My Open Letter To Officer Darren Wilson

darren wilsonDear Mr. Wilson, Don’t do this.

Don’t fall for this. Don’t even put yourself in the position of thinking this is in any way prudent.

If you are in the room with someone who suggests it’s a good idea – LEAVE.

Change your fundamental paradigm. You are no longer a member of a society ruled by principle or law. This is the fundamental change. You are a flea looking into a thermonuclear furnace….

There is no-one on this list, or any list, connected to ANY New York, DC or regional TV or print outlet who will provide you any fair consideration for your position.

None, zero, nada, zippo and zilch, who will put their entire career at risk by even remotely allowing you, through them, to frame a narrative which might put you in a favorable light.

They will not do it.


Stop trying to reconcile that it’s even possible, it’s not. And, if you find yourself in the same room with a person -you’ve known your entire life- who begins to sound like they may be approaching the conversation from a place of possibility, LEAVE.

Media pundits, talkers and interviewers, are but one piece of the puzzle of manipulation. There are producers, editors and entire teams of people inside the legacy media machine who will work diligently to frame THEIR chosen narrative, not yours. Media executives and executive boards who have a vested interest that is diametrically in opposition to you.


Every intonation, optic, inflexion, expression and syntax will be maneuvered in such a way as to provide the best possible outcome for THEIR narrative, not yours. The position of your body, the lighting, the camera angles, the height of the armrest, the depth of the seat cushion, the ambient sound created by the type of floor covering will be constructed for a specific reason; none of it favorable to you.

The placement and order of verbs, adjectives, nouns and conjunctures will be controlled to permit the maximum manipulation, and editing, of storyline. None of it done in benefit to you, toward you, or aimed in the direction from which you exist.

At the core of their being THEY HATE YOU. They don’t sympathize with what’s happened to you, they hate you. They created everything that’s happened to you, and in most cases they added exponential fuel to insure your destruction.

The media hate everything you stand for. They hate every conversation your parents ever had with you at the dinner table. Your outlook on life is the antithesis of their beliefs. They don’t just dislike you, they DESPISE YOU.

In the scope of all things beneficial to you…… You would find more self-benefit hammering railroad spikes through your own testicles than entering the same media universe controlled by the legacy media institutions and their co-horts.

You have no frame of reference to understand the scope, size and boundless scale of the forces against you, nor do you understand the depth of professional deception these people are skilled in.

It’s not just you, it’s all of us.

If the President of the United States calls you to invite you to “a beer summit”, decline the invitation with as few words as humanly possible to create a polite sentence: “No, thank you”

It’s over.  Life as you knew it is over, forever. Period.  I know it sucks, I know it’s not fair, I know you were only doing your job, it doesn’t matter.  Accept the situation you find yourself in, not the one you wish were present.

You are -most likely- a good man, a decent man, but you are also in the crosshairs of the entire Grievance Industry.  You are ground zero.   Your very existence is now reflective of every single Fabian Socialist construct, every community organizer’s anxiety, every single civil-rights advocate’s proclamations, every grievance ever considered.  No amount of pushback toward them will ever get them to look in the mirror for accountability. 

The minimum wage is your fault; too high or too low, it doesn’t matter – what matter’s is that it’s YOUR fault.  White privilege is your fault, racism is your fault, sexism is your fault, the failure of the inner city schools is your fault. ALL OF IT….

Why are black males randomly punching white victims in the face during various knock-out assaults?   Darren Wilson – of course.  

You see, there are a million ideological laser dots on your forehead created by the evil lies inside decades of indoctrination which has created an entire sub-culture dependent upon a miserable blame casting existence.  When they look to the cause, they see you. 

Your normalcy is gone.  Yes, it sucks, but it is what it is – so just accept it and deal.

You have one, only one, advantage.  That singular advantage is your insignificant size.  So far your decision -albeit perhaps merely serendipitous- to remain small, silent and obscure, has provided you the only arrow in your quiver, don’t give it away.

Stay small.

Use the principles of scope to reposition yourself.  Bug out, tactically, don’t look back.

Those dependent on a miserable blame casting existence will, eventually, move on to the next victim necessary to live a life of avoidance.

Stay small, begin anew amid the comfort of invisibility, and be happy doing it.

Close the link, turn the page, start a new book.  This one’s over.

You taught millions.

Warmest regards,


Soldiers Christmas

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134 Responses to My Open Letter To Officer Darren Wilson

  1. mrsqt says:

    After reading this I immediately began to pray that the message gets to Officer Wilson. Something tells me he’s been here all along, but if he is not, I pray that someone close to him is and they will make sure Sundance’s message reaches him.

    Officer Wilson PLEASE heed the message.

    “Every intonation, optic, inflexion, expression and syntax will be maneuvered in such a way as to provide the best possible outcome for THEIR narrative, not yours.”

