WANTED – Ferguson Shooting Cohort, and Robbery Accomplice, Dorian Johnson, Has Outstanding Arrest Warrant For Previous Theft…

Which leads to the natural question: “why wasn’t he arrested” ?

darion johnsonMISSOURI – Dorian Johnson, the friend of Michael Brown who claims he witnessed the police shooting death of the 18-year-old in Ferguson, Missouri, has an outstanding arrest warrant for theft, according to authorities.

Barbara Schaffer, court clerk for the Municipal Court of Jefferson City, confirmed to WND there is a warrant for Johnson’s arrest for a 2011 incident.  Johnson was arrested June 24, 2011, and a trial was set for July 31, 2013, but he did not appear in court, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, obtained by WND, Dorian J. Johnson, 22, was arrested June 24, 2011, by Jefferson City, Missouri, police after a report of a suspect walking away from an apartment with a package that contained a backpack. Police reported Johnson lied to them about his identity.

In an interview with WND, Johnson’s attorney, former St. Louis Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr., acknowledged his client had been arrested in Jefferson City for theft of a parcel.

Bosley insisted the case was “resolved.”

“He was held in jail in St. Louis for 14 days, waiting on Cole County to come get him, based on the warrant,” Bosley said. “They never came, so the city let him go.”

But Schaffer said there is an order for Johnson’s extradition if he is arrested within a 50-mile radius of Jefferson City. Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb, is more than 100 miles from Jefferson City.

Bosley also acknowledged Johnson was with Brown at a convenience store shortly before the Aug. 9 shooting in Ferguson, where authorities revealed today they suspect Brown of a “strong-arm” robbery of cigars.

Bosley contends Johnson’s account of the shooting, accusing the officer of killing an unarmed man with no justification, is credible.

“I think that we have been able to tell our story – we have been consistent. People try to twist words, but I think he is still consistent,” he said.

The lawyer said he and Johnson met Monday with the Department of Justice, the county prosecutor and others, “and we told them everything,” including the robbery at the convenience store.

“They knew three days ago about Big Mike and my client and the cigarillos,” Bosley said.

The lawyer explained Johnson is a federal witnessso he cannot be talked to, incited, harassed in any way.”

“But he is scared and very stressed. Everybody is extremely stressed,” Bosley said. “Dorian had to leave his apartment; he has no place to stay now. He has a lady friend, and they have a 4-month-old baby.”

Regarding the convenience store robbery, Bosley said he and Brown were in the store, and Brown handed him a box.

“Dorian told Big Mike, ‘I don’t steal,’ and he put it back on the counter.”

Larceny, false identification

The police report of the 2011 theft for which Johnson was arrested, said the suspect abandoned the box that contained the backpack near a YMCA and then went inside. Police identified Johnson based on surveillance videos and approached him in the facility.

He identified himself as “Derrick” but later was found to be Dorian J. Johnson. He was charged with larceny, with an added count for the false identification.

Officers also reported he falsely claimed he was 16 years old – he was 19 at the time – and hid an ID card in his sock.  (read more)

Michael Brown store robbery

snitches get stitches

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95 Responses to WANTED – Ferguson Shooting Cohort, and Robbery Accomplice, Dorian Johnson, Has Outstanding Arrest Warrant For Previous Theft…

  1. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    Well looks like there is a 0-5am cerfew now. What took so long?


  2. froggielegs says:

    “I don’t steal”

    I’m sure his words that day were, I don’t steal…..today


  3. barbie says:

    This, of course, is not at all a question the media has thought to ask aloud on camera nor would they if they had thought of it.


