Largest Illegal Immigration Contractor BCFS Busted For Failing To Disclose Lobbying Activity….

BCFS is to Immigration Grants what ACORN was to Community Organizing Grants.  Taxpayer Funded “Charity”…

obama dallas 6(Kudos to Chuck Ross @Daily Caller for pulling back the curtain)  A Texas-based organization that has been awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracts by the Obama administration to house illegal immigrant children not only lobbied the federal government, but also failed to properly disclose the activity.

After The Daily Caller inquired about its lobbying disclosures, BCFS, a San Antonio-based nonprofit, now says it may correct its tax forms to properly disclose its lobbying expenditures.

The Obama administration, through the Department of Health and Human Services, has tapped BCFS, formerly known as Baptist Child & Family Services, to provide security and other services to unaccompanied children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, and Ft. Sill army base near Lawton, Okla.

BCFS has become the largest provider of such services for the child immigrants, who are part of a massive influx of mostly Central Americans that has put the Obama administration on its heels.

The administration expects 90,000 unaccompanied children to be apprehended at the U.S. border by the end of the fiscal year, more than triple last year’s total.

HHS has given BCFS $280 million in federal contracts for its services so far this year. Nearly all of that — $270 million — has been given for services for unaccompanied children. HHS has given BCFS $458 million in total, according to the Tracking Accountability in Government Grants System.

According to the Senate lobbying database, BCFS is the only organization that provides residential services directly for unaccompanied children that has spent money on lobbying.

Since 2006, BCFS has spent $210,000, according to a database maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics.  (read more)

———————-  Previously we shared  —————-

On July 9th 2014 President Obama made a visit to Dallas Texas for two reasons. The first reason was fundraising, the second reason was to meet with Governor Rick Perry and “Faith Leaders” to discuss the border crisis.

As an outcome of the visit the following AP picture became the subject of much inquisition, humor and -as typical for the progressive side of the continuum- ridicule. Liberals love to bash Texas Governor Rick Perry.

obama dallas

But the more important part of this picture was never actually spotlighted. So we’ll turn on the Q-BEAM.

A wider angle of the picture would reveal a more integral player seated at the table. A person mistakenly characterized by the media, but perhaps the most significant benefactor of the entire immigration roundtable.

obama dallas 6

In the lower left of this image you see a man named Kevin Dinnin. Before we get into the curriculum vitae of Mr. Dinnin we first need to set the scene by using President Obama’s words to describe what was taking place.

After the meeting in the pictures President Obama took to the podium and delivered a pointed speech highlighting what had taken place, as well as describing who was involved.

You can find the transcript of his entire speech and the subsequent media Q&A here. We are going to place excerpts below because it is important to understand the event as President Obama and his team would like you to believe:

obama dallas 8

President Obama – Hello, everybody. I just had a good meeting with Governor Perry, local officials, and faith leaders to talk about the steps that we have taken and that we need to take to address the humanitarian situation on the border. And I want to thank everybody who’s been involved for taking the time to talk to me.

It’s important to recognize two things. First, the surge of unaccompanied children, and adults with children, are arriving at one sector of the border, and that’s the Rio Grande Valley. Second, the issue is not that people are evading our enforcement officials. The issue is that we’re apprehending them in large numbers. And we’re working to make sure that we have sufficient facilities to detain, house, and process them appropriately, while attending to unaccompanied children with the care and compassion that they deserve while they’re in our custody.

[…] The final point I’ll make is I just want to thank some of the faith-based groups that I just met with, as well as mayors, commissioners, local officials. Dallas has been incredibly compassionate in looking at some sights, some facilities in which they can accommodate some of these children. And I indicated in hearing the stories of churches that are prepared to not just make donations but send volunteers to help construct some of these facilities or fix them up, and their willingness to volunteer in providing care and assistance to these children — I told them thank you, because it confirmed what I think we all know, which is the American people are an incredibly compassionate people and when we see a child in need we want to care for them. (link)

Again, the full text is here, but for the sake of understanding how President Obama was painting the scene you have a pretty good idea from above. This is what Team Obama call the “optics” of the presidency.

A listener, or a media person writing in general terms about what they just witnessed would probably write an article like this, or perhaps like this. Essentially giving you an impression similar to what you would believe having just watched the speech.

The impression intended would be that President Obama just met with a bunch of religious organizational heads, perhaps priests, pastors and ministers. Along with “faith based” advocates who are helping to deal with the immediate needs of the illegal aliens, unaccompanied minors, and the larger “border crisis”.

You would be wrong.

