“Wise Up and Save Your Girls” – Hannah Graham’s Body Found Reveals Why They’ll Never Find The Other Missing Virginia Girls Bodies…

√ 2009 – Cassandra Morton, 23, abducted/missing October 2009
√ 2009 – Morgan Harrington, 20, abducted/missing October 2009
2010 – Samantha Clarke, 19, abducted/missing Sept 2010 (*Randy Allen Taylor)
2011 – Lauren Susann Smith, 24, abducted/missing Nov 2011
2012 – Heather Hodges, 22, abducted/missing April 2012
2012 – DaShad Laquinn Smith, 19, abducted/missing Nov 2012
2013 – Alexis Murphy, 17, abducted/missing Aug 2013 (*Randy Allen Taylor)
2013 – Jamisha Gilbert, 17, abducted/missing Nov 2013

~ The Virginia Community Does Not Want To Find Them ~ 

hannah graham 218-year-old Hannah Graham’s body was found at 3193 Old Lynchburg Road, North Garden, Virginia.

“This 2.5-acre, heavily wooded, rural property, which includes two residences, is located 11.5 miles from Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall, where an eyewitness told me she saw Hannah in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 13. Hannah was reportedly seen with 32-year-old Jesse Matthew, who has since been charged with her abduction”. (link)

The surrounding “community” is afraid to confront the realities inherent within the admissions which identify why a known predator was able to spend more than a decade hunting young vulnerable girls, killing them and then dropping their bodies throughout a region of comfort and childhood familiarity.

The reason the bodies will never be recovered is reflected in this comment left upon these pages:

Walnut Creek park 3

3193 Old Lynchburg Road is 4,000 feet away from Walnut Creek Park.

walnut creek park 4

I’m a simple person, however I’ve long since given up playing Politically Correct Ping-Pong just to insure the paddle carriers feel good about their own world view.

It does not take a professional FBI profiler to consider:

♦  Given the boldly obvious propensity of Jesse Matthew.
♦  Given the broken dysfunctional childhood family.
♦  Given the abject disconnect from moral behavior.
♦  Given his pre-teen and teen years in the area.
♦  Given his frequency of visits to see his mom (who remained living there).

Given all of these factors it’s a short walk to recognizing a predator will associate safety with familiarity and predictive behavior.

hannah graham bodyJesse Matthew had what we call in the South, “stomping grounds“.

Given all of these factors about his predatory behavior the people living in the “stomping grounds” might want to look in the mirror and dispatch their PC-ism.

However, they obviously will not.

It’s too disconcerting to admit your ideological desires, your need for a world view of manufactured comfort, has disconnected the basic human survival mechanisms of common sense. Predator and prey.

From first-hand contact I can tell you it’s an alarming reality to hear law enforcement question the methodology of profiling a search area based on the historical geography of a predator. “How would it look“? “How would it look if we did a search area near the previous ‘stomping grounds’ of a black male teen -not adult- based on nothing but a premise that he would be comfortable in the area“? “How would we explain it“?

Yes, there is a park around there. Yes, he probably spent time up and down Old Lynchburg Road. But it might make our search seem racist if we go to the historical area of a serial predator we have obviously, and previously, denied was a predator.

Logic flies out the window when confronted with a refusal to accept the obvious.

[Remember, it was Detective Manresa of the M-DSPD who was more interested in how he was going to explain finding the connection between unassigned stolen jewelry in an evidence room and an unsolved burglary which took place a year prior.  The theft didn’t matter, the victim didn’t matter, returning the property didn’t matter – what mattered was how was he going to EXPLAIN the discovery.]

Predators love people in authority who are more worried about explanations than simple truths.  Worrying about appearances is a good thing to see if you’re a predator.

Predators love PC-Infections. It empowers them.

hannah graham recovery bodyIt’s like removing the door to the big cat cages in the zoo because popular social opinion says your must afford the same level of consideration toward the feelings of the predator and prey.  You dare not dismiss fee-fee’s for the predator or hold them as lesser value than the fee-fee’s of the deer and other ruminants/prey.