  4. czarowniczy says:

    True dat – he most likely had what we called a ‘bench warrant’. When you get a court date, fail to show and have no good reason the judge would order your arrest fir failure to appear. Now in many larger cities the warrant may sit in the system until you get a traffic or other stop and it will pop up on a state (sometimes a Federal check if it’s serious enough and someone didn’t forget to put it into the system) wants&warrants check (what the cop’s doing when he takes your DL back to his car). In smaller towns officers may be tasked to go to the houses of people with outstanding warrant, hunt them down and arrest them. I’m seeing Ferguson as between 21 and 22 thousand people and we did that in a town around 35-thousand. Granted it may take a while before a skel gets popped on an ancillary stop but in a town that small you’d think the Chief would want to show a force on-the-go, a proactive force that clears backlogs and is a fearless nemesis of evildoers. I wonder if this Chief’s going to be putting in his retirement papers.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      He will be forced out just like Bill Lee.


    • OldIADGuy says:

      Actually cutting someone loose after the agency that issued the warrant tells you they won’t come and pick him up is not that uncommon. No the local department, in this case Ferguson PD would not even know about the outstanding warrant on Johnson as it was issued by another jurisdiction. At least not until they have reason to stop him and conduct a wanted check. Then the 50 mile limit comes into play.

      Take Care


      • czarowniczy says:

        True, it’s a matter of $$$$. We’d go NCIC down to NLETS and, if we still weren’t satisfied, we’d go by land line to the perp’s county and city agencies as it ain’t all that unusual for the jurisdictions to be waaaaay behind in adding new stuff to the system. If there were a warrant we’d query the issuing jurisdiction to see if they wanted to get him but if it’s enough of a distance (e.g. $500 in parking tickets and they were in California) they’d decline rather than spend over $500 to put the snatch on him. Still, it was a neat way to hold a guy if you felt itchy and every now and then you’d catch a live one. I’d love to have someone look to see if he’s on the state’s system/NLETS but you can bet there’s a bear trap on his records just now – you could lose a foots steepin’ in there.

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    • IsThisNameAvailable says:

      To be honest I didn’t like the way the Chief spoke on television, I understand he is under a lot of pressure and all that good stuff but It just felt like he couldn’t handle talking to the press. Let me elaborate, he was figiting and was like ugh “shuffles through papers”, just very armature public speaking skills. You would Imagine a police chief would be sturdy and strong on the stand.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Part of the presumed Chief’s CV should be that he handles stress well, better in fact than his subordinates. Many go through a career without having to prove their CVs – this one just won the lottery. I do believe he’ll gracefully retire someplace like the dark side of the moon. After Katrina I have no stomach for fair-weather rank.


  5. justfactsplz says:

    Wow, another upstanding citizen/sarc. I’m sure the feds will find his story credible enough for their planned railroad job on Warren.


  6. Lou says:

    simple answer. libs love black convicts because they claim they don’t get a fair shot and are an oppressed people (until the crime happens to their family).


  7. NaomiB says:

    This appears to be the Zimmerman case times a thousand.

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  8. Yakmaster says:

    Dorian Johnson got a break from law enforcement on the warrant (gasp! I thought all young black men and teenagers were hunted down like “dogs.”)
    Now this time around the FBI guaranteed him immunity for his testimony, according to his own lawyer. What’s blatantly negligent reporting is that even though Johnson’s lawyer says his client admitted it is him and Mike Brown on the tape and yes, Mike Brown stole cigarellos, the MSM acts as if there is some dispute whether that’s Brown on the tape. So, they believe what Johnson says about the shooting, but not what he verifies on an actual video tape?? Sadly, their audience is apparently willfully ignorant enough to buy what they’re selling. Boggles a fair and intelligent brain, doesn’t it??!!

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    • OldIADGuy says:

      Yakmaster, I explained about the out-of-town warrant up the page a bit. T

      he claim that the FBI guaranteed him immunity for his testimony is a bit hard to believe. First, it is not up the FBI agents to make that guarantee. United States Attorney’s Office can make such an offer, but not the FBI. They are the investigative arm of the government. The US Attorney’s Office makes the decisions on prosecution. In my experience they are usually made during a proffer.