To avoid my calling our President of The United States a liar, I will instead say President Obama is being intentionally obtuse, perhaps even deceitful. Here’s why.

I’ll use a faith based media source to highlight the deception:

obama dallas 5

Religious Herald – Obama held the meeting in Dallas one day after he asked Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency spending for the crisis along the Texas/Mexico border. Border Patrol has apprehended more than 50,000 unaccompanied minors so far this year, many of them fleeing violence in Central America.

Chris Liebrum, who leads the Baptist General Convention of Texas’ disaster recovery program, characterized the meeting as a genuine roundtable discussion with “quite a bit of back and forth” dialogue, noting Obama called on each person to ask for his or her ideas.

[…] Also attending the meeting was Kevin Dinnin, president of Baptist Child & Family Services, a BGCT-related agency providing care for children housed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

Other participants included Arne Nelson, president of Catholic Charities of Dallas; Gov. Rick Perry; Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas; Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, who had volunteered the county to house up to 2,000 immigrant children; the mayors of Dallas and nearby Grand Prairie, and county and state officials. (link)

So that’s who President Obama calls “faith leaders“. But there’s a problem, none of them are religion based organizations. None of them have churches. None of them have congregations or parishioners’.

They are the heads of government funded non-profits. Remember ACORN? Same/Same.

They are taxpayer funded corporations who exist almost exclusively on government grants. Despite the words “Baptist” and “Catholic”, these are NOT religious “faith based” groups. The name Baptist and Catholic is only to give the appearance of “religion” and add a dose of “charity” to the appearances.

Back to the picture mentioned earlier and the aforementioned Mr. Kevin Dinnin.

obama dallas 6

kevin dinninWe recently stumbled upon Mr. Kevin Dinnin when we were looking around for the primary recipients’ of HHS Grants and we came upon the 2012 tax filings of BCFS, or more accurately BCFS EMD where Kevin Dinnin is the principal officer and CEO. Paid at an annual salary of $477,799+

This one group alone makes ACORN seem small ball in comparison.

Two days before this meeting with President Obama, on 7/7/14 Mr. Dinnin was given a grant from Health and Human Services in the amount of $190,707,505.

Yes, that is over $190 million dollars just before he met with the President. In 2014 alone BCFS has received almost $270 million.

BCFS 2014

These are staggering sums of money to just one of several taxpayer funded groups operating under the guise of “faith based organizations”. The amounts awarded to these “faith based” groups in 2014 far exceeds the money ever given to the fraudulent social assistance group, ACORN. And the 2014 grant amounts are EXPLODING in comparison to 2012 and 2013.

As previously listed here is the 2012 Tax Return for BCFS:

Catholic Bishops so far in 2014 $27 Million is another albeit smaller example, after receiving almost $70 million in 2012.

But the most staggering figure is what HHS has spent on Unaccompanied Minor Children (under grant code 93676) since the President’s 2012 Deferred action program began:


Obama Jesus Pose



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33 Responses to Largest Illegal Immigration Contractor BCFS Busted For Failing To Disclose Lobbying Activity….

  1. doodahdaze says:

    He is plus ultra beyond logical description. Words can’t describe him. A rodent has more credibility.


  2. labrat says:

    You just know that $250/per day/per child isn’t actually going to the little children, it defies logic. A lot of folks getting rich destroying America as we know it. 😦


  3. John Galt says:

    “Since 2006, BCFS has spent $210,000”

    There has to be a whole lot more grease than that. Is Zero going to be giving some high priced speeches when he leaves office?


    • sundance says:

      JG, I totally agree. There’s going to be a whole lot more. I think I know where some of that $$$ is going to surface (will write about tomorrow – researching now).

      What I think we will find are various “civil rights type’ lawsuits being filed against municipalities who refuse to allow illegal alien transfers. We are seeing the beginnings of it now….

      Groups like BCFS-EMD and South West Key Inc. are going to be the ones found financing the legal challenges (lawsuits) because they hold a vested financial interest in overriding the community opinion/rules.

      IMHO – Those who are dependent on this massive government expenditure are going to need a line-in-the-sand legal win to allow them to continue forcing communities to accept the shipments. I doubt the DOJ feels safe enough yet to do so on their own.


        • sundance says:

          Exactly this:

          …”According to CIS, the law says that to receive the UAC designation the illegal alien must be under 18 and without “a parent or legal guardian in the United States.” Yet, CIS notes, about 90% of the non-Mexican and non-Canadian children pouring across the border are placed with family members or guardians in America.

