Jeb Bush Praises Illegal Aliens – Repeats U.S. Chamber of Commerce Talking Points To The “Common Core” Letter

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the Big Money (K-Street) influence within the Establishment GOP.   The CoC’s President is Tom Donohue.   The CoC has three 2014 demands of Republicans:

      • 1.  Keep ObamaCare intact at all costs.
      • 2.  Get Immigration Reform and Amnesty Legislation passed.
      • 3.  Support Common Core federal education standards in all 50 states.

The CoC has committed to attack any non-establishment Republican candidate who does not support their objectives.   The CoC has pledged tens of millions toward defeating Tea Party candidates.   Karl Rove is one of the SuperPacs carrying out their agenda.  Now Today:

Jeb-BushFLORIDA – (Via Liberal Miami Herald)  Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor and a leading contender in the early GOP race for the White House, has fashioned himself as the “education governor.”

But on Friday, Bush went veggie.

“I was the kind of the Eat Your Broccoli Governor,” Bush joked at the Broward Workshop business breakfast where he pointed out that his policies weren’t always perceived as sweet. […]

Bush has advocated for pathways to citizenship and residency for illegal immigrants, enhanced border security and immigrant tracking technology and an emphasis on admitting immigrants based on the nation’s needs, not family relationships with current U.S. citizens.

Bush said immigrants capture the entrepreneurial spirit of America.

“People who come here legally and illegally are the risk takers,” Bush said. “If you’re living in a rural area of Guatemala and you come, you’re a bigger risk taker than those who stay.”

Aside from immigration, Bush’s advocacy for Common Core State Standards has earned him enmity on the right.

Bush has repeatedly explained the standards, implemented and controlled by the states, are designed to make the United States more competitive with the rest of the world. He said those who oppose the standards support the “status quo,” oppose testing and are worried too much about children’s self-esteem.  (read more)

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35 Responses to Jeb Bush Praises Illegal Aliens – Repeats U.S. Chamber of Commerce Talking Points To The “Common Core” Letter

  1. Judy says:

    If the GOP accepts the CoC’s demands, how will the GOP be different from the DEMs?


  2. tenndon says:

    There ain’t no such thing as a “moderate” repub. They are dimokrats in wolf’s clothing.
    Time to vote ’em all back to the donk-farm!!


  3. doodahdazee says:

    Soon to be trotted out. As predicted.


  4. Murse says:

    “He said those who oppose the standards support the “status quo,” oppose testing and are worried too much about children’s self-esteem.”

    Bush has that backwards. We don’t support the status quo. We want the federal government out of education altogether. The standards are written by socialist ideologues and for Bush, a Republican, to ignore this speaks to his corruption.


  5. Evan says:

    Jeb isn’t any different than his brother or his father. ANTI AMERICAN!!!


  6. Aslan's Girl says:

    No to Jeb, no to Christie, no to Ryan, no to Rubio. If any of these wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing is the GOP nominee, we have to hope someone from the Tea Party runs as third party to give Americans a REAL choice in November.


  7. LetJusticePrevail" says:

    According to some, the contest for control of the Senate is the GOP’s to lose. But it really won’t make a lot of difference if the same old RINOs get reelected.


    • Aslan's Girl says:

      Amen! I can’t get excited over all the talk about “taking control of the senate” UNTIL Matt Bevin defeats McConnell in the primary. When that happens, I can get excited. If it doesn’t, it’ll just be same ole, same ole.


  8. josua says:

    Jeb Bush….Hilliary’s other side “bookend”…..give this guy the vaudeville “hook” and get him off the stage. We do not need anymore Clinton’s, Bushes, Carters, Kennedies, etc in our government ….not now, not EVER


  9. dean says:

    He’s beloved by the media b/c he has that veneer of “moderation” to him. He’s a copper plated phony to the max.


  10. jordan2222 says:

    It is time for all good men to com to the aid of their country.

    Do we have any good men left?


  11. Partyzant says:

    Let us put it plainly, so that there is no misunderstanding…
    Jeb Bush is an idiot, a callow fool. An errand boy, sent by a butcher to collect a bill.
    He is probably a nice enough guy in person, but really… he needs to just stay home. He knows nothing of common core or the cancer that it is. It is educational AIDS, it is Malaria of the soul. He proposes to be a disease vector himself.


    • doodahdazee says:

      Perfect designated loser.


      • Postman says:

        It ain’t 1789 anymore. We will not have that quality of leader again, because the public will not allow it.

        If we could get a president who
        i) is not an idiot
        ii) doesn’t hate the USA
        and if we’re really lucky
        iii) is somewhat desirous of doing good for the country more than himself.. but not too much, see #1
        that’s a home run, compared to what we’re likely to get.

        I’d as soon they have no particular ideology, since the more they believe their own spin the more they will want the government to implement it by force.


  12. yankeeintx says:

    Everyone has heard of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Maybe we should pull someone like Trey Gowdy, who doesn’t have the same name recognition aside and give him a game plan. Tell him to run on amnesty, common core, expanded Obamacare, more food stamps, and not only free phones, but free cars to those on welfare. After all, Obama gained votes by claiming he’d get rid of the Patriot Act, end the wars, and close gitmo. Maybe it’s time we play their game. We need to do something before it comes down to a vote for Christie or Bush vs. Hillary.


  13. J. Bisch says:

    Sounds like the Chamber of Commerce needs to be exposed and defunded. Make doing business conditional on the other party not being involved with the Chamber of Commerce.

    For my part, I’ll be actively searching out and going after any connection to the Chamber of Commerce, with everyone I know, making sure their anti-Americanism and political aspirations are exposed.


    • elvischupacabra says:

      Go to your LOCAL CoC and let them know you’re not happy. Push back on businesses who are members.

      I was a member years ago, and the people in my local Chamber are not happy with the national agenda. Two that I know of have severed ties.


  14. elvischupacabra says:

    Bastante Bushieros! No mas.


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