“He Was A Good Kid”… 16-year-old Dayton Ohio Teen Killed During Armed Robbery As Family Begins The Trayvon Martin Process….

Isiah-Haggins-550x550The similarities between the Haggin’s family statements and behaviors (June/July 2014), bear a remarkable similarity to the Martin Family statements and behaviors (March/April 2012).    Parks and Crump to arrive in 3,…. 2,…. 1….. ?

Original story HERE, with discussion blog HERE.   

Now the follow-up (emphasis mine):

(DAYTON, OHIO) The family of a teen who was fatally shot by a Dayton clothing store owner this week during an attempted robbery is speaking out, expressing their frustration and seeking answers surrounding the teen’s death, local media reports.

Sixteen-year-old Isiah Haggins Jr. entered Step-N-Style Monday morning with another teen, intending to rob the place. One of the teens brandished a gun, but the owner was armed as well and shot Haggins.

Haggins was pronounced dead at the scene and the second teen, who has yet to be identified, is still at large.

HagginsThe family has not been allowed to see the Haggins’ body. However, the coroner confirmed on Wednesday that his death was ruled a homicide and that he died from injuries sustained from multiple gunshot wounds.

The teen’s distraught family says authorities have provided them with no answers and very little information.

“I want answers,” said Isiah Haggins Sr., the teen’s father. “And I want the truth.”

The incident was captured on the store’s video surveillance system but that video has not yet been released. Nonetheless, the family wants to see the footage.

Kay Haggins, the teen’s grandmother, wants proof that he posed a threat sufficient enough for the store owner to use deadly force.

“I want to know what happened, where he was shot,” she said. “Was it self-defense? Because it’s their word and he’s not here to speak for himself. We don’t know. We are just going by what (the store owner) said. I just want to know how my grandchild died.”

According to the teen’s father, he had average problems experienced by most teens, but armed robbery was just not something in his nature. The family believes that the teen was pressured into participating in the robbery.

Rod Brooks, Haggins’ uncle, told reporters they just want answers.

It’s tiring, I want to know something,” he said. “We don’t know if he was hit from the front, the back, what. We don’t know anything they’re not saying anything.”

Brooks also stated that the lack of communication from authorities has hindered the family’s ability to make funeral arrangements.

“What is it closed casket, open casket, we don’t know,” Brooks said. “We’re talking about parents, they’re in limbo just sitting here. They’re not letting them see him period.”

Brooks, like Haggins’ father, believes that participating in an armed robbery was out of the ordinary for the teen.

He wasn’t a villain. He was a good kid and kids have problems,” Brooks said.

Dayton police Sgt. Paul Saunders said the city has seen a dramatic increase in crimes involving juveniles and an increase in those crimes – and kids – involving guns.

“(Haggins) is an example of someone who has gone down the wrong path, made some horrible decision and it’s had a horrible result,” Saunders said.

The incident remains under investigation and at this point the store owner is not facing any charges.

Although he was able to thwart the attempted robbery this time, the store owner confirmed that he will be hiring armed security guards.  (read more)


Isiah Haggins Jr. (16 – left)  Trayvon Martin (17- right) Both “good kids” that somehow found themselves comfortable with handguns. 

•  Martin family claimed they were not allowed to see body of Trayvon (later proven to be a lie).   Haggin family claims they are not allowed to see body of Isiah.

•  Martin family claimed they could not bury Trayvon (later proven to be a lie).  Haggin family claim they cannot bury Isiah. 

•  Martin family claimed Trayvon “a good kid” (later proven to be a lie).  Haggin family claiming Isiah a “good kid”.

•  Martin family claimed police would not share information (later proven to be a lie).  Haggin family claiming police will not share information. 

•  Martin family claiming Police hiding 911 call audio tapes (later proven to be a lie).  Haggin family claiming police hiding cctv video tapes. 

•  Martin family wanted proof Trayvon was a threat (later proof provided, but family refused to accept it).   Haggin family wants proof Isiah was a threat.

•  Martin family uncle Ronald makes accusations of wrongdoing.   Haggin family uncle Rod makes accusations of wrongdoing. 

Crump Presser

There must be a BGI civil rights [Chapter: ‘wrongful death claim’s best practices’] playbook somewhere that gives families of teenage criminals instructions on what to say.    Perhaps the book is titled “How to turn your teens criminal death into a lawsuit” – Forward written by Benjamin Crump “Objectib Ebidense”.