      I believe the State has already said that he is not a suspect in either the Robbery or the Assault on the officer. So the question I have is what the immunity guarantee for???

      Take Care

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      • justfactsplz says:

        Being an accomplice to attempted murder?


        • OldIADGuy says:

          No I don’t think so, I haven’t read anything about Johnson taking part in the assault on Officer Wilson. He was present, like at the convenience store, but he did not an active participant. He ran when the shot was fired.

          Besides Assault on an Law Enforcement Officer and Attempt Robbery are state charges.

          However, with the way this case is being handled on the Federal level since the Presidents speech, maybe they plan to take that over as well. Like I’ve said previously, this case is like nothing I’ve ever seen and I’ve been involved in several high profile cases that made national news. This one is Twilight Zone material.

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          • justfactsplz says:

            You nailed it right there, the Twilight Zone. If they offered him a trade off and it wasn’t the robbery or assault of the officer, then he has something else hanging over his head. I expect him to be their witness to say the officer used racial slurs or something like that. That is federal, a hate crime, just like they are trying to pin on George Zimmerman.


        • OldIADGuy says:

          justfactspls – Let me give you a scenario, your a small guy in a bad neighborhood. You have the biggest baddest dude in the neighborhood as your friend and protector. While out with the bad dude, he decides he going to boost some cigars. He doesn’t ask you about it, he just does it. It the process of stealing the cigars, he hands you some. Not wanting to make him angry and at the same time, not wanting to draw police attention to yourself, as you have some outstanding warrants, you put the cigars back at the first opportunity in a very discreet manner. If bad dude asks you later about the cigars, you just tell him you dropped them so your hands would be free to help if the bad dude needed help with the clerk. Bad Dude might laugh at the suggestion he would have needed help.

          Fast forward to the police encounter, the officer goes by and tells them to get out the street, but bad dude tells the officer take a hike. ( More colorful language was used but since ladies may read this) Small dude is thinking about the incident at the store and his outstanding warrant and is probably willing to head towards the sidewalk. However, bad dude, having to maintain his reputation, stays in the street, requiring small dude to stand with big dude.

          The officer backs up his cruiser alongside them and attempts to get out. As the officer gets out of the car, the door bumps the bad dude. Bad dude takes this as an affront and slams it back into the officer. The officer now attempts to bail out of the car and grab bad dude. Bid Dude wishing to maintain his rep as many of the locals are now watching, charges the officer, pushing him back into the cruiser. Big dude and the officer are fighting inside the cruiser when a shot is fired. Big dude bails out of the cruiser and runs. Small dude now knows it has really “hit the fan,” runs with the big dude. They run a short distance and he hears the officer shout, Stop Police or stop or I’ll shoot or freeze. Small dude glances back and sees the officer s pointing a gun in his direction. At the same time small dude sees big dude stop and put his hands up. Small dude not wanting to get shot for something big dude did also stops, puts his hands up and faces the officer.

          For some reason, big dude not starts heckling the officer, “Are you going to shoot me?” as he starts to walk towards the officer with his hands still in the air. The officer lowers the gun a little and orders big dude on the ground. Small dude still not sure what big dude is up to starts to comply with the officers commands, when suddenly bid dude charges the officer. The officer starts firing at big dude as he is charging and big dude makes to a few feet of the officer before he falls face first to the pavement. With the officer distracted, small dude runs before the arriving police can catch him.

          Small dude’s friend and protector had been shot by the police in front of their friends. Small dude has to live in this neighborhood and has his own safety to think about. When asked what happened, what do you think small dude is going to say, especially after talking with some of his homeboys. The whole truth or is he going to embellish it.

          Take care

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    • Video cameras are racist.


  9. “But he is scared and very stressed. Everybody is extremely stressed,” Bosley said.

    I’m sure he’s scared – after all, those evil white cops are likely to hunt him down and execute him. Obviously, kneeling submissively with hands in the air is not enough to keep those murdering bastards from shooting you in cold blood. Seriously?!? He’s scared???