To ensure the PC infection takes hold park authority must be convinced (pressured) to ignore the twitchy sensibilities, squeals, fears and expressed unnerving behavior of the does and gazelles.

The deer enclosures must be afforded no more attention than other venues like the elephants and hippo’s.

Should a park official dare to check up on the prey more than the Hippo enclosure – the Urban Predator Defense League will deliver the full weight of their ire upon you. Remember, ISIS is not, after all, “Islamic”.

Take this illogical mantra to its natural conclusion and you have an authority who learn there is actually a level of acceptable slaughter.

Simultaneously you have a community unwilling to confront their own risk exposure.

Another prey goes missing you say; behind the abandoned house is a stench and buzzards you say;…   It must just be the left over chips and salsa from the Bullfrogs playing poker last night. Carry on.

Nothing to see here. It will never happen here. It could never happen here. Yet it does.

It does specifically and consequentially because of the communities’ exhibited response (the immediate defensiveness, emotional discomfort and feelings) is a reflection of the exact PC infection that runs rampant in the state authority, and a community unwilling to confront it.

In essence the communities’ disposition, the head in the sand, is what permitted Jesse Matthew to continue.

You don’t want anyone to hold a negative opinion of the blood stained deer enclosure – without giving a thought to the fact the predators are hunting in your back yard using your predisposition, willful blindness and denial against you.

Wake up and save your girls !

jesse matthew 5.1

√ 2009 – Cassandra Morton, 23, abducted/missing October 2009
√ 2009 – Morgan Harrington, 20, abducted/missing October 2009
2010 – Samantha Clarke, 19, abducted/missing Sept 2010 (*Randy Allen Taylor)
2011 – Lauren Susann Smith, 24, abducted/missing Nov 2011
2012 – Heather Hodges, 22, abducted/missing April 2012
2012 – DaShad Laquinn Smith, 19, abducted/missing Nov 2012
2013 – Alexis Murphy, 17, abducted/missing Aug 2013 (*Randy Allen Taylor)
2013 – Jamisha Gilbert, 17, abducted/missing Nov 2013

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70 Responses to “Wise Up and Save Your Girls” – Hannah Graham’s Body Found Reveals Why They’ll Never Find The Other Missing Virginia Girls Bodies…

  1. Scott Angell says:

    Just saw a story out of Gary, Indiana where a man has led police to the location of 3 women he had killed and dumped after he was arrested for strangling to death 19 year old Afrika Hardy at a motel. Police have not released the man’s name??? but I suspect he maybe black owing to the name of his victim and his hometown. Why is that important?

    For far too many years police seemed to operate under the theory that only white males were serial sex killers. This investigatory bias not only caused to police to ignore other possibilities it also left poor black women especially vulnerable to the depredations of animals like Anthony Sowell, a convicted rapist in Cleveland who was able to murder 11 black women in his home over a period of more than 2 years because police didn’t think there was a serial killer on the loose.

    That Jesse Matthew may have preyed on both sides of the color line also seems to have blinded Virginia police to the possibility they had a serial killer and he could be a black male.

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    • hitrestart1 says:

      Not only has the long-held theory that serial killers are primarily white males been proven wrong, meticulous research has revealed that black male serial killers are now overrepresented along racial lines. To be more succinct, while blacks account for about 12.5% of the population today, records of serial killers dating back from 1860 to 2010 reveal black males account for 48.17% of all serial killers, slightly exceeding whites by 0.98%

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    • sundance says:

      That Gary Indiana story is just bizzarro.

      The captured suspect is admitting to at least 7 women killed at various times, in various places. Yet check out this statement:

      …”“We would like to dispel the rumor that there is a serial killer’ on the loose. There is a 43-year-old man in the custody of The Hammond Police Department, who led officials to 3 deceased female victims who has claimed responsibility for their demise. Gary Police are closely working with Hammond Police to assist in covering every area of the investigation needed to pursue charges as expeditiously as possible,” the statement read”….


