Head of Colorado Muslim Council Shocked, “SHOCKED”, Three Teen Girls Would Run Off To Join ISIS…

Two of the teen girls, sisters ages 15 and 17, were of Somali parents. The other girl was of Sudanese parents.  They were intercepted in Germany and returned home. Colorado Muslims are shocked, shocked, to hear of the recruitment. Yeah, surprise…  they never got to the part of the perpetual beekeepers outfits.. 

CEN_TeenGirlsJihad_10.jpgDENVER (CBS4) – Three Colorado teenage girls are back home with their families after flying overseas allegedly in an effort to join the terror group ISIS. The girls are between the ages of 15 and 17 and an acquaintance of their families says they attend Overland High School in Aurora.

As their cross-continent trip makes national headlines, the head of the Colorado Muslim Council says the news comes as a surprise.

I was shocked because, according to our prediction we thought that the boys were easy targets. To our surprise the girls were easy targets,” council chairman Hafedh Ferjani told CBS4.

Ferjani said the families of the girls met with their community leaders at the council this week. He said he hopes the parents, who originally reported the girls as runaways, will convince them not to try something similar again.

“I’m hoping that the parents will do their share and talk to their kids,” he said.

Overland High School is in the Cherry Creek School District.

Officials with the district said they had no comment about the situation, but did release a statement:

“There are predators online of all sorts — recruiting students of all pursuasions. We strongly urge parents to monitor how students are using their computers.”  (read more)

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25 Responses to Head of Colorado Muslim Council Shocked, “SHOCKED”, Three Teen Girls Would Run Off To Join ISIS…

  1. rashomon says:

    Wake up, America!


  2. justfactsplz says:

    I don’t think they were all that shocked. Maybe they were shocked the girls got stopped.

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  3. cohibadad says:

    Here is a well-known Sunni “scholar” Yasir Qadhi in Canada who was mentioned to me today when he made a point of saying that you cannot say that ISIS is not Muslim. He trained at University of Medina, so he is a Saudi tool. Read the comments and watch the video and see how many ISIS supporters publicly announce their sympathies. The commenters know one thing, the Sunnis who act like they oppose ISIS don’t have a leg to stand on. They can only quote Muhammad’s warnings about the “khawarij”, but they can’t explain how ISIS is ideologically different than the rest of the Sunnis other than by simply walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Just like some DemocRATS try to say that JJ and Sharpton are not DemocRATS. Sort of like one skunk saying another’s not a skunk because it doesn’t small as strongly

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  4. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    So, the Colorado “Imams” are leaving it to the parents to combat the propaganda from ISIS? Seriously? Surely they realize that parents are the LAST people that rebellious teens will take advice from, right?

    Maybe the problem is that the Muslim community (particularly the religious leaders in the Mosques) are doing NOTHING to combat the brainwashing/propaganda that is being spewed by IS on the internet. Maybe if they publicized the harsh realities of what life would be like for these wannabe “freedom fighters” they would be less likely to rush off to the ME to become the next “Jihadi John” or to become walking baby factories for the murderous pigs of the IS.

    But, we don’t ever see these American “Moderate Muslims” condemning the beheadings and forced “marriages” (which are nothing more than legitimized rapes) will we? But it’s not really too hard to imagine why, is it?

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    Know the area well – there’s a neighborhood bar in Cherry Creek that one of my sons and I set a personal best in Pete’s Fat Tire consumption. Strange – don’t remember a heavy Muslim concentration in the bar. Wonder how long it would have taken the girls to discover that their presence in ISIS wasn’t going to be a chador-clad version of Charlie’s Angels? So they were off to fight for…what? I’ll bet three girls from the Boko Harem Muslim kidnapping would have gladly traded places with them, let the Colorado clueless submerge themselves in the Muslim culture while they mall hopped in Denver.

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  6. Scott Angell says:

    This is the European experience. The children of Muslim immigrants not only do not assimilate they become more Muslim than their parents. They are alienated both from the larger society around them because they are not allowed to participate in it and reject the compromises their parents made to live in the west. They want ‘authentic Islam’ !

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    • fred says:

      Even knowing about the tupperware style party where the razor comes out and certain parts are removed. Maybe the girls forgot about that part and just liked the outfits.


