Game, Set and Match President Obama – And The Idiots Who Fell For It

Game, set, match to Team Obama … and “conservatives” fell for it.

Sister Norma Pimentel

President Obama, the media and liberal progressives framed the border surge as a humanitarian crisis from the beginning – thus making it an automatic win for him and the amnesty crowd.

Why? Because anyone who doesn’t aid and abet the illegals would look -and seem- like a heartless ogre.  The framework provided the “shield”.

And these idiots fell for it:

sister Norma pimetel 2

sister Norma Pimentel 3

Not only did they fall for it, they publicized it, they advertised it, they used the false framework to advance their own business interests, they promoted themselves with it  – and benefitted from it.

Then in typical Progressive Alinsky fashion they attacked anyone who would question whether or not this was a smart decision.

dana border support

dana border support 2

Selfies – Selfies – Gotta have those “selfies”, because it’s for the poor children dontcha know.  Those starving and malnourished, frightened children.  Babies.  Just Look:

beck 5

beck 4

…. It’s for, well, the “starving” and “malnourished children”:

beck 2

beck 3

Good grief…. what were they thinking ?



But wait, it gets better……

…. Along comes THIS intellectual powerhouse (aka short-sighted BUFFOON) who defends them doing it.   To comprehend the logic I would suggest you sit down.


aaron gardner

[…] the actions we saw through private charity will more than likely subsidize that [government] cost, saving tax payers dollars rather than increasing the cost through a paternalistic government aid sprung forth from the pen and phone of President Obama”.

Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot !

Really ?

You’ve got to be kidding right ?

Really ?   This is the high-powered intellect from conservative political punditry ?

Expecting the U.S. federal government NOT TO spend money because some private charity has done so on their behalf ?   Really ?

Let’s just say we’re not going to hold our breath waiting for HHS to show up in congress and hand Paul Ryan a refund check due to Glenn Beck and Dana Loesch’s brilliant “Stupid and Sanctimonious Tour”.   (But I sure wish Beck and Loesch would give it a try).


This pretzel logic is the brilliant mind of Eric Erickson’s intellectual team at Red State, namely Aaron Gardner – The “Managing Editor”.  Good grief.   This is supposed to be the strategic mind of a person on “our side” the conservative side?

glenn beck tv

And let us not forget just how much “HUMANITARIAN AID” HHS has spent -through federal grants- on “Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children”, 2012 through 2014 so far:


These co-dependent “conservatives” are self-promoting IDIOTS !

Angry Wolverine

…. and when we get pissed, we do research !

….. Because it’s a long fuse, but a large powder keg.

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34 Responses to Game, Set and Match President Obama – And The Idiots Who Fell For It

  1. dws says:

    It is painfully naive and stupid.


  2. Attorney says:

    You make a great point about our punditry. I have often noticed how weak they are compared to what the Left has. How ironic, because our intellectuals should have all the ammo in the world. But for the most part, they are awful. The moral cowardice is the problem, along with corruption.

    Do not know the answer, it probably has to do with alternative media giving rise to new talent.


  3. To paraphrase a comment on a previous thread (and my apologies, I cannot remember the author, please speak up if you know who you are!) : Wonder if Glenn is sorry he exhorted us to do our own research now?


  4. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Yeah, this turns out about as well as when a white guy is invited to an “open and honest discussion” about race. Either way, you lose. (The best possible outcome is that you don’t answer the phone,claim you never got the message, and then produce a broken iPhone with a “scratched” drive.)

    Racists. We’re all racists. LOL


    • nomorebsplease says:

      Good to see george zimmerman volunteering (jk see “selfie” photo). Can we please hit a reset button and start over?


  5. The ego is usually the source of suffering and bad choices. I was on a panel once with Adana Loesch. Several months later when I was talking to the Husband, her name came in another context. He said “who?” When I reminded him of that panel (he had been in the audience), he said “oh yeah, the woman who didn’t want to let you talk and kept trying to hog the mic?” She has a HUGE ego. As for Beck, like most DJ’s he’s an uneducated, grandstanding media whore/loudmouth.


  6. justfactsplz says:

    By the pictures it looks like they have been eating way too many enchiladas. There was one yesterday where a lady was grabbing bottles of water and she was carrying a Coach handbag. If it was real it was pricey. Wow, that’s come non profit he’s got going there. Salaries, expenses, benefits, um huh, very interesting. I am a Texan but don’t live there now. Would someone who lives there fill Ted Cruz in on all of these grant monies going to these non faith based charities? I am so disappointed on him falling for this. It looks like a quite a few conservatives are falling for this. Well, they got their day of glory and photo ops. I’m ticked too. Wolverines!


  7. Aslan's Girl says:

    Much to my heart-break, I heard Gohmert showed up, too.

    One person who didn’t was one Rick Perry. Make of that what you will.


  8. Inkraven says:

    It really helps one’s perception if you don’t look at this as a left against right issue. It’s really an elite ruling class against the rest of us issue. Elite Republicans want their cheap nannies and gardeners, and elite Democrats want more voters. Bringing in hordes of Mexico and Central America’s peasantry accomplishes both goals. Any posturing to the contrary is just more kabuki theater.