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54 Responses to “He Was A Good Kid”… 16-year-old Dayton Ohio Teen Killed During Armed Robbery As Family Begins The Trayvon Martin Process….

  1. Moishe Pipik says:

    The father does have a very tiny, infinitesimal point. And that is the other robber can be charged with his son’s murder. Of course, he blames the store employee, and not the other Obamason.


  2. realitycheck says:

    The thug was shot during commission of a felony (whether “self defense” or not) …. To all thugs and wannabes : ” ” We are fed up, not afraid and will not take your criminal behavior anymore. As law abiding citizens, we will defend ourselves and the consequences may be deadly towards YOUR criminal behavior”


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      “That the attacker sustained a mortal wound is a matter that should have been considered by the deceased before he committed himself to the task he undertook.”.


  3. texan59 says:

    Not too many “good kids” put themselves in a position to get killed in an armed robbery. Somebody wanna get paid, again? 🙄


    • scaretactics says:

      Exactly. And what constitutes a “good kid” for this family?

      My definition of a “good kid” does not include taking a gun to threaten someone to hand over money. Or going with a friend to do such a thing.

      Good kid = he took the trash out once, sometime last month/sarc


      • I literally had this conversation with my daughter last night, after watching an episode of Flashpoint where a “good kid” lets his best friend talk him into robbing a store at gunpoint. It was actually quite sad, but as I explained to my daughter, decisions have consequences. I told her you don’t take a gun into your hand with the intent to do evil (or go with a friend who does) and expect a good outcome.


    • mcfyre2012 says:

      Ditto. What kind of “average problems” did the teen have?


      • scaretactics says:

        Just read on Breitbart….this “good” teen was expelled from school for bad grades, behavior problems, and shoplifting.


  4. serfer62 says:

    Are the Tee Shirts available yet?


  5. logan2016 says:

    So far, I don’t see anything wrong with what the Haggins family is saying. I understand the similarities to the Trayvon Martin shooting but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Sounds like they just want answers. I would too.

    If it turns out, this was an obvious case of self defense and the Haggins hire Crump, i won’t hesitate to criticize them.


    • sundance says:

      I’m not. I’m not the least bit afraid to say -RIGHT NOW- this family is lying, and setting themselves up to be in the best position to sue the insurance carrier for the store owner. PERIOD.

      Obvious LIE #1 – The police have not let the family (mom/dad) see the body.

      That’s a bunch of total BS and people should not take such statements as credible. The police might not be letting the 3rd cousin twice removed come in with their ex-girlfriend from the school he was kicked out of 3 years ago, that might be true. But the other. No-Way.

      That’s the exact same initial claim by the Scheme Team (March 5th 2012). Patently ridiculous.


      • Absolutely correct. They should put subtitles on these things. When the family cries, the caption should read, “it has been determined that emotional outbursts help increase jury awards.” When they say stuff like, “he was a good boy, and never did anything bad, that we know about.” the caption should say, “we are terrible parents, but we have managed to ignore all bad info about our son.” Etc.

        We’ve seen this motif lots of places. The best recent one was in Long Island where the black kid, James Moran, apparently the son of an ex-cop, was killed with his own knife. It seems pretty clear that the kid, along with 4 of his friends, tried to rob or beat up Michael Grusel. Moran pulled a knife, Grusel took it away from him and killed him with it. Now, cut to the dad and his prep work for the ghetto lottery: “He was a great kid, I’m devastated, bla bla.” Q: but he was killed with his own knife. A: “I’ve disarmed lots of people with knives before, I never stabbed them before.” So the facade crumbles a bit, but he’s undeterred in his claim for damages. It’s amazing.


  6. EdWatts says:

    “Studio” at grandma’s house? The picture of him on the balcony was taken “in the projects” somewhere. How can people on welfare build studios? It appears that the entire family, even the minors, is “tatted up”. How can people on welfare afford tattoos? One of my rules would be “If you get a tattoo, you are instantly disqualified and will never again receive any kind of welfare benefits. Ever.”

    “Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!” turns into “Gib me duh moneh!”


    “He was a good boy — just turning his life around. Sure, he had a few problems (e.g., eight busts for shoplifitng, two GTA’s, five burglaries, four rapes — one dismissed, three drawing “summary probation” as a sentence, three assaults on teachers, six more on smaller kids…), but nothing that any kid doesn’t get into. He wasn’t a bad boy; he studied the thug culture for background for his music, but he ‘nevah’ would have associated with those people. ‘The street’ ‘got him’ because he was so honest and good!”





