, to write “all rights reserved”. Fiugured he was a rapper. He also said his unkle was going to get him some studio time.


  35. kpm58 says:

    4 hours, almost 5 hours. Mike is a big boy. He had to have eaten something. What were the contents of his stomach from the autopsy?


  36. Worc1 says:

    Here’s Viron Ganaway’s facebook page as Luh Vee


  37. eastern2western says:

    could the cigarillos be the most significant McGuffin of the whole story. Lets assume that the store is some pick up point for drug dealers. during those four hours, these two were running around and filling orders. By around 12, they received an order to pick up a specific pack of cigarillos from the store. they went to the store and tried to pay for the package, but the clerk refused to give up the package. after some arguments, brown basically ripped that cigarillos out of the clerk’s hands. the clerk chased after brown, but was quickly pushed aside. the clerk did not called the cops because he knew the content of the box is illegal, but a customer called the cops. Wilson show up and bumped into dj and mb by accident and wanted to detained them. Brown realized the possibility of being exposed, but he did not wanted to dump the package because it would cost his head. Then he made a decision to attack the cop and allowed dj to get away with the package. DJ grabbed the package and made a dash for delivery. After he finished, he saw brown lying on the street like a dead duck. Once he realized he will be eventually question by the cops, he then made up the whole hands up, do not shoot story. god, my imaginations are taking over simplicity. If my assumption were correct, then it could explain why Johnson skipped the whole four hour time slot in front of the grand jury.


    • Moishe Pipik says:

      This fits the “Occam’s Razor” rule. And it may explain why his store, while looted, wasn’t burned down. The gang needs it as a distribution point.

      Liked by 1 person

    • sageladymj says:

      I’m going to have to search for it, but in one of the early docs it said that on reviewing the video tape from the market and previous transactions, a customer put something down on the counter (not money) and the clerk picked it up and looked at it and I believe (don’t take my word on it cause it’s almost 4am and I can’t sleep tonight) handed the guy something. It sure smelled like a drug type transaction.

      I’ll dig more tomorrow and re-find it and post it. It was on the one reviewing the markets video tapes and the outside videos all morning leading up to the robbery. I thought it sounded fishy.


  38. James F says:

    Most young adults in their late teens are not awake at 7:00 am on a Saturday unless they have a job or have been up all night partying.


  39. jsjavascript says:

    Dorian Johnson the 24 yr old teenager and the 18 yr old Gentle Giant, Big Mike Brown,

    I have my own idea who was behind the convenient store cigar run


  40. TexasRanger says:

    This is in reference to Post references Pages 18, 26, 27, 39,
    Dorian Johnson, Weed, Marijuana, THC – (Mike at 12 nano grams/ml of THC in his system)

    (Dorian’s daily routine – Shower – Girlfriend’s Breakfast – Smoke Weed)

    Grand Jury Testimony – Volume 4 Page 24-25
    Dorian Johnson

    (Q By Ms. Alizadeh Asst. Prosecutor)
    (A By Witness Dorian Johnson )

    Q This is the day of the shooting. Tell us how your day began, August the 9th?

    A August the 9th, it began like any other day.
    I start my morning, I wake up, I take a shower, and I ask my girl does she like breakfast, what would she like for breakfast. I head out to go get it. Upon getting breakfast I get me some Cigarillos. I smoke marijuana in my mornings when I start my day off, so I was going headed to the store.

    Q Now wait a minute, just stop here to now and then to make sure we are all clear. So that is kind of what generally happens for you in the morning?

    A In the morning, yes.

    Q On August the 9th around seven something?

    A Around 7:00 that morning.

    Q 7:00. Did you smoke marijuana that morning?

    A I didn’t actually get a chance to smoke.

    (See Volume 4 Page 25 for continuation of Dorian Johnson’s testimony).

    It’s very likely that Dorian and Mike borrowed some Cigarillos from a friend and spent the morning smoking marijuana and waxing in one of their apartments. Later they went to the store to get Cigarillos to pay the friend back and to stock-up for themselves.


  41. TexasRanger says:

    This is in reference Weed, Marijuana, THC – (Mike Brown at 12 nano grams/ml of THC in his system)

    Grand Jury Testimony Volume 24-
    First pages 1-19 discusses review, and Dr. Baden and not having his autopsy report.

    Then begins Detective’s testimony About Dorian Johnson mentioning Waxing, and Interview of the 2 Construction Worker’s about Waxing etc.

