BUSTED – North Carolina Newspaper, Charlotte Observer, Pulls Story of Kay Hagen Family Corruption Just Prior To Election Day…

Senator Kay Hagan holds a razor thin margin over her Republican challenger, Thom Tillis. Senator Kay Hagan was recently outlined in a nepotism scandal regarding her family business profiting off her stimulus vote.  The North Carolina media have curiously avoided discussing the initial scandal….. then last night they published an article outlining a recommendation of “further legal investigation”… and then, quickly scrubbed it.  They are being called to task.

(Via National Review) Republicans accused the Charlotte Observer of engaging in a “conspiracy of silence” after it pulled its story about a state government memo calling for “legal review” of stimulus grants given to the family of Senator Kay Hagan (D., N.C.).

charlotte screenshot

Screenshot of the now “disappeared” article – still on google cache.

“It’s time to end the conspiracy of silence in the North Carolina media on Senator Kay Hagan’s ‘stimulus’ payday,” the state party chairman, Claude Pope, said in a Sunday statement. “The freedom of the press is a sacred trust – and hiding the truth is tantamount to lying to the people that they, and Senator Hagan, are supposed to serve.”

As National Review Online reported Saturday, a memo from the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources recommends that state officials conduct “further legal review” of a grant given to a company co-owned by Senator Hagan’s husband.

In particular, his company’s decision to hire a company owned by their son appears to violate prohibitions against self-dealing that were included in the grant agreement, according to the memo.

The Charlotte Observer published a story on the memo Saturday evening, but then took the story offline. A cached version is still available online.  (more)


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33 Responses to BUSTED – North Carolina Newspaper, Charlotte Observer, Pulls Story of Kay Hagen Family Corruption Just Prior To Election Day…

  1. Sentient says:

    Hope there’s enough time left for those few remaining undecided NC voters to comprehend this media conspiracy and be repulsed by it.

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    • Anne says:

      “Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty.” This is a quote by Madame de Stael, 1766-1817, a vocal enemy of Napoleon. Sadly, our newspapers: NY Times, Washington Post, Charlotte Observer, etc. and our media: alphabet networks, don’t live and publish by this dictum.


  2. joanfoster says:

    Don’t count on it, Sentient. NC politics has been turned upside down by a large migration of people from the northeast who left because of high taxes, cost of living, weather, etc., only to go to NC and vote for the same leftist. The state is turning thanks also to its newly found success in the banking industry and the liberals who have moved there with BofA and Wells Fargo. Add to the complexity of this race a third party candidate who will more than likely take votes from Tillis.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      The main thing is the white vote in Ga. to turn out and put Nunn down by 51%


    • inspectorudy says:

      The leftists are doing the same thing in GA, FL, CO, NV, WA, OR and NM. They leave the failed leftist/Marxists states that are bankrupt and soulless and then ruin the states that they move to. Their learning curve is basically flat.

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  3. yep…..she’s trying to control the media to cover her family’s corruption…seems her husband pocketed some of the money……but a little of this is leaking out anyway because I heard it on a local television channel more than a week ago.


  4. splat! says:

    To give credit where it is due: Twitter user @sistertoldjah first discovered this at 12:35 a.m. Sunday morning. ( https://twitter.com/sistertoldjah/status/528767276007567360 ) and Twitter user @Renewsit1 obtained the googled cache at 12:49 a.m. ( https://twitter.com/renewsit1/status/528770750858412032 )

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  5. Aslan's Girl says:

    They think we won’t find out about this. Do they not know how the internet works? Have they never heard of “screenshots”? Do they still not know about citizen journalists?

    Hey, on a slightly related note: I love “The Middle” with Patricia Heaton and there was a funny line a couple weeks ago — the mom was advising her son on what to major in and she told him (paraphrase), “Just don’t choose a profession that’s being phased out, like video store clerk or JOURNALIST.” I lol’d at that! Amazing it passed the liberal censors at ABC.


  6. Auntie Lib says:

    Enter James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. Seems NC may have a little problem with voter fraud too. http://townhall.com/tipsheet/sarahjeanseman/2014/11/02/nc-campaign-workers-encourage-illegal-aliens-to-vote-n1913230


  7. doodahdaze says:

    Why would a democrat operative newspaper print anything to help republican’s? The paper is part of the democrat campaign organization. Nothing more nothing less.