      If this guy is not a “serial killer”, then I have no idea how they would define serial killer.

      Seriously weird.

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    • me says:

      This isn’t about race!! Its about a serial killer. Last time I checked they came in all different shapes, ethniticity, and character. It is plain ignorant for you to even put this post out there! Before you start posting on assumption you might want to google some facts. Its people like you, always pulling the race card, that keeps the peace from the world today! Grow up and start doing some research! I am from Virginia and I think that our State Police do just fine at finding out their FACTS in order to bring justice to our state. Serial killers don’t have preferences, they simply kill for the thrill. Whats the difference in interracial relationships?

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    • Moishe Pipik says:

      The Atlantic Magazine ran a review of the new book “Why We Love Serial Killers”


      In fact, just 46 percent of all serial killers since 1910 (when they started tracking these things) have been white. (See the review.)

      “In reality, Bonn says, “they are actually far more nuanced, far more varied than the general public realizes.” The racial breakdown of serial killers is about the same as that of the U.S. population at large, according to the FBI. Based on the Radford University serial killer database, which includes data on nearly 4,000 killers, just 46 percent of serial killers since 1910 have been white men.”


  2. Chip Bennett says:

    Just another – dangerous – manifestation of the NIMBY attitude.

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  3. justfactsplz says:

    This PC garbage is growing like cancer. Sundance I love how you push back head on, PC be danged. Sunlight is essential to a thriving community, not matter how uncomfortable. These people are the ones who would say it couldn’t happen to their daughter, then it does. The truth has no agenda no matter what your comments are. Shine on. WOLVERINES!

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  4. Sharon says:

    So … less than a mile away but considered to be another world. Generalized and sanitized perceptions can be deadly.

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  6. Aslan's Girl says:

    I pray the families of these other missing girls DEMAND the police continue searching the area — at least continue searching this 2.5 acre property!

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  7. Two homes nearby – I wonder if one is his mother’s.

    I saw a show on Morgan Harrington (sorry, do not recall – there are so many unfortunately) and my spidey senses tingled that there was something that was being left out. IIRC, they mentioned that the dna matched a rape from years before, but I don’t recall a sketch?? IMO, the police did NOT want to give out info +/or connect the two. I’m going to look if I can find what show I’m remembering.


  8. chuckles49 says:

    You’re absolutely right Sundance. I wonder how many people have died due to political correctness over the last couple of decades.. I imagine most of these poor girls were never warned by their loved ones to avoid vicious animals like JM because they didn’t want to sound racist.

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  9. Billie smith says:

    I love about 25 miles from Charlotesville. Some of us in the Shenandoah VAlley refer to it as “the people’s republic of C-viille.” It is a democrat lair filled with academics, attorneys, and environmentalists. Heaven forbid they call a spade s spade (go ahead, call me a racist). It’s time the lid is blown on this nonsense. My prayers to the Graham family. on

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  10. Chewbarkah says:

    An article about the reaction of residents living near the discovery site, in today’s dailyprogress.com says: “Neighbors said they had grown accustomed in recent weeks to the sight of authorities on foot and ATV’s combing the area for signs of missing U. of V. student Hannah Graham.” This sounds like the obvious was apparent even to local police, and there was no lack of attention to the area.

    Walnut Creek Park is a very low key, serene place to hike, picnic, etc. I can understand someone being disheartened by the proximity of this crime to a favorite place — but wishing can’t change the reality. However, until further info emerges, I expect that Matthew chose the location because of the home/childhood/familiarity aspect, despite the Park, not because of it. This time of year WCP is slow, but there are still lots of hikers apt to ramble around and discover things. Matthew knew to choose an unfrequented place.

