Ground Report: Wednesday at the Orpheum with Hillary – by Mary From Marin

Thirty-five of us, give or take a few. Standing in front of the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco, on an overcast evening in June. Holding signs, protesting the woman who was scheduled to speak inside the theater that night: Hillary Clinton.

hillary egyptNot a large crowd of protesters, but it didn’t matter. The area in front of the Orpheum is not spacious, and we had a perfect position: every single person waiting in line had to pass by within ten feet of every one of us. They couldn’t help but see that we were there.

The ticket holders made a long line, a large group. Most of them looked like progressives. If that’s a “classist” statement, so be it. Not many under the age of twenty. Gays, “intellectuals”, people dressed casual-chic for a night with their current political lodestar. “I’m Ready for Hillary”signs, stickers, and buttons. Stray comments of “Grow up!”, “Where did you go to school?”, etc., but on the whole they were quiet. Likely they didn’t expect us to be there, so they didn’t come prepared with snippy remarks.

This one was different than most of the protests I’d attended in the past; different largely because of the intimacy of confrontation. Other times we’d been on roadsides waiting for Obama’s motorcade, or counter-protesting with Obama supporters, facing-off across Market Street as he fundraised with the Bay Area elite. This was like gathering around a crowd waiting in line to see a movie.

It wasn’t a slogan-chanting kind of protest, although there was a black man in a wheelchair, using a bullhorn to warn the ticket holders of the economic and financial collapse to come. And one protester was soliciting “spare change for Hillary! Please give to a poor, broke woman.” This protest was a visual one, with homemade signs and determined people.

I was satisfied with my sign–it was the (in)famous photo of Ambassador Stevens being dragged through a Libyan street. The caption was, “You ignored their cries for help–you left them there to die. Remember Benghazi!” With a bloody red handprint on the back of the sign.


What felt right to me was to just stand there, saying nothing, holding the sign ten feet away from their faces. While making full eye contact, especially with those who really looked at the sign.

Some couldn’t look at it long, some ignored it altogether, but some took the time to read it and see the image of his body. Some of those looked thoughtful, some looked blank, a few may have shown a trace of being troubled by what they saw. Those were the ones I looked at the longest. And they saw me.

One woman read the sign and said to her companion–intentionally loud enough for me to hear–”I don’t believe that!” All it called forth from me was a muttered, “That’s because you only listen to the mainstream media, lady. You know nothing.” Not out loud, though, because for me, that evening wasn’t about arguing–it was about mute testimony. The Benghazi facts speak for themselves–the photo of Ambassador Stevens’ body says enough.

I just held it up for them to see.

ambassador chris stevens collar bone injury

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26 Responses to Ground Report: Wednesday at the Orpheum with Hillary – by Mary From Marin

  1. carterzest says:

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being the protestor! WOOT!


  2. benzy says:

    I’m proud of you for making your sign and being there to make your (our) statement to those who were attending Hillary Clinton’s address. I can completely relate to what you must have felt when the woman said she didn’t believe the words and picture on your sign. I, probably like everyone regularly visiting the Treehouse, has experienced that same kind of blind denial of what is clearly in front of a liberal or progressive. It is frustrating, annoying, angering and at the same time saddening. But we must all press on and continue to expose the truth to everyone, including those who will still deny it. Thank you for doing that.


  3. Yes, Thank You! How can you look at that picture, know that he was our Ambassador, and not feel pain, feel something?


  4. WeeWeed says:

    Mary, you’re an Awesome American. Thank you.


  5. Thank you Mary for your patriotism. I was suprised there were 30-35 brave patriots in Marin County….and here I’ve been worried you were ALL alone. 😉


  6. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Great job,Mary!


  7. justfactsplz says:

    Thank you Mary for giving voice for all of us here. You are a great WOLVERINE! I am sure that the ones that did look thought about it later as they lay in their bed. Keep spreading the sunshine.


  8. Ellie says:

    God Bless You!


  9. jetstream says:

    Perfect Mary From Marin. Mute testimony and face to face challenge with no escape from the mirror to their conscience. A conservative style protest, without the ridiculous automaton chants of the mindless lockstep Left. Heartfelt thanks to you and the other protestors. Your actions spoke louder than words.


