Update On Louisville Kentucky Attacks – LEARN “Situational Awareness”…

Another recent media report about the attacks we have discussed around the Louisville Kentucky area. When you watch this video remember, it’s a very similar set up to what we have documented before.

A family in a car. A group of black teens/thugs surround the vehicle. Something is thrown at the car to create damage. The father gets out of the car and the pack attacks him. Now his entire family is at risk and the Mom is soon attacked while the children are in the car. Watch the video:

As many people have stated before, forget about the car – you can deal with any damage later. Don’t exit the vehicle if you find yourself in this situation. The goal of the attacking mob is to get you out of your car. The reason we share these articles is to remind you to focus on “situational awareness”. In Kentucky the police have publicly stated they cannot control these crowds and/or stop this violence. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk.

Natalie%20jackson%203 Tweets

Last weekend the Police in/around Louisville Kentucky were caught off guard when over 200 black teen/young adults went on a series of crime sprees simultaneously. Law enforcement lost control and could not respond to the shear scope of dozens of attacks and flash mob n’ robs that were happening around the city. We shared the stories and videos of the attacks HERE and HERE.

Law Enforcement, and the media, went out of their way to avoid describing the profile of exactly who was involved. All of the rampaging teens were black. However, the police are quickly finding its impossible to deal with the issue without actually identifying the perpetrators of the unlawful activity. And apparently this has been going on for much longer than they were initially willing to admit:

kentucky 1

(LOUISVILLE) — Police say a crime wave terrorizing apartment complex dwellers city wide appears to be connected to the same gang of criminals. Masked armed robbers have terrorized at least 40 victims and police say they have no suspects and only a few leads. WAVE 3 Investigator James Zambroski reports.

The spree of armed robberies has been going on since February. At least 40 victims have been identified, including two people who were shot and two who were victims of sexual assault over the weekend.

LMPD Capt. Gene Sherrard told reporters Monday afternoon that police have no suspects, only sketchy descriptions and little evidence.

But patterns, including time of day, disguises and other facts indicate the attacks are being carried out by the same group of individuals.

There are striking similarities in many of the cases, so that’s why we’ve come forward to the public today,” Sherrard said.

Sherrard says another reason police have come forward without any suspects or arrests is the violent turn the spree took over the weekend.

What has caused us great concern is over the past few days, we had a couple of sexual assaults associated with robberies,” he said.

Zack, a graduate student at U of L, lives in the University Park Apartments on Eastern Parkway. He and friends were robbed earlier this year.

“Coming back from 4th Street, some guys had jumped out beside a car, they put my buddy at gunpoint and I took off up the stairs,” he said.

Sherrard confirmed that the spree appears to have started near the UofL campus.

“If they are related, it seems that the pattern got its inception in that area,” he said.

Another similarity is that the suspects, who generally work in groups, are African Americans, wearing dark clothing and masks, are always armed.

“These offenders are armed, normally with handguns,” Sherrard said. “They threaten violence, as I’ve indicated before, they’ve shot two people.” (read more)

Meanwhile two suspects from one of last weekend’s attacks have been arrested. Of course the customary thug mother protesting “he was such a good boy” is quickly trotted out:

kentucky 3 Cheri Williams

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – “This is Shaquazz last year. Him, his sister and his brother,” Cheri Allen said (pictured above).

A proud mother showed us family photos of her son, Shaquazz. They presented a different image than the mug shot provided by Louisville Metro Police.

“I just need my child home. I need him exonerated, I need the truth to be heard,” Allen said.

Her son, along with a co-defendant, is accused of attacking a woman and her fiancé Saturday, March 22 in front of her children during the teen mob violence in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

kentucky 4 shaquaaz allenkentucky 5 tyrone booker

“They have been falsely identified, falsely accused,” Allen exclaimed.

His mother says he was at one of his cousin’s houses during the time the teen mob roamed and that he’s a good student who had plans to join the military.