    “Dorian told Big Mike, ‘I don’t steal,’ and he put it back on the counter.” – SURE he did. I’m sure those were his exact world to Big Mike. Unreal.


    • Lou says:

      this police officer could possibly sue Eric Holder in the end after he’s cleared. that would be sweet justice.


    • scaretactics says:

      woo-hoo!! a black female principal harassing a white male teacher. who’da thunk?

      It doesn’t say if this witch….sorry… principal…… was ever fired. Doubt it.

      I worked for this principal’s “twin”. She was just as nasty. I left before she could do too much permanent damage, though. Thank God.

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  10. scaretactics says:

    There are 2 patterns going on here:

    1. Dorian has lied to authorities on several occasions
    2. Dorian has broken the law on at least one other occasion

    Yes, he did put the box of cigars back onto the counter after MB handed it to him, and I hope that, since he has a family now, he is truly turning his life around.

    However, you can generally predict future actions based on past history, especially patterns of behavior.


  11. kathyca says:

    surely this is him “under review” with no visible mug shot right?

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  12. Scott says:

    …”He has a lady friend, and they have a 4-month-old baby.”
    Until we are prepared to have an honest conversation about the real problem, fatherless children are likely to be tomorrow’s criminals. What are this child’s chances?

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  13. benzy says:

    So Johnson’s lawyer tells us that Dorian told Big Mike “I don’t steal” and then the lawyer goes on to tell us about how Dorian Johnson stole a parcel in Jefferson City and then gave a false name to the police when they found him. Apparently, the St Louis University School of Law doesn’t teach it’s graduating lawyers that taking a parcel is stealing. If the DOJ ever does decide to use this “witness” they have so generously granted immunity in a case in any court, it will be fun to watch his cross examination on his veracity and truthfulness. (or maybe in St Louis, lying to the police about your identity isn’t really lying either) I’m glad I don’t live in Missouri where it would seem that stealing isn’t stealing, lying isn’t lying, looting is “peaceful”, curfews are announced, but then ignored by police (and potential violators are told ahead of time they won’t be arrested), outstanding warrants aren’t enforced and people fire guns during demonstrations with no apparent action by the police. It really is quite sad to see what is fast becoming of our nation and the lack of ANY semblance of leadership from most of our so called leaders… at virtually every level

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  14. Sandra says:

    Dorian, you’ll feel better if you come clean. Come clean, help the investigation, and then get the heck out of Ferguson. There are lots of nice places in the US where you can live, get a decent job, and have a happy life. But come clean first. Unburden yourself.