    • joanfoster says:

      It’s hard to believe that anyone reads local newspapers any longer. Most are no more than a few pages thick and have such trite local reporting, it’s more like a gossip column. If I want hard national news, I go to the internet. If I want obituaries, I go to the local rag. I suppose that sums it up except I haven’t seen the name of the local newspaper in the obit column yet – it’s a matter of time. Newpapers are in extremis.

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  8. doodahdaze says:

    I think the race to watch is New Hampshire for some reason.


  9. doodahdaze says:

    Scott Brown reminds me of Anthoney Bourdain.


  10. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  11. Th Charlotte Observer is a liberal rag. Always has been; they’re just more blatant since Obama.


  12. polk8dot says:

    Kay Hagan, D Senator from North Carolina, was elected in 2008, assumed office in 2009.

    On 10 August 2010 – Chip Hagan filed papers with the secretary of state’s office creating Solardyne , a solar energy contracting company. Solardynes’s first annual report (Feb. 2011) stated the company designs and installs solar systems. It listed Charles T. Hagan III (‘Chip’), Sen. Hagan’s husband, and Charles T. Hagan IV (‘Tilden’), her son, as the two managers of the company. Will Stewart, Chip and Kay Hagan’s son-in-law, is listed as a third manager. Stewart married the Hagans’ daughter, Carrie . As of 2014 Stewart is referred to as president of the company.

    In May 2012, Chip Hagan filed papers changing the name from Solardyne to Green State Power (GSP). GSP’s website claims the company was founded in 2008, before Kay Hagan became a U.S. senator, which you can clearly see is a blatant lie, one of many. Green State Power’s physical address is not listed on its website. The address on file with the NC state Corporations Division is the same as Chip Hagan’s law firm, 300 North Greene Street, Suite 200, Greensboro.

    JDC Manufacturing is a company owned by Chip Hagan. JDC is owned and managed by Chip Hagan, and his brothers John Hagan and David Hagan. At that time is was listed as ‘a real estate business’ . and is now listed as ‘Government Consulting company’ out of Reidsville, NC.

    Sept. 29, 2010 – JDC Manufacturing’s received stimulus grant for the solar project at a 300,000-square-foot facility in Reidsville, N.C. (grant application date was not available). Stimulus grant was awarded seven weeks after Solardyne’s creation. Using $250,644 in federal stimulus grant funds, Chip Hagan then hired his own company Solardyne to install solar panels at a building belonging to his other own company JDC.

    In addition to his law practice at Hagan Davis Mangum Barrett & Langley, Chip Hagan has considerable business interests. Affiliated with his law firm is a company named HD Business Services LLC , a business marketing company with more than 100 individual businesses, according to NC secretary of state’s corporations directory.

    Tilden Hagan recently formed some of his own companies through HD Business Services. HD Business Services filed documents in May 2013 with Tilden Hagan as the sole manager for Bladenboro Lands LLC and Bladenboro Solar, and in July 2014 for Green State Engineers (GSE) . The initial filings do not state the nature of the business for any of the firms.

    To summarize:
    JDC Manufacturing received nearly $390,000 in federal grants for energy projects and tax credits created by the 2009 stimulus law, according to public records. First stimulus payment covered the $250,644 paid by JDC to Solardyne (GSP). Then came an additional $137,000 in energy tax credits, and finally a second federal renewable energy grant of $50,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
    In total, the Hagan businesses soaked taxpayers for nearly $450,000 to pay for energy upgrades installed at JDC’s 300,000-square-foot building in Reidsville, NC.
    (original research based on, among others, the Carolina Journal at http://www.carolinajournal.com/articles/display_story.html?id=11434)

    These abuses of power, corruption, nepotism, are getting more egregious by the day. In the face of very well delineated laws against conflict of interest, both state and federal, financial misdeeds are being perpetrated every day, and the closer to power the people behind it are, the more above law and justice they feel. The simple research for this write-up made my head spin. And that is just ONE FAMILY, of ONE SENATOR. Can you imagine the true scale on which this is happening, even if we only assume that 10-20% of ‘our representatives in DC’ are engaged in it? Who’d have time to actually do anything for the people and the country, when there are so many opportunities to steal power and affluence for your own family.
    Sickening. Bunch of crooks.

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  13. Chairborne says:

    the operative word in “The Corrupt Liberal Media” is “Corrupt”

    Liberalism has killed journalism.


  14. TwoLaine says:

    Project Much?

    Inform your vote: a guide to the 2014 U.S. Senate election
    The Chronicle
    By Jenna Zhang
    October 29, 2014



  15. Eric says:

    I love how Charlotte Observer is on top of my posts. Yes, I did credit you polk8dot for the research.


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