Sharyl Attkisson Talks About Leaving CBS – “why stay”? “Nothing I was reporting about was making the airwaves”…

In a rather direct conversation former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson talks about her decision to leave CBS News.

Some of the interesting aspects she discusses are how CBS was uninterested in airing numerous reports on scandals that surround the Obama administration and White House. She also talks about how the White House would call CBS to pressure the network to stop airing information, and how even her print reporting would find White House officials calling to express their concerns.

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31 Responses to Sharyl Attkisson Talks About Leaving CBS – “why stay”? “Nothing I was reporting about was making the airwaves”…

  1. Mr. Izz says:

    This administration is getting away with so much. Maybe more than any Presidency in history. And why? Race/racism? Overwhelming liberal media? Cheerleader journalists that turn away from the truth? It really is so very terrible… all of it.


  2. auscitizenmom says:

    Sounds like a “real” reporter.


  3. radiopatriot says:

    I came to Florida (from New England) to work for the NBC affiliate in Orlando, covering general assignment news in Brevard County and back up for the reporter who was assigned the NASA/KSC Shuttle program beat. (I also did fill-in anchoring for the various newscasts out of the Orlando and Daytona Beach studios.)

    I left the position after two years when I had uncovered and reported on corruption that was taking place with the county administrator and some of his department heads. After an interview with him during which I caught him in a lie, he ordered me and my cameraman out of his office. As we packed up, he had forgotten that I had also placed a micro cassette recorder on the table at which we sat and threatened me that if I reported the story, he’d see to it that my career would be ruined. I had it all on tape.

    When I got back to the Cape Canaveral news bureau about 30 minutes later, my co-worker gave me a message to call the news director before I did anything else. When I got on the phone with him, he furiously demanded to know just “what the hell” I was doing, going into the interview like that. He admonished me that “we have to work with those people”, and told me to can the story.

    Thereafter, very little of my reporter packages made it on air. The assignment editor – who was a friend — felt badly and confided he had been given orders by the news management to give me soft stories and keep me off the air as much as possible.

    I left after a few months and went to work managing the campaign of a political newbie to unseat one of the county commissioners who was part of the corruption problem. We won the election.

    PS – My news director, a chain smoking worrywart, eventually left to become the PR spokesman for FDOT. He couldn’t take the pressure.

    Sharyl Attkisson’s story is all too familiar…


  4. Apollo says:

    I have very mixed feelings on this. On one hand, she was one of the few in the MSM to provide even a slightly skeptical perspective on Teh Won (although that reporting never got shown). On the other hand, she was a so-called “vaccine skeptic”, a point of view which every reality-based person ought to disclaim:

    And unfortunately, the anti-vaccine propaganda she produced DID get aired.


    • auscitizenmom says:

      I got the feeling she was just trying to report the facts.


      • Apollo says:

        There’s literally zero scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism though (and never did), and lots and lots of evidence that they simply do not, and don’t. Huge studies.

        There are two sides in politics–but not really in something like this.


        • Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

          Apollo, I’m very torn on this issue. My best friend’s young son got his shots. When he got home, he wanted to lie down. He never really woke up again. He’s now institutionalized as a severe autistic. He grew bigger than his Dad, and is completely unmanageable, and can get violent. It all happened immediately after the shots. Normal before, severely autistic immediately after. I just don’t know. It ripped the family apart though.


          • auscitizenmom says:

            The reason there is no data out there is that it is being covered up. There is big money in vaccines. I am waiting for the statistics on how many of the vaccinated children are the ones coming down with the diseases they were supposed to iradicate.


            • Apollo says:

              Really, really, not true. There have been dozens of open and published studies done, including some that included huge numbers of participants. Many linked here:

              Every precious dollar for scientific research that goes towards doing yet another “vaccines-and-autism” study is a dollar that could have gone towards, say, curing cancer, or finding the REAL cause of autism (it looks likely to be largely genetic, based on the best evidence so far, by the way).

              But some will never be convinced. It is an article of religious-type faith for them.


          • Apollo says:

            The problem is that childhood shots are given precisely over the age period where symptoms of autism normally first manifest themselves. When that does happen, it is natural for parents and loved ones to look for an “external” cause, and since vaccinations are somewhat mysterious to many, and unpleasant for the child in the first place (the pokes, and then mild fever and feeling tired are uncommon-but-normal side effects), it’s entirely understandable that many parents would naturally hit upon vaccines as an explanation.

            So it’s not a bad hypothesis. That’s how hypotheses come to be–someone thinks they notice a pattern. That’s the source of all hypotheses, really. But that’s where science comes in: in order to determine whether the hypothesis is correct, or just a coincidence with no real causation, you need to study a large number of kids, and you need to study them over a period of year, at least over the entire period of the age range where autism manifests. This is the kind of question that only science can answer.