    IMO, the locus of trouble surrounds the Harrington investigation in 2010. After it was claimed publicly that the police interviewed cab drivers in 2009/2010, the VSP pointedly announced that they had “no record” of any such interview of Matthew. No record, hmm. Why omit to question a man who looked so much like the Fairfax sketch that his friends teased him about it? Why omit ANY cabbie in a town that probably had 40 at the time, and Matthew held a City cab license (likely with an id photo in the City’s possession — I’d sure like to see it). The ball was dropped, leaving Matthew to do God knows what in the meantime. I rather doubt that LE wants this aired. But there is really no mechanism for investigating LE or unveiling any of this, unless the Grahams’ sue, which seems problematic.

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    • THIS NONSENSE will not stop until PROG havens are bankrupted by their own foolishness. EVERY rape/murder by Matthew after Morgan Harrington was found is the fault of LE and the PROGS they serve. IMO

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      • Chewbarkah says:

        Crimes are the fault of the criminals. The failure of government to protect the public from them doesn’t mitigate that. I also see little hope that leftist enclaves will be bankrupted, other than morally; other people always pay the price for their folly. My concern is that there exists no mechanism for holding investigating or anyone accountable for the (likely) failure of government to protect the public.* The leftist City Council of Charlottesville is not capable of investigating the investigation, even if it wanted to. The police are not going to ‘out” themselves. There is no investigative journalism with the requisite juice in this area. The state legislature does not investigate local matters. To me, this lack of accountability is the reason things will not change.

        *I admit that connections that seem obvious now might not have been in 2010. But I suspect that someone made bad decisions and missed obvious things even then. Maybe they were pulled away from Matthew for reasons I can’t fathom (seems unlikely). More likely, just not very bright. Was the person who screwed up promoted? Allowed to botch other investigations? We’ll never know.

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        • When they found Morgan Harrington with dna matching another rape WITH a sketch, they knew what they had. They were hiding something that far back. Also, did you know that they can determine race (among many other things) via dna?

          Also, they COULD have gotten a partial hit to JM’s father (or other family members) with that dna. UK does it, why don’t we??


  11. chris says:

    the police have been here all day
    3760 Walnut Branch Ln North Garden, VA 22959
    this is where she was in the woods above the house


  12. auscitizenmom says:

    Can’t cadavar dogs pick up the scent of even just the bones? I understand they can actually find them in water because of the gases they put off.


    • arttart1983 says:

      auscitizenmom ~ you’re correct. I’ve seen several interviews w/Tim Miller of Texas Equa Search that has recovered many murdered children/adults across the US in which he talked about how incredible these recovery dogs are. I too was surprised that some of the dogs could detect bodies in water.

      I too was surprised that JM made an attempt to bury Hannah in a shallow grave. I wonder what he did w/the shovel, if soil at the site of Hannah’s remains was found in his car, on shoes iin his apartment. Though I don’t think JM is too smart, there’s a wealth of information on the internet that would aide those of the criminal mind set. Since JM’s computer was likely seized, LE likely already has this information.

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  13. NB I have posted this before. Fortunately, some skeletal remains were found. No one can predict the future. However, it is written…
    Luke 8:17

    For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.
    Mark 4:22

    For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest; nor is anything secret except to come to light.


  14. stella says:

    Reminds me of a comment I saw in the trash. Said we were racists because we didn’t state that more white people than black people are serial killers.

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    • arttart1983 says:

      stella ~ that worn out racissssssssssssss card wears me out, I just ignore the ignorance.

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    • According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and Native Americans and Asians 2.2%.
      (AA make up approximately 13% of US population) = AA is 4 times likely to commit murder than a caucasian.

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      • ytz4mee says:

        Don’t forget hispanics/latinos are included in “White” statistics.
        DOJ refuses to tease out actual Whites of European ancestry from the mix.

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      • TexasRanger says:

        Judge my racism on this……

        Black – white or other, my judgment is this predator monster should be found guilty in swift due process and hanged! And the local area residents need to join in to tie the noose and pull the lever! Let him face his maker!


      • IrishMutt says:

        The correct likelihood ratio is (Bo / Bp) / (Wo / Wp), where Xo is the percentage of all offenders being of the X group, and Xp is the percentage the X group is of the total population.