          “An illegal immigrant who arrives at the U.S. border who is not a victim of trafficking and has family inside the United States should not be benefiting from protections in the 2008 trafficking law,” said Jon Feere, legal policy analyst at CIS.

          Indeed, there’s no need to amend this law to deal with the current crisis. The problem could end by strictly enforcing the letter of the 2008 law”….


        • sundance says:

          I’ll keep saying it over, and over….

          There are NO Unaccompanied Alien Children ! Period.


          • Dixie Darling says:

            We hear you…….And we are passing information to people we know who don’t pay attention to the FACTS even though the el dumbos don’t always listen. And thank you for your hard work….some of us wouldn’t be armed with all this information if it weren’t for you.


  4. BigMamaTEA says:

    And KUDOS to Sd for putting all of the “research puzzle pieces” together for us. BRAVO SIR!
    I want you on my puzzle-contest championship team!


  5. waltherppk says:

    Counting the benjamins that would be that nice chunk of change “humanitarian grant”
    needs some good ole background gospel music ……maybe

    bringing in the sheaves, yes we are the thieves,
    so here we come rejoicing ….bringing in the sheaves

    Can I get a halleluiah people?
    Just let the spirit move you, and send more money to Reverend Kevin
    Give till it hurts and then give some more.


  6. John Galt says:

    LOL at Perry moving in on the blonde after she smiles at him from across the table.


  7. Shibbity Boo says:

    It always takes a leap of faith, when transferring funds by check instead of cash, that everyone will believe that they got their fair split of the swag and keep their mouths shut.


  8. P.Spinach says:

    I notice the Thief in Chief enjoys placing his pen unlike the others at the table in a visible zone above his pad of paper. He spends much time on this strategy and photo op. I hope it is crushed to smithereens or dries out or seriously malfunctions. I hope something zaps it to pieces.


    • doodahdaze says:

      He is preparing to issue his “Discomboulation Proclamation.” It will be the straw that breaks the Camel’s back.


  9. So what will the punishment be for BCFS getting “busted” for failure to disclose lobbying activity? As if I didn’t already know…..

    And wonder how much of the government funds were spent on those lobbying efforts? I always thought the amount of money per child was out of line… I know why…..a percentage for each child/family goes to salaries for the criminals that are robbing our country under the guise of “taking care of the children”……..

    and probably to greasing the palms of some of our congress people…..Dirty Harry comes to mind immediately.

    A pox on all of them!


  10. sundance says:

    We have sent Project Veritas a considerable amount of “intel”


  11. doodahdaze says:



  12. strat4evr says:

    The education, enlightenment and profound effect that Sundance, the Admin’s and many contributors to this site have had on me since becoming an “avid” follower beginning shortly after the events of Feb. 26, 2012 for me as an individual has been extraordinary. The knowledge you have and continue to supply to your readers through what I can only describe as brilliant research and dedication as a “true” patriot to all the men, women and children of a country you all love. You “all” are the “giants” representative of that infamous quote. Through association, thank you very much, I also have joined your ranks and will dedicate as much of my time possible towards sharing the sunlight. Sundance and Admin’s, I write this with much humbleness, sincerity and profound respect.(BTW…The reason I chose this thread to write this is because since your coverage of the events surrounding Feb 26, 2012 I have succeeded in directing more people to this site due to a greater number of people debating me on this issue as was the case then.)


  13. John Galt says:

    “The Attorney General, in the Attorney General’s discretion, may waive the application of subsection (a) (other than paragraph (3)(E)) in the case of a nonimmigrant described in section 101(a)(15)(S), if the Attorney General considers it to be in the national interest to do so”

    “No court shall have jurisdiction to review a decision or action of the Attorney General regarding a waiver under paragraph (1).”

    8 USC 1182 We have no chance with Congress passing laws which grant the executive branch unreviewable discretion.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Mmmmm …. I beg to differ that Congress can create law that can not be subject to judicial review. That’s a Constitutional violation if ever there was one. In spite of my disdain for the current roster on SCOTUS, I think they would be pretty unanimous about that one.


  14. Bret says:

    Florida charity attempts to house 32 illegal children. Annual cost to tax payer: $56,000 (plus of course all the admin fees the government takes to distribute the money).


  15. Gotta wonder who this group really is ? Are they actually Baptist Christians or some kind of front group for Acorn or Soros or some such scam ? They sure are getting a lot of funding and why would they have their own brown shirts ready to role for this occasion in Texas with the children ? I smell a rat .


  16. bobfortune says:

    Although $250 per child is enough, we’ll have to make sure this money is properly channelized. Or else, the rich people are going to be wealthier and the poor will be wiped out.


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