    • Sharon says:

      “…nothing that any kid doesn’t get into….”

      EXCUSE ME????

      One of our sons played hooky from school in sixth grade, just one time, and after the consequences were completed (three full days focusing on the problem) I asked him what he was going to do the next time somebody suggested skipping school. He answered, with eyes wide, “I’ll tell them…’you don’t know my mother’.”



  7. czarowniczy says:

    Even had the second perp only been armed and shot and killed the store owner in the process of the robbery the unarmed perp would have faced a capital charge in most states. Interesting in how we’ve gone from using a thug felon as an example to others how the thug life leads down a bad path to excusing thug behavior. Is that because the concerned community has given up trying to raise their children as civilized members of society and just turned them loose to graze upon the productive? Our children, uncivilized but a potential source of wealth through tort actions – beats workin’ for a living.


  8. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    The BGI already gave us a “Saint Skittles” so how will this thug be canonized? “Saint Stick-up”?


  9. czarowniczy says:

    BYE, I’m betting the coroner’s sequestering the body IS a result of Trayvon. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had an independent forensic specialist/team look at it to confirm his results – remember the ‘forensic expert’ that the Trayvon team shook out of the bushes? As soon as this took on a media-taint I’m betting the city and all who could be put in a set of civil crosshairs went into full CYA mode.


    • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

      This was caught on store video. If I were the store owner,. I would not give anyone access top the camera until my lawyer got there. Even if they have a warrant, they cannot execute it until your lawyer looks at it.

      Then I would make sure that copies of the video were stored on some cloud storage and hashtagged.


      • czarowniczy says:

        I’d definitely get it stored/duped, the copy may not hold up in court, depending upon the lawyers’ arguments and the judges’ decisions, but at least you have one.
        I haven’t ever worked anywhere you couldn’t serve a warrant until your lawyer looks at it. Some police will agree to let you look at the warrant before they serve it so that you can check it for mistakes but they don’t have to and if you try and block them you could end up in jail, perhaps with a side trip to the ER. Once the officer executes that affidavit, telling the judge s/he has probable cause, and the judge agrees and signs a warrant – it’s all over but the service. I’ve pushed past more than one servee, even a lawyer or two, in serving a warrant. Best you can hope for, even on a flawed warrant, is for your lawyer to argue its validity at the trial/preliminary hearing. I would not advise actively defying any LEA by more than questioning the legality of the warrant if you perceive an error. That could influence how vigorously the search is carried out, whether you spend the next 72-working-hours in holding and – G-d help you – if you end up in front of the judge who signed it things can get really interesting.


      • arttart1983 says:

        MouseTheLuckyDog ~ I have read 3 more stories on the case & imo, LE have already seen the “store video” as all 3 articles stated, “Police say it appears the store owner acted in self-defense, but the investigation continues.” For LE to make that statement, imo, they have evidence to back that statement up. The other article stated the same except added “they didn’t anticipate an arrest.” That store owner’s video may have saved him a lot of head aches.

        “Since the investigation is ongoing, imo, they got their information from the store video, possibly, in this case, it will prevent charges from being fired.”


        “The owner’s identity has not been released. Police say the shooting appears to be self-defense, and they do not expect to file charges against the owner.”



  10. winning_ticket says:

    In black peoples mind you should be able to commit crimes and if caught they are fine with receiving minimal punishment. In this case a 16 year old caught for armed robbery can take a plea and do year in jail. Family has no real problem with that as jail has become part of their culture. They see getting shot as a great injustice even when it occurs in an armed robbery. Like that should not be allowed under any circumstances. This is why so many blacks were outraged when Treyvon was shot. They think the punishment did not fit the crime.


  11. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    NASA takes another hit I see.


  12. Chip Bennett says:

    Your son/grandson participated in an armed robbery. FULLSTOP.

    LJP already said it above, but I’ll say it again:

    That the attacker sustained a mortal wound is a matter that should have been considered by the deceased before he committed himself to the task he undertook.