    I will continue to pray for you and your family. And in my prayers I will pray that you don’t just read the words, but that the words stay with you…Always. In the days ahead they may make all the difference. May you never doubt them.

    Thank you, Sundance for allowing me to get close enough to see your light. The darkness can be overwhelming at times and the time I spend here gives me hope that all is not lost.

    As always…You, your family and my fellow treepers are on my list of things I am grateful for. May God Bless you all.

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  2. MaryfromMarin says:

    You probably already know about this link at WRSA, SD:

    An Open Letter To Officer Darren Wilson

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    • Pam says:

      Here is a comment under the WRSA posting:

      “That letter, and every bit of advice in it, applies to each and every one of us.

      Go read it again and get it through your heads… life as you knew and desired it, normalcy that met your expectations, is history.”

      I totally agree with this comment. I indirectly brushed up against the boogeymen in the shadows a few years ago. It changed everything for me. The last few veils remaining over my eyes were ripped off in an instant. All I want to do is escape from any vicinity of centers of power and get as far away as I can.

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      • lineman says:

        Everyone here should be making WRSA a daily read to go along with this site…We are all in this fight against evil together and we need to be watching each others six…I hope other law enforcement learn from this that the state will throw you under the bus faster than you can blink if it suits their agenda…

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  3. On the bright side, this means it’s no longer George W Bush’s fault.

    Outstanding letter – I hope he reads and heeds your warning.


  4. firefly says:

    Sundance, you and some very good treepers were on top of this case from the start. With your eloquent writing and those that support you, I`d bet you could write a great book on this case, think about it. 😉

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  5. Brett says:

    If Officer Wilson reads this, and I pray that he does, I hope that he comes away with the truth that the left does indeed hate him. From the president on down, they will sacrifice his life, his family, the entire police force, the entire city of St. Lois,for that matter, to transform our nation. STAY AWAY FROM THE MEDIA!

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  6. Alfred E. Neuman says:

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.


  7. CaptainCurmudgeon says:

    Listen to Sundance, Officer Wilson…These people are rabid.

    Go far away…change your name and looks and profession…tell no one…Toss your phone and all electronics…

    Start anew. Good luck. God bless


  8. Officer Wilson, I am only a senior citizen, and am very sorry for all the anguish that you’ve had to
    suffer just because you were doing your job. You know, of course, that this situation just happened
    to be the straw that broke the camels back. You alone are not the reason for the trouble. I look on
    you as I would one of my sons or grandsons, sad that your life must change, but glad
    that you are a young man, and have many years ahead to look forward to. God bless you

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  9. coeurdaleneman says:

    Not exposing Brown’s juvie record has been one of the more inane things that civilized society repeatedly inflicts on itself. Withholding the truth about a dead criminal played a big part in ginning this farce up. All of this money was wasted because of a questionable ideal that should not apply in circumstances like this. Exactly what rational purpose did it serve? Sensitiving that was lent to a corpse was denied to a living person.

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  10. Davewaybe says:

    This is so true…. its not about justice, not even about reporting…… its about the numbers, the sensationalism, and the score card, to trust the press is folly. Personally I see that officer Wilson has already been treated so unfairly, and I have to say, it really is time that something is done about the BGI. Such race hating bigots that do so much for racism by throwing fuel on the fire every time. I hope he has a great life in the future… we owe him that!


    • springstreet says:

      Grievance is not always about hatred of others … it can be about hatred of self. Many people will tend to pull down those who succeed … or will have to face their own inadequacies. This is exacerbated in failed (Liberal) communities where adherence to group thought (for acceptance) trumps individual reason (and assured rejection).
      It is sad to say, but I think Officer Wilson will be indicted … by a local majority’s historical grievance … which can be satisfied only by deflecting individual (black) responsibility upon an always acceptable (white) target.
      The Grand Jury’s rational will be familiar: an armed White chose to leave his vehicle … to shoot an unarmed Black. Everything else will be seen only as facts. And, no one will look back to the Liberal’s systematic destruction of the Black American family … and generations of “Gentle Bens”.


  11. richard1j says:

    I see. So us white folk better not say or do anything to provoke the poor black folk, the poor Mexicans, the poor progressives. Us white folk better find our little hole in the ground and just crawl in a pull the dirt in after us………………I don’t know how I would stand up to the onslaught. But, one thing I would find out from something like this is, my friends, my relatives. …………….There is a nation of people that would stand up with and for Darren Wilson. The Bundy ranch proves it.


  12. ruth powell says:

    Officer Wilson is in my prayers every day CAN’T IMAGINE WHAT HE GOES THROUG EVERY DAY watch all the onesided commets by the media, see all the remarks from the guests they have on for MBrown and not one person to speak for Officer Wilson so sad that the ones that should be fair (media) is one of the worst ive seen. Cnn Hln msnbc , will never trust or believe the media again


  13. JP says:

    King David was small, too.