  15. CK says:

    First my prayers are with Michael’s family because it is a tragedy to lose a child regardless of the circumstances. I send prayers to Officer and his family as well, as he is dealing with not only the emotions that follow anyone whose been involved in a death of another as well as the fear of knowing he’s getting death threats that given the opportunity would most certainly be carried out….
    That being said, Dorian’s “witness account” comes into scrutiny when he conveniently omits the “strong arm robbery” he “witnessed???” but never stopped his friend, he only held the box of cigarillos for Mike right by the exit door before handing them to Mike , (not having any idea Mike was planning on stealing them) he continued to watched him not only steal, grab the owner by the neck and forcefully shove him into a wire display rack….but also watched him turn around when the clerk followed him to the door and very aggressively came after the clerk to intimidate him..he was menacing, towering above 6’4 and over 260 lbs… threatening to say the least.. Then less than 10 min later denies “doing anything wrong”!!!!! His witness account by all means is suspect and his credibility is shot. Learning this new info about Dorian’s wrap sheet can only validate his willingness to lie, because he lied about his age, he stole a package, even though he “doesn’t do that”, and he didn’t comply with the law, when he failed to show up to a court ordered arraignment, but rather chose to flee and evade his charges of BREAKING THE LAW because he’d rather have a warrant out for his arrest and take his chances not getting caught…..
    NOW, Dorian was aware of his legal issues when the officer pulled up to them as well. So I’m sure he wanted to flee to avoid being arrested, plus he knew he participated by association to the robbery. BOTH of them thought they’d be arrested and I’m sure were immediately going to do whatever they had to not to get arrested…..So WHO could believe his statement???? He conveniently left out the part about being a fugitive with a warrant out for his arrest and wanted by the police as he told the world that they weren’t doing ANYTHING WRONG. His friend is a gentle giant and was assassinated because he was black……RIGHT!!!!
    In America EVERYONE is innocent till proven guilty INCLUDING the officer…but you never hear that from the media or anyone else……Dorian was questioned about his involvement in the robbery and they found him not complicate and was not charged….WHY??? With this said…..THIS IS EVIDENCE THAT MIKE IS THE PERSON STRONG ARMING AND ROBBING THE STORE!!!! Have we heard this fact???? Ummmm NO.. The media is still saying “allegedly” and now even more creative….that the video hasn’t been authenticated and could be photoshopped! The attorney backed up those assertion today on CNN… no surprise there..
    So with Obama and his corrupt attorney general Holder, who is proud to call himself an “activist”, there’s no doubt that officer Warren will receive a fair investigation, and if it goes to trial, I’m assured he’ll be presumed innocent until/unless proven guilty. After all this is America and that’s the right of every citizen, even illegal immigrants!! RIGHT!!!! Sooo very sad what is happening in our world. Moral decay and religious persecution ….why would we be surprised????
    The biased media, organizations using any opportunity to agitate, stoke and insight violence as they use race, politicians using every opportunity to feed their agenda and those who use freedom to protest as a right to be violent and looding and vandalizing innocent store owners “because no one stops them”….
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tragedy when any child is killed and in no way am I suggesting Mike deserved to die. I just want justice to be done and wait until the facts come out and if it’s determined that the case should go to a grand jury, that it is tried fairly and justly IN A COURT OF LAW, NOT THE MEDIA FUELED BY PUPLIC OPINION!!!!!! Isn’t that our constitutional right here in America or did I miss the pen and phone signed in an executive order to once again am end/change/ignore our constitution?????
    Just my opinion!!!

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  16. CK says:

    Ooops, besides looting, has anyone addressed the issue that drinking alcohol in public and smoking pot is ILLEGAL???? They are given a pass once again…. Officer Ron Johnson wants to “talk” to them rather than follow the law and arrest them….why you ask??? He has an image and doesn’t want to ruin it. I’ll bet anyone that he’s going to run for office soon, he sounds like a smooth politician already. He’s been great, don’t get me wrong, but it seems to be evolving to something bigger now that he’s been given accolades ….. Egos are powerful things!!! Just saying….


  17. Mist'ears Mom says:

    This is a little OT but the libtards are aghast that this character assassination by reporting of the theft of the cigars by the poor innocent gentle giant claiming after all it was only a box of cigars worth less than $50. The chile was executed in cold blood with his hands up for $50. tsk tsk how sad. I can guarantee it if he stole in this way it wasn’t his first time and appears the store knew him. What the media morons also don’t realize that a $50 sale in a convenience store is an above avg sale except for liquor sales, the avg sale is prol about $10-$12. Your profit is prol about .40 to .50. It takes a lot of sales to make up for the lost profit from the stolen merch. There is a reason that the majority of these places are owned and ran by foreigners who run as a family business. All employees are family members-low payroll costs because the profit margins are so slim. Shoplifting is a scourge on our nation.

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  18. doodahdaze says:

    MSM has bailed out.


  19. doodahdaze says:

    Scheme Team is 100% responsibe for anything that happens.


