Potentially Explosive – On Scene Evidence Shows Mike Brown Accomplice Dorian Johnson Was Part of Physical Assault Against Darren Wilson…

Initially we thought the item identified at the base of the drivers door was brass shell casings as a consequence of Officer Darren Wilson discharging his firearm while under assault by Mike Brown.  (click to enlarge)

Wilson truck with shell casing highlighted

We were wrong.

HatTip to Treeper LTC8K6According to his own statements and media testimony, accomplice Dorian Johnson said he was not involved in the physical confrontation at the SUV of officer Darren Wilson.

Additionally, in his various statements, witness Michael Brady had placed Dorian at the passenger side of the SUV approximately 5 feet from the front bumper.  But Brady readily admits he did not see the origination of the struggle, only the part where it got really loud, captured his attention, and he peered through his apartment window to witness Mike Brown punching Officer Darren Wilson through his SUV window.

darion johnsonDorian Johnson has repeatedly claimed he was not involved in assaulting Officer Wilson.  Johnson blamed Mike Brown for the violence that occurred at the vehicle.

Logically this seemed to make sense because obviously when presented with two subjects officer Wilson identified Mike Brown as the greater of the two threats, and did not pursue Dorian – Wilson’s focus was on Big Mike Brown.

However, evidence now suggests that both Mike Brown AND Dorian Johnson were involved physically at the SUV in the initial struggle with Darren Wilson.

When Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson entered the Ferguson Liquor Market to steal the cigars, the “rellos“, there was a distinct gold bracelet on the right wrist of Dorian.

He’s wearing a loose wide rubber band on his left wrist, and a gold bracelet on his right.

The link style bracelet is most identifiable in the CCTV footage as Big Mike reaches back to hand Johnson the first package of cigars.   (*note* it’s best visible in the HD versions of the CCTV upload)


bracelet 2

Two HD versions of the CCTV video:

But when you see Dorian Johnson next, about an hour and 20 minutes later giving his scripted media interview in the apartment complex, the bracelet is gone.

Screen Shot:

Dorian Johnson hands up

… and here’s video confirmation of its disappearance, (keeping in mind the “Hand’s Up” aspect was manufactured by the man standing behind him, Anthony Shahid):

The missing bracelet appears to be what we initially identified as brass casing(s) on the ground at the drivers side of officer Darren Wilson’s SUV (3200 x 1800 image):

Wilson truck with shell casing highlighted

How did Dorian lose his bracelet ?

Considering the events as described there are few explanations and all involve physically interacting with Officer Wilson.

In the following image note the drivers side rear view mirror:

wilson vehicle 4.1

Notably pushed into its breakaway position facing the opposite direction from which Mike Brown ran.

In addition we can reconcile another point of physical evidence.   The item located at the furthest evidence cone in this image is indeed Mike Brown’s slider style sandal.

Wilson truck with shell casing highlighted

Again, if you go back to the CCTV tape you will note a very specific slide sandal worn by Big Mike.   Here’s what they look like:

mike brown slidesThe slide next to the evidence cone is one of these upside down.  If you invert the image I do believe you’ll note it is from the right foot – which would make sense if you were in a struggle and then turned going to rapidly run East from a position to the rear of the SUV.  You would push off with your dominant outside foot, in this case your right.

This apparent rapid acceleration while stumbling (somewhat) could cause the right foot slide to dislodge during rapid inertia or acceleration.

The other evidentiary item identified at the scene of the confrontation is Big Mike’s ballcap.  Also visible in the CCTV video.

0005 rough sketch

The mystery bullet noted above the ground floor window south of the incident would indicate a struggle at or near the vehicle with the discharge of at least one shot.

bullet hole 1

bullet hole 3

Speculation based on data – A plausible scenario exists where both Big Mike and Dorian were physically involved with Darren Wilson while the car door was closed, or only partially open.

Perhaps this moment is when Dorian lost his bracelet, and when the door was opening he fled toward the Northwest parking lot where he was later identified amid the crowd.

Perhaps in his movement toward the front of the SUV it was Dorian, not Mike, who ran into, or bent, the breakaway side view in the direction of his travel while Big Mike continued to engage with Officer Wilson.