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  14. jsjavascript says:

    Sweden, Norway and Denmark anything Scandinavian…


  15. TexasRanger says:

    Officer Darren Dean Wilson Marries Fellow Ferguson Police Officer Barbara Lynn Spradling.

    A marriage license issued to Darren Wilson, the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, and a fellow officer on the Ferguson, Mo., police department; records show the couple wed quietly on Oct. 24 – Image:


  16. wrongonred says:

    I do not know if Wilson was justified or not, but if there is a No Bill from the Grand Jury, there could not be more sage advice written to him than what Sundance provided. If there is a no bill, he needs to take his newly married fellow Police Officer Bride, and move to Belize and never look back. The Media will hunt him here, and as you say, none of it will be favorable coverage and all of it will be intended to incite the masses.


  17. His life isn’t over. He can even still be a cop, though for obvious reasons it will probably have to be with smaller town police departments.


  18. Pingback: Judge Napolitano: Eric Holder To Prosecute Darren Wilson If Ferguson Grand Jury Doesn’t Indict |

  19. Officer Wilson should take that GoFund Me money and move to Russia.


  20. Looks like Darren went with Stephanopoulos. One whisper away from Hillary Clinton. Two minds away from Saul Alinsky. I will pray that Darren Wilson has spoken truth to power. If ABC distorts his message, I hope he is courageous enough to say so.


  21. PJ says:

    “You are -most likely- a good man, a decent man, but you are also in the crosshairs of the entire Grievance Industry.”

    While the latter is certainly true, the former is questionable. We have only to ask what would have happened to someone who was not a cop, who did the same thing to Brown. Most likely that someone would end up in jail, because he was not an “Only One”. Maybe it’s not such a good idea to offer Wilson our support. More likely the Wilson/Brown encounter boiled down to stupid vs. stupid. It started over jaywalking after all, sheesh.


    • auscitizenmom says:



    • jello333 says:

      NOT jaywalking. I’ll have to assume you’ve never experienced what Brown and his little buddy were doing that day. It’s a well-known, wide-spread tactic by young people (teenage, a little younger, a little older), mostly black. What they do is walk down the middle of the road in groups of 2 to a dozen or more, just WAITING for a car to need by. Then they may or may not slowly, very slowly move to the side… or sometimes not. Either way, as you try to go by (especially if you’re NOT black), you will get, AT A MINIMUM, hateful glares and/or sneers. Should you happen to SAY something to the idiots (as Wilson did), then IT’S ON!

      No, this is NOT jaywalking, NOT about getting from Point A to Point B… it’s about intimidation, and trying to incite a verbal or physical confrontation. I’ve seen it many times, in person.


  22. Regretfully Sad says:

    Officer Darren Wilson, I am NOT a conservative – but couldn’t agree more with the author. Through NO FAULT of your own, you have been cast into a coven of witches to become the sacraficial lamb of political correctness gone mad. Had this been a white man who viciously attacked you, this would not even be a storyline. YOU DID DO YOUR JOB and the thug and yes, I said “THUG” that you unfortunately had to take his life to save your own will be memorialized as a civil rights hero. THIS IS SICK. THIS IS DISCUSTING. THIS IS INSANE, UNFAIR and NAUSEATING. THIS IS MADNESS. But it is. I voted for Barrack Obama and have never regretted anything more. May God forgive me and may God bless you and yours that you may find happiness and peace in any and all future endeavors. My heart goes out to you. The President and his cohert Holden coming out and poisoning the well before the facts were even known is insulting and criminal. Knowing I was so fooled and played a part in putting them there is unforgivable. Forgive me. It appears the real racist are the leaders of my country. Dear God, help us all.

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    • jello333 says:

      Happy to be the first to WELCOME you here. Your story sounds a lot like mine. I’m not a conservative either… although any more I’m not even sure WHAT I am (I still have lots of liberal views, but I absolutely do NOT want to align myself with the average “liberal”). All I know is that the people at this site, most of them who ARE conservative, are some of the best people I’ve ever known. And I consider many of them FRIENDS…. better friends than some of my long-time “liberal” friends.

      As for Obama, I agree 100%! The fact that my wife and I helped get that slime elected in 2008 is something I’ll regret the rest of my life. Of course I worked just as hard to PREVENT his re-election in 2012, but by then it was too late. 😦


    • auscitizenmom says:

      It appears your eyes are open. 🙂 Go on from here.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      And, WELCOME. 🙂


    • Thank you for this hearfelt post, Regretful. You should be talking to your family and friends like this. Challenge the wisdom of supporting a regime that’s made life so much worse for everyone. Your eyes are now open. Use this new insight to help your community right this wrong.


  23. Emerson says:

    I loved this letter to Darren Wilson, and agree with every bit of it. I applaud you for writing it.

    Thanks for speaking so eloquently for millions of voices that are silent.


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