    • Sam says:

      It’s not just cheap nannies and gardeners and seasonal farm workers (there’s already a program for seasonal farm workers.) The Dems from Silicon Valley and other high tech places want more H1-B’s. They are the educated foreign workers from places like India and Pakistan. They come over, work cheaper than Americans will, then go back home when their job ends. This Mexican border invasion is just the “for public consumption” face that has multiple goals of increasing Democrat votes, vilifying Republicans as meanies or getting them onboard with amnesty (too many already are), and overwhelming the social service systems of the states. Oh, and once again shifting taxpayer dollars to Obama’s supporters and possibly laundering money in the process. And one more: the invasion allows Muslims to sneak in disguised as Mexicans. Are they jihadis? Unfortunately we might find out the hard way. The lawlessness of the plan is breathtaking.


  9. P.Spinach says:

    More photos of the emaciated children and their parents or caregivers at the Blaze:

    Here’s a brown and white hand shake for all to see:

    What tha… heck is that — Mr. Dana Loesch, again?


  10. P.Spinach says:

    A few other photos from yesterday with healthy sized, groomed children accompanied by both parents present (or posers) of fair size, seemingly at a country fair loaded up with stuffed animals and food, cannot be found now. There were more volunteers, toys and food than needy immigrants in the photos too. The need for the junk wasn’t that great. Can you imagine getting psyched up, putting on volunteer outfits, cooking up a batch of chicken wings, wrapping up toys, and only a trickle show up? The Food Bank gets bigger business from the locals than illegal aliens already living it up in modified Hiltons with palm trees. It’s ridiculous trying to privately out-do gubmint handouts already in the $ stratospheres with organizers taking home half millions. They probably buy so much food, most get thrown away. Meanwhile, locals have no jobs, no food, no health-care. It STINKS to high heaven, Glenn. MercuryNone.


  11. Cetera says:

    OK, I need to edumacated halp here…

    I still fill out 1040EZ tax forms, and I’m way unfamiliar with tax filings for charities. I’m not certain what I’m looking for in the Mercury One filings from 2012, other than Joseph Kerry makes a lot (relatively) of money for a charity director, they finished the year with $4.5 million in the bank, and took in over $8 mil in grants and contributions. Glenn’s wife, Tania, didn’t take any compensation for her 5 hours of work for the year, and neither did David Barton.

    Seems as though they may have a history of working with Catholic Charities, and gave them $100k for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. They also gave $25k to a Catholic parish, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and a few other churches.

    I’m not seeing a smoking gun, or any other big deal here, but I’m perfectly willing to admit I don’t see it and don’t know what I’m looking for.


    • ryukidn says:

      Hi, Cetera.

      LIke you, I’m not seeing anything that contradicts M1’s primary purpose, nor any assertions made by Beck & Mercury1 about Mercury1’s mission. They do seem to be growing very successfully, and that appears to me to be a hopeful occurrence.

      Can someone please help us on what the smoking gun is in the tax filing document? Nothing is jumping out at me as “improper”.


      • sundance says:

        who said anything about a “smoking gun” ? You appear to be “projecting”. That is a very specific character trait – present in very specific characters.


  12. Cetera says:

    I added a reply on that Glenn Beck article we were all participating in:

    Ah, here we go, this definitely shows it was all about charity:
     photo c6dedbb2-c731-4ca3-8baa-45738e55bd47_zps0137bd6d.jpg

    How long did they have to hold that pose to get the shot just right? That is some nicely contrasting skin tones too, no? There’s no way, no way, that was planned. Just a coincidence. Happenstance. One-in-a-million occurance, and we’re just thanking the Lord God above for his benevolence for helping that camera man just happen to be there at the right time to get that shot! What a miracle! Truly, the Lord is good!

    Who actually knew a picture would turn out to be worth not just a thousand words, but $644,188,522.00?


  13. bob e says:

    great goin’ sundance … et al


  14. talkaftercarefulthought says:

    Next on the glenn beck “humanity tour”.. handing out ice water to eskimos? I am blown away that people I thought were smarter than this did what they did.. I hope to hell that if beck repeats this “event” that someone local has the gumption to bus every homeless person from local shelters and food pantries to the front door.. and then captures every second of AMERICANS in real need being turned away so these FAUX refugees don’t miss “fourth meal”.. speaking of… I wonder if someone was able to get a few pics of the piles of teddy bears in the trash cans right outside the reception area… kind of like when people used to take pictures of the mess “earth day” ralliers would leave behind


  15. doodahdaze says:

    Clearly there is no solution to what ails America. Only an outcome. Things do not look good for the outcome.


  16. IntoTheFray says:

    Seems that true conservative Americans have once again been sold out by those who claim to represent them. O’reilly, Beck, Coulter, Boehner, McConnell, Rubio, Christy…just to name a few The list is very long. I guess we should be getting used to that by now. Ugh!


  17. partyzantski says:

    Note that they all have some combo if clasped hands/bowed heads as they stand behind some hag who resembles pelosi. It is a secular “religulous” ceremony where the pastor is delivering a weaponized social justice message for the congregants. What is next, handing out mandatory cups of “flavor aide”? Has America become one giant People’s Camp? It is almost as hot as Guyana, the aftermath will be…. ideologically “ripe”.


  18. I am ready to leave. Where can I go though? I do have relatives in New Zealand. I am just so depressed. If Trump loses or if he changes after winning, well, I am just so depressed.


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