        Using your numbers (DOJ for offenders and 2010 Census for populations) the implied likelihood ratio is (52.5 / 12.6) / (45.3 / 72.4), or 6.7 times as likely rather than 4. You have to reflect the ratio of the black offenders per each percent blacks are of the total population (the first factor) to the white offenders per each percent whites are of the total population (the second factor).

        Most internet likelihood ratio estimates leave out the second factor, which is the same as assuming white offenders are always the same percentage of total offenders as whites are a percentage of the total population (i.e., the second factor equals 1).

        Using the correct formula produces some shockingly high, but correct, differences for the most vicious crimes, such as aggravated assaults. Especially so given ytz4mee’s spot on comment below about the DOJ burying hispanics’s stats within those of whites.

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  15. doodahdaze says:

    A crackdown of yute gangs is much needed. GJ’s nation wide convened. It is destroying the black community and causing too much trouble for the people who want to live productive, lives and pursue happiness.

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  16. bob e says:

    sundance .. this was one of your more heartfelt articles. thank you ..
    it is very profound i think ..

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  17. Seems the search area would still be somewhat large, most of 631, part of 29, 708, and 712. Knowing his childhood address and address of his childhood BFF may pinpoint the are to begin. I would hope they call in Texas Equasearch – I believe there would be more remains found.

    There may be more young women missing that have not been reported missing or weren’t known to have gone missing from Charlottesville.

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  18. TexasRanger says:

    Perhaps this monster predator, realizing he is caught never to walk free again will confess all! The right interviewer, relative, clergy, council or other could possibly persuade him to come clean and confess to all his victims! And, assist in locating and finding their remains.

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  19. PatriotUSA says:

    Gentrification and PCness seem to go hand in hand along with NIMBY, all diversity and multiculturalism is really good and anything white must be, of course all bad and evil. Makes one wonder if Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. were all black how they would be painted and ‘whitewashed’ purple penguin style by today’s low standards of political correctness. What is next, Mugabe will get the Nobel Peace prize? Why not. That has already been permanently stained, been lowered by giving it to the rotten fruit on the ground, not even low hanging fruit BHO who has turned the White House into a very Black House of ill repute.

    I would want to know of any threats in me ‘hood and that goes many, many miles out from wherever I might e residing at. Idiots, blinders get people killed especially vulnerable young women.

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  20. There was a man who saw buzzards flying around in that area and he briefly looked around the property but didn’t want to trespass (personally, I think he was just afraid of finding her body) and so he called the tip line on the morning of Oct 6th and told them about the buzzards and his concern that the area hadn’t been adequately searched since the house was vacant. The woman who owns the property is elderly and would not have been able to conduct a search on her own. Clearly though, the tip was never followed up on because the search team leader who found her said that he just had an instinct that led him to keep searching in that area.


  21. From the map. it appears “4000 feet” is between two and three times the length of the park in its longest dimension. The community has had masses of people hunting for her for most of a month.

    Try not to be an idiot about this.


    • georgiafl says:

      4000 feet is close enough for Law Enforcement to station themselves in Walnut Creek Park.

      It is likely the entire 10 mile radius from JLM’s mother’s home or Red Hills Elementary or any other place JLM lived is close enough to be considered possible locations of JLM’s victims.

      You certainly lack civility and good manners. People who have to malign other people and engage in name calling are revealing a lot about themselves. Is that how you treat your wife, children, family and friends?

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    • sundance says:

      The “idiots” are those who keep their head in the sand.

      The facts belay the idiot’s dispositions.


  22. burdyblue says:

    Thanks for covering this. Just read that another girl in Fairfax was found dead this past weekend. Good to know Matthews in behind bars, but unsettling to acknowledge that there are other evil people still out there. I am surprised that Gil Harrington’s mother says she has no desire to tear this man apart limb-by-limb but relieved to know this “maurading bear”is locked up. She has a lot more stealth than I would have had that been my daughter.


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