“We are a very close family. When he left here he was a child and now I don’t know what he’s ‘gonna become because his spirits are broken,” she sobbed (continue reading)

kentucky 6One final note on this. At left you see a partial screen grab of the stories being highlighted around the unprecedented and violent attacks last weekend in Kentucky.

Look not only at ‘what they outline’, but also ‘how the media outline it’.

This type of public media PC reporting is typical of what you will find in almost every single media market in the U.S. today. No-one is brave enough to actually cut it down to it’s common denominator and actually engage in the root cause of the systemic violence coming from the African American community.

If it were not about race then race would not be a common denominator.

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41 Responses to Update On Louisville Kentucky Attacks – LEARN “Situational Awareness”…

  1. Gregg keyes says:

    Recall back in the seventies, I believe it was. That the police in Florida eventually had to give drivers permission to run down anyone who stood in front of your car attempting to get you to stop . They did this because there was no way the police could protect you in that situation and muggings had become rampant using that method. It’s back! Floor it, hit them hard and discuss it later several blocks away.


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I don’t recall that ever being allowed in FL, or at least ever hearing the police make any such announcement. But I was going to suggest that very thing.

      If a crowd like that surrounded my car, I would not get out for any reason. Windows up, doors locked, I would “ride out the storm” until able to drive away. But if they tried to smash my windows to get inside, or if I saw them with a firearm, I would do the same thing that the SUV driver did to the bikers in NYC. I would lay on the horn and hit the gas.


    • thefirstab says:

      I remember that! And the smash -n- grabs – being stuck in line on I-95 off ramp, what you would assume was a “panhandler” would approach the driver’s window; if you weren’t foolish enough to roll the window down, the thief would smash it and rip that gold chain right off your neck. Happened to several women I knew – one, I recall, did floor it to escape.


  2. John Galt says:

    I moved away from them. They don’t live in my neighborhood, go to my school district, or shop in my area. If they do come to my house, I have the high ground and fire supremacy.


  3. Abagail says:

    I’m tired of media referring to blacks as African-American. Unless everyone else starts being referred to as Italian-American, Russian-American, Scottish American, Danish American, etc., STOP IT! They’re black.

    Police are abetting black crime by covering it up, thereby endangering everyone else’s lives. DA’s are abetting black crime by diminishing it’s seriousness. It’s attempted murder. Charge it!

    Police could slow this down in a New York minute by issuing shoot-to-kill orders for these feral blacks. It’s about time those tacticool SWAT teams were used for something closer to their supposed purpose.

    Police need to channel David Clarke and urge citizens to be armed and ready to defend themselves.

    Oh, this black crime wave CAN be stopped IF the government wants it stopped.


    • Lawyer says:

      Forget the SWAT teams. They are too busy prosecuting law abiding citizens for possession of handguns or knocking down doors without a warrant to arrest grandma.


    • mung says:

      You have it wrong, they are African Americans. There is actually a difference between blacks and African Americans. Black people are those people who work for a living and contribute to society. African Americans are those who live in the thug culture and are part of the BGI.


  4. Lawyer says:

    First step is step on the accelerator and go. If you cannot, lock the doors and pray to your God.

    If anybody approaches the car armed, open the locked glove compartment and pull out your handgun, preferably a large caliber powerful enough to penetrate the safety glass.

    Brandish the weapon. If that does not deter, shoot to kill and escape as soon as possible.

    Better to be judged by 12 than carried to your grave by 6, or to see your loved ones raped and/or brutalized.

    Let us take back our streets and let people know that this is our nation as well.

    I do not care what race they are. Though clearly this is just like the KKK, operating in reverse. With probably more attacks than the KKK has perpetrated over the last 50 years.

    Thank you for speaking truth to power, Treehouse.


    • mung says:

      Um, no. that is not what you do.

      You pull your concealed weapon from it’s concealment location, not locked location and you fired the chambered round directly into the assailant, You do not under any circumstances, brandish, or threaten with the weapon in any way. If that weapon comes out you better be using it.

