DHS To Open More Military Bases To House Unaccompanied Alien Children…

illegal alien 3WASHINGTON STATE –  The Department of Health and Human Services is considering temporarily housing as many as 600 undocumented children at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state, said Air Force Lt. Col. Thomas Crosson, a Defense Department spokesman.

A wave of children has been crossing the border illegally recently. Most of them have fled violence from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The Defense Department is already housing about 2,300 children at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas; Naval Base Ventura County, California; and Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Crosson said.

HHS would be able to house undocumented children for 120 days at Joint Base Lewis-McChord if it decides to use the base, Crosson said.

The children would be housed at an old summer camp facility at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, a congressional staffer said. HHS has hired a private contractor to provide meals and other services for the children. No base personnel would be used to take care of the children.

The number of children making their way illegally into the U.S. has surged since the fall. Between October 2012 and October 2013, the Department of Homeland Security apprehended 24,000 unaccompanied children, Vice President Joe Biden told reporters on June 20.  (read more)

arizona illegals 2

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26 Responses to DHS To Open More Military Bases To House Unaccompanied Alien Children…

  1. Sentenza says:

    If you’re interested, the court case, if memory serves, is Flores vs. Reno.

    There’s also all kinds of news stories and rumint going around that the Border Patrol has severe retention problems.


  2. Pamela says:

    Maybe they should be sent to the WH. Obama wants to dump them off on the rest of us.
    I just read this article on WND. Its a very interesting perspective.


  3. Inkraven says:

    Has anyone stopped to ask just how these kids are making their way from Central America, through all of Mexico, to the US? Or did I miss something?


    • rashomon says:

      Jeh Johnson insists that someone is paying “escorts” to accompany them north as too many are too young to do the journey by themselves. He admitted that we have to “follow the money” to get control of problem and promised to put heavy pressure on the governments of Central American. Some female rep wanted to cancel NAFTA and CAFTA until the countries started taking control of their borders.


      • Inkraven says:

        Something just doesn’t add up here. Coyotes are expensive, according to Open Borders it’s $7-10,000 per head as of 2010. Let’s assume for a moment that’s an accurate figure. I find it hard to believe that 50,000+ poor families would, or could for that matter, scrape up that kind of cash and just send their child away on a grand adventure. Further, I recall reading something a while ago, some heart-tugging story about how potential border crossers were dying in the desert trying to get here, something on the order of one or two per day on average. I similarly find it hard to believe that these kids, escorted or not, are making it here with a 100% success rate. If even one kid died trying to make it here, it would be front page news from all the usual suspects. I smell fish, and it’s old and stinky.


        • libby says:

          Likely ACORN is funding the coyotes.


        • yankeeintx says:

          One story I read said that many of these kids have relatives in the US. They come here illegally and work, then send for their kids. There is no system in place to check that the parent or relative is here legally before they hand the child over to them.


        • yankeeintx says:

          I posted a link in the “Soon this agency…” thread. It contains information about the $4.2 billion in additional child tax refund credits being paid out. Many are claiming children (nieces and nephews) that don’t even live in the US. So to answer your question about who is paying for this, it is the US taxpayers.


    • Josh says:

      In most of the pictures, I see very few “kids” or “children”.


    • Ask them also how does San Diego know to expect four more Flights of Immigrants threw Aug??


    • I have been wondering just that. Most of these are not “children” to begin with, they are trouble with a capital “T”. Despite that, yes, I wonder, who is financing this little scam?


  4. benzy says:

    Maybe we could send them to Gitmo…. leave a side gate open and let Castro deal with them. It is ludicrous to stash them on military bases all around the nation. The military was NEVER intended to be a nanny service. (yeah, yeah… I know,, the nanny state) Do the kids get MREs? Do we teach them marching and weapons? Put `em to work shining boots and pressing uniforms… oh wait, can’t do that… child labor laws et al. This is NOT a plan… it is “shooting from the hip” with an empty squirt gun. Absolutely ridiculous!!


  5. Attorney says:

    Get them the hell out of here.


  6. dekare says:

    Here is what I think the plan is…bring the children first. If anyone speaks out, then destroy them by stating how they hate children and want to see them dying in the desert. After the new norm of bringing poor needy children only looking for a hot meal is established….there will be a push to bring the parents here. After all, children need their parents…right?

    This is not just amnesty for illegals already here…this is MUCH MUCH worse. This is the immediate importatation of illegal democratic voters. I think soon enough, you will see the push for illegals to get the right to vote as well.


  7. chiavarm says:

    I, for the life of me, cannot understand how the military is allowing this to happen? The are bound by the UCMJ and as such can only follow lawful orders. By following this White House they are exposing themselves to prosecution. Just like the soldiers at the Nuremberg Trials, that followed orders.


  8. Ellie says:

    DHS should issue tents and take these “children” to the lawn of the capitol building to camp out. Folks, the republic is dead. There is no point in getting “outraged” about this. Tomorrow will be another abuse, problem, scandal or whatever. All we can do at this point is brace ourselves for the aftermath.


    • stopspending says:

      Make sure all these little darlings are enrolled in the same school the Obama kids go to. I am sure all the parents in those schools would love to not only have them there but also be more than happy to pay for them.Don’t we always hear that the left is more than willing to pay more taxes.


  9. waltherppk says:

    So what’s the problem with using all the FEMA camps that were already built for something nefarious just like this planned and government sponsored brown demographic enhancement and brown breeding “great society” social engineering program? Make all the FEMA camps into brown baby factories and crank out the quadruplets, as if there is a shortage. Time to get this diversity show on the road since the U.S. needs more illegal aliens and hasn’t got enough illegals already. I mean the only difference between an illegal alien and an eighth generation American is a piece of paper……right? I wonder how the native Americans who have more right to the public real estate than anybody else feel about being relegated to Indian reservations, while so much investment is made in importing millions more falsely “entitled” aliens of hispanic ancestry who have no comparable natural heritage as would rightly entitle them to the land? This is nothing else but an alien invasion sponsored by the government who is both accomplice and principal in the crime.


  10. James Wins says:

    What? You mean to tell me the Pentagon won’t even let Veterans that aren’t retired on bases but they’ll let illegals live there? Hey Pentagon, before you EVER allow illegals on your bases you sorry ungrateful loons should be housing homeless Veterans there!


  11. Z says:

    Are there any planned protests for this?


  12. jerry says:

    Those CHILDREN look just about right to train as soldiers in BO’s army. Lessons learned in Africa that child soldiers are more ruthless and violent. Will they be armed with stockpiles of AK47’s rumored to be stored in containers USA wide?


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