  10. partyzantski says:

    Thank you, you showed great resolve and fortitude by doing what you did.
    Oddly enough, the Virginia Oblast has a license plate that depicts 2 bloody hands on it.
    There is a pic of the plate at:
    There has been some humorous misapplication when some guy had the “kids first” plate (with the red hands of Killary death, mind you) issued with the vanity tag “EATTHE”. Virginia DMV initially issued it, then clawed it back. I wonder if they’d issue a “KILLARY” or “BENGHAZI” plate with the “kids first” bloody handprints?
    Any enterprising serfs in the Virginia Oblast, have at it. You get to pay 7% of the value of your ride to the state each year for the privilege.


  11. doodahdaze says:

    Sounds fun. Bet ya had a good time.


  12. stella says:

    Thank you Mary From Marin. I hope that some will remember and ponder on it.


  13. Sharon says:

    Every one of the people who showed up there saw this. Thank you for standing there in memory of Chris. He was utterly helpless that night and, I’m guessing, the first killed. Well done, maryfrommarin. Very well done.


  14. rashomon says:

    Thank you for representing all those who just want to know the truth about the Benghazi debacle.


  15. Yakmaster says:

    Mary, your sign spoke “truth to power.” The Clintons have always welded their political ambitions to rich and influential allies. Now, they’ve reached the point where
    they’re once again being courted in anticipation of an ascension to the White House.

    Mrs. Clinton needs to know the pushback this time will come from us little people. Though Dem strategists seem to think she would have a lock on the female vote, many of us find her constant need to be defended by her man (or, in the case of Bengazhi, her Boss man) weak and disturbing—to put it mildly!
    Quiet protests like the one you participated in, if repeated enough, will get people thinking— and talking. 🙂


  16. Laine says:

    Hillary botched Benghazi. It’s time she wore it. Bet some of her Dem worshipers who choose not to believe a picture of their heroin’s Benghazi handiwork still cringed at the cup rattling soliciting change for “poor broke” Hillary. That was brilliant. Because they KNOW she made a fool of herself with that one. And the black gentleman in the wheelchair who knew about the economic damage Dems do…that’s total cognitive dissonance for Dems. They had to wonder, how did this black man escape their lovely food stamp and affirmative action dependency for life plantation?


    • Laine says:

      Sorry, a typo slipped in there, but appropriate somehow. I meant to write “heroine” but Dems are addicts to the “heroin” of leftist ideologues so it was really a Freudian slip, rather than just a typo.


  17. lovemygirl says:

    I’m happy we had a contingent behind enemy lines. Proud of you Mary.


  18. ZurichMike says:

    Visuals like the photo you used are the best. Remember that the face of our getting the US out of Vietnam was the photo of the naked Vietnamese girl running away from bombs (co-opted by the left — the bombs were dropped by South Vietnamese mistakenly thinking the group were part of the North Vietnamese who were attacking the city). In any event — well done!

    The saddest part is the woman who said “I don’t believe it” — she thinks she’s so smart, and can probably name all Kardashian sisters and their boyfriends/meal tickets, but probably can’t even locate Libya on a map.


  19. P.Spinach says:

    Good response about the mainstream media. Many of supporters were probably shocked at the photo of Stevens having never seen it before. What a Debbie Downer moment for these Hillary fans. Good job, MaryfromMarin! Gratitude from the bottom of our hearts. The silence and wary quiet must have unnerved them too. 🙂


  20. elvischupacabra says:

    I would have replied, “But you believe in healing crystals, manmade global warming and horoscopes, right?” But then I’m a cantankerous raconteur, too. And a real smartass… sometimes.


  21. crossthread42 says:

    Thank you on the great visual description, Additionaly, Thank you form those on the Tree that couldn’t attend…. CT


  22. Josh says:

    America needs more like you, maryfrommarin! G-d bless you and those who were with you and THANK YOU!


  23. TeXan1111 says:

    For a skinny guy he has a lot of smoke on his nose and mouth. I guess they killed him by smoke inhalation like they said after they looted the Cia militia hq. Wonder how they found the safe room?


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