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      • Col(R)Ken says:

        Mung, Amen, then reload, reload, then move out. Remember, in close quarters, shoot to kill. And don’t worry about policing up your brass.

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  5. Rob Crawford says:

    Check your state laws. Here in Ohio, your car is just like your home for purposes of self defense — if you are in your car, committing no crime, and do not initiate the confrontation, you have the presumption of self defense.


  6. Forrest says:

    Is this an April Fool’s day joke? Another hoax? I could only hope.

    These animals need to be reigned in. Multiple senseless, unprovoked attacks on innocent families and yet the media is not willing to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Thank God that I live far away from these roaming packs of savages. May God protect those who are not so fortunate, and bring to light the hypocrisies and lies of those who continue to perpetuate a social and political environment in which such attacks are allowed (and in some cases instigated).


  7. Chip Bennett says:

    “Situational awareness” is correct. This isn’t about he didn’t hafta get outta tha truck; rather, it is about maintaining a tactical advantage.

    Three thoughts:

    1) In many states, pedestrians don’t have the right-of-way outside of posted crosswalks
    2) I’d rather take a citation for going the wrong way on a one-way street than put myself in a tactical disadvantage that endangers my family
    3) Situations such as this one demonstrate the inadequacy of 10-round magazines


    • John Galt says:

      My father always rolled with two .45s, one assault rife, and a gear bag full of extra magazines. I appreciate his wisdom more and more as time goes by.

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  8. auscitizenmom says:

    I think we all need to be careful, because this is growing, and even “safe” areas are becoming less safe.

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  9. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    Here’s another news video of an attack that happened in Baton Rouge. It popped up in the “similar videos” after I watched the video linked in the original post. THESE newscasters ask the difficult questions: “Why isn’t this being treated as a hate crime?” and “Why weren’t ALL the suspects charged with felonies?” The newscasters even went so far as to debunk a lie told by a police spokesperson by showing what LA statutes actually say in regards to the standards required to charge a suspect with felony battery. KUDOS to these news people, and the station that aired their report:


    • elvischupacabra says:

      “…the other two were not charged with felony battery battery as a result of US Attorney General Eric Holder’s ruling that all criminal punishment must be ‘proportionate and balanced’.”

      “In other news today, Kim Kardashian may have broken her right little toe when she apparently stubbed it against one of Husband Kanye Wests diamond rings that was apparently sitting by their bed. Ms. Kardashian was getting out of bed to check on the couple’s child, North, who had apparently awoken during the night with a bad dream. KTLA reporters are standing by on scene trying to determine the nature of the dream and whether Mr. West will fly in a little-toe specialist to look at his wife’s injury.”


  10. doodahdazee says:

    She blew it. Did not want to run the Rodents over. Shoulda floored it then thump thump in reverse. Thump thump in low.


  11. elvischupacabra says:

    She “didn’t want to run them over.” Yet, they attacked her with total disregard.

    The only way this perpetuates is that the attackers know how their victims will react, while the PC Po-lice have prevented their victims from even understanding that their attackers will attack.

    Urban Survival Tip Number 1: Drive away, regardless whether it’s a one-way street or not. Use the sidewalk if you must.

    Urban Survival Tip Number 2: If you must dismount your vehicle, be armed. Aim right at the most vocal, violent member of the mob and tell him/her/it to, “Get back or I will shoot!” Fire a warning shot over the heads of the crowd (except in Flawwww-rida).

    Urban Survival Tip Number 2B: Make sure your companion is also armed and truly riding “shotgun”.

    Urban Survival Tip Number 3: Make sure you have a Second Amendment Attorney. I pay 210 dollars a year for one. I also let him cheat at golf and drink my (other) scotch.


    • mung says:

      Fire the warning shot into the center mass of the most vocal, violent member of the mob, it works a lot better.


    • Chip Bennett says:

      The only thing I disagree with is firing a “warning shot”. Especially in the given situation, a “warning shot” violates basic firearms safety rules, represents negligent use of deadly force, and would put the shooter in legal jeopardy.