During this Wilson and Brown engagement could be when the officers firearm was discharged toward the rear of the vehicle, missing Brown but hitting the building behind as noted.   Perhaps that’s when Mike decided he’d lost the element of first aggression and now Wilson’s revolver became the equalizer to a significant size disparity.

Perhaps that’s why Big Mike took off running East, losing his Nike slide, and continued in his socked feet until they ultimately came face to face again.

Under this scenario Dorian would have gone in one direction, Northwest from the front of the vehicle, and Big Mike would have gone in the other direction Southeast from the rear.

Canfield Map 4 with witness locations

Much like the Zimmerman fiasco we do not present these analytical discussions as a fight for the freedom of one man – We fight back for the freedom of our republic lost when a duplicitous media fail to uphold their responsibility as a fulcrum of truthful information.

Part of that essential freedom is a demand upon our national press, and a concerted effort to hold the fourth estate to account for delivery of the truth – even when that truth itself presents a painful look into the mirror of consequence.

The Fourth Estate has been compromised beyond all horrible imaginings.

Therefore it is not “burying us with irrelevancies” to fight the dark media agenda of deception.  And we do that by holding up the brightest sunlight upon the facts.

That is not irrelevant, that is our entire purpose.   That should be what all blogs strive to achieve within their respective discussions.

Eliminate the need for the The Last Refuge to exist and in good measure you will have restored the republic.

Until then, we will stand guard to the defend the precious yet flickering flame of truth.  Even if we err, even if we stumble, and even if the hurricane winds of deception peel the flesh from our hands in the doing…..   

If we fail, it shall never be said we failed for lack of effort.

And if, as a consequence of that effort, Officer Darren Wilson is free again to live without the burden of falsely motivated hate afore him, well, that’s the icing.   But it’s most certainly not the cake.

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416 Responses to Potentially Explosive – On Scene Evidence Shows Mike Brown Accomplice Dorian Johnson Was Part of Physical Assault Against Darren Wilson…

  1. ftsk420 says:

    Ok so Dorian was front of suv passenger side about 5 feet from it wouldn’t that put Dorian about at the grassy knoll

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sandra says:


  3. Joe says:

    Excellent points you raise. The general public, especially suburban, white females, who have no exposure to “black culture” other than the Cosby Show, don’t understand this point: lying is second nature in the ghetto and down-scale black communities. As a defense attorney for 27 years, I can say, categorically, that urban blacks lie thru their teeth on any matters re: the police. Ask any cop, prosecutor, or defense attorney (not aligned with Al Sharpton). Black defendants come up with the craziest claims when the evidence is overwhelming. “I borrowed these pants and did not know the dope was in my pocket.” “I was holding the (illegal) gun for a friend.” I could go on and on. And white liberal reporters play right into this garbage, giving their stories equal weight so as not to offend anyone. Here’s the bottom line in this case: If you attack a cop, you’re going to get shot….and you deserve it.

    Liked by 10 people

    • doodahdaze says:

      The worlds dumbest excuses. But then they easily work it back. It is amazing. It is like hey just try some dumb plan then the next then the next. Amazing.


  4. georgiafl says:

    I have watched each of the robbery videos several times and do not see anything around Dorian’s other wrist, only the rubber band.

    Then, I looked at the gold item on the pavement enlarging the image, looking at it through various lenses, and magnifications. Next, I searched a lot of bracelet styles, and also wondered if it was Darren Wilson’s car keys or a string of Muslim prayer beads belonging to Darian or Michael Brown.

    Then I saw this: http://cdn.iofferphoto.com/img/item/612/624/0/l_s6J1i3Jf77BhgfF.jpg

    Could this be it?


  5. Prayer Man says:

    Highly unlikely. That item is a “thumb rosary” and I doubt that either of those two guys
    were religious or into praying the rosary.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. racismsmacism says:

    A computer simulation of the shooting- not sure if it helps. First time I’ve seen it-


  7. LTC8K6 says:

    I am glad to have that other item by the cone ID’d. I would have expected to see the cigars dropped, too.


  8. doodahdaze says:

    Here are some interesting facts on Federal Grand Jury. Mo. may be similar.


  9. William Wheeler says:

    This is article is nothing but spin… if dorian had anything to do with am assault he would have been charged the same day! Don’t you think an officer that has to prove self defense would utilize such an obvious justification! Come on people it’s common sense!