    • 5th DCA, Stinson v. State (FL)


  13. libby says:

    Sounds familiar….dey wasnt allowed to c da body translates to ‘they have friends who earn their keep in the mortuary business who will lie throhgh their teeth to lynch them a white boy’. They’ll even lynch a brown boy if they can demonize whites in the process


  14. libby says:

    The crooked racist black cops will need to release the video to the media so the tapes can be doctored intentionally by the scumbag lame stream media that is ptherwise so irrelevant due to their continual lies


  15. libby says:

    And when trayvon came to the world through tradegy, his mama told the world how he used to hide in the dark and surprise his kin for fun … bet this kid enjoyed the thug life, too.
    Live like a thug, die like one


  16. libby says:

    If they say the cops arent talking, its likely they have racist black cops willing to break laws to create a lynch mob.
    And, of late, black teens in dayton have been gettin in a lot of trouble? Duh, they all get the wrong message from traythug and so many of their pretend parents took away the wrong lesson from traythug.
    Large numbers of blacks upped their already fever pitch racism another notch as part of the gz lynching fury (see knockout mania-open season on whitey-post traythug media/court circus).


  17. niceRN says:

    As for the family not being able to see the criminal’s body – there is an original video that aired the day of the shooting in which the short-haired “blond” family member arrived on scene and gave quite a performance for the news cameras – jumping around, hysterically demanding to see the thug’s body – right then and there at the scene, before the coroner carted him away. Of course authorities are NOT going to permit her in to see the body – it was an active investigation scene!! I wonder, is that what the family is talking about when they say they weren’t allowed to see the body?

    The article mentions the dramatic increase in violent (black) youth crime in the “west side” of Dayton. Sadly, “ THE west side” (what that part of Dayton is referred to by locals) used to be a decent area with really beautiful large older homes. My grandparents owned one of those homes when I was a kid (1970’s). My personal recollection of the west side of Dayton is that as blacks began gaining a foothold in the neighborhood, houses were torn up, crime skyrocketed and property value plummeted. My grandparent’s next-door neighbor, an elderly lady living alone, was murdered and her body was left in her backyard. Thugs vandalized my grandparent’s cars and home until they finally sold their home and moved.

    Long way to the point is that for those of us familiar with the Dayton area, violent (black) youth crime on the west side is nothing new, but Obamasons are bolder than ever knowing they have the backing of race-baiters and the Great Divider occupying the White House.

    Sorry to be so wordy, but when a certain part of the population has wreaked havoc on a city for decades, then brings on the hysterics when someone actually fights back, it really ticks me off.


    • libby says:

      I guess its time to give thanks for all the contributions blacks give to their communities. Their dedication to hard work make them ideal neighbors who uplift whatever community they enter. Their family bonds are so strong, when they enter a community, property values begin to rise almost immediately


  18. arttart1983 says:

    This young thug & his partner never anticipated that the store owner would too be packing heat to protect himself/his store. Just like Trayvon never thought GZ had a permit & a gun to protect himself. Trayvon thought he would beat the snot out of GZ, there’s no defense for stupidity for wannabe thugs that underestimate honest citizens ability to defend themselves. From the looks of the dead kids tattoos, I anticipate reading the kid had about the same school record as TM, in & out of trouble for years.

    Big Mama doesn’t seem to understand that her son/grandson & his accomplice went into the store w/a gun to perform an armed robbery. The fact the 2 robbers had a GUN made it self defense!

    It’s a good thing a black store owner a few stores down was interviewed & stated he “saw the other robber run out of the store in a hoodie & w/a mask on.” I wonder if the dead kid had a mask on too?
    The big black guy that does security for the store was OFF when this occurred, he didn’t seem to project much sympathy toward the victim.


    • libby says:

      Big black mama thought it was her thug son’s right to jack & rob whoever he wanted and anyone who tried to stop her little thug from robbin is racisssssssssssssss


  19. Spar Harmon says:

    On these threads we were recently schooled by a recap of the Cloward-Pevin Strategy.