      Once the gun comes out, you have already statutorily used deadly force whether or not you discharge the gun; so if you do discharge it, make sure the payload is directed to the threat.


      • LetJusticePrevail" says:

        Two warning shots (fired into the dirt) got a disabled vet (Ronald Thompson) a 20 year prison sentence in FL. That’s one of the reasons why the FL legislature has taken steps (FL HB 89) to change the self defense statutes to include immunity in cases of warning shots. You can claim self defense if you actually shoot a person, but could not claim self defense (and are prosecutable) if you only fired a warning shot as Thompson did.



        • LetJusticePrevail" says:

          From the text of the bill:

          The bill also contains the following legislative findings and intent:
           The Legislature finds that persons have been criminally prosecuted and have been sentenced to
          mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment pursuant to s. 775.087, F.S., for threatening to use force in
          a manner and under circumstances that would have been justifiable under ch. 776, F.S., had force
          actually been used.
           The Legislature intends to:
          o Provide criminal and civil immunity to those who threaten to use force if the threat was made in
          a manner and under circumstances that would have been immune under ch. 776, F.S., had
          force actually been used;
          o Clarify that those who threaten to use force may claim self-defense if the threat was made in a
          manner and under circumstances that would have been justifiable under ch. 776, F.S., had
          force actually been used;
          o Ensure that those who threaten to use force in a manner and under circumstances that are
          justifiable under ch. 776, F.S., are not sentenced to a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment
          pursuant to s. 775.087, F.S.; and
          o Encourage those who have been sentenced to a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment
          pursuant to s. 775.087, F.S, for threatening to use force in a manner and under circumstances
          that are justifiable under ch. 776, F.S., to apply for executive clemency.



      • elvischupacabra says:

        I was mostly being a smart-ass, based on the BS in Florida covered, below.


      • Moishe Pipik says:

        Agreed. Warning shots are dangerous and irresponsible. NEVER fire a warning shot. You are ALWAYS shooting to kill.

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  12. ed357 says:

    “The Talk….” by John Derbyshire…




  13. justafly says:

    With that size mob having a 7 round magazine limit does not make sense.


    • elvischupacabra says:

      In this case, belt-fed is preferable. Or, having a couple of F/A-18s on station with CBUs and ‘nape.

      (I know, I know… we don’t ‘nape no more.)


    • nameofthepen says:

      Justafly, no, it’s true, it sure doesn’t.
      But, OTOH, if the crowd sees the loudest thug shot, and lying on the ground, I would be very surprised if a crowd of that nature would include anyone brave enough to risk being the potential recipients of bullets #2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 or 9.


    • wallslaw says:

      Most will scatter when they see it the gun in you hand, the rest will scatter when they hear the report and see the muzzle flash, and if you’re lucky you can hit more than one before the first one hits the pavement. And when you’re confronted by a mob, a warning shot isn’t just irresponsible, it’s a stupid waste of limited ammo.


  14. Moishe Pipik says:

    Clearly the victim is a racist! After all, she referred to the attacker as a “boy.”


  15. “In Kentucky the police have publicly stated they cannot control these crowds and/or stop this violence.”

    They “can’t” or they “won’t”? I find it hard to believe they can’t, so the answer must be they WON’T. Why would that be? I’m sure it’s due to fear of being called racial profilers and the possibility of lawsuits by the little darlings or their Mamas. They most certainly COULD control these crowds and stop this violence, but it might be PC incorrect and/or uncomfortable to do.

    Therefore, we let them “win” again. They get to roam in mobs, rob, pilfer, maraud and murder and we get to hide and cower like good little white people. It’s sickening and the more we pander to this PC nonsense and “over look” the behaviors or fail to act for fear of being called racist or accused of racial profiling, the more this will occur and the worse it’s going to get.

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  16. Bill says:

    Kentucky police can’t stop the violence? And how many MRAPs did they get from the Army? How many rounds of ammo from the billions the Feds have been buying up are accessible to them?

    A couple of MRAPs and ~30 SWAT guys would certainly be enough, I would think.


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