  20. W.W. says:

    Dorian Johnson is a known liar. why believe anything he says. He IS the person behind Mike in the convenience store video, its obvious. After he is released as a federal witness he needs to be locked up for being an accomplice in the strong-arm robbery with Mike… The black community always sticks together and covers for each other and are well known to tamper with evidence. Who’s to say Dorian Johnson didn’t pick up Mike’s gun and run off with it so it would look like Mike was unarmed? I have some advice for the black folk such as all those involved in everything that went down in Ferguson; you want people to trust you? STOP HURTING OTHER PEOPLE AND BREAKING THE LAW!!!


  21. Lulu says:

    Dorian is a typical cheesy little guy who hangs around with big movers like Michael Brown. We have no idea how much influence he, the elder by 4 years, had on Brown. But hs is a sly one, being there but never quite participating. He pretty much ad to admit to being in the convenience store – had to know he’d been caught on tape. But he is a known liar with a sleazy lawyer and I wouldn’t believe Dorian if he told me today was Sunday.

    The Ferguson PD is a mess.


  22. Vesparado says:

    Why has this man (Brown’s accomplice) been arrested on a murder with special circumstances charge for Brown’s death? His attorney has admitted that he helped Brown with the strong arm robbery and he himself admitted as much in a TV interview.


  23. Vesparado says:

    Correction: Why has he NOT been arrested …


  24. skylarkva says:

    “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

    Reactionary fools from one end of this country to the other, rioting and repeating this criminal’s lie as if it was holy gospel. And irresponsible media hacks spreading the incendiary mendacity and fanning the flames of destruction.


  25. janlee says:

    Wondering if the police officer is not the shooter of the strong arm robber.


  26. CK says:

    I heard that there will be supporters for Officer Wilson on scene tonight. That sounds like a recipe for disaster!! Another thing, why don’t the police control the alcohol and pot smoking of the protestors??? THAT would stop fueling an already heightened crowd. Alcohol has always been an agitator in any environment, much less one that begins heated already… But, looks like they are already too worried about being under a microscope to use much authority….too PC like everything else…. If they don’t hold the bad actors accountable then they’ll take advantage, knowing the police aren’t going to do anything….just saying


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  28. CK says:

    1) Dr. Baden was asked on FOX this morning prior to the press conference about the gun shot that
    may or may not have happened inside the police vehicle, if there was a struggle for the gun
    could that have caused the laceration on the palm of Michael’s right palm….
    **** His answer, it is possible and would be consistent with the wound caused from grabbing or
    struggling over a gun. He said they have to wait for the police vehicle to be processed to
    ascertain that…
    ****. The attorney Mr. Parks when asked earlier said “it could have”, but other information was
    needed ie; witness statements, results from processing the vehicle, the clothes and the
    results of the tests done on the Officer etc…

    2) Would the hat he was wearing affect the trajectory of the entry of the 2 wounds to the head???
    **** His hat was located very close to his head where he was lying in the street, so it seems
    likely that he was still wearing his hat at the time of the shooting….
    If he was, the bill of the hat could possibly have changed the findings……
    *****. They need to look at his hat to see if it shows any evidence of contact with the bullets..



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  31. That’s right Fergason black community,tear up, loot(which is stealing) burn what descent People’ have work hard for years to Build! No One Cares Because You Don’t!!!!!!!!!


  32. Yea right says:

    That’s so pathetic, it always boils down to race. I wonder if it was a African American cop who shot the kid if the reaction would be the same. People should grow up and stop playing the poor me game. The racist card is getting to old. If I was a cop and felt threatened by someone who is 6″3 and going for my gun or even charging at you. Tough choice no matter what… If the cop would have got knocked out cold, I wonder if that kid would have grabbed his gun and shot him. I know I would do everything to prevent that out come