            The results? Statistically, kids who get all their shots are no more likely at all to end up with autism. Huge, huge studies have been done on this, in some cases including the entire populations of countries (one notable study included every single autistic child in Denmark born between 1971-2000, and found that the autistic kids were exactly as likely to have been vaccinated as the general population of kids the same age). And these vaccine studies been done over and over, in a futile attempt to convince those who will NEVER be convinced–actually, at this point it’s a waste of precious and scarce research dollars that could go towards discovering causes and cures for other diseases and disorders (indeed, that could go towards finding the REAL cause of autism–we’ve eliminated vaccines as a possibility, but the advocates will NEVER be OK with moving down to, say, “the next item on the list”). For what it’s worth, the best evidence so far indicates that it’s genetic, and it also seems to be strongly related to the age of the parents (older parents = much, much more likely to have an autistic child).

            So actually, we do “know” about autism and vaccines. We know for sure, and we’ve known for a long time: vaccines don’t cause autism.

            I have come to see, though, that for a number of parents and their sympathizers this is simply something akin to religious faith. I am a practicing, believing Christian and I know that there’s no way to “prove” my faith scientifically, and indeed that it seems absurd to those who don’t believe. Indeed, to them it is foolishness (1 Corinthians 1:18). Whether they admit it or not, these parents have made the disproven vaccine/autism hypothesis part of their religious-level, can-never-be-budged articles of faith.

            On some level, I understand that. I understand the level of dedication and commitment. Because I have that too, for my faith. Fortunately, however, my faith doesn’t leave kids exposed to deadly diseases.


            • sundance says:

              You are obviously passionate about issues around “vaccinations”. However, this is a thread about media bias and political influence upon the media – not special interest.


              • Apollo says:

                True. So I’ll bring it back around and say that, while I am glad Sharyl has been willing to investigate the Obama administration when so many are not, she has not been immune from her own biases, either.

                No one’s perfect.


              • Apollo says:

                By they way, fairly long-time reader here, although these are the first posts I’ve made. I’ve been hanging around since Googling “truth about Trayvon Martin” just about two years ago now. Keep up the good work!

                Truth-based reporting and blogging is something sorely needed in our society.


              • ctdar says:

                Thank you.


            • Gabby says:

              I agree with Atkisson on everything she posts – especially about the vaccines – you can shoot yourself and your family up all you want too, but don’t get angry at parents that hesitate to do so. Vaccinations are purely money making for the most part. You must work for a drug company to drone on and on about it like you do. A lot of Christians, my family included – decided the risks are too great – especially for boys.


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  6. Gregg keyes says:

    Now you know something is seriously wrong and totally out of place when the WH is calling what was once a major news org. and dictating how to report the news. Liberty, Freedom of the Press Freedom of Speech are gone, it only speeds up from here.


  7. sundance says:

    I find it odd that no-one ever asks her the question(s) about who hacked her computers and phone.

    There were numerous stories written about it at the time, and over a year of investigation into the hacking, but no-one as yet has asked her directly “who was it”?

    Maybe she can’t say. Maybe she won’t say. But it’s just odd that no-one asks.


  8. taqiyyologist says:

    It’s not really odd, SD.

    No one asks about the hunter-in-camo caught in the Newtown woods, either. Or a dozen or so other pertinent questions regarding that event. Like the shot-up car on the opposite side of the school from the incident… or the woman who identified herself as the principal, who really wasn’t.

    No one asks about Corzine and the one point five billion dollars he stole.

    No one asks about an Arab body being dumped into the Indian Ocean called “Osama”.

    Not odd at all.


  9. Yakmaster says:

    The Obama administration is a Press bully, but the MSM is a follower— not a victim. Reporters who go to work for news orgs in lock-step with a bully are disingenuous in their surprise when they too are bullied. “Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.”


  10. mcevans53 says:

    I’m sure Atkisson is a very nice woman. But where was she 6 years ago when the imposter was running for President? She has been working for leftist CBS since 1993 and she waits 2 years after Obama’s second election? She certainly was going after President Bush along with others at CBS during his two terms. I don’t get these fair weather friends-now that the tide is turning they want to jump on the bandwagon. Sorry, not buying it, In 2011 she interviewed the Fast and Furious whistleblower and still stayed with CBS-run by the brother of a top Obama adviser. Since Obama won a second term why should we praise anyone who didn’t make a big stink about the Marxist and risk their job? She will now make millions off of the speaking circuit and her book. Her news that Obama runs the show at CBS is not news! We have known that since 2007.


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