    Witness (Believed to be St. Louis County Detective)
    Volume 24 Page 63 to 77

    This is a Note and Not Testimony.
    About Wax – Waxing;
    Weed, Marijuana, Wax-Waxing THC – , Wax – Waxing is very concentrated strong potent THC. It is Hash Oil and can be the most potent of the main cannabis products because of its high level of psychoactive compound per its volume. THC content – current testing labs regularly report oil potencies ranging from 30% to 90%, with levels of dispensary quality oil typically ranging from 60% to 85%, occasionally higher and occasionally lower. Some extracts have supposedly been tested to over 99% THC but these are made using a process involving toluene washing.
    (Mike Brown at 12 nano grams/ml of THC in his system)

    This may explain a lot – it only takes a minute to become highly hallucinogenic on a 2 second hit of Wax. And, knowledgeable sources say, it (Wax) can be very dangerous to certain people.

    Some users have described it as one dose is equivalent to 10 to 20 doses of regular Marijuana all at once, it is considered extremely dangerous stuff!
    End of Note.

    Begin Testimony.
    (Q By Ms. Alizadeh Asst. Prosecutor)
    (A By Witness Detective St. Louis County)

    Note, I inserted CW-1 and CW-2 to identify the 2 Construction Worker’s

    Q Now, there was yet again another interview conducted of (redacted – believed to be the 2 construction workers) and after Detective had talked to them a second time?

    A That’s correct.

    Q What was the reason for the third interview?

    A During the course of the investigation, obviously, it is an evolving investigation and we’ve we’re learned things on a daily basis.

    Q If I can go back in time to when we were contacting Dorian Johnson. And that would have been on the 13th?

    A Yes, ma’am.

    Q So during the course of Dorian Johnson’s interview, he talked about speaking with, he didn’t mention them by name, and. And during the interview with Dorian Johnson he made reference to and talking with Michael Brown about marijuana and about waxing.

    A I had no idea what waxing was. We later learned that waxing delivers essentially a high concentration of THC to an individual in a very short period of time.

    Q So THC is the active ingredient in marijuana.

    A That didn’t necessarily mean much to me until we learned from the autopsy report that Michael Brown had THC in his system and we learned that after speaking with Dr. from the St. Louis County Medical Examiner’s Office, that his level was elevated to the point where it could have potentially caused a loss in perception of space and time and there was also the possibility that there could have been hallucinations. He couldn’t say that for sure, but that is a potential effect of high levels of THC in an individual. So knowing that waxing delivers a high level of THC to an individual in a relatively short period of time and knowing that from Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown had had conversations with and about waxing, we thought it worth exploring the possibility that either gave, or provided, or sold wax to Michael Brown. And if that was the case, it could have potentially explained some of the behavior that we witnessed from Michael Brown on the audio, I’m sorry on the video at the Ferguson Market and help explain some of the things taking place in this particular incident.

    Q All right. Now, had either CW-1 or CW-2 in their first two statements to County Police said anything about having discussions with Michael Brown about waxing?

    A No.

    (See Volume 24 Page 63 for continuation of the Detective’s testimony).

    Liked by 1 person

  42. TexasRanger says:

    I’m beginning to suspect that it is very likely that Dorian Johnson’s been a Paid Informant (snitch) all along, working for one or both the FBI and or St. Louis County Law Enforcement (kind of like Al Sharpton was an FBI Paid Informant).

    And, this is why he’s been protected since this incident happened Aug-9 – so he doesn’t end up murdered like DeAndre Joshua.


  43. TexasRanger says:

    What caused Dorian Johnson to loose his Bracelet on the drivers side of Wilson’s SUV?

    I believe his bracelet was marked with an evidence cone near Mike Brown’s red ball cap.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Goofey says:

    I Posted on Crowdsourcing #4

    Dorian was out of weed and went to get some from his dealer. Dorian outed his dealer in his testimony. This is most likely how Dorian and Big Mike met and explains their relationship. Big Mike was most likely the dealer’s enforcer and gofer. It also explains the trip to the market. It also explains the missing time and big Mike’s high THC.(Dorian PG 26)

    Dorian put the Cigarillos back because they were the mini’s and he wanted the larger cigarillos (Dorian pg 31)

    Just a thought what if Big Mike and Dorian made a deal to get the cigarillos as payment for the weed they smoked that morning.


  45. dodo says:

    Dorian’s actions in the convenience store have always appeared strange. A 31 year old male putting the cigars down so he wouldn’t be caught? Was a 31 year old male using an 18 year old to do his dirty work? Did he get Michael high and then get Michael to steal the cigars? Older thugs like to get young thugs to do their dirty work

    Liked by 1 person

  46. TJ A dersen says:

    This is a big Public Relations scam and coverup with lawyers, etc.. Johnson was a criminal accomplice at the store and at car. Since they were in flight from first crime scene Johnson should be also charged with the murder of Brown.


  47. Be Ge says:

    G-d rest in peace Joshua.
    Dorian Johnson should be tried for robbery, assault on a police officer, involuntary homicide by accomplice proxy and perjury.


  48. JenNJ says:

    Great breakdown, just one question. How do you know when Baden flew into St. Louis?


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