    • talkaftercarefulthought says:

      hmmmm I would think dorian would be arrested for the robber and his outstanding warrant.. it seems (rightly so) that as long as this incident is ground zero for racebait 2014 the optics call for NOT looking like they’re harassing a witness (doubly so since it’s hands off of blacks right now).. c’mon.. are the lootings being looked into or is that a hands off policy too??

      Liked by 1 person

    • Angie says:

      Supposedly, Dorian is on probation, The robbery and probation violation would land Johnson in jail. In exchange for Dorian telling the truth, that goes away. It’s what I would think a lawyer would try to get for his client .I also think it’s why Dorian is seen putting the cigarellos back on the counter. He knew there were cameras and hoped it would show he didn’t take them because that would violate his probation and send him to jail if he is in fact on probation

      Liked by 1 person

      • Eric says:

        One thing everyone seems to forget is they can possibly use this stuff as leverage against Johnson to get information. I also really think they want him out there talking and will eventually use his own words against him – much like we now all know his shot in the back story was b.s. My guess is the hands up one is bull too.


  10. czarowniczy says:

    What I can see Dorian’s lawyers doing is forwarding suggestions Brown gave Dorian the bracelet to hock and buy food for the poor and starving children in the hood; throwing out figures about how many of those bracelets were made overall, how popular they were and how it was possible the one on the ground that looked like his actually wasn’t all the way to how the police confiscated it and planted it as evidence to get the already wrongfully convicted victim to roll and say the cop was attacked by Brown. Again, doesn’t have to prove anything, just raise the level of ‘information boredom/overload’ in the jury and give them a reasonable excuse to vote ‘not guilty’ by reason of urban fear.


  11. czarowniczy says:

    Just dawned on me (DHO!) – if both Brown and Johnson were wailing on officer Wilson he’d instinctively go for his weapon, even if THEY hadn’t, singly or in unison, gone for it. When Brown again, even singly, confronts Wilson out of the car and on the street again and in a perceived hostile manner Wilson would draw his weapon as Brown had established a precedent that proved a danger to Wilson and bystanders. Problem is that there are so many bystanders whose memories are so short they can’t remember, largely from lack of practice, what the truth is.That leaves the muckrakers to fabricate the events out of whole Kente cloth.


  12. justnoting says:

    Why would someone wear a “bracelet” like that?

    Because it can be wrapped around one’s fist in the event of a fight enabling one to inflict damage while minimizing it to oneself. Brass knuckles with plausible deniability.

    Maybe that’s what busted up Wilson’s face. And maybe it ended up in the street because it wasn’t around whatshisname’s wrist.


  13. DC says:

    Dorian Johnson said that the cop hit both of them with the door when he opened it it …so it doesn’t prove that there was a struggle it only proves that he dropped his bracelet.


    • kinthenorthwest says:

      If some idiot had opened their door on me and broke and/or made my expensive bracelet fall off my wrist I would not be a very happy camper.
      DC, if you scenario is right then you gave reason for why Dorian tussled with the officer.


  14. Injaninja says:

    All good points however, the “breakaway” position of the driver’s side view mirror you mention? Are you aware that police cruisers have spotlights located outside, and near, the mirror? They are operated from inside and are used to illuminate cars, addresses, etc. I could not see the mirror in the position you describe and wonder if you are looking at the spotlight instead?


  15. Jim says:

    While I do suspect Office Wilson will be found to have done nothing wrong, I need to point out what I read somewhere else … The bracelet disappears from one wrist, but it’s replaced by a rubberband on the other. Just as I find the officer’s story as more believable than the eyewitnesses’, I find it believable to think that the rubber band and the bracelet are one in the same. I guarantee nothing, but do think that we should think at all aspects fairly.


  16. Kristy Sanborn says:

    Has this connection with the bracelet been given to the police?


  17. jazzie65 says:

    Let’s hear the officer’s version of what happened. I’ve been waiting on that for two months! We may not ever know the truth! The officer was there and he did the shooting. Let’s hear (from him) what really happened that day…..


  18. No. says:

    That “gold bracelet” is was made out of rubber bands, with a Rainbow Loom. Many of your children or grandchildren have this toy. This bracelet is the fishtail design in white, yellow, and black. Maybe you can stop trying to assign it greater significance now that evidence photos have shown it is simply a (very harmless, and very squishy) fashion accessory of a young person.


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