  33. Troy Smith says:

    I speak as a person who spent alot of my life in ferguson going back and forth from there and TN. In the 90’s when i was a child it was a nice neighborhood, the one im speakin of just a mile from the scene, everybody could still walk on the side walks go to the park, you know live an american life of freedom. I was about 9 when things started changing, Thanksgiving dinner in full swing an older white man was shot execution style in front of my grandmas, it was her neighbor, his killer, a young teen thug who did it as initiation for blood gang. 6 years later i was injured when a drive by occurred as i was walking back from the park to my grandmas, still have some scars on my ass from shotgun/mail box shrapnel. When we moved my Grandma here to TN in 2010 our TN tags got stole from mine, my dads, and my grandmothers vehicles, later they were used in some grand theft autos, the people of Ferguson went from well respected black, white, Latino all ethnic sorts, to becoming filled with vile thugs, who are not afraid of police, law, the feds, even death in just a decade. As the riots happened, i had friends and family effected, i dont see the stories of their homes being broke into and them being beat because they were the one of three white families (all were attacked) on the street. Police were ordered not to help them, so now their only choice, in their mid 70’s never owning or firing a weapon in their life they had to go buy one. I see Ron Johnson throwing up signs, it doesnt matter what he believes they stand for, he knows the same sign represents a gang that has heavy ties in ferguson, by police policy that alone should have cost him his job in such a situation like this where he knows the camera is watching his every move. I see al sharpton making his usual racial rant and Ron Johnson getting up saying sorry, sorry for what, sorry for his uniform? I see eric holder say, I can understand, I am also a black man. The same holder that gives guns to the cartels that make their way back to killing our border patrol agents? He couldnt understand that when he was questioned, he blamed everybody else right? So maybe he’s telling the truth he can understand those people there’s mind sets because he understands what it feels like to blame everyone else for the blood on their own hands. I see obama, and im really getting to where i pitty this guy, he must of had 4 or five more grey patches pop out his head as hit bit his tongue knowing last time he made a fool out him self. He says we need to find the source of why so many black teens are involved in crime, maybe fergusons 50% unemployment rate and government dependency has something to do with why theirs do. One american value was to work hard for your living, one human value is to work for your bread, & hitler sure made use of welfare so it was easy for him to control the people because they all were dependent on his reich. I see claims that Black people in ferguson are discriminated, that they get ticketed and pulled over more, 66% more likely than a white person holder claims. The most recent census said ferguson had 64% black, and the rest was split between white or hispanic. Do the math twice as many black people than any other of course the tickets will show they get ticketed and pulled over more, thats common logic. Everyone on Michael Browns side is only doing a good job of making false claims that even a young man with just an associates degree in forensic and criminal sciences can break down in minutes. Theres the criminology of the case, which i understand would be complex for people who havent had such education or training, MB’s actions in the store reflect exactly what the polices account of what he did to officer wilson, plus the orbital fracture, i mean clearly the officer was assaulted that day, and MB was in the type of mood to do that. There is the legal side of the case, in MO as far as i have understood it, police have right to use deadly force when a suspect is in commission of a felony or fleeing from a felony. You can argue the moral of it but he could have shot MB in the back justified by the fact he was just assaulted that brought injuries id say would have been classified as attempted murder of a police officer, but he didnt which the forensics and ballistics will prove, he waited till the last moment to use deadly force. The shots are consistent with officer wilsons injuries to his eye, the shots on the arm are in line with an attempt to land center mass shots at the heart like trained to do the arm was in defensive position as he was charging the officer, when within close enough distance even with a serious injury to the eye he lets off two last shots which would have been close to centermass now that brown would be bending down as if to tackle the bullets strike the face and top of head and MB drops. a few feet from the officer. The only justice i see needs to be done is it is universal that if in commission of a felony an accomplice dies the other suspect is to be charged with their death. DJ did nothing to stop MB from attempting to kill an officer, id even like to know what he was really saying while MB carried out the assault im sure it wasn’t “stop man dont beat the police”, it was probably more like “yeh nigga get that muffucca”, if so he is an accomplice in that assault even if his hands never touched the officer guilty by association would apply and,on top of the robbery and assault he is the only one who by law should be punished for the death of MB.


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