    Here we are discussing an incident with full expectation of a mis-administration of Justice; only question is exactly how it will occur. I detect a very different overall tone from a year ago. Outrage is modified by resignation; proposals of action are missing as a response; a tiredness pervades. This is not any kind of criticism, just observation which includes myself.
    4th of July, eh. I celebrate with tears in my eyes and grief in my heart. Lord sustain us in this time. Help us to see true, each of us, what You would have us do. Give us strength to share with each other what Your Grace has granted us. Help us in our fears and unbeliefs; we can only see through a glass darkly Thy movements, Thy Power at work, Thy Love of humankind in expression. Help us realize our powerlessness without Your Power working through us: help us to humbly reach out to You for the help we need and to rest in Your loving care, for truly we are weary, beloved Shepherd and Saviour — — —


  20. ctdar says:

    Maybe and just as in the case of TM, had his parents and immediate family been a little more aware of what was going on in the teens life he wouldnt have found himself on the wrong end of a gun.
    If the family really cared, they’d already know the answers behind his death.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. bob e says:

    dosen’t matter. it’s how they roll .. ‘in yo’ face’


  22. canadacan says:

    right back atcha bro.
    I hate bullies


  23. Wolf Moon says:

    Wow. With all those allegations coming straight from the Trayvon playbook, it makes me think they made that call to Reverend Al or another grievance hustler.


  24. RJ says:

    It seems to be getting uglier every day out here in society. Young teenagers have always tried to do things which in hindsight becomes a really stupid decision. Most are lucky, they get away with it. Those who don’t generally pay a serious price for such a poor decision.

    I note that whenever I see a picture of those super rich singers, Jay Z and Beyonce, they dress as kids or as sex objects: They really know how to energize the youngsters in society!

    I’m presently in the market for a personal hand gun. I feel threatened here at home for the first time in my life. Is it my age or it is a lingering feeling that all is not right with our society?

    Anger…not getting what one thinks is deserved. Conflict to keep the group together and focused so that it’s leaders can remain as it’s leaders. What a game to play.

    Obama is evil with a toothy grin and phony handshake. He got some scores to settle, especially with Whitey and those nasty Jews! Gin up some more hatred is his game.

    He is a MacDaddy for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

  25. El Gordo Loco says:

    Instead of taking up a fight against the store (IF there was a gun involved) the family would be more credible going after whomever sold these teens the gun, rather than going after the cash (lawsuit)


  26. DG says:

    The ones commenting on how much black people are thugs can’t even spell to save your life their lives. How about you go back to school & actually learn something like grammar & spelling. Coming from a black woman who can spell & probably has more money than any of you trailer trash folk (sentence fragment). Obama isn’t to too bad when you’re using his government funded cell phone to make your derogatory statements. One bad kid doesn’t speak for the bunch. You all sound like a bunch of racist wannabe’s who never amounted to anything (don’t forget the period)

    Grammar and spelling corrected by Admin. When you throw stones, you should be perfect yourself.


    • Chip Bennett says:

      Admin, you missed some:

      How about you go back to school & actually learn something like grammar & spelling.

      Questions require a question mark, not a period.

      …government funded…

      Compound adjectives require a hyphen: government-funded.


      Plural words do not use an apostrophe, which indicates a possessive: wannabes.

      As for DG:

      Coming from a black woman who can spell & probably has more money than any of you trailer trash folk…

      I do hope that you have as much money as you desire, and that it has bought you happiness; it certainly hasn’t purchased any class. I’ll never be financially rich, and I’m perfectly happy knowing that. I’ve never lived in a trailer, but Lord help me if I ever become so prideful that I would consider living in a trailer to be somehow beneath me. I do have family who live in a trailer, though: an uncle who is now retired after beating pancreatic cancer, and who, along with his wife, spent a lengthy career as a prison guard. Are they trash? Maybe. (We’re just a bunch of rednecks from Indiana, after all.) But at least they paid for their own housing – even if it is just a trailer.

      Thanks for the additional corrections. I think “trailer trash” should be “trailer-trash” too. Admin

      Liked by 1 person

  27. angie says:

    it is sad that anyone who is robbed at gunpoint or anyone who has a gun pulled on them in their business by a criminal should be treated this way.

    it is apparent that the dead robber was a thug. Its clear as water that the grandstanding by his family members and the people who held a vigil outside the store he held up (before he could make a getaway) have an alliance with the criminal sympathizers.

    apparently his family has no idea who he hung out with? doubtful story there.what makes me upset is any church organization that would support such a vigil. what??? return to the crime scene to what???? i think the business has been victimized by a growing group of thugs. just an observation.


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  29. GrimmTale says:

    The “good-kid” has an arm-full of tattoos ….. at age 16 no less.
    He must have a job, to pay for those tattoos right…? Or did the family of this “good-kid” pay for them? Or did he rob/steal to get the cash? Just one of the many questions.


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