  7. So who paid for the plane tickets? The shocked parents?

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  8. bob e says:

    come the day .. come the day


  9. JunieG says:

    Obviously these girls identify more with the dysfunctional countries their parents “refugeed” from than the nation that welcomed them. Why is that? This is more than girlfriends sneaking off to Woodstock for 3 days of fun and music


  10. JunieG says:

    The intelligence community monitors “chatter.” Are machete attacks on English soldiers in England, or Canadian soldiers in Canada, or beheadings of HR employees in OK, or killings on army bases by muslim immigrants, and daughters of muslim immigrants attempting entry to enemy war zones, considered “chatter”?

    More than chatter. This is screaming that Western nations are in the midst of the crisis that conservatives have cautioned about for decades.

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  11. Rachelle says:

    I wish they had made it to ISIS. Few months of rapes and beatings and they would be begging to come home like those two idiot girls from Austria who are pleading to come home.


  12. 1hear2learn says:

    From what I recall (have brother that lives in CO), Auroura is a pretty rough neighborhood. Perhaps these Muslim immigrant children are looking for a way out of the craziness they’re in the midst of and tried to turn to their religion to help, but instead of help this religion of peace turned those minds into believing a Muslim caliphate was the answer. However once they accomplished this, there is a larger jump to supporting ISIS, but these are gullible youths – not prone to doing their own research/critical thinking. It’s a shame their “clergy” (Imams) or parents weren’t able to provide that sound advice/council. Just a thought. I know I’d want to find a way to get out of a place like Ferguson Canfield apartment madness and if “religious people” I thought was trustworthy was “showing me the way”…
    We have to talk to our children and when they are teens it isn’t easy. I have 13 yr old son and we talk about current events, but I know I don’t know all that he faces day to day, but I believe/hope he knows to come to me with any questions or serious concerns he may have. Luckily he’s very bright (in advanced classes) and active with sports and church group, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our little battles and he isn’t already trying to challenge boundaries etc., that’s part of being a teen I suppose. As a single mom, with a very involved father, I (we) provide discipline and guidance, but in the end we have to trust he will make good choices. For now my motto to him is “trust but verify, trust is earned.”


  13. Be Ge says:

    This is pretty strange. You don’t see much of allakhuakbar public around Denver (well, at least, as of my experience with a hefty amount of locations from center and down in the southern half of the c470 circle). It is a rather sharp contrast with places like the big apple where you can always find a couple of working halal food booths at 02:00AM around Times Square or little israels (meaning muslims and jews living in close proximity) of Brooklyn. With regards to Islamists, Denver is certainly nothing like London UK or Paris, France whereby a tourist can easily fall under the impression the Notre Dame church is on its way to becoming Notre Dame mosque, sort of like what happened to Hagia Sofia in Greek Constantinople when it became Istanbul of Turkey. I guess this is where one says still waters run deep.

    If only the consequences of importing large amounts of non-integrating minorities (such as Muslims) into the first-world places were this bad — like, a few girls eloping to allakhuakbarred warzones here and there. However, it looks more and more like the first world will become a warzone — exactly as described in the books of the islamofascsit zealots under the term Dar el Harb (house of war), which later came to be Dar al Garb (house of the West) under the Ottoman Empire. The whole world not under the Islamofascists is Dar al Harb (house of war), that is until they put the green banner of the prophet over the infidel capitol cities.


  14. nyetneetot says:

    ….perpetual beekeepers outfits..


  15. smarty says:

    How did they get passports? How did they get plane tickets? The parents didn’t know? Really? There is more to this story. I bet parents were involved. Wish we could see real investigative journalism by some local media.


  16. Serpentor says:

    put it to you this way – they live in my neighborhood shall we say. That high school is a few blocks from my house.

    In the last several years since I’ve lived here and in the general vicinity, it’s been more than once that I’ve walked into a store and come across women in full black burka with only the eyes visible. I’m sorry to say that I’m not a very tolerant person. I find this completely objectionable on so many levels….. the least of which has been what I can infer about that household and their political views (if you will, to use a euphemism)

    I’m not saying I’m worried that some guy will walk around with a bomb strapped to his chest, but I do wonder if they’re extreme enough why they wouldn’t be “sympathetic” to the real troopers that like to eliminate the infidel where ever they are found.

    This particular instance only confirms what I’ve suspected these few years


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